90% True Ch. 01


Chapter 1 — My first threesome

– – –

Author’s note: The name of this story is 90% true. The reason for this is because I’m going to tell stories of my youth. These aren’t works of fiction but events that actually happened to me in my youth. I’ve changed the names of people and places, but what follows is pretty much all true. I’m giving myself a 10% buffer for fiction that way I can try to tell you a good story. Any details that I can remember, good or bad, I’ll try to be truthful to; the 10% leeway will allow me to fill in gaps in my memory. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story.

– – –

“I want to hear the whole story though,” My wife, Ann, said as she lightly rubbed her pussy lips, still swollen and wet from the sex we just had.

I sighed and put my hands behind my head, “You’re really kind of a voyeur sweety, you know that?”

Ann bit her bottom lip and grinned . She nodded her head and said, “Don’t forget, I’m a pervert too. One of the reasons you married me.

I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath. The air in the bedroom was warm from our love making, and I could tell she wanted a second round. But I needed a little while to recover, I wasn’t a young man anymore. That’s why she wanted me to tell her a torrid story of my past sexual exploits.

I had married Ann a few years ago, and we were still very much in love. Our sex life had slowed down a little bit, but was still very hot and heavy. It didn’t hurt that we were two attractive and horny people with great sexual chemistry.

She liked watching porn, especially during sex, and loved hearing dirty stories from my past. It made her very hot and horny. She knew my preference for multiple partner porn and knew it came from a very early sexual experience I’d had. So she’d asked me to clarify the story.

“All right, I’ll tell you the story,” I consented, settling onto the bed more comfortably to tell her the tale. “Now remember, this was right in the middle of the nineties. Porn was still on VHS, not my computer. While cell phones were around, we didn’t have them yet in my social circle.”

“Yes yes,” Ann interrupted me, “You’d just defeated the last dinosaur and invented the wheel, I get it.” I was a few years older then Ann, she was just getting close to thirty whereas I was in my mid thirties. Apparently she thought that I brought up the few years age difference too often.

Undaunted, I continued my story. “Well, okay, remember that I was with Jen, my very first serious girlfriend. We had started dating when we were both sixteen, and had been together for over a year and a half. The story begins late at night on New Years Eve, and continued on into the very few first hours of nineteen ninety-six. I had just turned eighteen a month ago; and Jen (a New Year’s Baby) was turning 18 that night.”

She was having a combination New Years Eve and eighteenth birthday party, rolled into one. The two of us had been having sex for a while, and were each other’s first partner. Until that night, neither of us had ever had sex with someone else. I still remember how cold it was that night….”

– – –

“Fuck it’s cold out,” eighteen year old me said stomping the snow off my sneakers as I came into Jen’s house. I quickly stripped out of the heavy winter clothing that was sprinkled with snow just from my walk up her driveway. I took my time in the small hallway of her parents house.

I was a big guy at six foot four inches tall and broad. I was in great shape, and I loved casual sports. I was huge on swimming and skiing as well as roller-blading and rock climbing. I never got into the team sports, and though I was on the cross country track team at my high school, I wasn’t very good…I was a little too big and gangly to really compete. But I did it because I liked it.

While I was tall, I wasn’t really ripped. I had an average runner’s build under a light layer of padding that everyone in my hometown of Buffalo, New York seemed to have. My heritage (a mixture of Italian, Irish, and English) showed only my Italian side, giving me the stereotypical ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ look. I had a very strong chin, classic roman nose, and a strong jawline that helped defined my shaved face. I was forced to shave at least every other day because of my thick black hair. Even right after I shaved, the skin on my face looked dark as if my stubble was about to burst out. Strong eyebrows sat above the deceptively delicate glasses I would wear most of the time. The wire frames may have looked out of place on my face, but once you knew me, you realized that they simply offset my otherwise rugged features. I didn’t need my glasses all the time but tended to wear them usually.

Overall, most people would say that I was a fairly attractive young man. I used to get a lot of flirting from girls at my school but I was a ‘good guy’ and would never have cheated on my girlfriend, Jen.

Jen was a very attractive illegal bahis young woman herself. Tall at five foot nine, she had a long straight fall of thick brown hair, the color of dark chocolate. Her features were a mixture of broad and narrow, a holdover from her mixed heritage of Polish and Native American. She was also a casual athlete, playing basketball for her all girls high school. She always said she wasn’t very good because her larger D cup breasts often got in her way.

Her part time job working as a counselor for the town children’s center kept her very busy too. What fat was on her body seemed to settle in all the right places giving her a very soft appearance without anyone ever thinking that she wasn’t in good shape. She came bouncing up to me, wearing a sweatshirt with her school name printed on the front.

“About time you got here Peter,” she said as she crushed her body against mine in a tight hug. I felt her soft breasts press against mmy chest, and grew warm, though I was only wearing the standard jeans and t-shirt combo that was my every day garb. Pulling away from me she planted a quick kiss on my lips and said, “Almost everyone’s here except you and Rich and Nina.”

I nodded, “They were right behind me on the highway. Rich and I stopped off at a bar before we went to the liquor store. That’s why we’re a little late.” Rich was a few years older then most of our group, having had just celebrated his twenty first birthday that summer. I had a fake ID myself, but almost never got proofed. I cut a large and imposing figure, and already had a few streaks of grey in my otherwise thick black hair. It was weird when I started to go grey as fourteen year old, but at eighteen I had decided to embrace it. I certainly didn’t mind when Rich would get proofed and I didn’t at the liquor stores.

With that we heard the sound of snow crunching under the wheels of Rich’s station wagon as he pulled into the driveway. “That’s them now,” I said with a smile, grabbing my jacket. “I’ve still got my shoes on, I’ll go help them unload.” I grinned, knowing exactly how much booze we had brought for tonight’s party.

Rich was a good guy. Average height and build, with sandy blonde hair cropped in a short buzz cut. He used to be a bit doughy, but had just completed his basic training in the Marines a little while ago and that had cut out a lot of the fat from body.

His fiancée Nina was a real looker. Short and curvy, she was your typical cute Buffalo teenager. A few months older then me, she went to the same private school as Jen and her friends. Nina was a pretty blonde with deep blue eyes that were almost grey. Her skin was very light and she tried to keep it that way, claiming that she burned like a french fry if she were in the sun for more than thirty seconds. She filled out a sweater well and was very flirty and touchy all the time. Something that drove the girls at her school nuts, but that all of the guys in our social circle didn’t mind in the least. The three of us carried in six bags of wine coolers, beer, and hard liquor. Our assembled friends cheered as we pulled each item from the bags, guaranteeing that this party would be a night to remember.

Jen’s parents had given her a very unique present for her eighteenth birthday. Normally, every year Jen, her sister, and her parents drove down to Ohio to stay with family for New Years. But this year they had agreed that, as her eighteenth birthday gift, she could stay home and have a ‘little party’ with her friends. I’m sure they knew that we’d probably try to get some beer or something, but they had no clue we would nearly fill the counter top in their kitchen.

The evening progressed in a pretty typical fashion as you’d expect with a bunch of high school seniors that have access to way too much booze. Thankfully we had enough people who were willing to stay sober enough to drive most of the people home at the end of the night after the ball drop. I had planned on spending the night of course. Jen needed her birthday spankings and had challenged me to give her eighteen birthday orgasms before I left. She was multi orgasmic, but even so, I knew eighteen was a huge number to try to contend with. Rich and Nina were also planning on spending the night, and another couple who were good friends were planning on crashing on the couch in the upstairs den.

Jen’s parents house was small, with two bedrooms downstairs, the master bedroom and Jen’s bedroom, plus a small den and her sister’s small bedroom upstairs A living room, kitchen, and single bathroom rounded it out. There was an unfinished basement, but I literally never went down there the entire time I knew her.

So the party progressed, and the little house started to get very hot with all the people. We all got pretty drunk, and I don’t remember the exact sequence of events, but it went something like this: By 10pm we had the heat shut off. By 11 we had several windows cracked open blowing in illegal bahis siteleri freezing cold air to try to cool down the sweltering house. By the time the ball dropped at midnight, in our drunken logic, someone had decided it would just be a good idea if everyone stripped down to their underwear. Since almost everyone at the party was a couple, things got a little raunchy. Thankfully the only two single people at the party didn’t seem to mind getting a little closer to each other as everyone else took liberties with their partners.

It was around twelve thirty when the first really odd thing happened. While Nina had been flirting with me, I hadn’t thought much of it. But as some of the people started to leave, she started getting bolder. She started rolling down the lacy edge of her pushup bra, exposing the light pink caps of her areola, and then asking if I wanted to do body shots.

Of course I did, and everyone laughed as Nina grabbed my head and smothered me with her breasts when I went to do it. I don’t think that everyone who was laughing saw that she had also grabbed my hand and pressed it against the lacy panties she was wearing. I remember feeling amazed by damp they were, and embarrassed that she was literally rubbing my hand across her pussy with only a light layer of fabric between my hand and her sex. When she let me up, however she acted like it hadn’t happened and was laughing along with everyone else. I decided that maybe it was just an accident and to say nothing about it.

About an hour later she made her next move. She was quite obviously drunk, but so was almost everyone else. As people were leaving she pulled me aside and asked me for my help. I didn’t know what she wanted, but my girlfriend was busy saying goodbye to people that were leaving, and Rich was nowhere to be seen. The other couple spending the night had already gone upstairs to Jen’s sister’s bedroom, and we could hear the sound of a headboard banging against the wall.

“What can I help you with Nina?” I said as I gazed at her now naked breasts. At some point she’d taken off her bra and was clad only in lacy purple panties. I’m sure if I had been a little less drunk; my cock would have been tenting my boxers as I looked at her full breasts, capped with pale pink areola and tight, hard nipples.

“I am shooo drunk,” she said slurring her words, “But I need to go to the bathroom. But I need help. I’mma fall over fif I dun get help.” I looked around for Jen, but she was still standing near the front door in her thong and bra, talking to our friends who were getting ready to leave.

“I’ll go get Jen,” I offered, but Nina shook her head violently.

“No, I gotta go now, can’t wait.” With that she grabbed my wrist and yanked me down the hall towards the bathroom. I looked around, hoping to spot Rich, or that Jen might turn and see me. But it was a small house and in a moment we were in the bathroom. She pulled me in and then reached past me to shut the door and lock it. As she reached past me, she leaned right into me. Her bare breasts brushed against my chest and abdomen, and she looked up at me as the lock clicked. I could feel her leaning into me, holding that pose for a moment, then another, then she smiled and placing her hands on my hips stood up. I realized she was smiling as my cock twitched, beginning to swell slightly. My plain grey boxer shorts did nothing to hide that from her.

She held the grin as she hooked her thumbs into her lacy purple panties. I turned around and faced the door. I don’t know how I got here, but she laughed as she stripped off the last bit of clothing from her body. I heard a crash and turned just enough to see out of the corner of my eye that she had half fallen onto the toilet. “I’m not kidding,” she said slurring her words less, “I really do need your help. Come stand in front of me so I can hold onto you.”

I was still to embarrassed to face her, so as she settled herself on the toilet, I let my hands go behind my back to hold her hands. With a flash of insight however I leaned forwards and turned on the water in the bathtub I pulled up on the shower valve to get the shower going. I figured that would provide enough sound to mask what was about to happen behind me. I really had no urge to listen to her pee. I felt her hands grasp mine as her body wavered back and forth. She really did seem to need the support. I couldn’t plug my ears, but I hummed a tune loudly enough that between the shower running, I didn’t hear her until she let go with one hand and flushed the toilet. I leaned forwards, thinking I’d pull her to her feet without looking.

But then Nina stood and surged forwards, falling into me. The two of us crashed through the shower curtain into the shower. She fell atop me as I threw my hands out to catch my fall. I managed to avoid too bad of a tumble into the wet shower, but with her body weight on top of mine, it was unavoidable. I turned and tried to catch myself canlı bahis siteleri as I fell and ended up in the shower with my legs over the edge of the tub, feet sticking out awkwardly. Nina fell down on top of me, warm shower water pelting and soaking us both. She turned and knelt in the tub, her arms still pressing my body down into the tub. I couldn’t move in this awkward position. I was too drunk and her weight combined with my total lack of leverage, meant I was stuck for the moment.

She looked at me as water began plastering her blonde hair to her head. Then she leaned forward and her mouth found mine. Before I knew what was happening her tongue was in my mouth. I struggled weakly, unable to find purchase in the wet tub with this naked woman above me. Feeling guilty as the kiss dragged on for several moments, as if I were cheating on my girlfriend in her own house, I couldn’t stop my cock from growing turgid inside my soaking wet shorts.

I thank my Italian heritage for my physique. I know I’m not a porn star or anything, but Jen always seemed to enjoy my cock. When fully hard I was a little over seven inches long and fairly thick around. I honestly didn’t have a lot of comparison at that point in my life, as I had only just started buying pornography in the last month since I turned eighteen. But Nina’s hand found it’s way inside the gap on the front of my boxers and fished out my hardening cock and wrapped her fingers around it.

She let out a small gasp and that was when I came to my drunken senses. “No, Nina, this isn’t right.” I said. “You’re engaged to my good friend, you don’t want to cheat on him.”

She rubbed her body against mine and moaned softly, “It’s not cheating, he said I could fuck you.” I could feel her other hand had reached between us and was rubbing her pussy in the spray from the shower.

“Well,” I reasoned as my now rock hard dick begged me to shut up, “I’m not willing to cheat on Jen, so you can forget it.”

She opened her mouth to draw breath, but it was just then that there was a knock on the door. It was my buddy Rich’s voice on the other side. “Uh, the door’s locked Nina,” he said to his fiancée, who was laying soaking wet above me fingering herself as she pressed into me.

“Nnnnn hunnnn,” she said biting her lip as the soft sounds of her masturbation hit my ears. My cock lept at the noise, which I could hear despite the water of the shower pounding down around us.

Summoning the last of my willpower, I pushed Nina gently but firmly off me and said, “No Nina, it’s not right.” Rolling away from her, and somehow sliding out from beneath her, she pouted.

“Okay, help me up then,” she said as she reached for me. I pulled myself out of the tub and shut off the shower. Then I turned, and despite my rock hard prick sticking out of the gap in my shorts, reached down to help her up. She reached for me, and then as I put her arm around my neck to lift her to her feet, she pressed her two fingers to my lips. The smell of her arousal hit me hard. Her fingers were coated with slick, clear fluid and not only did the smell hit my nose, but she wiped her fingers across my lips, smearing her cunny juice on me. My cock again twitched, and all I could think was that my girlfriend Jen must have told Nina how much I love eating her out, that the number one thing that gets me going is the smell of her pussy.

I looked down and tried to compose myself. But even that was a mistake. As I looked down I looked right at the source of that delicious smell and taste. Her pussy was slick, though it was hard to tell where her arousal ended and the water from the shower began. She had a closely cropped V shape of pubic hair above her mound. I saw dewy drops of water nestling in the blonde curls that formed the V shaped wedge pointing down directly towards her puffy pink slit. Jen and I often would have great sex after I shaved her mons bald, and I wondered if Rich likewise shaved Nina’s pubes for her.

Rich again called through the door, “Nina?”

Nina pushed the two cum slicked fingers into her mouth and licked them and then whispered to me, “He really wouldn’t mind if you bent me over the sink right now and fucked me you know.” I was so horny at this point that I didn’t realize that her slurring was completely gone. I simply shook my head “no” repeatedly, and reached into the linen closet for two large towels. Handing one to her before kicking off my soaking wet boxers and wrapping the other about my waist.

I reached over and unlocked the door to the bathroom, mentally preparing myself for a punch to the jaw. I was firmly convinced that when my friend, a marine, saw what was going on in here, I was going to lose at least one tooth. He opened the door and looked quite disappointed. He looked at me then at Nina then back to me before asking Nina, “Already? I said don’t lock the door!”

I was ready to explain, but Nina spoke up first, “No babe, he won’t fuck me. He said he can’t because we’re engaged.”

Rich grinned at me, and I realized then that he had a tent in his boxer shorts. He shook his head and said, “Pete, Pete, Pete… Look man, you have my permission. Hell, I want you to, I just want to watch.”

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