80 year old man gets help from carer to wear his


80 year old man gets help from carer to wear hisI recently moved into sheltered housing after my lovely wife of 54 years marriage died a couple of years back and not really being able to cope with being alone in a 3 bedroom house by myself and just my  memories.My wife died a horrible death from cancer and I managed to be with her at the very end, although she was mostly medicated to the maximum she knew i was there and I thank her for her years of devotion and being my best friend and my only lover, I never looked at another woman, well o.k I looked but never felt the urge to stray as she fulfilled me totally in the emotional and physical sense.With my wife it really was a case of birthdays and anniversaries but we were best friends I loved her very much and that was really enough for me.Don’t get me wrong I was satisfied with my love life we came from an age that knew no different, with my wife I can’t remember the last time we did anything sexual, possibly 10 years ago was the last time she was 100% fit without illness, we had very slow careful sex  when she was Ill but that faded away as it didn’t feel right and to be honest she wasn’t the most sexually active woman in the world even on top form.I’d also got to the stage  where I needed assistance with some cooking, cleaning, etc, which to be honest with you I’ve never bothered with before  always leaving it mostly to my wife, and my flat was getting a little untidy.Thing is apart from the loneliness I’m  still very much able to raise more than a smile, i have erections a young man would be proud of, ive had loads of health problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a bypass, and still the bloody thing still gets up before me in the morning.The worst thing though is  that I can’t really indulge myself in my fetish of putting a pair of tights on, I’ve always enjoyed the feel of nylon rubbing on my body, In our courting days and in the first few years into our marriage my wife always wore stockings and suspenders, then from the late 60’s tights became more fashionable because of the mini skirt fashion and she wore those right up into her late 60s early 70’s that’s when the disappointing trousers started putting in an appearance as her almost perfect young legs started to look older, and developed imperfections.I always preferred her in tights than stockings and suspenders as she had really long legs and the nylon looked liks it went on forever, actually It was my wife who introduced me to tights.I’d kept complaining about long johns sagging and falling down so i wouldnt bother and get really cold legs when I was working nights in the freezing cold, I said “Don’t be silly woman, what if I have an accident” then she told me  i was the one being silly all sorts of men wear them under their trousers to keep warm, soldiers, builders, and fisherman they just don’t advertise it, just wear a thin pair under your trousers nobody will know.So the next shift my wife handed me and showed how to put on a pair, i always marvelled at the way she poured herself into her second nylon skin, unlike her smooth ladylike movements, I was clumsy and awkward but got the hang of putting them on eventually.I was lucky not to put a hole in the pair she chose for me, it was a pair of her 20 denier tights i wore them under my trousers and they did the trick, nice toastie legs and I really enjoyed the feel off the material, also it felt a bit naughty karşıyaka escort wearing my lady’s tights in front of lots of big butch men and it made me wonder how many others wore tights to work, it was also erotic knowing that she’d actually wore the pair I was wearing and I could imagine the nylon caressing her private parts and moving with her body movements, this would always arouse me.So this became the norm and if the weather got colder I’d wear opaque tights and as it warmed up I’d wear very sheer tights, my wife commented with her pretty smile  ” are you sure you wearing tights is just about keeping warm” i laughed and I just told her i liked the feel of the material on my skin, so when it came to summer months she didnt bat an eyelid when i still wore tights under my trousers and even under shorts indoors  she didn’t even say anything if I wore when we went out or even on days off under my trousers.It really helped me relax and at 6ft and a burly manly figure it helped to get in touch with my feminine side, I never felt the need to wear any other items of ladies clothing panties, bras etc, just tights, I did try stockings but not in front of the wife, but felt I really enjoyed the feel and constriction of the nylon material caressing  my cock and balls.So as I say when my wife died I used to wear tights from her collection to feel close to her which helped with the grieving process,  also the last few years i have  ironically worn them for warmth and to help with circulation after a lady doctor winked at me and told me wearing them would help,  but as times gone on i’ve had trouble putting tights on and have had to put up with wearing long socks which just wasn’t the same.Anyway one day the young lady who came in to clean and who was taking clothes to a charity shop asked if I had anything to donate so I told her to go in the wardrobe and clear out a few shirts etc forgetting that I had some tights hanging up in the wardrobe that I use to wear .She shouted out to me “do you want me to donate the tights that are in here, I think it’s really sweet how you old guys keep some of your lady’s clothes to remember your wives”.I stuttered a no please leave them I have other uses for them, “Oh! O.k”, this obviously sounded like I used them for masturbating, I tried to think quickly and just bluttered out ” I like to wear them under my trousers when it’s cold but have had difficulty lately putting them on”.Then I was surprised by her answer” if you’d like I could help you” I went silent but then I really wanted to wear some tights it had been months since I’d indulged in some nylon, so I said ” are you sure, you won’t tell anyone I wear ladies tights will you”?Your not the first there are a few old guys In here one wears sheer lacy hold ups so I think he’s kinky not cold , but tights are a great way to help your circulation and keep warm at the same time.She asked, Would you like me to bring a pair in and help you, I said yes if you dont mind and she came in with a pair of 40 denier black opaques, she then asked how far can I get them on by myself, I said the trouble is putting my feet in and up to my knees, as i can’t bend down properly,  once they are there I should be o.k.So she  knelt down in front of my chair stretched the tights out remarking on them being good quality, and then told me to stand up and drop my jogging bottoms, and pants as they buca escort won’t be needed then we’ll put your joggers back on and you’ll be lovely and warm.I was a bit embarrassed and excited at the thought of wearing tights again after many months without nylon but as i stood up i realised my penis was misbehaving and i had a semi- on and couldn’t disguise it, it was stretching my pants material to the maximum and as the young lady was bent down she was at eye level with it and looked straight at it, and smiled “wow!” she said 80 years old and still ready for action”. She then In one quick motion pulled down my joggers and pants letting my cock spring free, and as soon as she did that i became  the proud owner of a very full erection, I’ve always been proud of my 7″ thick cock, sadly it had been a long time since it had been used to pleasure anyone else except myself. I apologised to the young lady and she waved it away don’t worry these things happen, and then took the tights and placed one foot in, then i lifted the the other  foot and she pulled the tights up over my ankles and then she pulled them up onto my knees smoothing them as she went,  the thrill  of a young ladys hands on my legs was very pleasing.As she pulled the material up to my thighs she accidently rubbed the inside of one of my balls, my cock automatically responded to her touch twitched and I could sense a drop of pre-cum release and start dribbling out of my cock head “Oh! God she’s going to notice that”, and with that it dripped right off the end of my cock head and onto her hand.I quickly thought that with a bit of luck she’ll think it’s a pee drop a bit embarrassing but at my age expected but it wasn’t watery it was a nice thick pre-cum pearly white droplet all nice and shiny, she starred at it and I mouthed a sorry her way ” Oh! I didn’t think you could get that excited about wearing tights”.I told her it had been a while and was very excited, not only about wearing tights but being so close to a pretty young lady, with the compliment she gave me a lovely smile.”well” she said “we seem to have a problem your not going to be able to wear those tights properly with that thing sticking out are you”?, I’m going to have to help you get it down.As i say she was eye level to my cock, she then took her hand and placed it on my cock and looked at me for approval, i nodded to carry on and then started to slowly pull the skin back, as she retracted it fully another droplet of pre-cum dribbled to the end of my cock head and when she pulled it back and forth it made it all shiny, she then placed her hand on my balls cupping them and started sort of  massaging them in time with her back and forward motions on my cock, I’d never felt anything like it in my life.The young lady asked if it was good and I told her “yes, very” she said “this is between me and you must promise not to tell anyone” and maybe ill help you out again. I’d never had anything like this done to me before, this was a totally new experience a woman really wanting to please me i think didnt really like sex with my wife it was very straight sex it was kiss, cuddle, i got on top put my penis in her and came, i never really felt or heard her orgasm and i was more than happy just to get some sex, i suppose we both missed the free love generation.Amyway I was really enjoying the young ladies  handywork, she was taking it so slow and izmir escort bayan expertly she really knew what she was doing with a cock and she took me right to the edge of orgasm a couple of times then slowed or stopped this was really great but after a while i had to ask “can i please cum now”.She smiled at me then sped up her hand movements all the while still cupping my balls, and after a minute I felt my balls twitch and knew I was going to ejaculate and warned her, she then masturbated me fast then really slow alternating  between the two I started breathing heavy and tensed up and as she pulled my foreskin right back i shot a rope of cum and it came out like a bullet going up in the air and landing on my tights making a pretty white stain on them  it had been ages since I’ve cum like that and i couldn’t believe it as she continued masturbating  me she got a few mores shots out of me before I stopped cumming and rested breathlessly.It took me a while to calm and to catch my breath but i was totally relaxed afterwards she then took her hand away produced a pack of wipes and cleaned my cock and the stain on my tights then her hands “thank you ” I said ” she said “no worries right now your cocks gone down, let’s get your tights up” I then stood up and she helped me pull them up over my now flaccid cock and up to my waist and help smooth them into place getting my seams straight.It was a nice feeling the nylon caressing my penis, balls and bottom again, i thought about what had just happened and of my wife for a moment  and I felt a bit guilty about what had just happened but that didn’t last long, life and death puts us in these situations.The girl then told me I had great legs no wonder i liked wearing tights and it makes a change for a old guy to have a nice big cock and be able to perform to a finish, i stopped in my tracks and it made me think, how many old guys has she done this for?I asked if she was now behind with her work, “oh! No me and my friend cover each other so that we can make a few quid  on the side of our £7 an hour wages”.A bit confused I asked, what she does the same thing, oh! Yes it’s just a sideline and we’ll worth £20 for the service we provide, don’t you think, with this she winked and smiled.ERR! YES VERY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY! …what a bloody stupid thing to say.But by then i’d  caught on, whats the saying “THERE’S NO FOOL LIKE AND  OLD FOOL”, …i smiled to myself why else would a young girl do an old guy like me a favour, and all the compliments as well.So I walked over in my tights to the bureau and opened it got my wallet out opened up my wallet and handed over £20 and then felt obliged to give her another £5 as a tip to be honest after her helping me out and relieving me I felt like handing her the whole £100 I had in my wallet.She took the money and thanked me and asked if I’d like regular help with my “TIGHTS” looking me straight in the face making it fully clear that “Tights” is not what she meant.I stuttered out a “Yes” and with that she opened up her phone asked for my number and exchanged with me and told me whenever I needed the service just text the day with the date you want and type “H.J” or “B.J” and I’ll text you back a time and see if it’s Convenient, she told me I knew the price of the “H.J” and that if wanted a “B.J”  it was double, she then turned in her blue tunic, black opaque tights and black pumps bid me farewell and left.I couldn’t believe what I was hearing not only was this nice young lady willing to give me hand relief but was also willing to give me oral sex…something I’d never had or given in my life.I don’t know if Should take the a chance see what it’s all about?…WHAT DO YOU THINK?, 

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