305 padlocked nurse pt3


305 padlocked nurse pt3305 padlocked nurse pt3Barney having returned from his months break with his parents in the New-York home, where they now lived, returning refreshed and more than a little glad to be back. During his break as John had bidden he had researched chastity belts and security devices, as well as attending his sister`s wedding and his mother`s birthday party. He had survived mothers comments about his lack of girlfriends, and his both sisters questioning if he was gay.He had twice called the flat during the second and fourth weeks of the break, John on the first, reassuring him that Mandy was “ok, and had got over it all and the swelling ‘mostly after 48 hours, had gone down’ and that she had been glad of being able to bathe once more!On the second call he spoke to Mandy herself she saying she was missing him, and that he was not to worry, John saying he was still welcome to “enjoy Mandy when he returned,” and that they “needed to talk so he would see him at work on the Monday at the pub at dinner!”It was soon Monday, and he was now back at his digs, breakfasting with his landlady before returning to work, at meal times was their only contact really. The landlady, a surly, lumpy woman, with a heart of gold and a face like a battered lead gargoyle, asked if he would be in that evening for his meal, he said he would be, but he hoped he was going out afterwards, which made her smile, and ask if he had finally got himself a woman…? He smiled, said for her to wait and see, then putting on his coat set off for work.At dinner break John found him with a pub lunch and a pint, which was their normal fare they sat outside in the sun, watching the traffic pass, as they discussed the next round of the tattoo`s the colouring in, and the more distant fitting of a chastity belt for Mandy, Barney outlining the types and the various applications, passing to John the various drawings and references he had found, all, typically of him, neatly bound in a plastic folder.The meal over they returned to work, John suggesting they met again next day at the same pub the food being good and which was to become their habit. Barney had hoped for a return match at the flat that evening, but as they walked back was told that they were “out tonight, and he realised jet lag was tugging at his eyelids anyway!”, so though he was somewhat disappointed, he knew he was best sleeping it off. John realising his disappointment, saying that “those games are for weekends matey, don’t be greedy, and laughing, which made the younger man smile as they left one another at the factory gate.They met again next day and reduced the possible chastity types to three. It rained on Wednesday and again on Thursday and a crowded and busy pub interior is not the place to discuss finalising a custom made, sex toy for the wife, especially with her lover, so it was Friday when they managed to get together once more, outside in what passes for privacy at a single table in the pub beer garden! They settled on a device called a ‘Bernasco padlock’ a medieval looking device consisting of a metal piece shaped to fit round from the mons and outer labia. The metal piece having a slits in it, that the inner labia has to be pulled through and secured by padlocks fitted through piercings in the inner lips. It would of course take a little piercing work to fit eyelets for the padlocks, and it needed some skilled work in metal to ensure the thing bursa escort was a good fit and of course light enough to ensure the skin didn’t stretch badly. The idea was good, now it was just a case of convincing their devoted slave. And making one, or at least a modified version.As was becoming their habit, they all got together on Friday evening, Barney arriving as usual about six with a bottle of wine, and flowers for his lover, and a small present from New-York. On arrival a delicious smell told him Mandy had cooked, and all still fully dressed, they sat and ate the meal, though they each knew it would be soon time for Barney to see his lovers decoration, in his case for the first time. Over the meal they talked of his holiday, then up came the subject of her decorations, Mandy explaining for the first time her fears, and feelings before during and after the act, which had both men quite rapidly stiff and excited. John especially enjoying his wife`s explanation of her surrendering herself for him, despite her misgivings and fears, till then he had not understood the extent of her misgivings, and worries or her dedication to him, that got her through what to her was a fearful ordeal.The table cleared and sorted, outside a grey and overcast sky and a cool wind meant the veranda was out, so they went and sat in the lounge, the two men on the sofa, drinks in hand, Barney remarking on the thin dress she was wearing and the lack of visible markings, just as they had planned, and John saying how Trevor had done such a good job, and the length of time it had taken to complete just the outlines, which had surprised them all, especially the last and largest, the one she now described as her proof of ownership. She describing the last two tendrils running down her lips as “awesome and really terrifyingly painful especially that last tendril!” Barney laughed and said that “he would pay for the next one if she would have his name placed inside those lovely lips,” which idea turned her a little pale as she sat regarding him with eyes like saucers, muttering,” …inside me, …really?”Both men grinned at that and John said with a shrug “that it sounds good, I want you pierced down there too missy, so think on!”That thought shook her a little, and she sipped her drink, quietly contemplating his words about piercing…something she hadn’t given thought to, believing that her husband and master would have been satisfied with just tattoos, now they both wanted more, though she was loath to deny them anything… anything at all.Barney by now was eager to see her body and said so, he having not seen her decorations since the table, when each small mark, newly applied and before they brought her home was red and swollen, every inflamed mark was then hidden by the dressings applied by Trevor to ward off infection.She looked at John, and he nodded, so she placed her glass on the side table and carefully unbuttoned her blouse, slowly removing itThe bra neatly covered both breast tattoo`s, and he remarked on the only visible one, her naval with its small ring of tiny butterflies surrounding the fold in her skin, each perfectly formed and a nice tasteful outlined enhancement.She leant forward, so he could enjoy the effect of her marked breasts as she unclipped her bra, slipping the thing from her shoulders to reveal two neat black cobwebs surrounding the now erect nubs, the right having a small spider tucked under her nipple. bursa escort bayan The effect was erotic and sensuous, her erect nipples telling him she was enjoying showing her enhancements, as much as he was enjoying the show.Her smile at his amazed face said it all, as she undid the waist band of her skirt, simply dropping the dark item round her feet, and standing for him in just the skimpy pair of lace knickers she knew he so enjoyed.She turned her knee for him, so that he could see the swallow, and he marvelled at the tiny bird, its features neat and precise, heading towards the sexual centre of her body. He reached out his hand , caught hold of her hips, and slid the last lacey item from her hips, at last, the small cartoon octopus was revealed, the notice with the black words, stark against the pink skin, with its message of ownership emblazoned for ever, the neat a****l smiling, with a cartoon like grinning face, two tendrils reaching out towards each hip, and two down either sex lip, in the most provoking way, causing him to gasp, and extend his hand to touch the little creature, which in turn made her shudder.He whispered, “wonderful, just wonderful!” she looked relieved and pulling him to his feet kissing him squarely on the lips in a most passionate way and breathing “Thank you,” in a way that said his appraisal mattered.“It will look better in colour” John Said, “She`s booked in this week, on Thursday evening, and Trevor has negotiated a reduction, which we have agreed to, haven’t we Mandy?” She confirmed that they had, though not how, with a nod and a faint smile, then he went on, “Do you want to come?”“Sadly, it`s my night class on Thursday`s, and I`ve missed the last four weeks, so I can`t afford to miss another, I`m having to play catch up as it is or I would have loved to be present, I found the outlines exciting enough, but I will have to pass I am afraid!”John asked what he was studying, and was told Jewellery, and he was near to the end of a two- year course, this next stage was critical in qualifying. He showed them a rather intricate ring he was wearing, three colours of gold and interwoven, which he had made himself. They were impressed, John asking if he could make the something special for Mandy he had had in mind for outings, and excitements, grinning and saying, “the piece we discussed, though then I didn’t realise you were so talented, I will pay any expenses, of course if you will make it!” Barney agreed to do so, “on the condition that she would wear a piece he would make to match, so he would know, every time she wore the ‘other piece’ when it was done, it being hidden!! Smiling at them and blushing Mandy was flattered but confused at what the hidden jewellery could be and that her husband had thought of for her without prompting, it not being Christmas, or a birthday, or an anniversary etc.Before she could get further with the thought, John suggested they all adjourn to the bedroom, as “he was sure they all wanted to fuck!” and with that remark, a crudity a little out of character, he rose and taking his wife`s hand, swept out leaving Barney floundering in their wake!In the bedroom, they found he had done a little pre-planning, on the bed four ropes lay each attached to the bed legs, obviously for Mandy to be secured at her arms and legs. Bondage was not their norm, but during the vanilla sex session the night before he had suggested Anal sex, when they escort bursa next had a threesome, which she had said was not something she had ever tried, and had made a flippant remark, said very much in jest that, you will need to rope me down before I will let either of you **** my virgin arsehole!” Not realising she was being flippant, he had surprisingly taken it as a serious reply, though with her normally being happy to try anything sexual for him he should have known better!He bade them undress, Mandy eying the ropes with some suspicion but as directed they were all soon naked, both men rising to the occasion, as John directed his mate to lie down on his back. Mandy then as directed, impaling herself on the stiff wand of her lover , though his next instruction to “keep still” was a real torturer and more difficult to comply with than he realised, he went as if to attach the ropes but she stopped him saying they were “unnecessary”, and that he could “do as he wished with her, she was his, she hoped he knew that, and she didn’t need restraining for him, or for either of them…!”His fingers soon began to explore, poking some sort of lubricant (she couldn’t see what or where from) into her backside her being engaged in meaningful eye contact with Barney as both of them desperately tried not to begin moving about!) In, her very sensitive, virgin and tender opening, she felt first one, and then two fingers invading her back passage, probing and stretching the soft brown star, her lover too becoming aware of the invasion, the feelings through the thin dividing membrane, Intense, and unusualThe fingers withdrew, and she then felt the head of her kneeling husband`s penis gently probing the still tight sphincter, his weight coming onto her back, and the pain suddenly massive as her muscled ring was forced open as he gained entrance to her bowel. Her facial expression now one of high pain as the stiff appendage slowly filled her, and Barney now unable to keep still any longer began to stroke in and out energetically or as much let it be said, as a man laid flat under 12stone of husband and 11stone of his pretty lover can be!The intensity of the pain caused her to cry out, then began to wane, the movements of her impaled lovers compensating for the residual pain as her cry`s spurred the two men on, Like a puppet her body shook about, her muscles unable to contribute much except pulsating grips in waves to the two invaders, now beginning to synchronise their thrusts, her head thrown back John nuzzling her under-ear neck and Barney chewing at her throat, adding to the flood of new sensations rocketing through her very core.They knew they could not last long, suddenly it was one of those singularly once in a lifetime, fantastic moments when everything happens together, bells rockets, whistles, bands and cannon, that magic climaxic feeling, going off in both participant`s minds (or in this case all three) achieving their aim in a single celebration of joy, the end of the 1812 was a nothing to this, it was awesome, each stiff intruder pumping his seed into her body like demented fire-hose`s, her body receiving each exciting hot donation, with its own collection of explosive feelings deep inside bowel and cervix, in a way she couldn’t ever remember achieving ever before. It had been worth that initial pain, the euphoria of her climax such, that for a moment she passed out, her emotions like a rag doll in a washing machine.After a time, they disengaged, collapsing on the bed like so much flotsam, washed up by the tide. Each dealing with the adrenaline in his or her own way, both men gently caressing her as they dozed.

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