A Birthday Gift From The Neighbor


It’s my 18th birthday and I’m stuck home today. I have a temperature so I can’t go to school until I’m well.

I don’t take much time off from school. I’m studiously preparing for college so I don’t have the time or energy to fuck off like my peers do. I never realized what tripe was on television during the day but now I’m forced to watch television, until my books and assignments can be brought home to me. I am bored.

I can’t stand another moment of “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” so I look out the window of my living room. There’s a truck parked outside. It doesn’t belong to anyone I know.

A nice looking man, probably around his mid 30s, exits the truck and walks past the sale sign on the home next door to me. The neighbors are selling their home and I did see a saleslady go in earlier today. Gosh, now I feel like the neighborhood watchdog. What is becoming of me? One day of illness and I am stuck monitoring the block.

I watch as the man straightens himself before ringing the bell next door. I can’t help but notice that even though he’s older than myself, he is handsome and has a gorgeous ass…the kind that fits into your palm when you squeeze his cheeks as you’re pulling a guy into you…oh sorry, I got off track.

My curtains are open so it’s not like I’m hiding. I’ve got on shorts and I’m lounging, showing off my legs to the neighbors who might be home and staring over at my house. Of course, no one is around but this stranger.

I go outside, onto my front porch and yell over to him.

“Hi! Are you going to check out that house?”

He looks over and smiles. Could I be anymore dopey? Why else would he be there?

“Yes. It seems like a nice neighborhood.” He apparently has rung the doorbell yet because he steps off their porch and approaches mine.

“Did you know the people next door? Ever been inside?”

I lean against the pillar which is cold against my bare arms. I didn’t think about what I had on before I went outside. It’s brisk outside, somewhere in the 50s, but my house was so warm that I was only wearing jean shorts and a cotton camisole. I didn’t put on a bra because I didn’t expect to see anyone today.

As I go to answer him, I notice his eyes looking lower than my face. The cold air has sent a charge through my nipples. It’s officially nippy outside! I cross my arms and try to hide my perky, rose colored nipples from his leering, old man eyes (well, he is older than I am).

“Yes, I knew them. They were nice people and I think they took good care of the house. I only went inside when I took piano lessons but it looked nice to me.”

“Ah, that’s good. Thanks for the insight” and then he paused awkwardly, “into the house.”

I nodded and smiled as a good neighbor might.

“You’re welcome. I hope you like it. Do you have kids? I can tell you about the local schools.”

He laughs. “No, I’m divorced, no kids.”

Now I feel awkward. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

He stops me before I can finish. “That’s okay. Hey, I need to meet the realtor. Maybe I’ll catch you after?”

“Sure. Bye.”

“Bye” And with that, he turns and walks back to the house next door.

I go back inside and rub my bare arms, warming the goosebumps off, and brushing my erect nipples as I rub my arms. I think to myself, “Geez, no wonder the guy was staring.” The camisole is old, somewhat threadbare. My areola are hardly discrete. The nipple erection is just icing on the cake to a guy.

I try to force the thought out of my head and plop onto the sofa, legs up, lying almost flat. It’s kind of funny to think that something as simple as erect nipples can render a man speechless and make him stare like a complete idiot. What’s so special about nipples? I lift my cami up over the top of my breasts and I gently rub the puckered skin of my nipples. They’re straining at my touch. It feels quite nice. It’s way more entertaining than the television. Maybe that’s why men like tits? Because they’re more fun than TV…

I reach for the remote to the TV with one hand and fondle my tits with the other. My dad likes to jerk off to porn at night (don’t ask how I know) so I switch to Spanktervision. I keep rubbing, massaging my nipples and pinching them into tufts of rose tinted bliss. I arch my back and start to fantasize about the stranger next door. Reaching down, I undo my shorts and let one hand roam down under my panties, while the other hand plays with my nipples. The sounds of the people fucking in some stupid porno fuels me.

I can’t get the access I need so I stop my masturbation long enough to stand and push the shorts and panties off, and lift my cami up over my head. My nubile, young, newly 18 year old body is naked in my living room. I don’t worry about the open curtains because I know that no one is around to see me.

Taking the same position on the couch, I let a leg dangle over the edge so I can spread myself wider. I part my bare lips (I shave my pubic area because of the required uniform for swimming. It wouldn’t be good to have kemalpaşa escort fur poking out under your maillot.), and reach two fingers down into my already wet hole. I drag the wetness up over my clit and I begin to massage it, left to right, breathing deeply…my throat drying as I moan softly, accompanied by the shrill screams of fake orgasms and panting actors on the TV screen.

I conjure up the fantasy of the mystery stranger with me on the couch. We are both naked and he is on top of me, between my thighs. His body is manly compared to the boys I see at school. I can feel his mouth kissing my pert nipples. His goatee encircles my nipple and he sucks it, drawing it into his warm mouth. His eyes, which are blue, look up my body as he makes his way down my flat stomach, down to my bald mons. He’s kissing his way down me.

By now, I’m rubbing furiously at my clit. My moans are not hushed. My body is writhing under the power of two fingers and my brain. Before I get the chance to imagine his mouth on my sex, the doorbell rings! Shit!

Quickly I throw on my shorts and cami. I wipe the dew from above my lip and inhale the scent of my sex. Just as I open the door, I see my panties, sitting on the living room table like a neon sign announcing my lack of panties! I’m not going to let anyone in so I just ignore the mound of silk on the coffee table and I mute the television.

Oh God! It’s HIM!

I can feel my face flush as I open the door. At this point, I’m not aware that my hair has that “I just had sex” look. All I know is that I am almost naked and the object of my fantasy is back at my door.

“Done already?” I ask.

“Yes. My cell phone isn’t working and I’d like to call my bank, about the house. Would it be okay if I used your phone?”

The cordless phone isn’t within reach yet my panties are brazenly sitting on the coffee table and there’s an orgy happening on the TV set. He’s waiting for an answer.

“Sure, that would be fine.” Oh no, what am I doing? I let the guy into the house with my parents gone, me without proper clothes, panties on a table, naked people on TV, and a very wet pussy.

Hoping he doesn’t look into the living room, I lead him into the kitchen. While he makes his call, which I eavesdrop on, I offer him lemonade. I drink my lemonade as I watch him. His lips are pink and very kissable. His goatee is flecked with blond and red hair. I can see a hint of chest hair peeking up under the top button of his shirt.

I sit down across from him when he hangs up.

“Thanks for the use of the phone, and the lemonade. My name’s Steve. And you’d be?”

I laugh, nervously. “I guess I should know who you are since I let you in, huh? I’m Susie. I mean Sue. My parents call me Susie.” SHUT UP, I think to myself. You’re showing how nervous you are!

“Your parents? You mean you aren’t the lady of the house?”

“NO!” I’m almost repulsed at that thought. Yikes! The look on his face changes.

“So, how old are you, Susie? And why aren’t you in school today?”

I explain to him that I am now of legal voting age, as of today, and that I’m home because I am sick. I even give him my best puppy dog face and pout.

“Well, it must suck to be home, sick, on your birthday. That’s no way to spend such a momentous occasion!”

“I agree but it’s not like anyone wants to be around me. I am contagious.” With that, I leer at him playfully as though I have some horrible disease and we both laugh.

“Well, I guess I should be going before you infect me.” And my new friend, Steve, rises to leave. He puts the phone back on the cradle, the empty lemonade glass in the sink, and starts for the door.

I open the door for him and as he turns around to face me, I am now acutely aware that he’s staring over my shoulder at the panties on the table or the porno on the TV, either way, I am now turning red.

With a look of concern on his face, he reaches his hand out and touches my flushed face.

“Yeah, you do feel warm.” He holds my face with both hands. His hands are cooling to me, and are incredibly soft!

“Do your parents know what you watch when they’re not home? That’s not exactly the Discovery Channel.” He laughs, and so do I.

I stammer. “I…I…I didn’t expect to have company today.”

As I look up into his eyes, I remind him, “Aren’t you afraid of becoming sick?”

His thumbs brush my cheeks. “Ah, yes, you’re right. I am probably twice your age and I really shouldn’t be here.”

He turns back to the storm door and I grab his hand before it reaches the handle.

“Wait. It’s my birthday. Would you like to give me a gift? It would be the first.” Little does he know that if he gives me what I am wishing for, he really will be the first. I don’t even let him answer. This is not like me at all. Little Miss Honor Student. I’m about to flush all that for a carefree, wild whim and my only regret is that I’m so feverish I am afraid I won’t enjoy it completely.

We close the door escort kemalpaşa and lock it. I lead him over to my couch. I feel the need to intellectualize this so I sit on the coffee table across from him, my knees inside his, and begin to explain that I might be 18 but I am not yet a woman, and if he would give me a gift, I would like to become a woman with him. The words fly from my mouth and before I can feel stupid, he unmutes the TV, places his palms on my bare knees and leans in to kiss me.

It’s obvious from his kiss that he is not worried about becoming ill. His goatee tickles and scratches as he plies my mouth with his tongue. His tongue curls and implores me to do the same. He senses my nervousness, my hesitance, and he is gentle with me.

His hands slowly slide up my cami, staying outside the top, up to my breasts. Gently he cups over my breasts and begins kneading them through the thin fabric. It’s not long before I am responding to his touch the way I responded to the cold air outside. His mouth moves down the side of my neck. His lips are moist and cooling to my warm flesh. I roll my head to the side and offer him my throat. He takes the bait and sucks at my neck. I should be worrying about a mark but it’s too late to be prim and proper now.

While his lips make their way down to the base of my neck, his hands are suddenly under my top. He’s pulled it up and his velvety smooth hands are caressing my bare flesh. He pulls away and lifts the cami over my head, laying on top of the panties beside me. He stares at my toned body but it’s not rudely. He’s admiring me. I don’t know about the boys at school but if this is what sex is like with a man, I never want to be with a boy.

He asks me to stand and I obey. He runs his hands up and down my thighs and calves as he kisses my stomach. It’s weird to feel someone’s nose there, let alone the hair on a man’s face. He whispers to me, “when will you parents be home?” and I can barely mouth the words. “Not until late. It’s end of month…invoicing…8 maybe 9 o’clock.” The only true audible sounds are coming from the television and they’re similar to mine. There’s panting, moaning, and the sounds of kissing.

“Your body is warm. Lets see how warm.” He continues to kiss my abdomen as he opens my jean shorts and peels them off my hips. He slides them down to the floor and has me step out. He looks up at me and compliments my grooming.

“You are beautiful Susie. You’re more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen naked. Are you sure you want to let a man like me, a stranger, do this? It’s hard to control myself. I haven’t been with a woman in so long that…” and now it’s my turn to stop his intellectualizing.

“Steve, just eat me.”

With that, he slid off the couch onto the floor, on his knees. His thumbs part my lips and he wastes no time sliding his tongue into my folds. He snakes his tongue up and down, back and forth and I squat a little, giving him easier access. I brace myself on his shoulders as he worships me with his tongue. He flicks his tongue back and forth, stopping only to suck my clit. God…..this is way better than masturbation!

My hands are on his head, grabbing at his golden hair. I am pulling his hair, pulling him into my pussy and he doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he moans as he eats me. Occasionally, he whispers how good I taste or how I wet I am but then he continues to lick me like a man with a mission. My pelvis is thrusting against his face. My moans are now rivaling those on the TV. I can feel my clit swelling and that familiar pressure I know from when I touch myself. I moan to Steve that I am going to cum and he savagely attacks my clit. My hips move, involuntarily, as I feel 2 fingers slide up into my tight, virginal pussy and I begin to spasm. I am pulsing around his fingers, feeling wetness even on my inner thighs. My eyes are closing and I’m gritting my teeth as I moan a barrage of nonsensical gibberish. He wiggles his fingers inside me and encourages my orgasm. “Yes Susie, that’s it baby. That’s my girl. You’re hot inside and out. Cum on my fingers baby.” My orgasm is already winding down but his fingers and his words are making me swoon.

I look down at him, dreamy-eyed, and he withdraws his fingers from my pussy. He rubs the moisture over my nipples for some reason. He stands and begins to undress. I want to help but all I seem to do is prove that I am inexperienced. So I just sit down on the couch and watch him. He removes his clothes and folds them, stacking them nicely on the end table. All but his boxers are off.

I reach for the waistband of his boxers and slowly lower them. In my peripheral vision, I can see a woman sucking a huge cock on the TV. As Steve’s head pushes past the boxers, the TV cock pushes into the woman’s mouth. She seems to have no problem taking it so I decide to follow her technique. Steve is patient as I remove his boxers and stare straight into his hard cock. It’s the first I’ve seen THIS close. I open my mouth, look up at him, take kemalpaşa escort bayan a deep breath, and then take him into my mouth.

His cock is more filling than I imagined. It looks much easier in porn. I start off awkwardly, sucking back and forth, not knowing about using my tongue, hands, moving my head but I between the woman on the TV and Steve’s directions, I am becoming more relaxed and more eager to please him as he pleased me.

“Sus, curl your tongue under me….yes, that’s it.”

I roll my tongue and flick it against his warm, fleshy cock. I angle my head so his cock hits my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my cheeks. His fingertips reach down and stroke my hair. He takes my head and pushes it back till just his head is in my mouth and he commands me to lick the head. I lick circles while his head is in my mouth, and then as he pulls away, out of my mouth, my tongue never losing touch with his head.

He pulls completely out and I feel a sense of relief. My cheeks and jaw are sore but I’m sure experience would fix that. I am relieved because if he came in my mouth, I wasn’t sure if I could take it all or if I’d like the taste.

“Lay back Sus.”

I do as he says and he joins me on the couch. His knees are between mine as he places his weight on me. Sensing that I can’t breathe, he raises up on his hands and begins to kiss me again. I can feel warmth spreading inside my body but I don’t know if it’s a sex flush or a fever.

His cock is brushing the entrance to my virginal pussy but he doesn’t penetrate me…yet. He braces himself and puts only part of his weight on me as he lowers his chest to mine, his mouth to mine. His mouth opens and our tongues mingle, twist, and dance. My legs instinctively spread even wider, and my hips raise up against him. Feeling my willingness and wetness, he eases into me, ever so slowly, so gently. There’s a burning feeling as he pushes past my maidenhood.

I watch his face as penetrates me. His eyes are closed and his teeth are gritting together. It looks as though he’s in pain so I ask if that’s the case.

“Steve, are you ok? Does it hurt? Am I doing something wrong?”

“No baby, not at all. You’re wonderful….sooooooooo tight. I love your pussy” and then he kisses me again. The kisses distract me from the pain and soon, my own lubrication is easing the friction. I begin to relax. I move my hips to his again, this time, he’s inside me, fucking my tight cunt.

I look over his shoulder as he pumps into me. There are now two women on the screen, 69ing. Though I’ve never been with a woman, watching this as he moves in me, I find myself overwhelmingly aroused!

He takes his time, thrusting slowly, kissing me, cupping my breast and pushing to his face. He sucks hard, making my nipple so erect that it is slightly painful.

“I can taste your pussy on your nipple,” he says. Now I know and understand why he rubbed my juices on my nipples earlier. Wow…that’s so cool!

He kneads my breast with one hand while he grips the couch arm behind my head. Suddenly, he pulls out. He takes my hand and pulls me up.

“Sus, get on your knees, face the back of the couch.”

I obey his instructions, not knowing why I have to face away but I soon find out.

He kisses down my spine, over my round bottom, going to his knees. I’m arching my body, ass rudely being shoved in his face. Instead of being repulsed by my natural reaction, he spreads my ass cheeks and begins to lick in my ass. The only sounds I can hear are the moans I make, accompanied by the moans of the lesbians on the TV.

A chorus of female moans turns to gasping and screaming as the women in the movie give each other orgasms. Hearing their screams must excite Steve because he’s lapping me from pussy to ass and back again. He eats all of me and seems hungry for more. His tongue twists and turns in the entrance of my ass. He’s lubing me with saliva and I’m loving it!

“Sus, are you ready for my cock again?”

Fearing he wants to inaugurate my ass too, I answer him cautiously.

“Yes but not my ass, not yet. Okay?” He laughs.

“I just meant doggy baby, that’s all.”

With that, he stands. He spreads my fiery, swollen lips. He pushes in me again but this time, it’s less painful. His hands grip my ass, pulling me back and forth on his cock. My tits are slapping against the back of my couch as he pounds into me. It feels so wonderful. He fills my tunnel with his cock as though he were made just for me. He leans his hairy chest into my back, reaches around me, and hugs me. His kisses cover my shoulders as his hands tug at my breasts. His thrusts are more shallow in this position but his mouth on my neck and shoulders more than make up for the depth of his cock.

His hand slides down and he begins to masturbate me. My clit is so swollen that I know I’ll burst soon. His fingers are relentless. I’m grinding my ass against him while riding his fingers.

My vaginal walls begin to contract and I moan out that I cumming. It’s my first orgasm with a man and it’s unbelievable; so much so that I don’t know how or why I waited until now to get laid. Torrents ripple through me. From my entrance to the depth of my womb, I can feel my body convulsing, from the inside out! A rush of fluid escapes me, onto his cock and balls, coating him in my cum.

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