Fucking mommy at the gas station

Fucking mommy at the gas stationMe and my mom were on our way to south Carolina to visit my grandmom so knowing this was going to be a long drive leaving from Philly we loaded up on snacks and other essentials. Only thing left we needed was gas…We had enough in the tank to get us out of the city and onto the road so we just decided it be best to get it while were on the road. So we got to about the end of Delaware about to go in Maryland when we stopped for gas. We both got out to stretch and we both had to use the bathroom. So we decided we use the bathroom after we filled up the car. So we got to the back of the little convenient store and noticed there was only one bathroom. alanya escort bayan So we decided we both go in for some reason. We go in and I tell mom it wont take me long to piss so I whip out my dick and piss and flush. Then I wash my hands but I leave my dick out for mom to see…and knowing she was looking was making me get a ragging boner. So as I looked over to the toilet I see my mom pull down her jeans and her panties and she shows me her pussy and her ass before she sits down to piss…Then I start stroking my dick to the thought of possibly fucking my mom…while she sits there on the toilet she pulls me close to her so she can suck my throbbing dick while she escort alanya pisses.So there was my mom sucking my dick while caressing my balls while she sat on the toilet in a gas station bathroom…then I pulled my dick out of her mouth and took off all my clothes while she got up and did the same then…I bent her over with her hands on the sink and shoved my dick forcefully inside her pussy… making sure I was in so deep that my balls would bang up against her ass…Then I fucked her hard and fast beating her pussy up hard as hell from the back …While I was beating it up she began to moan soft …“Oh…oh yes…oh that’s it…right there baby.”“Fuck me baby …fuck mommy’s wet tight alanya escort pussy that you came out of…”Then as I started going harder and harder the moaning got louder and louder…“OH SHIT…YESSSS!FUCK YOUR MOM WITH THAT BIG ASS BLACK DICK!!!!”FUCK ME BABY! YES! FUCK ME …FUCK ME….FUCK ME!!!!!!!”As I started going as hard as I could I came close to reaching my climax then I felt my moms cum run down my shaft and past my balls…I emptied my cum inside my mothers pussy then my dick slid out her and some of my cum too…Then she put her fingers in her pussy pulled out some of my cum and ate it off her fingers… then I kissed her passionately no caring that I was tasting some of my own cum which actually tasted rather sweet…As we got dressed and walked out of the bathroom together people in the store looked at us crazy but we just laughed at them got in the car and continued on are way to grandma’s house…But the fun didn’t stop there…

.A Candy Cane Aventure

.A Candy Cane AventureM/FAna and I had formed a relationship by now, after being found out by her boyfriend. We decided to take a weekend retreat to a hotel room. It was December, Christmas time.The weather was cold and icy. We lay on a bed together, flipping channels, trying to decide when to start fucking. I had a surprise for her. I bought her a present, a foot long one inch diameter candy cane. Neither she, not I, expected us to take the turn we did.We made out, embracing each other’s warmth in the cold weather. We started taking each other’s and or own clothes off, she had a surprise for me as well. She had removed her bush, exposing before me a beautiful, pink, long labia’d vagina. The best present of all. I started by going down on her, my favorite act. I lick around, inside, playing with each fold of skin, taking amasya escort bayan in each subtle flavor, She moves, positioning herself on top of me, in a 69 position, and begins nibbling on my penis. She takes me in her mouth. Her head bobs, she pushes herself, trying to take all of me, lips to my balls, my head playing down her throat. I wisp my tongue around her clit and then, taking a side track, quickly move it up to her anus, circling around the opening.I don’t know, to his day, what made me do it. But I grabbed the present I presented her earlier, she had already started eating it. As if guided by fate I used it. I stuck i inside her. She moaned. “More…” She uttered. I began to fuck her with the candy cane stick. She stopped her activities, removing me from her mouth, and resting her head on escort amasya my thigh, taking in her own ecstasy.We re position. This time I am sitting up, back against the head board of the bed,Her head,resting in my lap, nibbling on my cock head, she takes the candy cane herself, she preferred it that way. She inserts it. She loves this new sensation. Her head begins that old familiar bob, up and down on me. Her mouth, feeding warmth and saliva to my penis. I cannot sit idly by. I begin to play with her ass. I circle her anus, poking it playing with my index finger. I leach some lubrication form her pussy, coating my finger carefully. I inset the tip,down to one knuckle, of m finger into her ass. No complaints. I go further, two knuckles.”More…”I insert my index finger down to my palm, playing around. She slobbers amasya escort at my cock, furiously pounding herself with the candy cane. I stop her. “I have an idea…”I lay her on her side, back facing me, spooning position. I indicate she should commence with the candy cane. She does. While that happens I slide my penis, head first, into her ass. I wait for objections and I am only greeted with a nod. I slide the rest in and begin to pump. She is being double penetrated, by me in her ass, and by the candy cane vaginally. I roll on my back taking her with me. Her entire weight rests on my, Her legs are separated as I pump my dick into her ass, she pumps herself with the candy cane. Minutes pass. She cums. Once. Twice. Three times. By this point her moans and screams are silent because of her lack of breath. I am about to cum.I pull my dick out of her ass, a minty juice covers it that is seeping from her vagina. I pump my dick myself. Semen flies, landing on her belly, her vagina, her ass. We both collapse out of endurance failure and fall immediately asleep.

my milf get lucky at the movie theater with younge

my milf get lucky at the movie theater with youngeMy wife and I went to the movies one afternoon and as usual we were getting very frisky. She normally wears no panties or bra when we go out to play.I was playing with her tits and pussy and I had her tank top pulled up above her tits and her skirt up on her belly. Peggy glanced out to our left and one row up. there was this handsome young man turned in our direction and he was staring at her tits and looking down at her pussy. Peggy let me know and had me lean back out of his view so he could see better. As she pushed me back, I glanced over the seat to see he was stroking his cock and it was a mighty meaty looking uncut cock. I leaned back adapazarı escort in the seat and opened her legs to give him a better view. this k** leaned over the seat and kept stroking his cock and with his free hand he reached over to rub her thigh. seeing no opposition he smiled and nodded to me and glanced to my wifes pussy. I nodded and smiled back. he then slid his fingers up into my wife and slid them in and out a few times. My wife held his wrist and said come back here. We were in the top row and there weren’t too many people in the theater and he got up to look around and Peggy saw that gorgeous cock. He stepped over the seat and sat next to my wife. Peggy leaned over and kissed adapazarı escort bayan him. He felt her breasts and she was a gonner.She said please eat me. then he dove down to eat her pussy. as he did she rubbed his cock. I was so turned on. I could see his eating her pussy and her rubbing his cock. she said come up here and fuck me now. he stood and dropped his pants to the floor and shoved his fat cock into her. She let out a gasp as he shioved it home. His cock was so thick that her lips were stretching out as he pulled back and it looked like he was pulling on her lips. They fucked nice and slow for a few minutes and peggy was beginning to cum. she said oh my oh gawd escort adapazarı oh gawd this is so good and oh my ummm fuck me harder. HGe began a nice faster rhythm as she continued to cum. She finished cumming and began another as he slid in tio the pubes and hunched forward a few times groaning as he shot his load deep in her pussy. Peggy wrapped her amrs around him and kissed him and wrapped her ;egs around his ass cheeks to pull him deeper. He finished cumming and collapsed onto her. They stayed like that as I rubbed his ass and leaned over to kiss her. I told her I loved her and she said I love you too. then she kissed him on the mouth and said and I love you, too, little man. They laughed and he said you call this little. She and I laughed and both said hell no. Then he pulled out and said I gotta go. My mom is supposed to pick me up when this movie finished. He pulled up his jeans and she asked how old are you. he said I’ll be 17 in 2 months.

A Si ster’s Lust chapter 12

A Si ster’s Lust chapter 12It seemed as if Gail’s shocked mind stopped functioning for a time. When she wasaware of what was happening again, the trembling young teacher found herself liftedin Frank’s strong arms, suspended aloft right over the turgid, slippery head of histhrobbing cock!“Oooooooh!” Gail moaned, frightened and aroused at the same time. The thrillingripples were tearing through her delicate feminine flesh again, this time toocompelling for the frenzied girl to fight the tide of passion that rose within her. Itseemed as if the incident in the shower had only served to arouse her passions tothe boiling point. There was no way that Gail could say no to the two lusty men . . .no way at all!As Frank lowered his arms gradually, Gail could feel his huge slippery cockheadpushing into her fluttering cuntal mouth, splitting her wide open like she was beingforced down on a hot, fleshy spear. It was filling her . . . filling her with searingdelicious heat and throbbing powerful masculinity. The lusting young teacher wasn’tquite sure whether she should beg for Frank to stop or possibly plead for him tohurry. The sensations in her heatedly juicing cunt were so shudderingly wonderfulthat she couldn’t even think as his strong arms brought her down farther and fartheruntil his huge cock nosed and burrowed into the shuddering, rippling mouth of hercunt.“Awwwwwwwww . . . great!” Frank gulped, his arms suddenly trembling as helowered her hot eager body to the rapier of his cock. It felt like his prick was beinggripped in a silken burning vise as her cuntal mouth wildly clutched around hissensitive cockhead. Her little cuntal chute was twisting and turning inside and shewas a tight, flaming sheath, squeezing and blazing around his huge spear ofcockflesh with a pressure so deliciously intense that his huge, bouncing testiclesquivered and jerked in lusty response.“Oooooooh, yessssss!” Gail whimpered, her voice becoming husky with lewd desire.Frank’s huge cock was at the very back of her shuddering pussychute now and itwas jerking in a way that made her whole body shake. The blazing malespear wasdeliciously huge, stuffing her so thoroughly that it was almost impossible for the lustfilledbrunette to breathe, much less speak. It felt like her quivering pussychute wasstretched out all the way but still Frank was pressing her down, forcing her to take inevery inch of his fantastically throbbing prick.“Yessssss!” Gail, panted, thrilling ripples breaking in her shuddering cuntal tunnel asFrank’s thick cock invaded her tightly trembling feminine chute. She had completelyforgotten about Jerry in the heat of the moment. All that mattered was Frank’s lovely,huge cock and accommodating it inside her trembling, sucking channel.The shivering brunette teacher gave a gasp of pure shock as she became aware ofJerry in a new and thrilling way. He was sucking her nipples, pulling the plump,shivering nubs of feminine flesh into the heated cavern of his mouth. His tonguelapped swiftly over the crinkled ataşehir escort heated pink bud and Gail felt her mind spin freeunder this double stimuli. What could be more wonderful than this?“Ooooooooh!” Gail moaned, feeling her juicy cuntal passages shiver even more andsqueeze to capture Frank’s huge cock. Jerry was sucking hard and his teeth nippedat her nearly-bursting nipple. The exciting sensations rippling through Gail’sshuddering body almost made her dissolve in a burst of insatiable passion. Shewanted more and more of this incredible pleasure!“Morrrreeeee!” Gail whimpered, wiggling her hips lewdly and sliding down all the wayon Frank’s gigantic cock. “Ooooooh, yesssss! More!”The trembling teacher felt her body turn into a raging fire, her cuntal tunnel stretchingand shuddering to accommodate Frank’s huge cock. She was lost in, a swimmingmaze of swirling desire. Surely this was the closest Gail would come to heavenlydelights! She was nearly out of her mind with joy!Gail gave a slight shudder when Jerry stopped sucking her nipples. Frank’s cock feltso wonderfully huge in her juicy cunt that the girl was beside herself with lust. It tooka moment for Gail to realize that Jerry had stopped scr****g her nipples with his lipsand teeth but finally the lust-ridden brunette looked up to see why he had ceased hisdelightful stimulation.“Oooooooh!” Gail gasped, staring straight at Jerry’s long, thick, cock. It was right infront of her face, almost touching her fiery lips. And it was throbbing and pulsing withpowerful masculine might!Gail gave another whimper as she stared at the object of her desire. u*********sly,the lovely young teacher swallowed and her mouth began to water. She wanted tosuck Jerry’s huge cock but it was so huge that she was sure she couldn’t stretch herlips open that wide. She had to do it though. Just looking at his thick spear ofcockflesh brought another creamy gush of juice to the walls of her quivering, quakingpussy. She would manage somehow. She had to feel the powerful pulsing of Jerry’shuge erection deep in her squeezing throat.“Ooooooh!” Gail moaned, quivering in a shudder of passion. Jerry’s long, jerkingcock was at her mouth now, pushing in between her open lips. It was like a glowingspear and the shivering brunette knew that she had to have it . . . had to suck it rightdown her throat.Gail shivered with delight as the hard, hot length of Jerry’s prick hurtled between thesoft petals of her shaking lips. It was hard and hot, sliding right down her throat in ablazing thrust. The passion-crazed woman gave a choking sob and swallowedcompulsively at the amazing length of it. Her whole body was responding to thisexciting stimuli and she sighed, tightening her lips around his meaty engorged shaft;Nothing had ever been this delicious before!Gail emitted a soft whimper of surrender. It was happening! Both Jerry and Frankwere fucking her and it was incredibly sexy to the wanton brunette. Jerry’s longprobing cock was pushing steadily down her escort ataşehir throat as she sighed and fluttered hertongue in blind, total passion. It was filling her mouth and the salty rich masculinetaste of him made her pussy quiver even harder around the massive width of Frank’sstiff erection. Sucking Jerry’s cock was making her pussy flame with rippling desire.The very thought of satisfying two men at once was enough to send Gail into acrazed frenzy of desire.“Mmmmm!” the trembling teacher gasped, her tongue darting eagerly and her headspinning in lusty, passionate circles. Her lips smacked in an explosion of lewdsucking noises and she gloried in the heavy, male taste of Jerry’s slippery juices.The creamy juice rolled off the aroused woman’s tongue and lubricated the inside ofher burning mouth. Jerry’s prickhead was slippery and blazing and the feel of suchpower made her whole body ignite in lewd passion.By now Gail’s resolve to set a sterling example for her sister had all but disappeared.The wanton young teacher reached out to let her fingers run over the quiveringtightness of Jerry’s heavy testicles, squeezing and tickling as her tongue slipped upand down his stiff, heated cockshaft. She wanted to lick every inch of his throbbingstiffness, to consume the throbbing rod of power that was pressing in between herlips. Gail wanted to suck Jerry’s lovely thick cock until the cream gushed down herthroat in a torrent of blazing liquid fire and warmed her whole body with lust.“Awwwwww! Yeah!” Jerry couldn’t help his exclamation of delight as Gail’ssqueezing throat surrounded his turgid prick. He shoved his spear-like erectiondeeply into her throat and groaned again. The heat of her throat made his face turnred and the sweat stand out on his forehead in beads. She was even more wantonthan she’d been last night.Jerry’s passions grew as he shoved his big cock into Gail’s mouth again and again.Now he could understand why Frank had been eager to join in on this party tonight.Gail had sucked his cock last night and if he had gotten anything like this, it was awonder Frank had ever recovered enough to come to work today.Another half-anguished cry escaped Jerry’s lips as he balled his hands into fists andtried to stay calm. It was all the young man could do not to give way to his nearlyoverwhelmingurge to shoot his blazing sperm right down Gail’s throat. She was thehottest cocksucker he’d ever encountered.“That’s it, all, honey!” Jerry yelped, gritting his teeth to hold back his burst of sperm.She was absolutely fantastic, trying to devour his cock whole with her squeezingthroat and blazingly soft lips. Crystal’s sister had natural talent. You couldn’t learnhow to suck cocks this way unless you had a little natural talent and Gail sure hadmore than her share. She was almost as good as Crystal and she hadn’t beenpracticing nearly as long. The two sisters were simply incredible!Gail’s lips were sliding up and down the throbbing surface of Jerry’s cock and hegave a groan ataşehir escort bayan of approval as she fucked his prick with her throat and lips. Her slimfingers streaked on his quivering testicles and his cock jerked wildly as the arousedbrunette became more and more wild in her lust. If this didn’t change Gail’s mindabout fucking, nothing would!Frank scarcely heard Jerry’s howls of lust as he drove his cock up mightily and thrustit into the depths of Gail’s fiery cuntal tunnel. There was only one thing in his mindand that was enjoying Gail to the fullest. Her pussy was hot and moist and Frank’sfull concentration was on how her squirming cunt was clutching and squeezing histurgid erection. Even though they’d just started to fuck, the sperm was alreadyboiling and churning in his balls, begging for release. Gail was enough to drive anyman to the brink of sexy pleasure and Frank certainly wasn’t any exception.“Awwwwww! You’re really hot, baby!” Frank grunted, driving his cock upward intoGail’s blazing cuntal tunnel. His cock was coated with the juicy, burning cream thatflooded her clutching channel and each time he drove upward, Gail gave a muffledsqueal of joy. Frank could feel her juicy cuntal walls clutching, and squeezing theheated length of his turgid prick and the car dealer knew that he couldn’t hold outmuch longer. His balls felt like balloons filled too full with heated air and his cockjerked mightily in the searing sheath of her pussy. He had to hold out just a littlelonger. The best was yet to come. Frank could hardly wait to see Gail’s face whenHerb walked into the bedroom and surprised her in the way they’d planned!Frank managed to keep his excitement under control as he heard Jerry give a loudgroan. That was the signal to Herb. Any moment now Herb would come through thedoor and add his cock to the party.At first Gail wasn’t aware that there was another man in the room. Then Jerry movedslightly and the trembling teacher froze with shock as she caught sight of Herb. Herheart hammered loudly in her chest and for a moment, Gail thought she was going tofaint. Herb was headed toward her and there was a determined expression on hisface!“H . . . H . . . Herb!” Gail squealed, letting Jerry’s cock slide from her mouth with agasp of shock. “Wh . . . wh. . . what are you doing here?”“I’m here for the teacher’s conference, remember, Gail?” Herb said smoothly,grinning at her. “Except I think this teacher’s conference is much more importantthan the one going on downtown. Tonight’s the time to teach the teacher somethingand I aim to do it!’’Gail gasped again as Jerry took the opportunity to shove his huge cock back in hermouth. Now that she could do nothing except tremble and squirm, Gail felt like aprisoner in Frank’s strong arms. What was Herb going to do? Was he going torescue her from this dreadful situation like a true gentleman?A low moan escaped Gail’s stuffed mouth as she saw Herb move around behind her.She couldn’t see what he was doing but an icy cold stab of fear ran through her bodyas she felt something blazing and slippery nudge right up against her tremblingasscheeks. Herb was shoving his huge throbbing prick right between the moltenglobes of her beautiful shaking buttocks and there wasn’t a thing she could do tostop him!

His Sexpot S i s Chapter 8

His Sexpot S i s Chapter 8″I’m still a virgin,” said Kyla. “Jodi, I’m so hot. Would you mind terribly if I took mynightie off and laid here with nothing on?”Shawn caught his breath as he watched her strip the thin nightie off, baring herenormous breasts that seemed to swell as he watched them. He saw now that herskin was olive and flawless and his prick swelled up hard inside his tight underpants.”I’ll do the same. After all, we’re both girls,” said Jodi laughing. “It is hot, isn’t it.”Now they were both naked on the bed and Shawn feasted his eyes on them. Kyla’stit-cannons were pointed upward at the ceiling and they rose and fell as shebreathed. She seemed perfectly at ease.”I lost my virginity years ago,” said Jodi. “I’m glad I did and I enjoy sex.”Kyla turned her head and looked at Jodi’s small breasts, and her eyes drifted downto her shaven cunt and stayed there. Without any hair she was able to see all Jodi’sslit and her hand moved like she was about to reach down and touch it but shedidn’t.”Have you ever wanted to be fucked, Kyla?” Jodi asked blatantly.”Yes, I have, lots of times.” A spasm rippled through Kyla’s thighs like she wasimagining what it would be like to be taken.Jodi turned on her side with her back to the door and without warning she put heropen hand over one of Kyla’s tits and closed it so her fingertips were around thenipple.Kyla’s eyes widened slightly but that was the only sign she gave that she knew Jodi’shand was there.”I know men that would beg you to let them take you,” Jodi cried out. “Yes, beg you,Kyla. It’s no fun being a virgin. You can’t go around with a sign hanging from yourneck saying you’re a virgin. Give in and let a man have you,” Jodi wheedled.”What man?” Kyla’s wet mouth ovalled and she was interested.”Any man, Kyla. They’ve all got beautiful cocks that glide into you.” She lowered herhand, walking her fingers down Kyla’s body. “Into cunts,” she finished and her fingerscircled around Kyla’s love slit.”No,” Kyla pushed her hand away. “Men frighten me.” She shuddered. “I’m sorry,Jodi, but I can’t help it.”Jodi’s eyes narrowed. Things weren’t going quite as she had planned. The only wayto get Kyla excited was by touching her. Her thoughts raced. Maybe there was someother way.Shawn stood in the hall weighing his straining cock in his hand with his underpantsoff and in a ball behind him. He could barely hold himself back from barging into theroom and leaping on top of Kyla. That’s what she needed. Couldn’t Jodi see that?But then, if she resisted him it could turn ugly and he’d be in big trouble.”I’m going to tell you a secret,” Jodi started. “It’s about me and Shawn, Kyla.””No-I don’t want to know.” Kyla flung her head to one side like she already knewwhat Jodi was going to say.”I’m going to tell you anyway,” Jodi smarted. “Shawn is my lover. He has fucked me.Turn your head and look at me, Kyla.””I won’t. I don’t want to hear.””Shawn has a beautiful long hard prick, Kyla. It’s curved and it has a large prick headthat you can feel inching into your cunt, all the way.””No Jodi don’t.” Kyla started to writheand her body spasmed beyond control.”This morning I shaved his lovely hard cock all over and his balls are as soft as yourtits,” Jodi said harshly. “They are big balls and when he fucks you they swing up anddown against your tiny bumhole.””Noooooo,” Kyla let out a moan and her legs thrashed.Shawn stared through the crack and smiled. It wouldn’t be long now. Jodi had herwhere she wanted her and she was breaking her down.”Let him take you, Kyla. Let Shawn fuck you and rip away your stupid virginity. Lethim, Kyla, now,” and she sat up and pulled Kyla’s legs wide open.It was his cue and Shawn stepped aydın escort into the room and stood there with his prick ironhardstanding out in front of him.”Oh, my God,” screamed Kyla as she caught sight of him and tried to cover herselfup.”No, Kyla, it’s too late,” shouted Jodi. “He’s going to take you and I’m going to helphim. Come on, Shawn, she’s ready for you,” she snorted.He lumbered over to the bed and walked around to where Kyla was and let her looklong and hard at his jerking weapon. She was trembling all over and her tits jumpedup and down and smacked against her chest.”You can’t. I won’t let you. Both of you are mad,” cried Kyla, forcing herself back intothe mattress. She watched Jodi moving to her feet and stretching open her legs andholding them up for Shawn and to get a good look at her cunt like she was someprize a****l, and she felt sick.”Look, Shawn. Look. Isn’t it a nice one? It’s tight like I said it was and it’s never beenfucked before.” Crudely she nodded for Shawn to pull Kyla’s slit open so they couldboth look.”You’re sick,” screamed Kyla, knowing they weren’t listening to her.”Get between her legs, Shawn. I want to watch you take her,” hissed Jodi, stillholding Kyla’s legs high and wide open.He did as Jodi said and scrambled between Kyla’s legs and with his buttocks high inthe air he let Jodi take hold of his prick and guide it to Kyla’s slit.”You’ll have to drive it in hard,” Jodi told him.He felt the hot cunt lips in front of his fuck pole and they were parted by Jodi. Now allhe had to do was plunge forward into the girl.Kyla’s huge eyes begged him not to. Her mouth opened and closed silently as herworst fears were about to be realized. She was going to be screwed. No, the truthwas more than that. She was going to be ****d. That was what was going to happenand she was helpless and could do absolutely nothing about it.Shawn spread his muscular legs apart between Kyla’s thighs and he saw Kyla closeher eyes in resignation as his long, sinuous cock drew back, stopped, waited, andthen in an almighty surge drove forward into her throbbing cunt lips.”Yeeeooowwww, nnnooo, nnnnnnoooooo,” Kyla howled and tried to sit up.”You’re in her now, don’t stop, Shawn. Drive in all the way,” coaxed Jodi, bendingbehind his heaving buttocks so she could watch his mighty prick boring in to takeKyla’s virginity away.”Shit, she’s tight,” he hollered. To stop her writhing, he pushed her back on the bedand caught hold of her big soft tits. His fingers sank into them as he drew his cockback, nearly out of her, ready for the final onslaught.”Fuck her good,” Jodi hissed, “then she’s mine.””She’s like a baby doll,” Shawn mumbled.”Take no notice of that. She’ll fuck like a woman when you’ve finished with her,” Jodigurgled. “I know, that’s how it was with me.”He heard Kyla groan as his thick cock swelled just inside the mouth of her cunt. Heshuddered and his hips readied and he drove his prick forward like a battering ramas Kyla started to scream louder and louder like she was being butchered. He felt hiscock head tear through the membrane of her virginity and he kept on going until hisballs were hard up against her fluff-covered fuck hole.”She’s bleeding. You’ve taken her virginity,” cried Jodi. “Now fuck the bitch and openher up so she can enjoy it.”Kyla heard Jodi’s jubilant cry like it was miles away as Shawn’s sticky pole rushed inand out of her. When would it end, was the only thing she could think of.”I want to come,” grimaced Shawn and remembered just in time that she wasn’t onthe pill- and like lightning he withdrew his prick. He started firing off the second hisfuck head came out of her fur-burger and his spunk shot up over escort aydın her belly and hugeblobs splattered over her quivering breasts. His prick kept firing and he saw Kylastaring with disgust as his cream sprayed over her.”You dirty pig,” she hissed not moving. She saw his prick going limp and shrinking,crooked like a water tap. It was over now and she felt like a slut that would never feelclean again.Jodi sat on the edge of the bed smirking at Kyla. Why should she feel any different?Now they were both the same. Of course, Kyla was prettier but her cunt didn’t lookany different from any other cunt that had just been screwed. And after all, wasn’tthat the only thing men were really interested in?”I want to go home now,” Kyla said in a small voice, still not moving …”No you don’t,” smiled Jodi. “Before you go you’re going to accept what’s happenedand not cause any trouble. It isn’t as bad as you think. You’re still in one piece. I’lltake you into the bathroom and clean you up. Shawn, leave us alone for a little while.You can come back later.””I ****d her, didn’t I!” he said slowly.”No, of course you didn’t. You don’t understand women, Shawn. Now go. Everythingis going to be all right.” She pushed him out of the room.”I feel dirty,” Kyla wailed getting off the bed.”Of course you do, but I’ll make you feel better.” Jodi went and put her arms aroundher. “It had to happen, darling. Come along now to the bathroom. With nice hot waterand some body cream you won’t know yourself.””You wanted it to happen,” Kyla snivelled. “You let it happen to me.” She burst outcrying.”Get a hold on yourself and don’t be such a baby,” Jodi shouted. “At least Shawndidn’t make you pregnant. Look, it’s all over you.”Kyla studied the white spunk running down her body and gave an involuntaryshudder.”Into the bathroom,” insisted Jodi. “We’ll soon fix that.”Shawn went into his own room and slowly came to his senses. He had done aterrible thing to Kyla and he looked down at his shriveled cock almost with hatred. Itwasn’t the same as fucking Jodi. Kyla was different and she could be dangerous ifshe talked. He could go to prison for what he had done. It shook him up. He had togo to her and tell her that he was sorry. He’d try and reason with her. It was all hecould do. He put on a fresh pair of jocks and his dressing gown. It was a farce tryingto look respectable now but seeing him naked might plunge her further into shock.They should be out of the bathroom and back in Jodi’s room, he decided, and wentto find out.It seemed a long way from his room to Jodi’s because his thoughts were in a whirlbut he heard their voices and they were low and calm and he felt easier as he turnedin at Jodi’s door. He didn’t know how he was going to start and he felt for the lightswitch near the door because the bedside light was off. As he thumbed it and theroom was flooded with light he got the shock of his life. The two girls were on the bedand they were still naked. Jodi was kneeling lengthways across Kyla’s body with herhead buried between the girl’s legs and she was eating Kyla’s pussy with noisysmacking noises. Her legs were spread over Kyla’s face and still opening as shelowered herself down to be sucked.He stood there feeling silly as Jodi glanced up and smiled at him.”It’s all right. You can come in, Shawn, but only to watch.” She bent her head andwent right on sucking Kyla like nothing had happened.Kyla let out little mewling sounds and her long legs closed around Jodi’s head as herbuttocks slowly lifted, enabling her to press her sore cunt against Jodi’s searchingtongue.He watched them amazed, more so at Kyla who lay with her eyes half-closed andher tongue lazily washing aydın escort bayan around Jodi’s hairless cunt. He saw her long tonguelapping and diving in and out of Jodi’s cunt like it was the most natural thing in theworld to do.”I don’t understand,” he whispered.”It’s simple really,” said Jodi between biting and sucking Kyla’s creamy slit. “Kyla’snever been touched by a man before, but she’s been touched by plenty of women.You see, she’s a natural lesbian. That’s why she wanted to come and stay heretonight. She thought only I was interested in her and she wanted me to take her.””Oh, I see,” he said bitterly. “Then you don’t need me anymore?” He started to goaway.”Don’t be silly. Stay. I want Kyla to watch you fucking me.” Jodi lifted her head andthere was a ring of spunk around her lips. “I told her that way she might come towant a man. Now get those jocks off and let me see your cock get hard again,” shegrinned.He brightened up and the thought of fucking Jodi in front of Kyla appealed to him.There was still the little matter of fucking Jodi’s ass he reminded himself. He hadn’tforgotten about it even if she had, and Kyla might just enjoy hearing Jodi screamingand wailing for a change.”Take a look, Kyla,” Jodi said quietly as she climbed up off her. “He has amagnificent prick, he really has. Look at his huge balls.”Kyla sat up and looked. She stared at his meaty fuckpole, remembering that not solong ago it had been wedged tightly in her snatch. Absently her fingers went downand rubbed her quim like she could still feel him rammed up hard inside of it.”Does he, does he fuck you often, Jodi?” Kyla asked in a tiny voice.”No. Today I let him have his way and he took me a few times. Now we’ve gone thisfar he’ll probably take me often,” she said lightly.He felt their eyes going over him and he dropped his hand and crudely wrapped itaround his prick so Kyla could see how long and how fat it was and he had thepleasure of seeing her blush crimson.”Are you sure you don’t want him to fuck you, Kyla?” Jodi’s voice was low and calmand measured and she watched Kyla intently.”It’s so big,” Kyla said in a hushed voice as she felt a strange stirring in the bottom ofher stomach.”Come closer, Shawn,” Jodi beckoned. “Let her touch it. Let her hold it in her hand,and then she might let you put it between her lovely legs again.”He did as she said and moved against the side of the bed and took Kyla’s hand. Hesqueezed it around his prick and showed her how to masturbate it.”It’s ugly, but, I don’t know. I guess it’s kind of nice,” said Kyla looking up at him.”Let me take you again,” he whispered.”I don’t know. You hurt me so much.””I won’t this time, I promise.””But you might.” She lay back on the bed and opened her legs wanting him to do itwithout her saying so, but he didn’t move. She spread her legs wide but still hestayed there.”Hell, Shawn,” Jodi exploded. “Can’t you see she’s telling you to get on top of her?”Kyla’s legs lifted up in the air and spread wide open, and she turned her head away,feeling a little cheap at offering herself like that.He climbed between her scissoring thighs and stroked her moist pussy with hisfingers.”Oooohhhh!” she moaned.He lay on top of her and mouthed her enormous nipples as he fitted his prick into hergaping quim.”Just gently,” Jodi warned and fingered herself in front of him to get him up as hardas possible..”Aaaggghhh!” Kyla closed her eyes tight. “That’s nice, Shawn. Oh my God, that’sbeautiful. For Christsake, Shawn, fuck me. I mean it you bastard. I want you to screwhell out of me,” she screamed out and her legs went around his waist, locking himtight up against her as her hips rolled and heaved to get all the cock he could giveher.A knowing smile crept over Jodi’s face. That was how it had been with her once shehad tasted prick. Afterward you sure as hell couldn’t get enough of it. Kyla would gether share tonight, they’d both see to that.

My Last Summer Part 1

My Last Summer Part 1It was the summer of 2012. My last summer as a student considering I’ll be graduating next year.A little in the mid-summer I decided to visit my grandfather’s farm. I rarely visit there since it’s really far and most of the houses there don’t have electricity. I think there’s only five houses there that has electricity and my grandfather’s main house is one of them.So I came over to his main house first without calling to surprise him; but, he went to Hong Kong that week with one of my uncles and cousins to see Disney land.I ended up having the house to myself, with exemption to the housekeepers, the cooks, and some of the farmers who works for my grandfather who often come in the main house at the afternoon to watch basketball, or boxing, or an old movie before heading to the shed near the fields where they drink.That night, after the housekeeper called me to come to the dining room for dinner, she introduced me to her daughter Anna. She was just about my age, her skin dark brown from the sun, her hair wavy, her body was amazingly full. Not chubby farm girl full and not skinny starved girl slim. But perfectly formed curves that could rock your world kind of body. She was wearing a sleeveless Sunday dress. It’s what women normally wear here since the place is so hot. Her cleavage was exposed by her dress.”Nice to meet you.” I told her after failing to keep my composure.”Nice to meet you too.” She said.We ate dinner. I was tired so I hit the bed early even though the workers asked me to join them drinking lambanog, a wine made from coconut which is what they usually drink here besides beer.Morning came and I woke up early but since people here wake up while the sun is yet to rise, I’m considered as the one who woke up late.I got to the kitchen, the cook asked me if I wanted anything. I told him “It’s okay, it’s my fault I got up late. I’ll settle for mangoes and bananas.” which was laid on the dining table. But he still insisted I eat some meat so he roasted some slices of pork chops and called out for Anna to get vinegar and lime. Not too long the food was ready and the cook laid it out with a tiny bowl of vinegar mixed with lime and chili peppers.After breakfast, I walked around the farm. Not much was going on since it was just a few weeks after they planted the crops so there wont be anything to do except make sure the crops get enough water and snails don’t kill the plants. To conclude everything, there wasn’t anyone around to talk to since the farmers were asleep to get rid of their hangover.While walking, I thought about my laptop that I left at home. What if my cousins figure out my password and find all my porn. That let me to thinking, I wont be having porn for the next four days, what will I do to release myself? Then Anna came into my head. Her sexy body came to my mind. Even the four inches of her legs that wasn’t covered by her dress excites aliağa escort me. I felt my penis harden and an urge to pee. So before my dick become hard enough to make it impossible to pee, I went to the nearest bush and pissed.After a few shakes, I zipped my shorts and realized someone was watching me the whole time. I walked towards the tree where that person hid but then she ran away. But I knew who she was. It was Anna. There was no mistaking about it. Her hair and her ass made it obvious as she ran away.I felt embarrassed. Thinking, how much did she see and how did she think about the size and length of my dick? Considering most men here are very well endowed, I could be a laughing stock to everyone right now. I couldn’t go back to the main house immediately, might as well let the crowds laughter cool down. So I decided to head to the river where I used to swim at whenever I come to visit.I haven’t taken a bath yet, might as well do it there.I arrived at the river, took my clothes off and then before taking my underwear off I paused to think. But then, what do I have to lose now? Anna’s probably at the house right now and nobody ever comes here before noon. So I got in the river full nude.I swam around and cleaned off the sweat and dirt that I got from walking around the farm. Then I thought about Anna’s luscious body again. Her blossoming breast , her tight hips, and that ass that could take a pounding. I tried to analyze what size her breast was. Definitely D-cup I said to myself as I left my body float on water. My erection was already above the water and whenever the water pushes against it, it sends an electrifying feeling that made me want to wack off. I then decided to masturbate in the river but my mind just suddenly triggered to check my surroundings and before I knew it I shouted “Who’s there? Come out!” just to make sure no one sees me. But someone was there.”Ah! I’m sorry!” a voice came from the tall grasses. Then that person tripped and fell into the river.It was Anna again. Didn’t she was ran back to house or did she already came back? How long was she there?”Are you alright?” I walked towards her.”I’m fine. I’m sorry. Please don’t tell my mother!” She said.”Are you hurt?” I asked finally close to her.”No.” She turned away from me.”How long have you been hiding there?” I asked.”I’ve followed you since this morning sir.” She told me.”This entire morning? Why?” I asked.”My mother thought you might get lost since it has been almost two years since you last came to visit this place.” She said.”Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.”I couldn’t find you earlier but when I finally caught up to you, you were urinating. I was ashamed of what would you say so I ran but I followed you here to make sure you are safe.” She said mixed with a little of her dialect.”I see.” I said.”Please don’t tell my mother that I saw your…” She said.”My this?” I pointed to my cock which escort aliağa was still erect but not as hard. I looked at her sorry face. And looked down to see her drenched dress that fitted to her body. It made my cock harder. “Have you not seen a penis before?””I have seen my little brother’s but he is still a baby.” She said. “Yours is different. It is bigger and sometimes looks straight like a wood just like now.”And the only thing that registered in my mind was ‘wood’.”Would you like to see it up close?” I asked and she nodded.”Is it okay? You wont tell my mother right?” She asked. I nodded and I sat on a rock near the river bank. Spread my legs and let her examine my penis.”Didn’t you learn this at school?” I asked.”We did but I have only seen pictures in high school.” She said.”What about college”? I asked.”My aunt will send me to college next year after my cousin graduates.” She told me. “Can I touch it?” She asked.I took her hand and placed it around my dick. She felt how hard my cock was, tried to feel the circumference, and gently touched the tip. I watched her satisfy her fascination. “So I’m guessing you don’t know what sex is?” I asked.”I know. But I don’t really know how to do it. We studied about it and my friends have done it but since I work with my mother most of the time, I didn’t have time to learn about how to do sex.” she told me.I then told her “What if I teach you about how we have sex in the city? You’re going to college right? You don’t want to let others think you’re inexperienced, right?” She gave me a curious look. “Just promise me you wont tell anyone in this farm that I taught you. Okay?” She nodded with a smile.”First take off your dress.” I told her.”What?” She blushed.”I’m naked, you should be too.” I told her. So she took off her dress and placed it on a wide rock to let it dry. I looked at her, she wore only a white piece of panties. She had no bra all this time. Her breast were exquisite, her nipples were unbelievably erotic, and her waist was beautifully carved like a lingerie model. I told her to take off her panties and she didn’t complain anymore. I looked at her pussy from a few feet away and it looked so delicious, so fresh, so virgin. I told her to turn so I could see her ass. I was firm, and full, and flawless. My cock was hardening by the second that it felt like it was screaming to jam her.”Lie down here.” I told her as I spread my shirt on the bank of the river.She lied down and I spread her legs. Then I slowly rubbed her pussy up and down with my middle finger. I kissed her and slowly pushed my head down to suck on her tits. She gave a loud moan but I told her to keep it quite. I then kissed her again. This time with my tongue in her mouth, I explored every angle of her mouth and lured her tongue into my mouth. She held my head as we kissed then I slowly pushed my finger in her vagina. She wanted to moan but I stopped her aliağa escort bayan by letting her take in my kiss. I then slowly pushed and pulled my finger, letting her vagina’s walls feel every inch of my finger.With my other hand I copped her breast. It was softer than I imagined. I fondled her breast and felt the unbelievable softness of her tits. I stopped kissing her to suck on her nipples and attempt to get her breast to fit in my mouth but I already knew it was too big. She moaned and wet herself, I fingered her faster and faster and she came another load.”Did that feel good?” I asked. She nodded. I gave her the finger I used to pleasure her. “Suck it.” And she did. I made her suck in the taste of her pussy and cum. She was very good at sucking that I stopped her from sucking my finger and shifted her head to suck me.She was on all fours and I was kneeling on my shirt. I guided her head and steered her left to right and back again to hit the right spots. Then I felt like coming so I told her “Get ready, somethings going to come out of my dick. Don’t stop sucking.”I blew my cum in her mouth as she obediently kept sucking on my dick. “Swallow it.” I told her. And she did. She coughed. “How did it taste?” I asked.”Strange, a bit sour but then a bit good.” She said.”Good, now lie down again and spread your legs.” I told her. She followed. I then licked her wet pussy and tasted the juices she blew just minutes ago. I then prepare to penetrate her. I told her to be ready and brace herself.Then I slowly pushed in and she gave a little scream then a moan. A little blood was on her pussy, I then let her take in the feeling of her first cock. I allowed her a little time to breath then I moved my hips. In and out my cock did her pussy. Back and fort my thrusting became faster as she made a face or pure ecstasy.I felt her pussy tighten to my every movement. Her wet vagina slowly forming to the shape of my cock and as I pounded her faster and faster, I sucked on her tits that was just in front of me. I bit it gently and she hugged my head. Allowing me to feel the softness of her breast by my face.I then felt like cumming. I moved faster and faster. By then she already came three more times making her pussy even more slippery. I pushed my cock in her pussy once more and came. She passed out.A few minutes later she came to consciousness. We swam in the river, there, I hugged her from behind, caressing her breast and kissing her neck. I slowly moved one hand to her ass and felt her tight ass. Then I moved it to her pussy and finger her in the water. She moaned and almost fell as her knees weakened. I then made her slightly sit on me as I adjusted myself to let my cock slip into her cunt.I pushed myself in and grabbed her breast. I moved faster and faster as I listen to her moan “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” repeatedly. And her right hand on my right hand, she guided me to squeeze her breast tighter. Her other hand on her clitoris. She rubbed her clit as I pounded her. I kept kissing her neck and squeezing her tits as we finally came together.We washed off and got out clothes on.We walked back to the main house to eat lunch.

mmf set up

mmf set upFor Mr & Mrs BHaving chatted to Mrs B for sometime over the net, telling each other what we wanted, and her describing how wet she got when Mr B came home to read our chats in the day, Mrs B admitted that she couldnt wait to meet.She said she could only do in the daytimes, as she wanted to meet me alone without Mr B at first.Slightly confused by this, as we had always discussed a threesum, I still readily agreed.Days went by and I kept imagining her sexy body in my arms, how good she looked in lingerie and doing all of the things we had chatted about.The day of the meet eventually came along, and we agreed to meet in the hotel bar at twelve midday, have a glass of wine each and see where things led. She pushed the fact that she wanted to book the room herself, and we agreed that I would settle up with the hotel when i got there.Arriving early I paid for the room and took the key off the very attractive receptionist. The room was fine, big bed aksaray escort and clean nice bathroom. I took a deep breath and took the lift down to the hotel bar.I ordered a bottle of crisp dry white wine, with two glasses, took a seat in full view of the rest of the rom and waiting nervously.She spotted me straight away, coming right over. I stood and kissed her cheek, hello Mrs B were my only words.She smiled and replied hello, my eyes couldnt keep from staring at her chest.As agreed she arrived at the hotel wearing a long black overcoat, undone to the point where her cleavage was visible, and looking down I gathered that the stockings i had requested were being worn.I offer her a glass of wine which she duly accepts, only asking if she can borrow the key to the room, just to freshen up.Of course, and I hand her the key. Give me five minutes and bring the wine up why dont you? she says cheekily.I watch her walk away, my cock already rock escort aksaray hard at the thought of getting her into bed, i didnt even know her first name!A long 5 minutes passed, so i went up to the room, the door slightly open.As I push it open she points me to the side of the room and says why not put the wine there. I do, not noticing the bathroom door was shut. I turn to face her and without speaking she undoes her coat.My cock twitches and my eyes stare at her, as I see her stood there in a sheer black bra (nipples hard and showing through), suspender belt, stockings and heels. ‘As you requested i believe’ she says smilingWe kiss and embrace and she undresses me as quickly as she can, my hands running all over her divine curves as she does so.Pushing me onto the bed, she pulls down my tight boxers and moans as she takes my hard cock into her mouth. My god i think, she can really suck cockFalling back on the bed as she sucks me, she aksaray escort bayan then climbs on top me and teases my cock with the wet entrance to her pussy. She whispers not yet and carries on sliding up my body, her wet pussy now inches from my face. Please i beg and then she lwoers herself down, riding my tongue, letting me taste her juices.Grinding on my face she starts to cum, and cum hard, graspi9ng the headboard as she tries to control her screams.I lap up her flowing juices, moaning with delight at the taste of her.Calming down she just whispers now, and lowers herself on my cock, i watch in awe at her gorgeous tits as they bounce in time with her fucking me.Getting close to cumming myself my eyes close and my head turns to one side, and all of a sudden im surprised to feel something pushing into my mouth. My eyes open with shock to see a man stood naked and hard pushing his cock into my wanting mouth.I look back to mrs b, ‘say hello to mr b’ is all she says, as he pushes his cock deep in my mouth and i start to suck.@fuck i love watching that’ Mrs B screams as she cums once again.That was the start of the horniest afternoon of my life. anyone want part two, then leave a comment please.

Hot F A M I L Y Fucking Part Two

Hot F A M I L Y Fucking Part Two-= Chapter 7=-Kathy’s virgin son moved forward on his knees looming over her naked body, until Kathy was able to grasp his huge prick. Eagerly, she tugged him forward by his cock, looking down as she nestled his spongy cock-tip between the pouting lips of her hairy, juicy cunt. “All right, Billy! You can push it in now! Go ahead, baby, shove that big fucker right up Mommy’s belly! Fuck my cunt, Billy, fuck mommy’s horny cunt!” Billy leaned over her, supporting his shoulders on outstretched arms. Lustfully, he gazed down at his mother’s hairy fuck-hole, watching intently as his bloated cock-head disappeared into her gooey pink cunt- slit. Then instinctively, Billy started humping, awkwardly at first, then more steadily, eagerly sliding his long, thick prick into the welcoming tightness of his mother’s hot, wet cunt.”Oh Billy! Uuuungghh! It’s so big! You’ve got such a nice big prick, baby! I can’t believe it!” Billy’s massive fuck-rod stretched his mother’s tight cunt as it bored its way in, spreading the pouting lips of her pussy to the bursting point around the meatythickness of his cock. Kathy started humping when her boy had a third of his prick embedded in her pussy, excitedly bucking and grinding her blushing ass-cheeks up off the bed in an attempt to get more of his immense prick into her neglected fuck-hole.”Y-you’re doing well, Billy! Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good inside me! Ohhhh shit! Just go ahead and ram it right up my pussy, Billy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”Billy wiggled his hips as he thrust his prick into his mother’s widely-stretched cunt, making his cock slide easily into the gooey, warm tightness of her juicy fuck-hole. Finally, with his mother humping like a bitch in heat beneath him, the young stud seemed to catch on to the rhythms of fucking. Billy started thrusting steadily, fucking his rock-hard prick deeper and deeper into his mother’s pussy with every stroke. Kathy grimaced with pleasure as her boy started to give her the fucking she had craved sinceher husband left her. Her glove-tight pussy began contracting wetly and rhythmically around Billy’s deliciously-fucking young cock. “Ram it all the way in, baby!” Kathy gasped, and lifted her legs as high as she could, dr****g her ankles over his shoulders. “Fuck my pussy deep, Billy! Ram that big fat prick all the way in!”Billy pounded hard into his mom’s hot, buttery cunt, sinking the remaining few inches of his formidable young prick to the hilt in her creaming pussy. His elbows bent, letting his weight down on top of her, crushing her enormous, stiff-nipple tits under his chest. For several ecstatic seconds, Billy lay motionless, just savoring the juicy, sucking pressure of his mother’s pussy around his cock. “Don’t stop, Billy! ” Kathy pleaded. “Work your ass, honey, up-and down, move you prick in and out! Please??!! Oooooh, Billy Fuck Mommy! Please!!!” Billy pulled his cock slowly out of his mother’s clinging pussy, withdrawing until only his helmet-shaped cockhead parted the tightly-stretched lips of her cunt. Then, shuddering with pleasure, he slammed back inside her again, sinking his cock even farther up her hot, slippery cunthole.Billy’s giant fucker seemed to reach all the way to Kathy’s womb. Kathy’s ankles bounced on his shoulders as she humped her ass in a frenzy of i****tuous lust, panting and gasping as she pumped her throbbing pussy against the base of his prick. “Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother!” she begged, the words an obscene chant. “Harder, Billy! Unggghhhh! Fuck me deep with your big, hard prick!”-= Chapter 8 =-Billy gradually quickened his pace, sliding his blood-gorged prick-shaft in and out of his mother’s incredibly tight pussy. It had been a long time since Kathy had had anything this long and thick stuffed up her twat and Billy were reaping the benefits. The wet, swollen lips of her pussy clung to his cockshaft, clasping and squeezing his horny young prick in an incredible grip, every time he slammed it into her cunt. With the second load of jizz churning in his balls, Billy fucked his horny, insatiable mother faster and faster, making the bed springs squeak with the fury of their wild, i****tuous fucking. “HARDER!” Kathy bucked her tightly-clenched ass off the mattress, frantically fucking her hung c***d as fast and as hard as he could. “Unnngghhh! Your prick is enormous, Billy! Oooohh, I had no idea! Unh . . . unh, it feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Don’t be frightened, you won’t hurt me, Billy! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, baby!Billy fucked his horny mother as hard as he could, panting into her sweaty face as he drilled his enormous fuck-pole wildly in and out of her juice-filled pussy. Kath humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter and hotter, her pussy-slit contracting repeatedly around the satisfying stiffness of his fucking prick. Mother and son fucked in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything except the torrid energy of their coupling. Their bellies slapped wetly together, and Billy’s pistoning fuck-tool relentlessly pounded into the gushing depths of her pussy. Finally, Kathy felt her pussy starting to spasm and contract uncontrollably, and she knew she was about to cum all over her son’s rampaging cock. “Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother! Unnggghhh! Oh, shit, Billy, oh, fucks adana escort bayan shit! I’m cumming now! Fuck me, fuck me hard! I’m C-CUMMING!”Kathy’s pussy spasmed violently, nearly making her faint with the convulsive intensity of her orgasm. Her fuck-oils spewed out of her cumming cunt, making her furry pussy-slit suck audibly around Billy’s cock. Billy gasped and sank against his mother’s belly burying his young prick to the balls in his mother’s cum-throbbing twat. Kathy felt her son’s second load of jism for the day fill her cunt, bathing the well-fucked inner walls of her pussy with a soothing tide of warm, creamy cum. Billy’s virile young cock seemed to swell even more, stretching his mother’s ravaged fuckhole to delicious limits. He heard her whimper with pleasure as his cock throbbed hard and deep inside her belly, gushing hot sperm all the way up to the place he came from… his mother’s hot, quivering womb.A wanton feeling of utter contentment flowed through Kathy’s loins as her son vented his load into her pussy. Smiling up at him, she flexed her cunt-muscles, helping Billy shoot all of his jism deep inside her cunt. Absolutely exhausted, Billy collapsed beside his mother, and Kathy hugged and kissed him lovingly, silently thanking her strong handsome son for the wonderful fuck he had given her. They lay cuddling in each other’s arms, kissing and fondling until eventually, they both fell asleep.-= Chapter 9 =-Kathy awakened at the crack of dawn, sprawled naked beside her sleeping c***d on the rumpled, cum-stained bed. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Billy’s enormous prick, resting in a half-swollen tube of cock-flesh across his thigh. Kathy felt her pussy ache as she studied her son’s big prick, remembering how incredibly well his cock had felt the night before, when he’d slid it up her needy pussy and fucked her for the very first time. But the gorgeous mother’s lust was now diluted with shame. I fucked my own son, she thought, over and over. What kind of woman would fuck her own flesh and blood? Staring at her sleeping son’s cock, Kathy realized that now was perhaps her last chance to end her i****tuous liaison with him before it had a chance to start. She could explain to Billy that she’d lost control of herself the night before, that what she’d invited him to do was an unspeakable sin. Billy was an obedient c***d, unlike his older brother, Kenny. Billy might really try to forget it had ever happened, that he’d fucked his mom at all.But as she continued to ogle his prick, Kathy realized it was impossible. Already, her nipples were painfully stiff, and her pussy was wet and throbbing, proving theintensity of her lust. `God help me, I need his prick again!’ she thought, blushing with horny shame as she slid her fingers up her son’s thigh, taking hold of his anything-but-boyish cock. Immediately, the boy’s massive fuck-rod began to grow in her hand, throbbing up toward full stiffness in small, rhythmic jerks. Billy moaned in his sleep,writhing on his back. His naked mother shamefully jacked his erecting cock-meat, gliding her hand up and down his cock-stalk until his magnificent tool was as hard as iron. Billy had a huge hard-on again… his gigantic fucker trembling and twitching in a rigid, fleshy arc over his muscular young stomach. Billy’s eyelids fluttered, and Kathy knew he was about to wake up. But not before I start sucking him, Kathy thought, and greedily plunged her lips over her son’s prick.She opened her mouth as wide as she could, nearly choking herself as she forced his mighty hard-on down her gullet. The prick-loving mom stopped with half of her c***d’s cock-meat between her lips. She ovalled her mouth in a wet circle around his cock, then torridly started sucking, the gurgling, slurping sounds of her blowjob bringing her son completely awake. “Mom! Mom, what’re you… ohhhh!” The intense pleasure of Kathy’s cock-sucking quickly got the better of him. Billy sighed and settled back on the sheets, smiling as he watched his horny, naked mother suck lovingly on his rampant prick. Kathy slurped more loudly on his tasty cock, gripping the base of his prick tightly with her fist. She pumped her hand swiftly up and down as she sucked, beating her son’s thick cock-meat between her lips.Billy’s cock was even stiffer now, completely swollen with a ball-clogging load of jism. Tenderly, Kathy bathed her boy’s flared cockhead with her saliva, digging her tongue lewdly into his piss-hole to lap up his oozing spunk. She bobbed her head as she sucked his prick, shamelessly fucking her face with the throbbing stiffness of her son’s rock-hard fuck-meat. “Suck it!” Billy held his mother’s head, shuddering and grinding his hips off the mattress. “Unhhhh! Oh, Mom, you’re gonna make me shoot off again! Suck it harder! Oh, shit yeah suck my prick, Mom!” Kath desperately wanted to swallow another spewing load of Billy’s cock-juice, but she needed to feel his big, wonderful prick stabbing into her pussy even more. Reluctantly, she slid her mouth off his hard-on, giving his spongy cock-crown a last, loving kiss. Then, as Billy watched her, his naked mother crawled up onto all fours and wiggled her gorgeous ass at him. Billyrecognized it as what his more experienced friends had called the dog-fucking position. adana escort His mother’s enormoustits hung pendulously beneath her slender body and her inviting cunthole gaped wet and pink from between herthighs, framed neatly by the creamy globes of her perfect ass.-= Chapter 10 =-“Fuck me now, Billy!” Kathy moaned, looking seductively back at her son over her shoulder. Her earlier reluctance completely forgotten. The horny mother dropped-her shoulders low and arched up her ass, wiggling her ass invitingly at her c***d. “Fuck your mother, Billy! Mommy’s so horny this morning! I need your big, fat cock up my cunt!” Billy rose to his knees behind her, staring down at his mother’s round, peach-shaped as cheeks, and at the wet, hairy lips of her cunt. Holding his stiff cock in hand, he moved forward until his cum-oozing prick-knob pierced her pussy-folds. Immediately, Kathy started humping, desperately thrusting her horny cunt back against the satisfying penetration of her c***d’s rock-hard cock. “Unnggghhh! Oh, Billy! Billy, that feels so good! I said, fuck me, baby! All the way in, Billy! Ram you big prick all the way up Mommy’s cunt!”Billy held his mother’s hips, looking down at the juncture of their bodies where his bloated cock-tip disappeared into the clinging lips of her pussy. The young stud pushed his prick in her cunt again, making Kathy gasps as she felt inch after inch of Billy’s long, hard cock slide relentlessly up her gooey snatch. “Ohhhh, Billy! Ooooohhh, fuck!” Kathy clawed the sheets and humped in a frenzy of desire, groaning and gasping as she ground her sopping wet pussy against the root of his cock. “Fuck your mother, Billy! It’s almost all the way in now! Give it to me, Billy, every single inch!”Billy slammed forward, burying his enormous prick to the hilt in his mother’s hot, clinging fuck-slit. He clutched her hips and fucked her cunt in a hard, driving rhythm, pumping his blood-swollen fuck-pole in and out of her juicy, sucking cunt. “Harder, Billy!” Kathy’s face was a contorted mask of ecstasy as her son pounded her pussy, giving her the relief she’d needed so badly. She bucked tirelessly to meet his strokes, her huge tits jiggling and swaying over the bed. “That’s good, Billy! Unggghhh! Now you’re fucking Mommy! Harder, Billy, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”Billy did as his mom asked, slamming his aching cock in and out of her creamy cunt as fast as he could. Kathy was in ecstasy, her whole body seeming to throb along with her tight, furry pussy-slit that spasmed repeatedly around Billy’s prick. Suddenly, Kathy felt a forbidden need coursing through her loins, making her tightly-muscled sphincter contract lewdly in and out. “Billy… Billy, please touch my asshole!” Kathy blurted shamefully. “Please! Oh, Billy, keep fucking me! Put your finger in Mommy’s asshole, Billy! Fuck my asshole with your fingers while you fuck my juicy cunt with your big hard prick!” Billy was surprised by his mother’s wanton request, but at the same time excited. Kathy felt his pounding fuck-pole growing even stiffer up her pussy. Hesitantly, Billy slid his hand into the crack of his mother’s ass-cheeks. Kathy gasped as his finger found her tightly puckered shit-hole and then began to burrow deeply into the tight, buttery grip of her quivering anus”Unnggghhh! Oh, Billy! Billy, that feels so good! Jack off my asshole, lover! Play with my shit-hole! Fuck my juicy cunt!” Billy did as his mother asked, gliding his finger all the way up her shit-tunnel, then darting his finger rhythmically in and out. Kathy humped with all the energy in her loins, moaning as she felt her pussy spew fuck-oils around his cock, and her asshole contracting around his finger rooting around in her bowels. “Harder, Billy! Fuck my pussy! Play with my asshole! Unggghhh! I’m cumming now!” Kathy squealed as Billy finger-fucked her asshole faster, furiously darting his finger in and out of her shitter. “Unh… unh… unh, fuck my cunt, baby, fuck my cunt! I’m cuuummmiiinnnngggg!”-= Chapter 11 =-Billy fucked his mother’s cum-throbbing pussy as fast as he could, guiding her through the sweet contractions of her orgasm. But, excited though he was, he didn’t shoot his load into her pussy. Kathy finally had to pull away from her c***d, making his gigantic fuck-pole slide out of her cunt as she collapsed flat on her belly on the bed. “Billy!” she moaned at last. “I… I want you to do-Mommy a special favor now. There’s another kind of fucking, honey, that you don’t know about yet. It’s an awfully dirty kind of fucking but I really do like it a lot. Will you fuck my asshole for me, Billy? Please, baby, will you fuck your mother up the ass?” “Sure!” Billy said eagerly. “Oh, shit yeah, I really want to do that to you, Mom!” “Then get the Vaseline from the bathroom, honey!” Kathy wiggled on the mattress, hornier than ever as she realized that she was about to feel her shitter invaded by her son’s gigantic prick. “Hurry, lover! You’ve got to juice up mommy’s asshole first, but then you can ass-fuck me as hard as you want!”Billy ran for the bathroom, naked, his huge cock bobbing and twitching stiffly before him. When he returned, he found that his fuck-crazed mother on her belly with her knees bent and her legs spread. She had thrust a pillow under her hips, slightly elevating her escort adana ass so that he could slide his cock easily into her shitter. She held her rounded as cheeks wide apart with her hands, completely exposing her pink, puckered anus to her horny son. “Lube my asshole, Billyyyy!” Kathy moaned. “Hurry, lover, get Mommy’s asshole all greased up so you can really fuck the shit out of it!” Billy joined his mother on the bed, uncapping the Vaseline jar and smearing the goo liberally, all over his throbbing cock. Kathy shuddered as she felt him applying the cool jelly to her asshole, darting his finger into her puckered anus to coat the rubbery interior of her tight little asshole.”That’s enough!” she cried. Her asshole felt hot and itchy, eager for her son’s cock. “Get on top of me, Billy! Fuck my asshole! Screw momma’s hot fuckin’ ass, lover!” Billy mounted his mother, aiming his fat, bloated cock-head at the indented ring of her shitter. Kathy groaned loudly as she felt the first pressure of his cock-tip between her as cheeks. She spread the firm creamy globes even farther with her hands and wiggled slightly beneath Billy, trying to help her boy embed his huge prick securely in her tight, buttery asshole. Billy pushed down, sinking several inches of throbbing cock into his mother’s asshole. Kathy grimaced, her anal sphincter stretching painfully around the incredible thickness of her boy’s large cock. But the pain was slight, and the way Billy’s prick scratched the horny itch in her asshole more than compensated for it. Billy’s naked mother quickly started humping again, rhythmically thrusting her burning asshole onto the gratifying hardness of Billy’s cock.”That’s good, Billy! Keep pushing it in now, baby! Oh, fuck, it feels so good up my asshole! Deeper, Billy! Mommy’s asshole wants your big, fucking cock!” Billy moaned, feeling his mother’s tightly muscled shitter gripping and sucking convulsively around his cock. “Uuuuuuhhh, fuck Mom! Your ass is so hot and tight!” Relentlessly, he thrust his prick into her shit-hole, thrusting inch after inch of his long, stiff cock into his mother’s asshole. “Oh, Billy! Oh, fuck!” Kathy released her as cheeks. Billy had nearly two-thirds of his young prick stuffed up his mother’s asshole. Hornily, she thrust her hand under her belly and started rubbing her drooling cunthole, fucking first two, then three fingers feverishly in and out of her wet pussy as she pumped her asshole onto her son’s stiff cock.”Fuck my asshole! Fuck my tight, little asshole!” she cried “Ram it in, Billy! Ahhh, I need every inch of it! Unnnngggh, Jesus! Fuck it all the way up Mommy’s ass!”-= Chapter 12 =-Billy collapsed on his naked mother’s jiggling as cheeks, spearing his enormous prick all the way into her ravished bowels. Kathy shuddered and immediately started humping very hard, not giving her son a chance to savor the pressure of her asshole around his cock-meat. Billy met her rhythm, panting on her shoulder as he sawed his stone-hard cock through the rubbery grip of her shit-tunnel. The Vaseline squished around his prick as he fucked his mother’s asshole, lubing her narrow shit-channel for the thrusting strokes of his prick. Kathy finger-fucked herself madly, alternating between furiously rubbing her clit and stabbing her fingers deeply into her flooded cunt. Her asshole sucked and spasmed around her son’s stroking cock, signaling that she was close to an extremely powerful cum. “Harder, Billy, harder! Fuck my asshole, Billy! Fuck Mommy’s ass! Ahhhh, I’m gonna cum! You’re making me cum now, Billy! Ooooh, your big prick feels so fucking good! Harder, Billy, harder, make your horny mother cum!”Billy ass-fucked his naked, writhing mother as fast as he could, slamming his lust-swollen fuck-pole furiously through the exquisite tightness of her shit-tunnel. Kathy sank another finger deep inside her pussy and squealed as she felt her orgasm start deep in her belly, making her cunt ooze fuck-juice onto her hand, and her asshole spasm and suck uncontrollably around Billy’s hammering prick. “Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother!” she cried. “My asshole’s cumming, Billy! My asshole loves your huge, fucking prick! Ahhhh, shit, I’m making it now! Fuck Mommy, Billy, Mommy’s CUMMING!” Kathy’s hot, ravaged asshole exploded, repeatedly squeezing down around the pounding stiffness of her son’s huge cock. Billy gasped as he finally let the morning’s first load of jism squirts up from his balls. His giant prick bucked and trembled deep inside Kathy’s asshole as his massive fuck-pole spewed out its sappy contents of cum. Kathy felt her son’s hot load of sperm gushing deep inside her asshole, bathing her tender shit-channel with a soothing tide of cream.”Oh, Billy! That’s right, cum in me!” Eagerly Kathy flexed her shitting muscles around her boy’s erupting cock, helping him to vent every drop of his cream. “You’re shooting off in my asshole, baby! Oh, yes, it feels so good up my ass!” Billy kept on ass-fucking his mother, moaning loudly as the last of his spunk shot up from his balls. There was so much jism that his mom’s tight little shitter couldn’t hold it all. Kathy giggled shamelessly as shefelt his milky cum bubbling back out of her horny asshole, drooling down the crack of her ass-cheeks around the base of her son’s plugging prick. And to think she’d resisted Kenny’s advances, Kathy thought, thinking of her older son. Kathy pictured her sister Debby’s little house across town, wondering if Debby had yet tried to talk to Kenny about the pass he’d made at his own mom.

first time on a train

first time on a trainIt was a cool November night, two of my cousins and me were just leaving a house party and could not decide what to do next. I was new to this hanging out thing, my parents pretty much kept me under lock and key. But when I spent the summers at my grandmother’s house I had all the freedom in the world. We stopped by a store and got some beer when my cousin Blue says ” Yo let’s call up Snowy and get her to fuck!”. My other cousin Black looks at me and asks “you down?”. I respond ” Hell yeah”. In the back of my mind I’m scared though because I have never had sex before. My only encounter had been when I was younger an older boy asked to suck my dick and wanted to fuck me. I fought him off but I guess the struggle was enough for him and he bust a load right on the back of my shorts. The whole thing freaked me out and I had been getting real nervour everytime I am alone with a girl. Besides for kissing and fingering that was as close as I had gotten. Anyway we are all at Blue’s house when Snowy walks through the door after about an hour. Blue immediately gets up and throws his tongue down her throat. He then aydın escort tells her ” You gonna let us all fuck.” She just nods an Black says “yo let Red go first” It was like they both could sense that I was a virgin and was hooking me up with the honor of being first on the train. Snowy was a pretty girl, she was named that cause of her flawless white skin. She had D-cup breats that seem to bust out of the t-shirt she was wearing. She had on these tight blue jeans that showed off her curvy hips and ass. I had never seen a white woman with a ass like hers. She looked at me with thos hazel eyes and said ” come on cutie”, grabbed my hand and led me to Blue’s bedroom where she had obviously been before. My heart is pounding and I am sweating thinking to myself ” I’m really about to get some pussy?”. She closed the door behind us and started kissing me, while my tongue was as deep in her mouth as I could get it my hands were cupping those breasts, I pulled her shirt down so that they popped out from their cotton prison exposing her large brown areolas the size of silver dollars. I started sucking on one and she moaned escort aydın in delight. She then started backing up and pulling me to the bed where she submissevily laid on her back. She unbuttoned those tight jeans and quickly pulled them down showing her unshaven red haired pussy. I could still see her eyes even with her long flowing red hair in her face. I pulled my pants and boxers down to my kness and got on top of her. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it up and down the entrance to her pussy while we kissed. I could feel her juices on mjy dick head as she started jacking my dick to get it as hard as possible. I still couldnt belive what was happening and now couldnt want to actually see what it feels like. I thrust my hips forward pushing my dick in her wet pusssy real fast. Her pussy was so soft,wet, and warm I had never felt anything like it before so i bit my lip and tried not to moan too loud. She didnt hold back anything though and moaned loudly and started thrusting her hips to meet mine. We are fucking fast and furious when my cousin Black enters the room and says”hurry up man you taking too long, you aydın escort bayan in here making love and shit.” He walks over to the bed and lies across it and starts kissing Snowy in the mouth while I am thrusting my dick in her as fast and as hard as possible. The room fills with her moans and the sounds of me pounding her soft hairy mound. Black seems real turned on and starts to kiss her more and suck on her titties. Within a few more seconds my body starts to quiver as I feel my cum load creeping up my dick shaft. I only had watched porn and in porn they always spray all over the girl so thats what I was going to do. I pull out of her warm, hairy love box and moan loudly as my dick pumps its hot cum load all over her soft red haired pussy. My thick white cum covers her red pussy hair and looks so great dripping all over her pussy and swollen pussy lips. My cousin Black cannot take anymore and as soon as I dismount her he rolls on top of her pulling down his pants at the same time to free his already rock hard dick. He puts it her pussy while my cum is still dripping all over box and starts pounding away as hard as he can moaning and screaming “yeah bitch, take this dick, your pussy belongs to us! aww shit awww shit”. I stand up and watch as she screams in delight as he pulls her hair and thrusts as hard as he can into her soaking wet pussy…………

The House Guest

The House GuestIt was a typical summer evening, sun still blazing in the sky, birds still chirping well after 6pm. You know the sort. Well it was on one of these days that my young virgin mind was forever changed. Her name was Alex, and she was the daughter of my mothers friend. We had known each other most of our lives and had become close as family over the years. She was a short girl with dark hair. She had radiant green eyes and a plump set of cushion lips. Her breasts were typical for an 18 year old of her stature, perky and the shape of ski-slopes (although it would be a while before I got to see them).On the particular glowing evening in question, Alex was to stay at our house while hers was being renovated and her parents went on a Mediterranean Cruse (or Caribbean, I can’t remember and it doesn’t matter). So Alex arrived at our door, with a few bags and a big bright smile. “I think this is gonna be a good weekend” She said through her broad grin. I took her bags and carried them up to the room where she was to stay, down the hall from my parents and across from mine.”Right well you know where everything is, so you can settle yourself” I said as I left the room and into mine. I shut both doors behind me, and returned to procrastinating on the internet, as I had most likely been doing.After an hour of internet time (approx 3-5 hours real time), I was beginning to doze off, and thought to myself time for bed, but of course I didn’t move and fell to sleep in my desk chair.I woke to a soft noise, but I couldn’t identify or locate its source. A kind of quiet, sharp, stifled noise. As I looked around for the cause of my awakening I noticed my door was wide open. “Did I not close that earlier?” I wondered to myself “I’ll close it now so.”I walked to the door and as my hand reached to close it I saw Alex’s door was also wide open. This however, was not the first thing to catch my eye. What I first saw was Alex, in just a t-shirt, lying on top of the bed. Her legs spread wide and her hand softly massaging the area between.I stood in silence, watching how her body moved as she pleasured her beautiful shaven pussy. She took her hand away and began to lick her fingers, one at a time, top to bottom. Sucking them as I’d always antalya escort imagined my cock would be. Her hand returned to her gorgeous pussy and went at it with the movements of a professional. She slid a finger in, then out, then in again. All the while her other hand rubbing her clitoris at increasing speed and intensity. Her back arched and her control over her breathing was lost. She gasped, then covered her mouth with one hand as she arched again. I was watching her masturbate and it was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced. My cock, rock solid with the blood, felt as though it was going to burst through my shorts. I had to let it out.I pulled down my shorts slightly and grabbed my cock, pulling it out where it was no longer restrained. I began to rub it at the tip, as I’d grown quite accustomed to while internet procrastinating. I slid my hand down the shaft and up again, slowly, enjoying what was happening. I stood in the door of my room with my cock firmly in hand watching this gorgeous girl as she orgasmed. But it wasn’t enough. I had to go for it. I cast off my pants entirely and I walked across the hall into her room and closed the door behind me. Without even looking up she spoke.”I was wondering how long you would take to come over.” She said coyly and with the same smirk she had walked in the door wearing. She was still rubbing herself, only now she was looking at me, licking her lips. I thought I was going to burst right there! I had to stop jerking off or I would have. She saw me stop and used the opportunity to take hold of it herself. Her hands were wet with her own juices and felt warm wrapped around my cock. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this” She said with a hint of a giggle, but before I could reply she had wrapped her beautiful soft-as-a-pillow lips around the tip of my cock. I almost exploded on the spot, but managed to contain it. Then she slid it all the way into the back of her throat and I couldn’t hold it a second more. I shot what felt like the biggest load I’ve ever shot right into her mouth, and she lapped up every last drop of it. It was as though she had sucked me empty using my cock as a straw.She had made me feel better than I had done in quite a long escort antalya time, I needed to return the favour. I got on the bed with her and she began to kiss me. I kissed her in kind and worked my way down her beautiful body. Her t-shirt was removed at some point but I honestly can’t remember when. I dropped from her neck down to her supple breasts. Each was like a dollop of the greatest ice-cream with a perfect nipple/cherry sitting on top. I licked them both as though I could taste the vanilla they reminded me of. Her cherry tops hardened as my mouth closed around them. Working down her tight toned stomach I reached the holy crevasse between her legs, that enticing, hypnotising hole. The one which I had watched her please as a pro, and here I was, an amateur with the determination to do even better.I began by rubbing her clitoris, which at this point was swollen and drenched. She reacted almost instantly. As soon as my fingers began to play with it, her body shuddered and her head rolled back as she deeply inhaled. I slid the tip of one finger in, (testing the waters, if you will ;)), and then immediately out again. I liked this, I could feel her push towards my hand as though she wanted me to go further. I slid the finger in again, further, then out once more. From the way she was moaning I knew I was doing it right. “Time for my mouth” I thought and slid a second finger in along with the first. I licked her protruding clit at first, while continually sliding fingers in and out of her. She shuddered again. My mouth closed around it, sucking and licking. Fingers in and out of her, gaining speed. She was loving it! Her hands grabbed my hair at either side and when I looked up to see, she just slammed my face back down.She came at least 3 or 4 times before I felt I was done, she was panting deeply and smiling at me as I rose.”You’ve never done that before? Lies! That was incredible Colm, I should keep you in a drawer in my room!” She laughed as she pulled me in to kiss her again. “I see you’re ready again” She said, grabbing onto my once again rock hard cock. “Lets fuck!”She moved in closer to me on the bed, wrapping her legs around my waist. I did not even hesitate, I grabbed her and pulled her right to antalya escort bayan the edge of the bed, with me standing just in front, her legs either side of me. Her pussy was so wet by this point I could see it shine in the otherwise darkened room. It looked so beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to feel it around my cock. I pressed the head of my dick against the lips of her pussy and it started to slide in. She was tight, but I easily and very comfortably fit inside. Her body shook as I slid further and deeper inside of her, by the time I was even half way she was pouring out onto me. I penetrated deep inside of her, I felt as though her pussy was eating my cock, and I loved it! As I began to pick up some speed in my movements I used one of my hands to start rubbing her clit once more. She was loving it! I was fucking her as hard as I could by the time she came but boy did she! She roared “OH MY GOD!!” and she grabbed the back of my neck to pull me in for a kiss, but I wasn’t done. I kept fucking her, she rolled her head back and her whole body was quivering as she climaxed over and over. She quickly flipped up onto her knees again and rammed my cock down the back of her throat again. She sucked all of her own juice off of it, moving it in and out out her throat, through those velvet lips and around that magical tongue. It didn’t take long before she sucked another massive load out of it. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she swallowed it all.”Ok, I think its sleep time now Colm.” She said, then rolled over and tucked herself in. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”I went to my room and fell to sleep instantly, drained. When I woke my parents and Alex were at the kitchen table.”What was the shouting about last night? I was going to come check but you were quiet after so I left you alone.” My Dad quizzed her.”Oh I saw a spider in the room, but Colm came over and took care of it for me.” She lied, smiling towards me as I walked in.”What a gentleman you are son!” exclaimed my mother from the oven.After breakfast, Alex went upstairs to brush her teeth and my parents left to go to the shopping centre. Now was the time to talk about last night with her, I thought.I went into the bathroom to look for her but she wasn’t there. I turned to see her standing in the hallway, completely naked. Her body even more lustrous in the morning light.”You were right you know, this IS going to be a good weekend!” I said as I walked towards her readying for what I knew was coming once again.

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