A Changing Script Ch. 03


Note: The author expresses his appreciation to user sgrspc69er for her editing improvements to this story.


I had been up since just before 7 o’clock this morning, beating my alarm clock by the usual two to three minutes. It was not something I planned but rather something that had just happened almost every day of my adult life. It didn’t matter what time the alarm was set to go off, my internal alarm seemed to be set for minutes before. During my 24 years in the military, I had usually had to roll out of my rack by 5:00 or 5:30 but sometimes earlier than that, and my internal alarm failed me on only two occasions that I could remember, both of which occurred while I was taking medicine to battle a respiratory ailment.

I didn’t need to be us this early, truth be known, but it had been so long that 7:00 AM seemed like a decadent time to sleep in. When my wife of 26 years had died two years ago of cervical cancer, my world as I knew it had come apart and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Without any interest in continuing my service, I took a retirement package to try to get my life back together but it wasn’t that easy.

I didn’t really need money because my wife had been a financial wizard, not only for the clients she worked hard for to grown their investments but for us as a family because she took virtually all of our pay, her as an investment councilor and me as a career military man, and invested it. By the time she died we were worth in the eight figures but it was too late then. The only person I wanted to spend it with was gone forever.

But then when the doorbell rang at 10:30 and Jennifer, my married 23 year old daughter, walked into my den like a small whirlwind, I thought that I was lucky to at least have her in my life. Jenny came over and hugged me, a real squeezer that would have embarrassed me if she had not been family. I felt her breasts press into my chest while other parts of her body brushed my crotch, stirring the sleeper that had not known companionship since Maureen died two years before.

Throwing her purse in the direction of the couch, Jenny said “Daddy, I came across something on the internet last night and it really disturbed me. I wanted to ask if you would read it with me and lets discuss it so I can get your viewpoint.”

“Sure, honey. What’s it about?”

“Well … let’s read it together instead of me trying to remember it, okay?”

“Okay, baby.” We walked over to my computer in the corner of the den. I powered it up and then let Jenny sit at the keyboard.

As she found her site, she said “This is a place where people post all kinds of stories. I got interested in reading some of them a few years ago and I go back every so often to read something new. They really … give me a pick up. Then I spotted this one last night after Evan had gone to sleep. It took me a while to read it and … and then I … well, I needed some help. I started to call you then but … oh, my gosh, daddy. Come read over my shoulder.”

I lay in bed trying to turn my mind off so I could get to sleep, but not being successful. If I could have written life’s script, this is not how it would go.

Here I was, a 51 year old man, finally having sold my self-made machine shop and its two patents for enough money to retire at an early age … and no wife to share my retirement with. Melissa, my college sweetheart and wife of fifteen years, had died of cancer when our daughters were 13 and 7 and I had raised them with the help of my mother, my two sisters, and some helpful neighbors.

Oh, I got lucky every once in a while, just long enough to empty my blue balls into some nice woman and repress my primal urges for another spell. But even though some of those matches repeated themselves from time to time with the same person, I never felt comfortable enough with any of the women to feel like replacing my wife. Somehow it just seemed like I was betraying her memory every time I bedded someone else. The result was that I was miserable whether I found someone to have sex with or not. So most of the time I went to bed with Mother Thumb and her four daughters, just getting past the most pressing need, and pushed back into the depths of my mind my interest in suckling a woman’s soft breast or pressing myself into the smooth curves of a well-rounded ass or smelling the uniquely sweet scent of a woman’s hair. I could not help myself. This sounded so much like me. My hands, resting on Jenny’s shoulders, momentarily dug into her soft skin. There were so many things associated with being intimate with a woman … and I just couldn’t bring myself to pursue another woman in search of those, at least not on a lasting basis like I would have written into my script for Melissa and me.

Now I lay here worried that our oldest daughter Faith was experiencing a similar kind of meltdown that I had. She had married during her last year of college, just as Melissa and I had, and had a seemingly loving marriage halkalı escort but then her husband Bradley had gotten into drugs and became abusive, refusing to accept any kind of treatment and Faith had finally packed her bags and moved back home with me yesterday. She had no job, didn’t know what she could do, and didn’t have any idea where to start.

Nor did I know how to help her, really. I knew I would be supportive and told her that she could have her old bedroom back for as long as she needed it. After all she was my flesh and blood. However with Hope, our youngest daughter, finishing her senior year at the university and contemplating marketing jobs in either Chicago or New York, I prayed that Faith would find something close to home. I wanted her to be independent but I also wanted the comfort of one or both of my children within easy visiting distance in my later years. It might even be nice to be a grandparent some day.

It hit me like a ton of bricks that I too wanted the comfort of my daughter Jenny being nearby and coming to visit often. She was a real comfort to me although it crossed my mind that I probably didn’t actually tell her that often.

All these thoughts and others were churning through my mind and I found myself listening to the grandfather clock in the hall bonging twelve times and then later it emitted the half-hour sound and finally I heard the one o’clock chime. I was thinking about getting up and going down for a cup of coffee or something when I heard a rustle of cloth in the dark. My ears perked up and I listened to see if it came again. Instead I was startled when the bed shook slightly and Faith’s whispered voice asked “Daddy? Are you awake?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I haven’t been able to get to sleep.”

“Me neither,” she said softly. I felt the bed jiggle as she pulled the sheet up and slid under it. “I need a hug, daddy.”

I felt Jenny’s hands cover mine, still resting on her shoulders as I read from behind her. Her fingers gave mine a little squeeze.

Before she could slide closer to me, I rolled to face her so the sheet would fall between us. I wasn’t really anxious for her to learn that I was sleeping in the nude. However she came closer and her arms closed around my neck, pulling us close together.

I wrapped my arms around my little girl … and immediately thought that she was my little girl no longer. She was almost a mirror image of her mother, a big beautiful woman in her own right. Both mother and daughter carried a “few” extra pounds, both had developed large pendulous breasts, and both had broad round bottoms. I suddenly had to choke back a surge of emotion as Faith made me think of Melissa in so many ways.

I heard Jenny suck in her breath and felt a new tension in her body. She reached for the mouse to scroll another page and we read on.

I started to release her but she hung on and, if I could just keep my sexual urges repressed, I would admit that some of the world’s cares seemed so much smaller when someone, anyone, cared enough to hug me. A hug gives the feeling that someone else cares about you, that they know what you are going though, that they are there to support you. Slowly, ever so slowly, tension fades from one’s body and mind.

Except that, in my case, I was unsuccessful in repressing my sexual urges and, to my utter horror, I developed a raging hard-on that insistently pushed its way up between us and made itself known to my daughter. Even trying unobtrusively to move my bottom backward to keep it from being so obvious did not work. Instead Faith giggled and asked “Are you glad to see me, daddy?” as she moved toward me to keep our bodies tightly together.

“Sugar, are you sure you want to do this? Have you thought about what it means?”

“No,” she replied. “What does it mean?”

“It would mean that we have committed incest. Sex between a father and daughter is frowned upon in society.”

Jenny again squeezed my hands, harder this time as we came to the end of the window. Without a word, Jenny got up and pulled me around her chair, then gently pushed me down into it and sat on my legs. She turned back to the computer and scrolled to the next page.

Again she giggled. “Yeah, I know, daddy. But who is going to tell anyone? I’m not. I’m so horny I could fuck the bedpost and I can’t think of anyone who would be better to me than my daddy. You will be nice to me, wont you?” she asked with double meaning dripping from the question.

I struggled with a reply but her hand found my turgid member and stroked from the tip until her palm covered my balls. She squeezed them gently and then her hand traveled up my length until it covered the sensitive head of my dick, spreading my slick pre-cum all over the head. Again she asked “You will be nice to me, wont you, daddy?”

Jenny didn’t say anything but her hard/soft round bottom squirmed on my lap and I knew there was not way she could not be feeling şişli escort my erection. I was embarrassed but electrified. I was ashamed but consumed with desire … for my married daughter.

I lost my inner battle. Leaning forward my mouth closed over hers in a long sensuous kiss and when I drew back to take a breath, I whispered “Yes, baby, I will be very nice to my sweet baby.”

I couldn’t help myself … I let out a groan as the meaning of the written words pierced my foggy brain. Jenny pulled my right hand over her shoulder to cup her left breast, through the soft cloth of her blouse.

I began to stroke her body lightly with my fingertips, wanting to explore her the way I used to explore Melissa’s body, but Faith was too much in need to want foreplay. Pulling on my spear, she said “Please, daddy, do me now! I need you so bad! Please! Please!!”

I climbed over her and settled between her legs. She guided me into her hot steamy slit, gathering her own moisture on the head before pushing it down to her entrance. As I eased forward, she pulled her short see-through pajama top over her head and tossed it aside.

I sensed, rather than saw, the shape of her boobs, big globes that filled her chest and were so heavy they could not help but spread out, yet still formed two minor mountains on her chest.. Using the little rays of light that penetrated the room, I spotted her left nipple and my right thumb began to caress it while my lips sought and found her right orb and sucked it into my mouth. I eased my bottom forward, feeling my spear penetrate her target but it took several attempts to lubricate my whole shaft so that our curly hair intermingled.

Coming to the end of the window, Jenny turned and whispered “That’s what I want now, daddy.”

It took all my willpower to say “Honey, you don’t want that, do you? You have a loving husband. You don’t need your daddy.”

“Yes, I do, daddy. You don’t know how long I have wanted to make out with you. I need you so bad, daddy. I’ve thought about us doing this for years and I wanted to come to your bed so many times, you just can’t imagine.” She turned so her back was pressed against my chest, pulling both of my arms around her in a tight embrace and pulling my hands up to cup both of her titties at the same time. As she bent over to tweak the computer mouse to the next page, my cock flexed hard against the curves of my daughter’s deliciously round bottom.

Her hands clasped the back of my head and held me tightly to her breast as she whispered, “Yessss, daddy, suck me hard. Oh, yesssssss, daddy. That feels so goooood!” I started moving my bottom back and forth, feeling a few inches of my member exploring the velvety depths of her fertile valley. She pulled her legs up until her heels were pressed into my buttocks and every time I pushed forward, her knees flexed, yanking me into her with force. I wanted to take it slow and let us both enjoy the experience, especially since it might be a one-time occurrence. But it was not to be, for both of us felt an urgent need and speed and force were the only way to minister to those needs.

I broke away from her wonderfully delicious breast in search of her lips. No sooner did our mouths touch than her tongue was frantically search the depths of my mouth, and I replied in kind. We both were on fire with lust, striving for every last ounce of liquid pleasure or the faintest erotic feeling we could derive from the other. My brain seemed to turn into a flaming sunset, consumed with the greedy desire of one too long without the pleasures of the flesh. Our bodies slammed together hard time after time, with the obscene slurping of two bodies wet with their own juices simply adding fuel to our fires.

Jenny’s body undulated against mine and she cried “Oh, yes, daddy, please! I need you to fuck me, daddy, please tell me you’ll fuck me.” Her hands were roving impatiently over her hot body as if she had an urgent itch and she couldn’t find the source of the irritation. “Oh, daddy, I need to feel your cock inside my pussy, daddy. Please fuck me, daddy, PLEASE!”

“Yes, baby girl, if that’s what you want. You can tell that I want it too, honey.”

Her hands practically ripped her clothes off and she tossed garments in every direction. Mine were next and when I was naked and her feverish hand cupped my balls, I knew I was already well past the point of no return … I was going to commit incest with my lovely little daughter even if there was a nagging little voice in the back of my mind that said we shouldn’t do this.

Jenny pushed me back down onto the chair where my cock stood tall and proud. Then she straddled me and the chair, guided my spear into her hot steamy target and eased herself down on me. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as my entire length slowly disappeared into her sweet pussy. I couldn’t ever remember experiencing anything that even rivaled the feeling sarıyer escort of ecstasy she gave me … of course, I knew my wife had been as good but I had to admit that the memories of our couplings had begun to fade.

Jenny squirmed her bottom against the point where she was impaled and reached up to kiss me, the first open mouth kiss we had ever shared. She was so precious I couldn’t begin to describe the feelings. When we broke apart, Jenny said “Daddy, you’re going to need to read the rest of the story to me, okay?”

Then Faith threw her head backward and screamed “Oh, yessss, daddy, I’m cummmiiiinnnnnng! I’m cummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!!!” Her legs locked together around me, yanking me hard into her hot pussy and I felt the flow of her juices as they dripped down onto my scrotum.

As soon as she relaxed, I resumed my pace, slamming into her several more times before my balls contracted as if in a vacuum and then quickly commenced shooting my hot lava into her depths.

Jenny had already cum, just about the time I was reading that Faith had cum, and she crumpled against my chest. I started to rock back and forth to give us a little movement and found it giving me wonderful feelings while making it much harder to read the story. However when I read about her daddy filling her with his sperm, I felt such a surge in my balls that I knew I was not far behind. So for the next few minutes, instead of reading the story, I concentrated on fucking my sweet young daughter, Jenny.

I tried to pull my balls into my body cavity to lengthen the process and it worked … for maybe a split second. And then my nuts were pumping their contents into Jenny’s welcoming cunt. Her eyes flashed open and the sweetest smile spread over her face as she flexed the muscles of her pussy and tried to milk my cock. After the last drop of cum oozed out of my cock and it slipped from her quim, I swiveled the chair a few degrees and resumed reading out loud:

When the last drops had oozed out of my tool, I started to roll off her but Faith’s legs remained tightly around my bottom. She eased a hand between us and gently fondled my balls and after a few minutes my dick began to respond, never quite slipping out of her slick channel. Shortly afterward, the burning sensation of adrenaline began to dissipate from my muscles. I started with a little rocking motion that elicited soft moans of approval from Faith.

Jenny said “Wait a minute, daddy. Does the computer in your bedroom have the same connections as this one?”


“Then let’s go upstairs an finish reading the story up there, okay?”

“Sure, honey.” I let her up and hurriedly followed her jiggling ass up the stairs and into my bedroom. We got the computer up and going, although it seemed to me to take forever. Again Jenny found the story, worked down until she found the place where we had been reading and stopped.

My computer rested on a little desk that was on carpet rollers so I could move it around easily for cleaning. As she climbed into the bed, I pulled the desk over next to the bed, gave her the wireless mouse, and then climbed between Jenny’s legs. A few quick strokes with her fingers along my shaft and massaging my balls brought back my erection and I plunged into her pussy. While I concentrated on fucking her, she read the words on the screen and we tried to follow, as much as possible, the same actions as were in the story.

This time I was able to settle into a much slower pace than before, since the animalistic urgency was now gone. Our mouths met in a lover’s kiss, long and soft and sensual. Each time we broke away, the look on her face told me that she was still happy with the direction of our coupling and as time passed, she became ecstatic, hissing “Yes, daddy, fuck me, daddy. I’m gonna’ cum, daddy!” Then she lifted her bottom off the mattress, jerked her head backward and screamed “I’m cccccuuuuummmmmiiiinnnnnggg!!!” I held on and watched her face, delighted that I could see her achieve such a release.

And a few seconds later, Jenny actually climaxed, screaming out her pleasure and desire to make it last forever.

When she relaxed, I resumed my unhurried pace, slowly plowing her fertile valley while our tongues dueled in her mouth. Occasionally I made a foray down to one or the other of her heavy boobs to trace watery circles around the globe and nibble on her erect nipple before returning to her sweet mouth. All too soon I felt the unmistakable sensation in my testicles that signals the coming of my orgasm. I worked on teasing her little clitty for the next few seconds and was rewarded when her climax started just after my balls spit out the first shot of fresh cum.

It took me maybe a minute of hard banging into her sweet love box before my testicles again began spewing their hot lava into my lovely daughter.. No sooner did the first shot splash against the back walls of her cunt than her face show a look of extreme satisfaction. She wrapped both arms under my arms and grasped my shoulders, saying “Yes, daddy, fill me up. Give it all to me, daddy. I love the feeling of having your cum in my pussy. I can’t tell you how good you make me feel.” Damn, I wanted to cum forever. It felt like I did although I know it was only a few shots.

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