A Change Woman Part 4


A Change Woman Part 4A Changed Woman Part 4They were not sure who woke up first. The two naked women stretching like female cats. One thing they both noticed was that Huey was not in bed. They looked around the room and Barb saw what looked like a note attached to the mirror.”Thanks for a great time. Had to go. Maybe we can do it again some time. See you around, Huey.””We show him great time and that is all he has to say about it?” asked Ann. “It must be a guy thing. Most of the men I know would pay an arm and a leg for a night like we just had. We could market it as The Greatest Sex on Earth. But that’s ok. I came three times for everyone we let him have.””He was just a nice guy with a really big dick. He probably does women like us all pendik escort the time.” responded Barb.”I thought it was fun to turn the tables and treat him like we get treated all the time.”He was young and dumb and just thought it was a harmless game. But he did have a great body and that oversized cock made for a great play thing” quipped Ann. “He was really fun. Letting us sit on the sofa he was on his knees in front of us. Using his mouth on you while he fingered me. It a shame he was not more experienced.” Barb replied.””What he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm and stamina. Not that many men could have service two women as long as he did. That was so hot when he licked his own cum off your tits. Men think that eating escort pendik cum is a woman’s job. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t experience the same humiliation.” expressed Ann.The morning was almost gone and it was getting near check out time. Ann suggested they get something to eat before they left town. “While we have lunch there are a few things I would like to talk to you about.”As soon as they had placed their order Ann started in. “You havn’t given me an answer about the offers we gave you. You’ve had lot’s of time to think about them and Mr Darrien is expecting an answer.” Barb had not made up her mind but knew that Ann did not wanted to be stalled. She expected a yes or no. As they sat in a corner booth, Ann began with. ” pendik escort bayan Do you have any questions that I could help you with?”Barb confided ” You know, I have really enjoyed this weekend and your companionship. I hope that we can remain friends and see each other in the future. I am still just a small town girl no matter what you have seen me do lately.”With that Ann began to get a sinking feeling. This did not sound like it was going in the direction she wanted. “Is there any part of the offers that you might be interested in?””Do you know anybody that gives acting lesson in my part of the state? Asked Barb.”Why do you want to take acting lessons? Asked Ann.”It’s simple. I want to be the best pageant contestant that you have ever seen. I want to make more money than any other woman there. I want to be not just an entertainer, I want to be the woman that men think about while they’re fucking their wives.” Babbs said with a smile on her face.The End

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