14 – Dutiful Wifey


14 – Dutiful Wifey14 – Dutiful WifeyAfter my day’s adventures, I really felt that I should pay attention to my husband, Liam. I did love him even though I misbehaved from time to time. I wasn’t in the mood, mentally or physically, for sex, but I was going to play the role of a “good wifey”.I greeted my dear husband at the door when he got home from work with his favorite cocktail. Wearing his favorite sheer pink baby doll nightie and some low heels with fluffy pop-poms on the toes, he was favorably impressed, to say the least.To get in the mood, and to dull the soreness between my legs, I had already gotten a head start in the cocktail department. He didn’t mind and seemed to find my resultant silliness attractive.I flirted with him as I cooked our dinner. At one point we held each other and kissed deeply. I whispered in his ear as I placed my hand on his crotch, “I want you to fuck my brains out tonight, my stud man! I love you.” He grinned at me devilishly sarıyer escort and moved to grope me! I pulled away, and flashed him a teasing smile. We shared a bottle of wine over dinner. When I knew we were both ready, I led him to the bedroom. I played the inebriated dutiful wifey and opened my legs. I pulled him to me and he pushed his erection inside of me. I did my best in the short time that followed to make him feel like he was a porn star. I bucked and moaned encouragement. He thrusted urgently and very quickly, I felt his body stiffen and heard him grunt with his orgasm. Done.When he went to apologize for being so quick “this time”, I placed my finger on his lips to quiet him. “I love you. You are my man.” I whispered. It wasn’t long before he was snoring softly. Mission accomplished.Quietly, I slipped out of bed. I wanted to check my xHamster account to see if Steve had sent me the video and photos from today. Yes! esenyurt escort He had. I put in ear buds and watched my afternoon adventure at he hotel through the eyes of the camera and my playmates. Oh my! It gave me a thrill to watch it. I thanked Steve with a return message and went back to bed with my husband.The next thing I heard was the shower running. I opened my eyes to daylight streaming into our bedroom. Liam was in the shower and getting ready for work. It was Friday and I would be working at the shop myself. I went to the bathroom, dropped my pink nightie to the floor, and joined Liam in the shower. He was surprised but happy to see me. We hugged and kissed under the stream of warm water. I felt his erection stir. I placed my hand on him and in the streaming shower, dropped to my knees.His erect cock felt good in my mouth. I did like his cock. In less than a minute, he climaxed. I rose to my feet, warm water avrupa yakası escort running over us, and placed my cum-filled mouth to his lips. He was surprised, and at first, tried to pull away. Then he opened his mouth to my tongue and the exchange of his semen. We kissed long and deep. I finally pulled back, holding his eyes, I smiled “Good morning, my Love”.Later, I was standing in my panties and bra looking in the mirror, working to apply my makeup, after Liam had departed when I jumped!“Damn! You are an adorable little thing.”I turned to find Melissa standing in the doorway grinning at me. “Agh!” I groaned in mock frustration. “How do you sneak-up on my all the time?”“Finish up. I’ll make coffee.” My Blackbush friend replied over her shoulder as she walked away.After I finished, I slipped-on a robe so I could dress for work later, and went out to my living room. Melissa, and my coffee, greeted me.“Your Liam seemed to depart with a lift in his step this morning,” she teased with a raised eyebrow.“Blowjob in the shower this morning,” I admitted.“Ha! Good one. I took care of my Liam’s “morning Woodie”, as he calls it, with a hand job. Men! “At least they both went to work feeling good.”“Yes,” I returned her smile, “We are good wifeys, aren’t we?”

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