438 After Monty`s cherry went


438 After Monty`s cherry went438 [c52] After Monty`s cherry wentThis story is set in Mallow Manor, huge sprawling and remote, set in the Wiltshire countryside, the date is September 1930 and it would help if you have read story 437 but it`s not essential. Lady Muriel Pargeter, sat reading, her youngest son Montigue Percival Pargeter had proved himself a man, overnight, three times, since she had introduced him to the world of sex, though if he had had the opportunity, he would have liked it to have been a lot more, But Father had been home a lot these last weeks and mother had felt she couldn’t let their poor butler down a couple of times as well. (The butler, `Hodges’ had been helping her out this last few years as father had “gone gay” and it didn’t seem fair to just dump him for a younger model even if it was her son!) Anyway, the afternoon was sultry, and thunder threatened in the distance as she read and sat in the big old drawing room, when the cook was announced by Hodges as wishing to speak to her ladyship about a forthcoming dinner for some clients of his lordship. Thus, it was that Bessy the long serving cook was ushered in bringing with her cakes and tea, the usual afternoon fare. She was asked to take a seat and serve the tea which she duly did, and there followed a discussion about the forthcoming meal. The menu finalised, Bessy went to rise, but Muriel asked her to remain seated, saying they didn’t chat enough, Bessy seemed flattered, and at madams request poured more tea.They chatted for a while, the cook after a little probing telling Muriel of her family, and the loss of her husband at sea just seven years ago, when his ship went down. She had been forced into service, her parents having passed over and her only daughter having emigrated. She had been here five years now and hoped she gave good service, which the mistress assured her she did.“look Bessy, please, don’t be offended if I ask you a few questions about something I know happened with one of my sons, and don’t be afraid to be honest.” Bessy looked pensive, so Muriel reassured her, “your job is not in any-way at risk, in fact I don’t know what I should do without you, your part of our family in a way, you and Hodges and of course Mary, though being disabled, her wits are not much, but she`s as much part of the running of the place as yourself, but I need some information, woman to woman.” The cook looked a little mystified.“look Bessy, I know you`re very discrete, but between us I am a bit worried about master Monty, he`s in London with his father today as you know, I`m sure you have noticed that my other sons Basil and William, are, well to not put too fine a point on it, a little, shall we say effeminate.” she let her words sink in then went on, “so sadly is his lordship between you and I, and I don’t want Monty going that way.” Bessy nodded her understanding and agreement, then said “yes mum, he`s a good lad, and I think he could be a real asset here running the estate if he was to get the chance, old Maycroft is getting old and cant last forever !” that was a possibility Muriel hadn’t considered, but she said “Well that may be a possibility, but its something much more personal that I am worried pendik escort about and I need your help.” the cook looked taken-aback “Me mum how can I help?” there was a pause, then, “well it’s a bit delicate, look please don’t be offended if I seem very…forward, and ask you some rather intimate and private things Bessy, would you mind?”The cook thought for a moment then said she, “felt she owed madam that much!” so Muriel went on, “look Bessy, young Monty has only recently lost his virginity, and has no idea about women or their variations, and I know some time back he touched you inappropriately on the breast, and you were kind enough to say that you would like to let him go further, but were frightened for your job?” Bessy looked misty eyed, then said “I remember Mum, about a year back it were, but the lad was just curious, he didn’t understand, and just wanted to see if I, well women, was different from him, and I dint say anything `cos, I didn`t want to cause any trouble, for the lad.”Muriel smiled, then said, “have you been a long time without a man Bessy?” the cook looked wistful and said, “not since my Joe this seven years mum, and who would want a big old girl like me?” suddenly the penny dropped, “oh, you trying to tell me master Montigue… well I never did?”“look Bessy, he`s but a lad and I want him to enjoy life and women, and here at the manor there is only the three of us, you me and Mary who being well, sub-normal, it wouldn’t be fair to include it would be taking advantage, You`re like me, I suspect, not likely to become with c***d, and without a man in your life too, as I am, the master being the way he is, so I thought…” a broad grin had broken across the big cooks face, “look mum, if he shows he wants me , well I would be flattered and if I am not in fear of my position, well I shall look on him favourably, as I would the butler Mr Hodges, if he was to ask but he has always been so scared of losing our places, its hard to find a place at his age mum and we both love it here.”Muriel grinned then said, “look Bessy would it help if I spoke to Hodges and laid his mind at rest?” with grins they shook hands and the meeting dissolved.It was after dinner that evening when Hodges was making up the fire in the drawing room that Muriel broached the subject, “Hodges, other than the odd tryst we have had together, a matter of convenience you will admit, do you never crave another woman`s company?” the old boy coloured up a little, then said, “other than yourself mam, theirs only cook that is either eligible or close enough to come into my orbit, and as her superior I could hardly press himself on her could I!” she grinned and suggested that he should try his luck, never mind about position, as she knew that cook would not be averse to his company, and as the household could not function without them both she would ensure that his job stayed safe. At that the old lad brightened, thanked his mistress profusely and with a spring in his step left the room to answer the front door as the master let himself into the house, the rather damp lad trailing along behind him as the first peel of thunder shook the house.Shaking çekmeköy escort his head father joined his wife in the drawing room, poured a whisky and sat lamenting the lad, saying, “he was disgusted with his sons slant on life!” he had taken Monty with him to see if he was up to work as an office clerk, but to his disgust the lad had dropped off to sleep mid-afternoon and on this his first day, saying “it was so bloody boring he was not interested” and the experiment was promptly over! Cook now fed the pair, before Monty wandered off to bed unrepentantly telling his father before he went that he wanted to do something more manly, rather than have to work amongst what he referred to as “a bunch of limp wristed poofs!” at that he left for bed leaving father astounded, and grumbling “what was he to do with the lad?” Muriel bit her lip, knowing the lad was more of a man than the other three males in the family put together, then she suggested, “I`ve given that some thought, as the lad wants to do a mans work, why not apprentice him to old Maycroft the estate manager, then he could take over when the old boy retires, then the estate would then still be in their family`s hands, and it would allow you to stay up in London more often!” it was a perfect answer and a pleased father went off to his bed in a much happier frame of mind Over breakfast next day, the lad was asked if that might be a solution to their problems and he jumped at the chance, Muriel`s plan was coming together well and to her joy, Father returned to London that very morning after informing old Maycroft of the family decision.It was in bed that night, with Monty, the coast now being clear, that Muriel mentioned the subject of the cook… subtle as ever she started as most women do from an obtuse angle! “erm do you like the size of my breasts then Monty?” at that moment he had a mouth full of her left nipple, so it was a bit unfair a typical woman`s ploy! Reluctantly he spat the dummy and said she was perfect, but she persisted, “wouldn’t you like to try a smaller set, or perhaps a bigger pair?” he regarded her steadily then said rather diplomatically that, “yours are perfect mother dear, and yes like all lads I did want to play with a bigger pair one day, but until I meet that perfect lady, or you grow tired of me, well I just love you and yours!”“mmm, well said but I shan`t grow tired of you, my lover, but I do want you to do me a big favour Monty…” she smiled “and it is big belive me!” by now he was all ears, “ you remember how ratty I was after your father transferred his sexual affections elsewhere, and I had a few years without any sexual contact …till you?” he nodded, well a friend of mine is having the same problems, and well…I was hoping you could rekindle her passions, make her feel wanted, and broaden your horizons at the same time!” his jaw fell open, “look lad, she`s a big woman and she needs to feel desirable once more, and I want you to have her, woo her, enjoy her and give her confidence a real boost, you can I am sure, make it plain from the start that you only want her for sex, nothing more, but diplomatically…OK?” He regarded her with eyes like maltepe escort moons, and said, “let me get this straight mother, you want me to sleep once or twice with your big lady-friend just to boost her ego, and to give me experience too, and you don’t mind?” she smiled sweetly at him, then said, “Yes son, she`s not a looker, but she is homely and a widow that needs a boost as I did, and she would be a challenge but I`m sure you are the man for the job…please…!” she then kissed him as women who want something do and like putty he fell to her womanly whiles.Thus it was on that Saturday morning that he found himself with a pot of tea sat in Betty`s kitchen with the staff, telling her about his day in London and his mother`s idea that he became apprentice to the estate agent with a view to taking over in a year or so. Betty smiled, knowing that the mistress must have spoken to the lad and his father, and wondering if she had also spoken with Hodge`s too!Both Hodges, and Mary were present, but so far, the inscrutable butler had said not a word, and Mary, well she was as usual sat humming and drinking tea. Till the hall clock chimed, and like an automaton Mary set off as she had each day for years to make beds and sweep. The butler too stood washed his cup and nodding to them set off to his pantry to polish silver.Monty, put his hand on Betty`s and looking deep into her face he said, “Betty, I feel I need to apologise, I touched you inappropriately a time back it put you in an awful position, and though I didn’t understand it at the time, back then all I wanted was to just fondle your lovely big breasts, well I still do really, and more so now I know how, but then it was just hormones, so I am very sorry.” A bit amazed Betty smiled and said, “your forgiven , though I was flattered if truth were told but now,…” she shook her head “Master Monty, what would you do with a fat old biddy like me now, I am no dolly bird, and undressed I might frighten you off!” he blushed, then reassured her by saying, “look Betty, I want you, you have been my youthful fantasy for a very long time and I want to play with your lovely big body, I`m not in love with you, and I don’t want to marry you either I just have always wanted a night or two of your undoubted charms, is that too much for me to ask?” she was blushing now, flustered, he followed up by adding fuel to the fire, almost begging her to become his, glib of tongue, he wore her down, till the hall clock chimed once more, she looked up startled to think the time had passed so fast, saying “well I never did, Master Monty, I didn`t know you felt like this I`m sure… but…well, that’s the nicest most honest thing any man has said to me for a very long time, and if you really mean it, I would be more than a little honoured to allow you to fulfil any of your youthful fantasy`s sometime, but just now I must put in a pie for dinner or we shall all starve tonight!” He smiled, then kissed her big capable hand and said, “my room tonight then, come dressed, and I shall look forward to entertaining you!” with that he rose and left her, with a smile on her face that lit the room, blowing her a cheeky kiss from the doorway as he went.For Betty the world had changed in an instant, one conversation, one hour a few sentences, and she once more felt wanted, not just as a capable cook but as a woman, a desired woman she muttered again, ”well I never did…master Monty…well I never did!” but she knew in her heart she would be there, and perhaps she would `did’…tonight…

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