3 Women, 3 Men, 3 Days


(Note to readers: This is the entire story, including all three parts and all nine chapters. To read this in stages, click on ‘Bookmark Story’ at the bottom of the last page. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. The story is set after vaccine availability brings the pandemic under control. Most of the characters are African-American. The sex includes interracial, lesbian, anal, and various multi-body configurations. Enjoy!)

Part One: Corinne

Chapter 1

Corinne stretched slowly, feet pushing to the edge of the bed, arms deep beneath a pillow, on either side of her lover’s head. Warmth and tingles were fading, but still felt nice. So did Del’s hands, one stroking the outside of her left breast, the other’s fingers kneading the back of her neck. Even the shrinking of his erection made pleasant contact in the retreat along her walls. All in all, it was a fine orgasm.

“Need more?” he asked, ending her buzz.

“I never need more,” she said, and didn’t care that she sounded petulant. “I’ll want more, and I know we’ll do more. You in a hurry, or something?”

His lips traveled her jawline towards her ear, now kissing, now brushing. He whispered, “But wouldn’t you like everything to happen at once?”

Didn’t he know that she was weary of this topic? “You. And. Me,” she retorted. “Us only. Do you need more than that?”

He didn’t answer that question, so she assumed it would get a ‘yes.’ Instead he said, “Imagine more mouths, doing whatever you want. One on each breast, the other between your legs. That can’t happen with only you and me.”

She chose not to argue the point. Attempting that sort of contact with toys, or weird techniques, repelled her even more than the notion of group sex. When Del licked her clitoris and labia, she could get one dark brown nipple to her mouth—but only briefly, with her neck soon strained.

She asked, “Do you really want to nail a roomful of women, or do you just want to impress everybody?”

Corinne saw his smile as only a little bit naughty. “Are you happier with me leaving you alone when I step out?”

“When I’m busy, yes,” she said. That was the case a week ago. She brought home a huge amount of work, so Del left the house and banged one of his side pieces. Late that night, when she decided she had worked enough, Del had plenty of rigidity for her pleasure. As always.

The condomed cock was still well inside her. He was recovering already. She lifted her trunk and detached from him, then slid off to lie on her side, resting an arm and a leg on his slightly lighter skin. A signal for him to stay put.

“So let’s say we’re at an orgy,” she said, “and you happen to be one of the three mouths, pleasuring my breast of your choice. If I like what I see from another man, and ask that he give me the benefit of his erection, will you be okay with letting, and watching, him screw me?”

“I can’t get mad about someone wanting to screw you.” He peeled off the condom, dropped it into what was once an ashtray, and started wet-wiping his putz. “You’re beautiful. I screw you whenever I can. Now, I may not like it if you invite in some other guy’s meat, but I won’t object to it. The first time, anyway. Even if he’s white. I’d continue with my pleasant task while he services you.” He punctuated that by settling his open mouth on Corinne’s nearest breast. He gave her new tingles, and then more, as her other breast received fondling from both his hands.

She settled onto her back and let him do his magic. As he repositioned, she felt a brief poke at her thigh, harbinger of his resumed erection. Part of her actually wanted to see Del’s reaction if her folds were spread by a white penis. Might she fake a really strong orgasm, just to freak Del out? Would that be worth dealing with the consequences, whatever they’d be?

Before she could be drawn in deeper by his breast love, Corinne forced out, “So you admit that you might get jealous if I bang other men?” She had side pieces of her own, two of them white. Del knew that, just as Corinne knew about, and shrugged off, his other lovers.

He lifted his mouth enough to say, “I don’t know. I think I should find out, don’t you?” Then he returned his attention to her swelling nipple, and she succumbed. He was the only man who had ever aroused her large breasts all the way to orgasm, and she knew he would do it again now.

Her eyes closed, her mouth opened. The pleasure led her to speculate on other pleasures, still mysterious to her. Corinne sought other lovers less often than Del did, usually when work pulled her and Del apart for a few days. A group situation would be much different from sex on the side: Being in the same place with her main man, but riding some other guy’s pole. Also, with other people watching her have sex, and knowing that she was excluding Del.

As she ascended the curve towards ecstasy, she moved one hand to his crotch. She illegal bahis gave a few pumps to his cock, then switched to fingering his balls, then switched back. One action at a time. He liked two hands there, and he would certainly want two mouths.

Later, after she had keened in the delight from her shuddering breasts, they sixty-nined without seeking orgasm, merely enjoying the buzz. Despite her best efforts she couldn’t get both penis and testicles in her mouth at the same time. His prick was average length, but it was thick (and relentless), and his sac was long. He had mentioned only what multiple lovers could do for her, probably knowing that this would lead her to think of what they could do for him. Bastard, she thought affectionately, swirling her tongue around his glans, feeling not the least bit inadequate for possessing only one mouth.

In the shower, after another erection launched her to another orgasm, she panted as the shlong left her pussy, this condom dripping body wash along with her sex fluid. Then she was able to say, “Is this supposed to convince me that I need more sex?”

“This is serial lovemaking,” he said, nuzzling her neck. “We’ve never had parallel.”


Corinne and Del had lived together for two years. They had slept around before they met, and they continued now. Her policy was to give Del as much information about her dalliances as he needed to know, and to ensure that her lovers knew that she did that. She respected everyone. Del said that he did the same.

Del seemed content with the arrangement, while Corinne had some qualms. She felt devoted to Del. Despite his amorous artistry, however, she didn’t love him in the way she thought she would once she was part of a couple.

He had shown his devotion to Corinne after an ankle fracture from rollerblading laid her up, and made some of their sex fun impractical for several days. He waited on her, took over her chores, and didn’t seek sex with anyone else. When the cast came off and the physical therapy was done, they banged each other exclusively over a seventeen-day span. There was a gap in the middle while she menstruated, but during that time Del gave her all of the non-vaginal attention she could want.

She thought that this experience bonded them. She expected it would close them up as a couple. It didn’t. They resumed sleeping around. She still wanted to do that, enjoying her lovers’ different styles, but believed that she shouldn’t want to.

So now, would they go even farther than getting some strange on the side, and dive into a fuckpile?

As annoyed as she was over his interest in this, she had started to think of having her other lovers available to her at the same time as Del.

Corinne Latimer was highly sexed, but didn’t advertise the fact. Growing up in a church-centered family, she learned modesty from her parents without it being drummed into her. As she matured, she saw the practicality of staying modest in her public persona. Once she started having sex, she did so discreetly. Modesty had even become something of a reflex. As open as she was with a lover, sometimes an unexpected sexual thought or reference (especially when out in public) made her scrunch her shoulders timidly.

All of the available documentation on Corinne, including social media profiles, showed her as primly dressed and serious-minded. She didn’t hide the fact that she lived with Delmore Vargas, without marriage, but because she didn’t espouse moralistic views or criticize the life choices of others, her private life didn’t draw much attention.

Corinne drew plenty of attention from men. She was a statuesque 5′ 10,” with large dark eyes. She kept her abundant hair braided, thickly framing her strong facial features and softening their effect. Her breasts rode high on her rib cage, except when she chose to wear a minimizer. Her limbs were sleek and shapely. Her body and mind were in accord.

She was also in demand professionally, as a consultant for the startup and maintenance of nonprofit organizations. Even while doing a goodly amount of pro bono work, she was prosperous. So was Del, working in electronic equipment security and malware removal as a salaried employee of a tech firm. The way they chose to live (modestly, in keeping with Corinne’s preference) gave them essentially no worries about money.

So, while still giving plenty of time and mindshare to her parents and siblings, and sometimes putting in extra effort for her clients, Corinne had many opportunities for one-on-one sex (which she liked), and lately for speculations on x-on-x sex (not so much, but she couldn’t get rid of them).

At a client site the day after Del referred to ‘parallel’ lovemaking, she overheard two women joking about their chances with a man they knew, if they could double-team him. Corinne scrunched her shoulders.


Del said no more on the subject for a few days. When he did bring it up, it was during a weekend lunch. At a time like that illegal bahis siteleri they functioned as ordinary roommates, casually dressed, likely to discuss things such as redecorating or going to a concert. Del wore his glasses, rather than bothering with contacts, and a shirt and slacks that had aged out of his work-wear rotation. Corinne was in jeans and a loose t-shirt, her feet bare.

“I’d like to get to where we can close the group sex discussion,” he said. While her eyes were rolling he added, “I’ll drop the subject forever if you hate every possibility. But will you at least listen while I suggest things?”

She glanced his way. “I have more than half a sandwich left. Knock yourself out.” The prospect that this could end the nonsense for good made her receptive. She gathered that he knew that.

“First, I’ll rule out swinger parties, getaways, and retreats,” he said, smoothly entering conference-room mode. “Some of that isn’t really legal, and even when they start in groups, people usually pair off. We can already have that end result.”

“I agree,” she said, then sipped coffee before adding, “You already have a best case here, right?”

A smile curved up the mustache of his vandyke. “I’ve considered options. Am I correct in thinking that you’re not interested in large groups, where people could keep drifting in?”

“‘Not interested’ doesn’t go far enough,” she said. “I’d say ‘adamantly opposed.'”

“Fair enough. Also, while we get interested in new people, we wouldn’t want to get busy with a lot of total strangers. True?”

“For me, yes. For you, if you say so.” She smirked, although she knew he had that boundary.

“Fortunately, we both know people with whom we share intimacy, and feel safe. We could make up a group with our lovers.”

Interested in how he’d react, she said, “We could. If they’re up for taking that step.”

Del leaned in and talked faster. “And to get the kind of action we’ve discussed, we’d each bring two lovers. There’d be six of us, enough for plenty of variety, but not a huge crowd.”

She leaned in also. “And we’d choose partners who are willing to do this, and be the most likely to flourish and enjoy.”

“YES!” he exulted. “So, you like the idea?”

She knit her brow. “I don’t know. I’ve never brought up something like this with my guys.” She got her phone out of her jeans pocket and quick-fingered the contact list. Shortly: “Hi Mac. You free tonight?”

Smiling, eyes on Del, Corinne slowly rolled her hips in the chair. “Yeah, me too. Ooooh, I’d like that. I also want to talk to you about something. I think you’ll like that, too. Your place, at eight? Cool, Baby!”

Call ended, she blinked at Del’s stunned expression. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. “Did you have plans for tonight?”

A couple seconds later, Del chuckled. “Damn, Cory,” he said, shaking his head. “Really well played.”


With most of her other lovers, Corinne enjoyed their looks, their skills, their edginess, or their degree of difference from her. With Andre McCloud, there was also comfort. She and Mac had been lovers, on and off, for eight years. For Corinne, hooking up with him was like coming home.

They met in college, and soon went steady. For a while they were very close. Then they nearly drove each other nuts. There were misunderstandings, jealousy, drug use, and (Corinne realized later) immaturity. They parted, found other people, got hurt, found each other again to get over the hurt, and parted again.

They learned that their lives wouldn’t mesh together. Mac was a composer and keyboard/synthesizer player. Corinne liked the sizzle of the music scene, but only at a distance. Mac wanted no-strings sex with many partners. Corinne wanted more connection. Now, happy domestically with Del, she had a no-strings crew that included Mac, who also provided her with…connection.

Mac’s sound system favored her with his latest experimental, atonal work. She tolerated it, knowing that they would soon drown it out with their improvised vocals. She took him in legs-up missionary, which allowed her to control how much of his length she would bring in. Mac’s deep probing gave her thrills she didn’t get with Del, as long as he didn’t ram her cervix. Del’s thicker cock did wonders for her shallows.

This time, she imagined Mac and Del loving her together. The contrasts went beyond their groins. Del was Corinne’s height with a compact frame, Mac was three inches taller with darker skin and a voice range that allowed him to sound bass. Different touches, scents, tastes—

She came twice, with intensity that surprised her. She hoped this was overactive fantasizing.

Mac was a fine lover with a long-lasting erection, but he produced small amounts of semen. Corinne was fine with this, licking his dick after peeling off the condom and then taking him between her breasts, sucking the glans as it rose through her cleavage. The second load was no problem for her.

As canlı bahis siteleri they settled into a relaxed embrace, Mac got hold of the remote and turned off the music. He said what he always said first in their aftermath: “Del treatin’ you right?”

She smiled at the stunt she had pulled on Del, but didn’t reveal it. “He is, and I’m doing the same. I wanted to check in on you. Don’t know who’s treating you, right or wrong.”

“I broke a date for you. Maybe she’ll get over it.”

“This is why I should stay out of your life.”

Mac sat up to get a bottle of Courvoisier from the nightstand. He poured for both of them. “What are we talking about?” he asked, sounding wary.

They clinked glasses, and she sipped before saying, “You ever done group sex?”

He almost spat, instead choking. She pounded his back a few times.

“Here I thought,” he wheezed, “that this was breakup sex. You’d tell me you and Del are getting hitched, having babies.”

She shook her head. “Don’t think we’re close to that. I’m sure not.”

“So anyway,” he said with a smile, “you’ve got my attention.”

“Del’s idea. Naturally.” With her free hand she fingered some of his short dreadlocks. “But I can’t get it out of my head.”

She summarized the plan as it had materialized thus far. “If I’m going to do something this weird,” she added, “I’d like you to be there. If you’re okay getting freaky with strangers.”

He patted his gut, which now had some give and wobble. “Music has me sitting on my ass too much. If you’ve got other ladies, I’ll have to blind them with my charm.”

“If they’re hot for Del, you’ll throw ’em for a loop.”

“And I’d actually meet Del, right?”

She nodded, saying nothing.

“I’d tell him what a lucky motherfucker he is.”

“I’m luckier. I’ve got you, too.”

“And you really want to do this?” he asked, looking at her with the affectionate concern they had built over the years.

“Not very much,” she said. “I could probably dig having you two spit-roast me. I’m not there yet on more people, including two women I don’t know.”

He rubbed his chin in mock thoughtfulness. “Hmm, two women I don’t know? I could probably deal.”

She slapped his chest and laughed. “I hate to disappoint you, but Del’s dream might be a nonstarter for me. But if I go along, are you in?”

“It goes so well with the avant-garde lifestyle. How could I refuse?”


Being with Mac, and talking it over with him, reduced Corinne’s annoyance with the topic. During the next few days, she was no worse than neutral as Del drew her into more detailed discussion.

While they made dinner, Del asked, “Who are your two?”

She seized on this as a potential deal-breaker. “Do you want the right of refusal?”

“No, of course not.” He twisted the pepper grinder over the salad. “Just wondering if you’ve worked it out yet.”

“Have you?”

“I know who I’ll ask, in what order. And I trust you to choose well.”

She battered fish fillets, saying nothing for a while. Then, looking at Del, she said, “Mac would definitely be one.”

“Makes sense,” he said with a nod. She didn’t pick up any tension from him.

“Don’t know about the second,” she said.

“You seem to like this guy Luther.”

Corinne scrunched her shoulders, but smiled as she said, “Luther’s my pretty boy. On the Denzel Scale, he’s a solid nine.”

Del spread his hands. “I’ll deal with that if I have to.”

“But he’d never do this. He’s shy when we’re one-on-one. An orgy would scare him silly.” Then, deciding she’d extended too much, she said, “You notice I haven’t asked about your two.”

“I don’t mind—”

“I. Haven’t. Asked,” she repeated with emphasis. Once she was sure he’d let that go, she said, “I know who I’ll ask next.”

He nodded, as if satisfied.

The next day, in their after-sex shower, Del said, “We definitely couldn’t host it here.”

Corinne’s first impulse was to think that this would be the deal-breaker, and her second was that Del wouldn’t say this if he didn’t already have a viable alternative. She was peeved enough to say, “Or maybe anywhere.”

“Let me look into it,” he said, spreading body wash on her back with his always-sensitive touch.

After work the next day he opened on the coffee table the brochure of a local suites hotel. It showed the floor plan. Del described the facilities in detail.

Corinne said, “There have to be safe places, for everyone. We don’t know how we’ll react, we might need to be alone for a while.”

“Over here,” said Del, pointing at a corner of the plan. “Three connectable two-bedroom suites, two baths in each. The one on the end has a big common room. That’s plenty of separation, and if anyone wants to retreat solo overnight, it’s doable.”

“How many banks you gonna rob to get this?”

Del gave her his gotcha! grin. “We’ve both got loads of points from work travel,” he said. “We never use them, because we travel cheap and the point system is geared towards high-end stuff. This would be high-end. We can bring the cost of this down to the level of a single room for two nights, if we do it mid-week, and we’d still have points left over to do it again.”

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