A Cheerleader’s Mum Round 02


“Mummy, Mummy, guess what I just found out?”

I looked up at Ashleigh, my19-year-old cheerleading daughter, as she rushed in breathlessly.

“Well, tell me already,” I shot back, wondering what could be so important.

“I just found out that Daddy’s going to be out at a meeting this weekend, and we’ll have the whole house to ourselves.”

“And what does that mean?” I asked innocently, knowing what Ashleigh meant all along.

She crumpled up her nose and said “m..u..m. It means that you can make me feel good again, with your fingers and tongue in my pussy.” She had picked up on the vernacular quickly, to my delight.

“Well, if he’s going to be gone all weekend, we might have time to do other things too! Are you interested?” I asked.

“What other things, Mummy?” Now I knew I had her. Her big brown eyes were so full of curiosity.

I replied with a question of my own. “Do you remember how you felt in the living room when you had your orgasm? What I’ll show you later will just make that even better.”

“Oh, Mummy, I’m not sure it could be any better than before.”

It turned out that my husband had just been called into the city for an urgent work session and planned on staying over to save journey times. In less than an hour he was gone with a promise to call when he got to his hotel and a further, whispered, promise of phone sex much later.

Disappointed that he would be away for a couple of nights was easily off-set by having Ashleigh to myself, so I quickly began to plan the events for the weekend. First thing I did was order Ashleigh’s favourite pizza. This got her into a kind of festive mood so that she would be more relaxed. Then I told her to go get her bath, so that she was nice and clean and come into my bedroom when she was done.

When Ashleigh was finished her bath, she came to my bedroom wrapped in her favourite plush yellow towel. I was still in all my clothing, lying on my bed.

“Come here, baby girl,” I said, and she walked over to stand by my bed.

“Let me see my pretty daughter.” She pretended to be shy, and only lowered her towel to the tops of her boobs,

“More,” I said. She grinned like a Cheshire Cat and dropped the towel to her waist exposing her pert boobs and taught belly to me but stopped there.

“Come on, Ashleigh, I want to see it all.” Finally, she dropped her towel to the floor and kicked it away, then did a slow spin. Her 34D boobs were just as beautiful as I remembered and her pussy, OMG her pussy was as bare and smooth as could be. Gone was the short tuft of hair that I had feasted on during our first encounter.

“You are absolutely beautiful, ” I gushed, “Did someone borrow daddy’s razor?”

She blushed, “I might have Mummy, do you like?” she said lifting her left leg to give me a much better view of her freshly shaved cunt and ass.

“Oh, what’s not to like Ash”.

“How about you, Mummy?”

“What do you mean? What about me?” I teased.

“If I have to be naked, so do you, it’s only fair.” Then she gave me that pouty face that would knock any living person off their feet.

“OK, if I have to, but you have to help me.” I stood up so she came to me and slowly unzipped my dress, pulling it straight to the floor, she stepped back to gaze at my black, racy underwear. I had put on a half cup bra, so my nipples were just peaking out the top and a pair of crotch-less panties to match.

She reached out her hand, and gently touched my nipple, making it jerk in reaction.

“I didn’t hurt it, did I?” she asked innocently.

“No, bahis firmaları Ash, that is just an involuntary reaction to being touched,” I explained. After she took my bra off, she asked what we’re going to do now.

“Now, we’re going to have some fun., climb up on the bed with me.”

When she was up on the bed, I told her to spread her legs. “I’m going to kiss you all over, starting with your lips, and working my way down to your bare pussy and beyond.”

“Oh, Mummy, that sounds like fun, but are you really going to kiss my pussy?” she asked.

“Not only kiss it, but lick it, suck on it, and make you come over and over again.”

Her face clouded over a bit, and she asked, “But Mummy, can I do the same thing for you?”

Such a sweet girl I thought, thinking of her mummy.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll make sure that you make me feel good before we’re done.” This brightened her face again, and I knew it was time for the proceedings to begin.

“Now baby, I want you to lie right in the middle of the bed,” and I proceeded to kiss her, beginning with her face and lips, moving down to her breasts, kissing first one, then the other, then kissing the first one again while I played with the other with my hand. Quickly she began to moan and wriggle on the bed.

“Mummy, that feels so good, please don’t stop.”

“Don’t you worry, Ash? Stopping is the last thing on my mind.” I then moved down to her tummy, kissing and licking all the way.

“Now, I want you to spread your beautiful legs far apart for me.” When she did, I could see that she was already getting wet in anticipation. Her ripe, bald, cunt was glistening with girlie goo and required my urgent attention.

I kissed her pussy, and then licked up one side, then down the other all the time her cunt scent filled my nose with its heady sweet smell. It was time, no teasing required, and I went for it all, licking up and down her pussy, tasting her wonderful juices.

“Oh, God, Mummy, please don’t stop! That feels sooo good!”

I started concentrating a little higher, licking her bud, back and forth, up and down making little circles. There would be other times to tease and make her wait but right now I knew my Ash just needed to cum, and cum hard.

“EEEEEEEE, I don’t think I can stand it anymore!! God, this feels SO good!” Then it happened, Ashleigh raised her ass off the bed, got stiff as a board and screamed at the top of her lungs as she shot her juices all over my face. I licked up as much as I could, but there was just so much and it was so unexpected that I couldn’t get it all, even with my mouth clamped around her gushing cunt.

“Mummy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that! I’ll clean it all up later, I promise,” Ashleigh said between gasps. I couldn’t help but smile, and then she said, “Well, what’s so funny? I really didn’t mean to per myself.”

“Ashleigh, you didn’t do anything wrong or dirty, and I’m not mad. You just had a powerful orgasm and your pussy juices shot all over the place, we’ll clean up later if we need to.”

“So that’s not pee?” she asked as she calmed down.

“No, baby, it’s just your pussy juice, and I thought it was real sexy.”

She took a few more breaths, then said, “Thank you, Mummy. I’ve never felt this good EVER! If I knew that I could, then we’d have done this a long time ago. But what about you? It’s not fair that I get all the fun.”

There she goes again thinking about me, what a sweet child.

“OK, I did promise you that I would show you how to make me feel kaçak iddaa good, too. Here’s your second lesson, lie still baby”.

A buzzing started as I turned on the vibrator and brought it up to Ashleigh’s knee and touched it, slowly moving it up and down and around and then over to the other knee. I moved it along the top of Ashleigh’s legs and then back down, stroking it in a circular motion over her legs before pushing the vibrator between her closed legs, all the while keeping my eyes fixed on her as I saw a shiver run through her body. I pushed the vibrator up between her legs until it touched her pubic mound, at its touch she closed her eyes and arched her back, and her legs opened slightly. I breathed in sharply in excitement when I saw her reaction.

“Open your legs” I said in husky voice, and Ashleigh’s legs began to open.

Ashleigh, with all her shyness and embarrassment driven away by the sensation caused by the vibrator, did as she was told. Gripping her knees, she pulled them back and opened herself up completely and with her legs spread in front of me I could smell the sweet scent of her excitement.

She let slip a gasp as I pressed the tip of the vibrator against her clitoris and then circled it, and then returned, this time pressing a little bit harder. Ashleigh’s hips bucked forward, and her legs closed and re-opened. I was impressed with the result, Ashleigh looked like she was close to coming and I was only just teasing her. I sat back on my heels taking the vibrator away; Ashleigh opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Please don’t stop” she begged.

“Ohhh, such a sweet pussy, and so smooth too, mummy isn’t stopping anytime soon my love”

I licked my lips slowly and then bent forward, kissing her pubic mound and then again, this time lower, and then again.

“Ohhh, ohhhh, OOOOOHHHHH” Ashleigh cried as my lips ravaged her cunt, lapping from her clit to her ass and back again, so wet, I couldn’t get enough of her goo in my mouth. Her clit barely shrouded in its hood was my next target.

It’s just like a little nub, I thought as I gently teased and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. Ashleigh squirmed and wiggled letting out a soft moan, her thighs closing and opening as my tongue toyed with her. Suddenly she let out a loud moan, as I placed my mouth over her clit and sucked it, while at the same time probing with my tongue.

“OOOHHhhh God, yeessssssssss oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

I took my mouth away from her clit, and kissed her inner thigh, she lifted her head.


“Shhhhh, there’s no hurry” I said, “Just you lie back and relax.”

I lifted the vibrator back up, turning it on, and gently stroked it over Ashleigh’s inner thigh, moving it inwards in a slow circular motion. As it neared her pussy Ashleigh closed her eyes and tensed, but instead of going straight for it, I skirted around and over, teasing Ashleigh a little bit more. Even this, though, had her writhing and twisting. I had forgotten just how sensitive and frustrating it was being 19.

I allowed the tip of the vibrator to touch Ashleigh’s clit, and the effect was instantaneous, she gasped and moaned out loudly, her body convulsed and shook as her orgasm hit her. I pressed the vibrator against her clit, as her legs closed I held it there for a few minutes, before taking it away and circling it around her pussy, allowing her a moment to recover. After a few minutes, her breathing slowing, she looked at me but before she could say anything, I said.

“You enjoyed that?” Ashleigh kaçak bahis simply nodded her head.

“Ready for the second course?”

I slid the vibrator up to Ashleigh’s pussy, rubbing the tip over her sweet little mound, wet with her juices and then ran the tip up and then down between her lips. She let out a little moan and closed her eyes as the vibrator slid up and down, buzzing away, and then let out a louder gasp. I had pushed the vibrator into her tight cunt, just an inch, but the effect was amazing.

Thus far, Ashleigh’s sexual encounters, where nothing compared to this, this amazing intense feeling that must have been thundering through her teen body. Again, she gasped out loudly as I pushed the vibrator in a little deeper. Ashleigh was beginning to twist and turn, moving her hips, and I had to hold on firmly to one of Ashleigh’s legs as I fucked the vibrator slowly back and forth into her sopping cunt.

She slipped forward seeking more penetration, but I didn’t allow the vibrator to sink in too far to break her hymen, I had other plans for that deed. I slipped a finger inside of her as I withdrew the toy, then a second and curled them up seeking her joy spot. My fingers found it and as I twisted and beckoned against her G Spot Ashleigh cried out loudly.

I could feel Ashleigh building up to her next orgasm and I began to pump my fingers into her cunt a little faster, G Spot then finger fuck, G Spot then finger fuck, I was so messing with her head. She was twisting and shaking so much that she was almost off the bed and was letting out a continuous wail. Her legs clamped around me, and I now had to wrap my free arm tightly around one of them so that I could keep fucking her.

Suddenly a small squirt of juice hit me in the face, and then another, as she was hit by her first multiple orgasm. I continued to excite her G Spot and finger fuck her through her orgasm, only slowing as her eyes glazed. I loved the feeling of being in control, the sense of power, more so when you victim was so sweet and shy.

Ashleigh was completely lost in a storm of ecstasy; wave upon wave of intense pleasure was clearly breaking over her, as her body writhed and twisted. I slowed my pumping down, as her convolutions began to subside, and her cries of pleasure subsided to a gentle whimper.

Finally, I slipped my fingers out of Ashleigh’s cunt and lifted them to her mouth; Her lips clamped around them as she sucked her own juices from them. Hmmmm the taste, so sweet I thought. I looked down at her, collapsed on the bed, her legs open, with juices flowing from her sweet cunt, all red and swollen.

Reaching up my daughter kissed me on the lips; she tasted of her own sweet cunt.

“Now I feel warm all over, Mummy and my pussy is tingling, too. Is that normal?”

“That just means that you’re horny and need to come again. Let me show you how to do yourself, OK?” I would love to have done it to her myself, but my tongue was too tired for now, god the energy and stamina of my 19-year-old daughter was amazing.

“OK, Mummy, but hurry, PLEASE!” I told her to spread her legs again, and to put her finger inside her like I had done a while back. Then I showed her how to finger her pussy, and where her clit was, then let her go to town. She picked it up like a pro, and in just a few minutes was gushing again, though not with the same intensity as before.

“See, baby girl? When you’re all alone, you can still make yourself feel good without anyone’s help. But maybe you’d better have a towel nearby when you do.”

She squeezed her naked body against mine and said “Thanks, Mummy, you’re the best!”

“And remember, this is our little secret, right?”

“Our little secret, Mummy!”

I was already planning our next “lesson…”

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