A Birthday Dare


I paused nervously at the top of the stairs leading down into the club. The air was smoky and the room dimly lit. The heavy bass of the speakers seemed to clutch at the pit of my belly. Slowly I moved down the staircase, descending into a maelstrom of sound and smoke. Every step made me more nervous as I went further down. I silently cursed my sister’s boyfriend, Max. This had been his idea of a dare for my twenty-first birthday. I never knew how, but he always seemed able to goad me into rising to his challenges. This time he had challenged me to do something completely wild and out of character. I had claimed to be open-minded and ready for anything he might suggest. Then he had thought up this. He had challenged me to go to a club of his choice and allow a regular of the club to pick me up. I had agreed, thinking he would send me to one of the local clubs where older women went in search of younger guys.

Max had named this club, one I had never even heard of. I had imagined some drunken ageing slut, raddled and reeking of drink, and almost thought to back out from the challenge,. The thought of Max mocking me spurred me on and I ducked into the gloom and swirling smoke. I made my way over to the bar and ordered a very large scotch. I gulped the first mouthful and felt my eyes water as it burned into my belly, then looked around.

Something did not gel quite rightly in my mind and I looked more closely at the couples in the booths lining the small dance floor. Slowly, despite the dim light, I realised that the couples were all either guy-guy or girl-girl. Almost all of them were touching, holding hands, and some were openly French kissing. I almost fell from the barstool as I realised that Max had sent me into a gay club. I swallowed the rest of the scotch in a single gulp and weighed my options. Did I really think it would be worth Max’s scorn by getting up and fleeing right now?

I had not noticed the bartender jerk his head at the guy on his own, at a corner table so, when a tall distinguished older guy slid onto the tool next to mine, I could not help jumping a little in surprise. He lifted a finger in signal to the barman and then turned towards me.

“I hope you don’t mind, but you looked as though you could use another drink,” he said in a deep, velvety, voice, “by the way, my name is Alex and my friend behind the bar is Robert.”

Robert placed another large Scotch on the marble top of the bar and Alex handed over a couple of notes, waving away the loose coins that Robert brought back as his change.

“Hello, Robert, Alex. My friends call me James,” I replied, “and, yes, I could do with a drink, thank you.”

Alex smiled and leaned a little closer. “You’re a new face in here and I should know, I’ve been coming here for a number of years now. Ask Robert there.”

Robert smiled as he leaned over the bar; güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “Alex has been coming here for nearly ten years, ever since his thirtieth birthday. He doesn’t always stay long, but he usually has a drink at the bar three or four nights a week.”

“Oh and how do you decide how long to stay, Alex?” I asked.

“That depends on the company. If there’s no one interesting I stay for a while and go home. If the company is, conducive, shall we say, I may not stay very long at all.” Alex replied.

I could feel his eyes seeming to read the thoughts at the back of my mind. Max had not stipulated that I should go with anyone in particular but I soon realised that the chance of catching a woman’s interest were slim to non-existent. Besides, Alex was quite intriguing.

“And tonight?” I asked.

Alex leaned forward and touched his fingertips to the ends of my fingers. I almost jerked my hand away at the spark of contact but he just stroked his fingertip over my fingertip. The sensation was electric and sent a jolt through me that seemed to settle behind the tight sac of my scrotum. Alex looked into my eyes again and curled his long, elegant fingers, over the top of my hand. He leaned even closer and I could just detect the clean sharp smell of his cologne.

“That’s up to you,” he breathed.

I swallowed, my mouth suddenly dry. This would be my last chance to back down. Max would, of course, drip venomous scorn on my head. I took a deep breath and Alex stroked the tip of his finger across the back of my hand. I still have no Idea how he did it, but he made more sparks flash through my body. I took a deep breath and tried to calm the thunder of my heart.

“Do you have a car? I knew I would be drinking, so I came by cab.” I answered him. Alex lifted a finger in Robert’s direction and he picked up the phone on the bar, dialled and spoke a few words into the handset. Alex and I finished our drinks and then Alex led me back up the stairs, out of the club. A taxi was waiting and Alex courteously ushered me into the seat.

The taxi turned about in the road and drove off through the streets, before pulling into the kerb outside a block of expensive apartments. Alex got out, paid the driver and then led me to the entrance. He unlocked the lobby door and led the way to an elevator that whisked us, as quietly as whispers, to the very top floor. Up here the passages were carpeted and our feet made virtually no sound as we walked.

Alex unlocked the very end door and ushered me into a huge corner apartment. The lounge was bare wood and dark leather with a view over the city from one wall and a huge wide-screen TV dominating the opposite side.

Alex took me in his arms and brushed his lips over mine. Closing my eyes I found my lips parting, allowing his tongue to slip inside and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri explore my mouth. Neither of us had brought coats or jackets and I could feel his heart beating through his thin polo-necked jumper. I could feel his fingers plucking at the buttons of my shirt and pushing the material aside, so that he could run his fingers over my smooth chest. I gasped as he gently squeezed my nipple and he greedily swallowed the exclamation in another deep kiss.

I could feel the soft cotton of my shirt sliding out of the waistband of my trousers and abandoned myself to the moment as he caressed my erect nipple with his fingertips. I slid my hands under the fine material of his shirt and felt the springy hair covering his chest and allowed my fingertips to skate over the hard buds of his nipples. He stepped back and shrugged out of the sweater, then took my hand and led me through the doorway into his bedroom. One wall was, by day, a huge window and, by night, became a smoky mirror.

I watched our reflections as Alex unfastened my belt and then the fly of my pants, letting them fall to the floor in a heap around my ankles. His long, slender, fingers danced over the bulge that was growing, despite my misgivings, in the front of my cotton briefs. He slid his hand inside and then eased the tight waistband down over my hardening cock. His fingers were cool and soothing against the heat of my raging hard-on and he slowly kissed his way down my belly until he was able to slip the bulb of my cock between his lips.

Alex caressed my cock with his mouth, the tip of his tongue dipping into the slit and lapping the droplets of pre-cum off the velvety head. I groaned in delight as he slowly eased my cock deeper into his mouth, sliding it over his tongue to the back of his mouth and down into his throat. I could feel the warmth of his moist eager mouth bathing my cock as he suckled gently. Then he swallowed, a huge gulp making his Adam’s apple bob in his throat as it contracted in a ripple that triggered spurts of thick glutinous cum down into his throat. He swallowed again and again, each gulp a sensuous caress against the sensitive head of my cock.

Alex opened his lips and slid my slowly softening cock out of his mouth, He stood and enveloped me in his arms, kissing me deeply and sharing the taste of my cum.

“Now it’s your turn, “he breathed into my ear as he unfastened his pants. He wore no briefs and his cock immediately sprang to attention. I knelt in front of him and licked the head, tentatively, as I curled my fingers around the base of his shaft. Short tufts of springy hair formed a cushion at the root of his cock and I could feel each hair against my hand.

Opening my mouth wide, I slipped the head of his cock past my lips and onto my tongue. Alex rested his hands on my head, holding me quite güvenilir bahis şirketleri still and began to thrust slowly and gently with his hips. His cock filled my mouth and I could taste a faint tang of salty citrus that was, I realised afterwards, the taste of his pre-cum. he rocked his hips faster and faster and, without realising I swallowed, letting the bulge of his cockhead into the back of my throat. I trembled at the thought of his cum gushing down my throat and into my belly, though whether it was in anticipation or revulsion I could not tell.

I even felt the telltale twitch of his cock in my mouth, but then he slid out of my greedy lips and helped me to stand. Slowly he turned me to face the bed and pressed me over the hard bolster at the foot. I tried to protest, but Alex just looked at me and smiled another of those gentle smiles that left me helpless.

Reaching down, Alex brought a bottle of sweet smelling lotion into my sight and squeezed a huge dollop onto his fingers. Holding the cheeks of my bottom spread with one hand, he spread the lotion over my tight, untouched, anus. Slowly, drizzling more lotion onto the expanding ring of my ass, he worked his fingertip inside me. At first it burned a little, most uncomfortably in fact, but then the sharp edge of the pain seemed blunted and all could feel was a soothing and pleasing warmth.

Alex was sliding two fingers deeply into my ass, stretching me gradually so that there was almost no pain, just a feeling of being filled and a slow and gentle stretching. Then he took his fingers away and I almost groaned in despair, as my ass felt so empty. I felt the head of his cock, still slick from my mouth, press into the hole he had just eased open with his fingers. I grunted in surprise and a little pain as he pressed firmly between the cheeks of my ass. I could feel him stretching me and forcing the juicy head of his cock deeper into my ass. He paused for a moment and I drew in a huge, shuddering gasp of air.

As I had my lungs full and was bearing back on him a little, Alex rammed hard, forcing the rim of his cockhead through my anus into my rectum, in a single thrust. I screamed and fainted from the pain for a moment and, when my senses returned, I realised that Alex had rammed his cock in right to the very root.

Once he had broken my resistance the cock inside me held no fear, just a feeling of immense fullness. Alex worked his cock in and out, long slow strokes alternating with vicious stabbing jabs. I just abandoned myself to the sensation of being broken in by a man who had every intention of making my first fuck totally memorable.

I was ramming back against his cock and grunting like a pig when he stiffened and his cock started to jerk inside my ass. Then I could feel stinging gouts of thick creamy cum spurting against the tight walls of my ass. The hot liquid felt like slugs in my bowels, while the impact of each gout felt like liquid lead against my tender anus. I could feel his cock soften and shrink, then slip out of my ass with a slurping noise.

We both collapsed onto the bed, Alex deep within his own thoughts as I wondered how to recount this tale to Max.

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