A Beautiful Secret Ch. 02


When Charity awoke that morning, she laid there for a few minutes in bed with her eyes half closed, dreamily remembering the events of the previous day.

She had picked up Rob from the airport with no worries and they had spent a wonderful day getting comfortable with each other. They came back to her apartment and simply existed together. They talked, laughed, played and then as the evening turned into night, they shared a few tender kisses and exchanged a few gentle caresses. Neither of them had wanted to rush into anything on his first day there, so they had gone to their separate bedrooms at the end of the night.

Now she lay in her bed wondering what he were up to. She felt a little flush of excitement course through her body as she remembered the words he had spoken to her last night before he retired to the guest bedroom.

“Tomorrow we shall explore some of your secrets, my beloved,” he had whispered to her.

She had looked at him not quite sure what he meant, but he offered no more words to explain his intentions. Instead he smiled and kissed her full lips with his own, teasing her mouth lightly before leaving her for the night.

Her mind had raced through the possibilities as she had struggled to fall asleep the night before, and it was racing through her thoughts again today as she swung her feet out of bed, standing to stretch and greet the day. She heard no sounds of movement from the guest bedroom or bathroom, so she walked into the private bathroom that adjoined her room and began to get ready for another day with her lover.

As she stood on the cold tile floor of the bathroom brushing her teeth, she pulled one edge of her red, satin panties down and let them slide to the tile floor. She stepped out of them and used a toe to nudge the panties toward her laundry hamper. She stopped brushing her teeth long enough to also raise her arms and pull the T-shirt she had slept in off. She tossed it into the laundry as well and finished brushing. Her mind still had no grasp on what could be in store for her today.

As she bent over the sink to spit and then rinse her mouth, she caught a glimpse of herself in the wall mirror and blushed. She was completely bare from head to toe, her large breasts swinging slightly toward the sink as she leaned, and her hair a frightful mess from the tossing and turning she had done in the night. She smiled at her reflection and then stood back up.

Dropping her toothbrush back in its holder, she moved to the tub and took a step into the cold porcelain. She pulled the shower curtain closed with one hand and turned the water on with the other. She stood there under the warming water, letting it caress her skin and wet every part of her body. As she started lathering her hair, she wondered again what Rob might have in store for her. What secrets was he hoping to uncover?

They had several conversations in the past about things she had never experienced before, like never fully taking a man’s cock into her mouth to the point of deep throating him, or things that she had only experienced on one or two occasions such as feeling a tongue pressed softly between her legs, and she wondered if any of these things could be what he spoke of. As she rinsed her hair and began to lather soap over her body, she thought again of the night before and the tentative kisses that they had shared.

As she lathered the soap over her body, she found herself leaning back against the wall tile and closing her eyes. Her right hand slid down over her belly to the short, blonde hair between her legs and then she slowly let a finger slide between the soft, wet folds there. Despite the wetness from the shower, her fingers could feel a different wetness there, a wetness brought forth by thoughts of her lover.

She let her finger search until it found her wet clit and she rubbed it lightly, saying his name out loud. “Mmmm….Rob.” When they were apart he had asked her to touch herself this way every day when she showered. Even though he was now here visiting, she had gotten so used to doing it that she didn’t even realize she had lapsed into her daily shower routine until she heard him stirring in the other room.

She quickly withdrew her fingers and finished her shower so she could get ready canlı bahis şirketleri and greet him for their first full day together. As she got dressed, dried her hair and put on her make up, she couldn’t help but let her mind keep running back to his words from the night before…exploring her secrets.

She smiled lightly and looked in the mirror one last time to make sure she looked perfect for him. She could hear him singing as she opened her door and stepped into the hall. She stepped into the hall calling to him softly. “Sweetie…are you ready?”

Now she didn’t hear anything, so she walked further down the hall to where the guest room was. The door was shut, so she raised her hand to knock on it. Before her hand could even move toward the wood surface of the door to knock, a hand came over her shoulder and grabbed her wrist. She uttered a small gasp in surprise as she felt Rob press up against her from behind, pressing her breasts tightly against the door she thought he had been behind.

He held her upraised hand against the door for a moment as he pushed harder against her body with his own. His lips brushed the back of her neck, and then suddenly he was spinning her around so her back was now against the door. He let go of her wrist, but was still pressed close to her against the door in the hall. His lips sought hers without a word and he kissed her deeply, his tongue pushing into her surprised mouth. His left hand reached up to squeeze one of her breasts and his other hand brushed her hair back from her face. His thumb teased at her nipple inside her bra.

Suddenly he stopped kissing her, giving her a moment to catch her breath and speak, but before she could get any words out, he had put a finger to her lips as if to tell her to keep quiet. He leaned close to her again, but this time his lips found their way to her ear and he whispered softly to her.

“Today will be a special day my love,” he whispered to her. “I am going to take you some place, a place with a purpose and when we return home, we are going to explore those secrets of yours I mentioned last night. I do not want you to say a word until we return home. Are you ready?”

She looked at him with complete surprise. He was taking her some place? She wasn’t allowed to speak? She wanted to ask so many questions, but knew she must not. She wanted not only for everything to be perfect while he was here, but ultimately she also knew she wanted to please him as well.

Finally she smiled and nodded at him to show she understood and was ready to go. He had moved back away from her a few steps, so she made a move to pass him in the hall, but he stopped her again. This time he was the one who didn’t say anything. This time he produced a white scarf and moved towards her. She started to open her mouth to speak, but the look he gave her silenced her immediately. He moved closer to her as she stood frozen to her spot and reached up to place the scarf over her eyes, tying it behind her head. He saw her mouth open as if to protest and he leaned in, kissing her and sucking her lower lip so she couldn’t reply. As soon as he pulled his mouth from hers, he put his finger against her lips again to reinforce the no talking rule. She bit her lip to keep from smiling and held out her hand for him to lead her to this “place with a purpose”.

She heard him fumbling with keys and then the latch on the front door as he led her out of her apartment toward the front door of her building. Nervousness coursed through her body. She knew Rob didn’t know the city. She was scared of him getting lost, but she knew she had to trust him. He had never done anything to hurt her, and she knew that today would be no different.

She focused on his hand grasping her own. She could feel the softness and warmth of his skin as his fingers curled around hers. She felt a small smile come to her mouth as she let her mind wander for one brief moment. She imagined those fingers, those strong hands of his, pressing between her legs, sliding into her. She shook her head slightly to free her mind from that delightful image and refocused on the fact that now they were outside.

She didn’t have to squint because of the blindfold, but she could tell it was a bright, warm summer day outside. A warm canlı kaçak iddaa breeze blew across her face, and she could feel her hair blow back slightly as he led her in the direction that she was sure the car was parked in.

She could feel the warmth of the blacktop pavement reflecting back to her, warming her legs. She could feel the smoothness of her skin as her skirt rustled softly in the wind. Now she felt his hand on her shoulder, steadying her. The sound of the creaking car door met her ears and now his hand was pushing on her shoulder, guiding her into the passenger seat of the car.

She let herself be placed into the car, and quietly folded her hands in her lap as he closed the door. She was tempted to lift her hand to her eyes and peek out from underneath the scarf that blocked her vision, but she knew he might be able to see her, and she did not want to disobey him.

She heard his door open and then she felt his presence next to her. She turned toward him and started to open her mouth, when again she felt his lips on her own. He kissed her softly and then pulled back. “Please relax. It is just a short drive, and I know exactly where I am going,” he said. She was sure should could hear a twinkle in his voice.

Wanting to reply, wanting to ask questions, wanting to touch him and feel his touch, she instead nodded slowly and turned to the front of the car. She felt them back out of the parking lot and then turn out onto the road. A rush of air greeted her as he lowered the automatic window on her side of the car and she let a small giggle escape her parted lips. He said nothing, only drove towards their destination.

After a very short drive, she felt the car turn into another parking lot, and then heard the car engine wind down as he turned the motor off. The pace of her heart quickened with the anticipation of seeing where they were. She felt him lean to her, touching her face so she would turn to him and then she felt his hands pulling the scarf from her eyes.

She blinked a few times in the bright sun, and then blushed deeply as soon as she saw where he had taken her. The car was parked in front of the only “lover’s boutique” in her city. They specialized in selling wonderfully naughty toys, videos and books. Before Rob had even boarded the plane to come see her, they had talked about visiting such a place, and now they were here. She smiled at him widely and started to laugh a little.

“You silly boy!” she exclaimed! “What do you propose we do here?” Her eyes twinkled in that devilish way she knew he liked.

Rob simply smiled at her and got out of the car. Speechless that he had not answered her, Charity pushed her car door open, practically tripping to get out and hurry after him into the shop. She heard the tinkle of the bells on the door as they entered, but barely noticed the feathery and frilly frocks near the entrance. Her mind was only focused on what he had planned.

She followed him silently as he passed a few aisles. He was obviously looking for something. She was hesitant to question him, so she stayed close, watching and waiting. Finally he stopped at the end of an aisle and pointed to a wall that was covered with every kind of dildo, vibrator and insertable toy imaginable. Her cheeks blushed a deep pink as he turned to her.

“Pick one out, and don’t forget you haven’t been given permission to talk yet,” he commanded her. She blinked at him, taken aback by his tone.

“But what kind?” she questioned him anyway, but he did not answer, only pushed her toward the selections hanging on the wall. As she stood there looking at the various toys on the wall, she felt herself growing warm and moist between her legs. The pictures on the packages, paired with the knowledge that he was standing right behind her, watching her and waiting for her to choose was deeply exciting.

She walked up and down the wall, fumbling shyly with various packages, looking at the sizes, styles and colors. She picked up a package that held a large, soft dildo and then put it back knowing that it would likely hurt her. She had no clue what it was going to be used for, and she did not want something that would cause her unwanted pain.

She glanced back at Rob and noticed he already had something in canlı kaçak bahis his hand. His own purchase. She smiled and then finally made her selection. A small, soft, flesh colored dildo that was no more than 6 inches long. No vibration. No special curves or attachments. Just your run of the mill dildo.

He didn’t indicate his approval or disapproval one way or the other. She started to open her mouth to ask, but then snapped it shut when she saw his look. She simply handed the toy to him, smiling shyly and watched as he paid for their purchases.

By now her panties were quite damp and she squirmed a little as they left the store. The sun felt warm on her skin again, and she stood silently next to her car door as he approached her to unlock it. She looked into his eyes, hoping for an indication of what was to come.

She started to move out of his way so he could open her door, but he put his arm next to her so she could not step aside. He pushed up against her in the parking lot, the warm car behind her, his stiffening cock pressed against her thigh. She gasped as he kissed her roughly in the front of the shop they had just left.

She fidgeted a little, trying to pull away from him, but he held her there. Finally he stopped kissing her and leaned in to whisper to her, “You did well my pet. You picked a toy we will explore later, but for now I want you to do something for me.”

She looked back at him, flushed and excited. “Yes. Anything,” she whispered.

He pulled a plastic bubble wrapped toy out of the sack he had just received from the cashier in the store and handed it to her. Her eyes widened when she realized what it was. He had handed her an insertable, remote control, vibrating egg. She looked at him, blinking and could feel her cheeks blushing again.

“But,” she started the question. He interrupted her, “Don’t question me Charity, just do what I ask.” He smiled and leaned in close again so she could feel his cock hard against her thigh. “I want you to get in the car and put that inside your sweet pussy for me. I already know you must be wet as hell, and you can’t wait for what else I have in store.” His eyes sparkled and for a moment she almost felt overwhelmed by the charm she saw in them.

She stood there speechless again as he pulled back from her and walked to his side of the car. For a moment she just stood in the parking lot, leaning against the car holding the package he had given her. Then the tingling sensation in her pussy pulled her back to reality and she turned to open her car door and get in.

As she sat down on the warm car seat, his hand slid up her thigh to the edge of her panties, making her gasp and reach for his hand in a half-hearted attempt to stop him. She turned to look at him in the car, not saying anything, but feeling the most intense desire she had ever felt. She looked at him, waiting for his next command.

“Put it in now,” he told her, his voice low and soft.

She fumbled for the package, removing the egg and brushing it lightly with her fingertips. He leaned over, taking the controls and kissing her neck. She leaned back slightly in her seat, pulling her skit up a little so he could see her crisp cotton panties. She slowly pushed the edge of her moist panties to the side and pushed the toy between her puffy lips, placing the egg against her wet opening. She was surprised at how wet the short adventure into the store had gotten her, and it only took a small push until the egg was deep inside her. She drew her fingers back, their tips shiny with her wetness.

She looked at him, drawing in a light breath and awaiting his next command, her cheeks flushing again as she felt the egg stretching the insides of her tight pussy. She blinked slowly, raising her fingers to her lips and licking her own juices from their tips.

“What now Rob?” she asked softly, almost in a dream-like state.

He looked at her, smiling wryly again and started the car. “We are going out to dinner.”

She lifted her head from the seat in disbelief and looked at him to see if he was joking. Seeing that he was not, she blinked a little, looking lost again. He laughed and touched her cheek. “You will love it my pet. A nice dinner. Your pussy at my mercy. And then home to continue to explore your secrets. How does that sound?”

She smiled a bit, letting her hands slide to her upper thighs and then began to giggle. She murmured softly, “Whatever you say, sweetie.” And then she began to laugh as he did. “What do you want to eat?”

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