A Bump in the Day

Close Up

College isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m nearing the end of my fourth semester, my roommate is fucking crazy, and I haven’t had sex since graduation night of high school! In the northeast, in the beginning of April, sharp air hits my face and cuts my lungs. I knew only wearing this stupid sweater wouldn’t be warm enough for the walk to campus. I pull my hat lower and trudge against the wind. I’m walking quickly, which isn’t always the best idea for my clumsy ass, and I hit right into someone. A tall someone. A tall someone who smells like mint and cologne.

“Oof,” I manage, stunned and stumbling back.

He barely looks at me while he’s on the phone. I dropped my books, and he bends over to hand them back to me. He’s on the phone, but I notice his golden-brown eyes and dark hair first. My eyes roam lower to see grown out stubble and white teeth.

“I said I’d be there, didn’t I?” he demands into the phone.

He looks at me for a split second, his mouth opens and then something behind me catches his attention. Scowling, he waves at someone behind me. I turn around to see a beautiful blonde sauntering up to him. She’s a toothpick in black stockings and a short black skirt. I roll my eyes and walk away.

After 2 classes and a paper, I was ready to go out. My roommate may be crazy, but she can get us into all the parties.

“You ready?” she asks, already pregaming, handing me a drink.

“Almost,” I respond, downing the cup in one go. I wince. “Damn, what did you put in here?”

“Everything,” she giggles.

I slip me feet into black pointy flats and we’re off. I want to get laid tonight. No, more than laid. I want to get fucked so hard I hear colors and forget my own name. I take one last look in the mirror. I squeezed my size 10 ass into the tightest pair of high waisted, ripped denim that I own and paired it with low cut black top that just barely hides my nipples. My breasts are ample and spilling out.

“Let’s go, Soph!” my roommate, Kelly, yells.

After we scan our IDs at the door, the frat boy opens it.

“Look for me later,” he says. I wink. Yeah, that drink she made for me earlier is working. I don’t wink at people. Ever. In fact, after he saw me wink, he’s probably hoping I don’t remember him later. He’s ok. Short, stalky, blonde hair, but I’m in the mood for a tall drink of water tonight. A tall drink of water with dark hair and golden eyes.

Inside, Kelly pulls me to the keg. Her hookup from last weekend is schmoozing all over some girl and I see the wheels turning. I disengage quickly, grab two drinks, and fade into a different room. As I’m stepping over the threshold into the dining room, I hear her start.

“Who the FUCK is this, Kevin?”

I’m gulping down beer like I like it. I don’t. In fact, anything that looks piss I usually don’t fuck with, but I’m not picky tonight. I see a lot of guys in groups look me up and down. Some turn back around, fuckers, and some have lingering eyes. I smile to myself. The jeans are working.

I’m on my second cup now, and I find a group of girls from my English class. We’re pretty tuned so we sway beer brave hips around and around. When I notice my cups empty, I disappear from this group to refill. Kelly isn’t in the kitchen anymore and neither is Kevin. I wonder if she’s hate fucking him in the bathroom.

I’m getting hot, from the temperature not from picturing Kelly and Kevin bumping hips, so after I grab a refill, I exit out the backdoor for a breather. Only a few people are outside. Two are in the far end of the yard laughing and two are to the

right of me arguing. I plop my drunk ass down on the steps and ignore both couples which proves to be a little harder than I hoped.

“I told you,” he states indifferently.

“I thought you’d change. It’s been nine months!”

“I never said I’d be your boyfriend, Cassidy. I specifically told you that I wasn’t.” Harsh, but I get it I thought to myself.

“So you can fuck my brains out every night, cuddle me afterwards, and help me with my school work, but you’re not my boyfriend?” I can hear his irritation. I glance over. They’re dark shadows still but I can still see he towers over her. His back is against the house, and she has her hands in the air in a what the fuck expression.

“Cass, I’m done with this. I can’t give you what you want.”

She slaps him and walks away.

“Ouch!” I drunk giggle, and slap my hand over my mouth, still giggling. “I never saw anyone get hit before!”

He’s rubbing his cheek and pushes himself off the wall. He grabs the doorknob to go inside but hesitates a moment. He sighs, slumps his shoulders, then turns around and sits on the same step but to the left of me.

“Never?” he asks.

“Can’t say I never wanted to. I’ve had my fair share of douche bag guys tell me they’re not my boyfriend.”

“I’m not a douche—”

I cut him off with a laugh. “I’m just kidding. If you told her fair and square that you wanted to hit it and quit foça escort it then she should have zero expectations.” I shrugged.

His laugh is loud as he throws his head back. His teeth are white and his hair is brown. He could do. How do I come onto him without seeming… desperate? I’ve been out of the game for too long.

“Why are you here alone? Don’t you know what happens at these parties?”

“Uh, people get drunk, hook up, dance, have fun?”

He shakes his head and looks at me for the first time since sitting down. “You’re far too cute to be by yourself at this party full of piece of shit guys.”

I laugh. “Aren’t you here, at this party? Doesn’t that make you a piece of shit guy?”

“I don’t belong to this fucking frat. I don’t need to pay for friends.”

“So, why are you there then?”

He sighs and runs his fingers through is hair. “I have no fucking idea. Why are you here?” I shrug. Maybe it’s the alcohol or my dick starved vagina, but I tell him the truth.

“I’m trying to get laid.”

His eyes grow wide and he nods. “Honest. Respectable. What’s your name?” he asks.

“Sophie. Yours?”


I smile. “What’s your major?”


I laugh. “Doesn’t like every guy major in that?”

He guffaws. “And what’s yours, chick lit?”

I feign exasperation. “No!” I giggle before adding, “just regular lit!”

He chuckles. “Predictable.”

I stand up to stretch my legs. He stands too. “Wanna get out of here?” he asks lowly.

“Kinda,” I respond before he grabs my hand, leads me along the side of the house, and up the street to his car. “Were you drinking?” I ask before getting in.

“Nah,” he says, opening the door and disappearing inside. “Not my thing,” he responds as I shut my door.

“Well, what is your thing?” I’m buckling up now.

“Fucking.” He looks at me and in the dim light of the car. I see him. It’s him.

“Hey, I know you! You bumped into me this morning and picked up my books. You were on the phone yelling. You waved to that blonde girl.”

He nods. “When I saw you walk in I couldn’t believe it. This morning I was so pissed I couldn’t get off the phone to say hello properly and when I saw Cassidy behind you I knew I wouldn’t get to.”

I smile. “You wanted to say hello?”

He nods, gripping my face in his chilled hand. I shiver. “Still up for getting laid, Sophie?”

I giggle. The conversation sobers me. His mouth is inches from mine. “Fuck. Yes.”

He starts the engine and we drive 7 minutes to his apartment in silence. I’m wondering what he looks like naked. Does he have at least an average sized cock? God, I hope it’s thick. I could handle short and thick, but not a pencil dick. They’re the worst. I’m pulled from my thoughts when he shuts off the engine. I open the door, follow him to his apartment, and when we’re in he slams the door, pushes me against it, and locks it.

Again, his lips are so close to mine I can smell mint and cologne. His stubble is dark, his eyes are darker, and my hands are in his hair. He grips my hip with one hand and pushes on my lower back with the other. My hips collide with his.

“What do you want, Sophie?” he whispers in my ear without touching me. He popped the button on my jeans.

I moan. “I like when you say my name.”

“What do you want me to do to you, Sophie?” He’s sliding the zipper down slowly.

“Fuck. I don’t even know. What are my options?” Why am I being so awkward right now?

“I can slowly strip your clothes off, throw them around my apartment, touch every inch of your body slowly, make you quiver with my hands, my teeth, my tongue, my cock. I can press into you so slowly it hurts,” his hand trails down to my denim covered crotch, spreads his fingers, and pushes up right on my clit, “or I can pound your pussy into my mattress, make you scream my name, grab your hair, fuck your mouth. You tell me.” His lips are at my ear and he takes my ear lobe between his teeth.

I groan. “Can’t we do it all?” I ask.

He chuckles. “Oh, you’re going to be fun.”

His hand slides up my side, over my waist, to the sides my breast. He cups it gently while palming my pussy with his other. His hand on my breast reaches for the neck of my top and pulls it down. My breast bounces out.

“Mmmm,” he hums before bending down to suck it in his mouth.

I gasp and grab the back of his head. When he bites down on my erect nipple, I bang my head on the door. “I’m gonna make you cum so many times tonight you won’t be able to feel your pussy for a week.” I don’t think that’s healthy, but who am I to argue with that kind of challenge.

“You ready?” he asks. I nod my head. Am I ever. He presses the palm of his hand up so hard on my clit that I’m on my tippy toes. “You like this?”

he asks. I nod, squeezing my eyes shut. I’m wound up so tight, and I’m not even the least bit surprised he has me already almost cumming in my foça escort bayan panties. “Has anyone ever made you cum like this before?” I shake my head no. “Good. Don’t forget it. Don’t forget I’m the first.” He rubs harder and slower. His palm goes back and forth.

“I can’t wait to see what your pussy looks like. Feels like. Tastes like.” At this moment, I’m so glad I shaved earlier.

“Are you wet right now?” he asks. He knows I am. I bet he can feel it

through thin denim.

“Yes,” I hiss as he circles his palm and rubs faster. My breath hitches. “Of fuck,


“Yeah,” he groans, kissing his way down my neck. “Say my name. Say my fucking name when you cum, Sophie.” I nod. “You’re close aren’t you?” I nod again. “I can smell it. I can see it. Your pulse is in your throat. I can practically hear your pussy throbbing.”

I’m so close. I grind my hips down on his hand.

“Now, Sophie. Cum right now. Cum on me. Cum for me.”

I shatter into pieces at his hand. His lips are wrapped around my nipple and his body holds me up against the door. I’m moaning. I’m yelling. I’m gasping. I say his name over and over.

“Oh fuck, Ben. Ben, yes. Holy shit!” And then he slows down but never stops. Slow circles help me come down. I open my eyes and he’s staring straight into me. He looks like he wants to eat me which is exactly what he does next.

In his room, on his bed, he strips me of my clothes. He pushes me on my back, and spreads my legs all the way open.

“You are fucking drenched.” And then he falls between my legs, spreads me open, flattens his tongue, and takes one long, slow lick from bottom to top. I’m on my elbows watching him. I usually never cum twice in a row, especially so quickly, so I’m surprised when I feel my legs shake again. He throws my legs over his shoulders, holds my hips down with his right hand, and pulls my pussy up with his left. My clit opens and he sucks, kisses, and licks it over and over. His eyes are on me.

“I knew you’d taste so fucking good.” I lean all the way back, my hands are above my head.

“Shit,” I moan as his tongue circles over and over again. “Right there, Ben. Oh fuck, yes. Eat my pussy,” I moan. He sucks my clit into his mouth and gently pushes two fingers slowly into me. I can feel the way he’s stretching me.

“Ohhhh my god!” My hips would have come off the bed if he wasn’t holding

me down. I cum so fucking hard I push his fingers out of me. My pussy clenches over and over.

His mouth never releases my clit. He hollows his cheeks and tongues my clit gently. My hands go to his head and push it away but his grip on me is tight. He takes the hint though and gives me long, slow licks to help me come down.

“My fucking god,” I pant. “You didn’t tell me you were the pussy king.”

He smirks, sitting up on his knees, palming his hard on through is jeans. “You didn’t tell me you were so fucking tight, Sophie.” I shrug. “When’s the last time?”

“Last time what?” I ask, brows knitting together.

“Last time you were fucked.”

“Almost 3 years ago.”

He groans, throws his head back, and palms himself harder. “Listen, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last.”

“Pussy king is a minute man?” I ask incredulously.

“I’m turned the fuck on right now, your pussy is a god damn vacuum, and the way you sound when you cum… You’re god damn right I just might be.”

I sit up on my knees and lick his neck before sucking his skin in my mouth. I mark him with purple and red splotches while I rub him over his jeans. He pushes me back. Hard. I fall onto my back, opening my mouth to protest, but he whips off his jeans and lays himself over me. I can feel the bulge against my center. Definitely not a pencil dick.

“I’m going to fuck you now, ok?”


He reaches over me, pulls out a condom, rolls it on, and lines himself up. I still haven’t gotten a look yet, but when he starts pushing the head in, I can tell it’s thick for sure. I’m so wet and turn on and he still needs to thrust with his hips to push in.

“Oh my fucking god,” he moans, eyes closed, once he’s in.

“You’re fucking huge,” I breathe. He takes my hand to where our bodies are joined and I feel what he’s not telling me: he’s not all the way in. I groan and stretch my body in acceptance. “Just fucking do it,” I whisper.

He takes my hands in his and pins them next to my head before he thrusts so hard it forces our bodies up. I watch as my breasts bounce with the sheer force and my pussy weeps from the stretch. I catch my breath in my throat before he starts.

Ben slowly pulls back halfway before pounding into me again. He does this over and over and over, and my head is thrashing. He grabs my legs and holds my ankles while he braces himself on his knees.

“You should see yourself, Sophie. Pussy spread open. Red. Milking my cock. You are stunning. Are you ready to cum yet?”

I whimper escort foça and nod. I’ve been on the brink for what feels like an hour as he slowly pounds into me, stretching me, opening my body for him and him only. He pulls all the way out so just the tip is in, and then, without warning, pounds into me so hard I see pink. He pulls out again, just the tip is inside, and pounds into me over and over. I can feel him on the outside when I place my hand over my stomach. I feel him fucking me from the inside and the outside. He pushes against

my walls, making room, making me sore and mewl and whimper in the best ways.

His dick is dusting all the cobwebs from my pussy, and I’m in love with the way he fits inside me. I can’t think of words. I don’t even know if I make noises. My mouth is open, I’m gasping, and clawing at this legs.

“That’s it,” he grunts, pound after pound. “Cum on my dick.”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming. Don’t stop,” I beg. “Don’t ever fucking stop, Ben.”

He grunts and breaths as he works my pussy over. I feel his hand travel down to my clit and rub little circles with his thumb. I shake and cum again. He’s grunting as he delivers each blow to my throbbing pussy. “You’re so” pound “fucking” pound “tight” pound.

He hits a spot in me that makes my hips jump. “Yes,” he whispers, going shallower and curving his hips to aim his dick up. I moan again and shake. My legs are trembling.

“Fucking yes,” heyells. His voice booms off the walls and I wonder if his neighbors are home. Then ge hits that spot faster and faster, and I can feel my arms shake, my pussy clench, my eyes water, and I no longer give a shit if anyone’s home. My stomach clenches. I feel pleasure shoot down my arms into my fingertips and I grab onto whatever is near me. My breathing labors. My heart is in my throat and my stomach at the same time. Over and over he drags his cock across that spot and I’m so fucking close I feel like I could die.

“More,” I pant. “More, more. Don’t stop. I’m…”

“Yes,” he pants. “Do it.”




“There?” he asks as he angles his hips back and up and pushes so hard against my most sensitive spot. I fly off of him. My pussy is soaked and sore and raw and throbbing and I’ve never felt better. My legs are quivering. He grabs my hips before I can escape and he leans down, mouth next to my ear.

“You look so fucking sexy when you’re cumming on my cock, Sophie. You should see the way your tits jiggle every time I thrust into you. Your nipples are so hard. Your pussy is so wet. When you cum, your eyes are squeezed shut almost as tight as your pussy is on my cock. Can you feel it?” he asks. “Can you feel my cock throbbing inside you?”

I whimper. I’m not sure if its his cock or my pussy that’s throbbing, but whoever it is makes me feel incredible. He’s going slower, letting me recover. What a gentleman. Just as I come down, he starts going shallow and hard again. I’m still flying from the last time, and his pounding against my cervix is about to set me off again. My legs are shaking as he throws them over his shoulders.

I give him no warning this time. “I’m cumming,” I moan as I arch my back. He thrusts one, two, three more times, letting me have my moment before he pulls out, pulls the used condom off, and cums in long, thick streams all over my face, neck, and breasts.

“You are,” he pants, holding himself up with one arm next to my head and still slowly massaging his cock with the other, “so fucking sexy.”

I scoot down a little lower so my mouth is right under him. I lick from the base to the tip and take the head in my mouth. When he catches on, you lets go and I lay back all the way with his dick in my mouth. I use both hands to pump the rest of his cum out into my mouth while he slowly fucks my mouth with his hips. Just as he softens, he pulls his cock from my lips with a pop.

When his breathing becomes less labored, he admits, “That was the sexiest fucking thing I have ever seen. You gotta let me fuck your throat someday.”

I smile confidently and nod.

He gets up, cleans himself and then me. He’s laying next to me, and I’m on my side facing him. His fingers dance on my hip and then my soft belly.

“Has anyone ever made you squirt before?” he asks quietly.

“No, maybe one day though,” I respond with a shrug.

“One day was today,” he says as his fingers stop dancing on my body.

“I didn’t squirt,” I stated, confused.

“What do you think that was when your eyes rolled back and you came for like 5 whole minutes?

You soaked my sheets,” he gestures down below to the puddle of wetness.

I looked down. “I didn’t see a big stream of… whatever… like in porn.”

He laughs. “You don’t have to actually squirt it across the room, Sophie. Trust me, though, it was all over you, me, my sheets.” His fingers are dancing again, getting closer to my nipples.

“Sorry,” I say sheepishly.

“It was fucking hot. I want to make you do it again.”



“I’m tore up,” I giggle.

“Tomorrow?” he asks.

“Maybe,” I giggle.

We’re quiet again for a while. I’m about to fall asleep when he whispers in my ear “so, what kind of porn do you watch, Sophie?”

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