A Couple of Birthday Bulls

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A Couple of Birthday BullsMy wife has often fantasized about fucking black men with incredibly large cocks. Often during our sex sessions she will beg me to fuck her with one of her big dildos, she has quite a large collection. Sometimes I’ll stick a suckered one to the mirrored wardrobe door and have her ride it on all fours whilst she sucks my cock. I must admit, I love to watch as her stretched pussy squirms up and down the long thick rubber shafts.I decided to get her a ‘special’ treat for her birthday. I put an ad on one of the amateur swinging websites for two black bulls to meet us in a local hotel and fuck my wife. I stressed that any applicants must have minimum 9 inches length and at least 2 inch girth. It took a few days for some decent replies to start coming in (plenty of skimpy cocked white men which was no use) but within a week I’d decided on the two I wanted and had given them the details of the meet. We were to meet up in a hotel room I’d booked for the evening, my wife knew about the booking but thought we were just going there for a nice meal and a bit of kinky sex in the room afterwards, but had no idea just how kinky I’d planned it.On her birthday we arrived early afternoon at the hotel, checked in and dropped our luggage off in the room. We had a nice meal in the restaurant and discussed what we would do with ourselves the following day. She said she fancied a late rise and perhaps some pampering in the spa and a swim in the pool. I told her I thought this was an excellent idea, but didn’t mention the part that it was a good idea because she was about to spend a sweaty energetic evening with two black bulls.After the meal we sat in the bar having a couple of drinks and by this stage, both of us started to feel a little tipsy. I started to stroke the inside of her thigh gently with the bag of my hand. She seemed to like this and reciprocated with a hand creeping up my leg toward my now aching cock. She whispered into my ear “I bought myself a new toy for this occasion, maybe we should head upstairs and I can show it to you, I think you’ll like it”. So we headed upstairs to the room, kissing and groping each other in the lift as it seemed to take forever to rise through the building to our floor. Eventually we made it and fumbled the key card into the lock. As we entered she turned to me and said “I’m going to get ready in the bathroom, why don’t you pour us a drink and see what you can find in my suitcase?”. As she entered the bathroom she said “and don’t start without me”.As soon as the bathroom door was shut I whipped out my mobile phone and texted both guys with the room number and told them to come up in half an hour, I wanted my wife to be so horny and wet by the time they entered that she would devour them both without the slightest hint of nerves. With everything organised I poured us both a vodka and tonic from the mini-bar and started to get undressed. It felt like such a relief when I lowered my boxers and finally let my aching cock spring out.I was just turning the bed sheets down when my wife came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a tight white blouse buttoned down so her ample breasts were ready to burst from it, a small grey mini skirt, white stockings with the suspenders showing under the tiny skirt, and a pair of her black riding boots. She had put her long blonde hair in pig tails and wore dark red lipstick and dark eyeliner. “I thought I’d go for the Goth schoolgirl look this time” she said. As she crossed to the bed she realised I’d not gone into her suitcase yet as instructed. “Why haven’t you got my new toy from the suitcase yet? Am I not allowed a big cock tonight?” I smiled at the thought of the enormous real cocks that were about to fill her very soon. “Sorry babe I just didn’t get round to it yet”. As she flopped herself onto the bed I bent down and pulled her suitcase from under it. I pulled it open and was almost shocked by the size of the new toy she had bought. It was still in its packaging and was labelled as a ‘Cyberskin – Mega Dong’. As I took it out of the packaging I couldn’t help notice how ‘real’ it felt compared with her other dildos, and it was about 13 inches long and had a huge girth, especially the bulge behind the head which tapered off to the balls, it was going to be one hell of a challenge! She’d packed a bottle of lube too, good job as this thing was going to require plenty by the time the night was out I thought to myself. As I raised my head above the bed again I realised she hadn’t waited for me and was already rubbing and fingering her pussy. I wry smile came across her face as she saw the toy in my hand, “well what do you think istanbul escort of that big boy then? He’s made of Cyberskin so should feel really realistic inside my pussy”. Well, I thought, we’ll be able to give it the ultimate comparison tonight then!.She looked so sexy that I really wanted to just push my cock into her pussy right there and then, but I knew I was so horny that I’d just end up cumming quickly and spoiling the party I had planned. “In fact” she said “this big boy might just make me so horny and stretch my pussy so much that I’ll even let you fuck me up the arse tonight”. Well I didn’t think I could get any hornier now! I said to her “where would you like me to start babe?”. “I need cock right now” she said, “fuck the foreplay my pussy’s sopping wet as it is”. I bent over and gave her a kiss while slipping a couple of fingers into her pussy. She was right; her pussy was dripping wet so I slid another couple of fingers into her hole. “All in good time” I said. I lowered my head to her breasts and pulled open her blouse with my other hand. I started circling each nipple with my tongue until each once was rock solid. “Fuck me with that huge cock now babe” she begged ,“I want to feel my pussy stretched with its massive girth.” I removed my fingers from her pussy and started rubbing them across her nipples, the wetness from her pussy made them all slippery as I traced rings around them with my fingers and flicked the hard flesh. I picked up the lube in my other hand and squirted a long line of it down the dildo, then worked the lube up and down the shaft with my free hand. I picked up the massive dong and moved the head of it to her soaking pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as I started pushing the tip of it past the pink lips of her love hole. “Are you ready for this?” I asked “he’s a big ‘un”. “Oh fuck yes” she moaned, “give him to me. “As I was just about to start pushing the massive girth at the head of the dildo into her, there was a knock at the door. “Oh fuck who can that be?” She said as she tried to stifle a long moan”. “This will be your birthday surprise” I said, getting off the bed and moving to the door. “Should I get under the covers?” she asked. “No just stay as you are, I’m sure it will be fine” I said. I opened the door and standing there was two of the biggest butch black guys I’d ever seen. The one on the left said “Hi, I’m Rodney and this is Mark, are you Dave?”. “Yeah, come on in guys” I said “you’re just in time”. “As they walked into the room my wife instantly tried to cover herself up as a natural reaction to the fact that I’d just let two strangers into the room, then looking them up and down I could see that she understood what was happening and she lowered her hands away from her pussy and breasts. She looked at me and smiled, “so this is my birthday present then?”. “I’d like you to meet Rodney and Mark” I said, “These guys have agreed to join in your birthday celebrations tonight and make sure you enjoy the evening.”“Well in that case I guess we better get right down to business” she said “my pussy is aching for some action”, both guys looked at me for some sort of permission to move toward the bed, I guessed they hadn’t done this type of thing before. “Yeah guys get in there, fill your boots, by the way, I forgot to ask you both before, does either of you mind if I make a video of this for our own personal viewing?”, both guys said this was fine, so as they started to strip off their clothing I went into the bathroom and got our small handy cam from my washbag.When I came back into the bedroom both men were down to their socks, my wife having help Mark get his boxers off, she couldn’t wait to see what they were packing and get a piece of it. If my wife was nervous by the sheer size of the members that were about to invade her most private of places she certainly didn’t show it. It was actually me who couldn’t believe the size of those massive black monsters, I’d seen photographs of Mark and Rodneys cocks when they applied for tonight, I hadn’t wanted to get to this stage and find out that the guys I’d gotten to come along were lying about their cock size. But the photographs didn’t do either of their cocks any justice. Marks was about 10 inches long, and had a nice girth to it. But Rodney had a cock straight out of a porn movie, it must have been at least 12 inches long, and it was so wide I wasn’t sure my wife could actually take it.My wife wasted no time in getting to know the boys as I stood in amazement at these mammoth members, she was already on all fours munching Marks tool as far into her mouth as she avcılar escort could get it, whilst cupping Rodneys b**st in her other hand and stroking it at a slow seductive pace. I started recording our ‘party’ on the hand cam, whilst my other hand, without even thinking about it, reached down and started stroking my throbbing hard-on. As she went from dick to dick greedily sucking them in as far as she could take them the boys stood there looking down amazed at this middle aged, sex mad woman who just couldn’t get enough of what they were packing. Between gulps of cock she looked up at the boys and said “I want both of these big cocks in all my holes tonight boys so you’d better have good stamina”, the boys looked at each other and grinned, hungry for the fact that my wife had just offered to take their cocks up her arse. I was quite surprised by this, I’d told the boys by email that there would be no anal tonight as I didn’t think my wife would take their big members up her arse. Normally when we’re playing with toys we don’t put them up her arse as she doesn’t like it to be stretched. But I guess tonight with these two big guns here and now she wanted to enjoy them in every way she could.Whilst she was busy noshing on Rodney’s cock, I told Mark to go round behind her and start fucking her in the pussy. As he mounted the bed and start to push the tip of his big cock into her hole I could see her eyes widen with the surprise of how big he actually was in her tight pink pussy. Despite having not had any action for at least 20 minutes now her pussy was obviously still wet as it only took Mark a few strokes to get his entire cock in her, right up to the balls. She’s stopped sucking Rodney’s cock now and was vigorously wanking it back and forth, as Mark pounded into her from behind she moaned and gave encouragement to the young bull, “that’s it Mark, fill my hole, fuck me with that huge cock of yours, I can feel it stretching my wet hole, now come round here and let me lick the pussy juices off your cock”. “Rodney, get round there and fuck me for all your worth”, my wife was clearly in her element and was controlling the boys now all on her own.As Mark came round to her mouth I could see his cock was glistening with her pussy juices, at the site of this she licked her lips and swallowed almost half of Marks cock straight down her throat. It was now Rodney’s turn to fill her pussy, and as he slid his massive dick inside her she took her mouth off Mark’s cock and let out a gasp, “STOP” she said “even as wet as I am you’re going to have to lube that monster if you’re going to get it inside me.” Rodney pulled the tip of his cock out and looked around for the lube, I picked the bottle off the floor and handed it to him as he stroked his member to maintain his solid erection. As he worked lube onto the black shaft my wife kept slurping Marks cock as far down her throat as she could get it. All lubed up Rodney re-assumed his position behind her and started pushing his cock into her, again she stopped sucking Mark off but this time she simply whimpered and moaned as the massive member was pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy.Rodney was up on her doggy style and I was getting a great view from behind him as his huge cock stretched my wife’s pussy as far as I’ve ever seen it. She was moaning and screaming “oh yes, fuck me with your huge cock Rodney, fill my hole with your big meaty member”. This was what we’d role-played lots of times in the bedroom but now it was real and she was absolutely loving it.Now came the moment I think we’d all been waiting for, as Rodney pumped into her pussy she let out a huge moan then said “ok boys I want one of you in each hole, Rodney I’ll sit on your cock and Mark you can take me up the arse from behind.” As Rodney pulled out I kept the camera filming her sopping pussy, her hole was gaping wide open from the size of the cocks that had just pounded it, now she was about to take one of them up her arse! I couldn’t wait.Rodney lay flat on the bed with his erection sticking straight up out of him. My wife stood over the top of him savouring the thought of sitting down onto his mighty cock. As she lowered herself onto it again, she went down all the way to his balls; I couldn’t believe she could handle that whole monster in her pussy. As she rode up and down on his cock Mark stood behind her stoking his member with one hand and slipping a lubed finger into my wife’s arse with the other. Once he was ready, he poured a load of lube into his hand, and worked it all along his thick shaft. Without further ado he proceeded to slowly push the tip of it into my wife’s şirinevler escort tight anus.I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was standing behind a large black man who was pushing a huge cock up my wife’s arse, all this whilst she bucked up and down on the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in real life. I wanted to go to the head of the bed and get my wife to suck on my cock as she was filled from behind with the two loads of dark meat, but I stood transfixed as these two big black cocks pounded away on my wife’s little holes. She was in ecstasy now and was moaning and screaming with little regard for who could hear her. Suddenly Mark’s buttocks clenched and he pushed his cock as deep into her ass as he could go, he’d clearly just shot a load up her hole.As he pulled out he had a huge smile on his face that obviously meant he’d enjoyed it. Without stopping, my wife told Rodney that it was his turn to fuck her in the arse, just as long as he lubed up first. She rolled off him and Rodney went to work lubing up his monster. “How do you want to fuck me Rodney” she asked? “On all fours with Rodney taking you doggy” I said, this was still as much my fantasy as hers after all. Rodney obliged and stood over her little white asshole ready to stretch it beyond belief. And stretch it he did, as Mark had already loosened her tight little ring, he went straight in right up to his balls which took the breath away from my wife. A tear appeared at the corner of her left eye as she fought to regain her breathing, “holy fuck” she said “I didn’t expect that much that quick”. “Rodney apologised to her but still kept his dick deep in her arse, “that’s ok” she said “it’s in now and I want you to fuck the arse of me with it.” Marks spunk began to seep out of her sloppy arse with a squelching sound and run down her pussy. Rodney pounded the length of his cock in and out of her arse for what must have been about 20 minutes, me walking around taking video of it from different angles and Mark sitting on the sofa stroking his cock. Once Rodney was ready to come, instead of shooting it up her arse as Mark had done, he whipped his cock out of her arse and came around to her front, all the while stroking his cock vigorously, no sooner had he come round to face her than he fired a big load of thick spunk all over her face, it was in her eyes and her hair, it was blowing bubbles out her nose, it was fantastic.She collapsed onto the bed, her holes ruined and her face a thick mess of spunk. “thank you boys, that was the most wonderful Birthday present I’ve EVER had!” As the boys started to dress I moved over to the bed, still filming all the time and asked her “well are you quite finished for the evening or can your thoughtful husband maybe get a quick blowjob?”. “Finished? We’re a long way from finished darling, I may have just had the best fuck of my life but it’s you who really knows how to make me orgasm, no offence though darling but I don’t think your cock will be of much use tonight, I think it’d be like throwing a matchstick up a drainpipe” . “I totally agree” I said, as I started working my hand into her still lubed pussy. As the boys finished dressing neither of them could take their eyes of the sight of me working my fist in and out of her now sloppy wet pussy. I asked the boys if they wanted to stay and watch our finale and both of them couldn’t agree quick enough.As she lay there on her back with me working my fist in and out of her she started wiping the spunk from her face and licking the thick goo from her fingers. I was so horny now I felt like I would explode at the slightest touch on my cock. So before I lost control I pulled my fist out of her hole and knelt between her legs. I wasn’t sure if she would still having any feeling in her clit after the bashing it had received tonight but I started to flick the swollen bud with my tongue. Obviously there was still something there as she started to buck and moan in the biggest orgasm I think I’d ever witnessed from her. She pushed my head away as she started squirting all over the bed and screaming in pleasure. I quickly moved off the bed and stood by her head, cock in hand, and it only took a couple of strokes before I too had one of the biggest orgasms I had ever experienced, firing a massive thick load of cum into her open moaning mouth.With a load of her spunk still in my mouth, she looked up at me and in a gargling voice said “darling that has to be the best birthday present you have ever given me”.We agreed to meet the boys back downstairs in the bar and buy them a drink as a thank you for a great evening. So after we got ourselves cleaned up and dressed, we headed down. We all agreed that it had been an extremely fun evening and vowed to meet up again sometime in the future for another sexy session, my wife even suggested that the boys bring some more friends with them, but only if their friends were as well endowed as them.I could only hope they knew plenty such people!

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