A Cruise for One but Two Will Do



I believe that as long as people all agree on the sexual acts committed they should do so with the people they want. I do not see gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners as doing anything wrong. Therefore one should be warned before reading any of my stories that gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners can occur. If you are offended by any of this? Stop reading now.


The eighteen year old Jason gave a sigh of relieve as he got up from the cabin to stand in the morning breeze, on the three master sail boat, Dominion. Rubbing the sleep out from his eyes with his left hand, his right reached out for the railing for support. He let out a small yawn.

“Keep your wits about you boy,” he heard a familiar voice speak “Its bad luck to be out on deck if your still half a sleep.” Looking up he saw the dark face of his mother’s boyfriend, Dante.

“Yea… yeah I´m awake!” He lied.

He gave the forty-two year old male a smile. The man looked him up and down, winked and then returned his gaze back to the blue ocean that surrounded them.

Jason quietly shuffled to the bow, trying to escape the gaze he felt on his back when ever Dante was around. He recalled the first few weeks of Anna, his mother, dating Dante. She had seemed more alive then ever when she got ready for their dates. Jason had been happy for her at first. She had been through enough.

She had divorced his Dad a year ago. At 36 she wasn’t content anymore with being a stay at home Mom. She had proclaimed one night during diner that she wanted to experience the world in its many facets. Jason had looked up to her and in a sense had understood what she meant. Sure they had wealth, but who in their zip code didn’t have that?

He had looked on as his Dad had tried to find a sense of what she wanted and he could not give. She had merely shaken her head and looked down, throwing a view glances Jason’s way, telling his dad she didn’t want to bring it up in front of their son.

Seeing her standing there like that, her body still unaffected by age, long blond hair, with a few strains of light red, he hoped she would find it. Her face told tales of a yearning of sorts that often he had felt himself. No one should feel trapped he had thought, in a sense, relating to her. He had always felt trapped. He did not know why, but there had always been something in his gut. Something telling him, something, was off.

They had still been in talks when he had returned to college, only to find out they had split up very soon after he had left. His Dad had moved out of the house he later found out. He felt sorry for the old man but knew his dad could take care of himself.

“Morning honey!” He heard his mother say, startled he jumped up from where he had been sitting. Looking back he saw her standing on the deck in her slippers and silk bathrobe. He was a few inches taller then her so looking down the small and truthfully, obscene flimsy thing called a bathrobe that did little to conceal her full c cup breasts. He noticed how she had forgone with wearing bras apparently. Her hair would reflect the sun, and a few strains would flutter in the wind on a soft breeze.

“Good Morning Mom” He smiled, drawing a hand through his own blond hair, trying to tidy up somewhat.

Taking the second coffee cup she had been holding, he stepped back to give her room to sit as well. Her head turned red for a few seconds as decency had, apparently, not left her mind entirely and she tried keeping her crotch from exposing as she sat down. Looking down and away, yet a small smile on her lips, she composed herself. Probably still thinking of last night Jason thought.

“Lovely weather today.” She spoke casually.

Jason wondered if she would have the guts to talk about what had happened that night. Probably not. She had been acting strange for some time now. Jason’s family had always been prudish of sorts around the house so getting use to his “new” mom, as he revered to her these days, was taking considerable effort. Thankfully only 3 more weeks in their 6 weeks sailing vacation, Jason thought.

Before he could find a subject to talk to her about, anything but last night, he heard his mother speak again.

“Are those dolphins?” She said as she quickly stood up and walked to the railing. The little bathrobe fluttered in the wind revealing her round firm ass cheeks. Jason sighed loudly, the view having an effect on his morning cock. He knew she was his mother but how could he not feel these feelings of lust when she displayed no flaws. She was everything a women, a mother should be he thought.

“They come to these waters; I thought you might enjoy seeing some.” Dante’s voice broke him out of his daydream. He looked up at the tall broad man, noticing the man had taken off his shirt. A small glow from the sun reflected from his broad shoulders, small beats of sweat were dripping down due to the sun. Jason knew the man to be hairless save for bursa escort his eyebrows from the things he had seen. And he had seen most everything.

“Their bodies smooth and slick, a true sight. Jason would enjoy them too.” Dante’s right hand, palm upwards went from his direction towards his mothers, her back still towards them. He had a small smile on his face. Jason had noticed that about Dante. He seemed to like to direct things.

Jason did want to see the dolphins though, so he gave it little thought. Jumping up he walked towards the railing, coming to stand next to his mother. She looked wonderful. Her slightly curling lips drew apart in a broad smile, her small hands grasping the railing bending forwards looking into the clear blue ocean. As Jason looked again he noticed her bathrobe had slightly parted revealing far more cleavage then should be appropriate.

Surely enough Dante came casually strolling towards them. Jason looked down and saw the thick long outline where the black mans cock rested, half erect in his white briefs.

When Dante noticed him looking, the man adjusted his cock, a small smile forming around his lips. Jason had seen that smile before.

Jason had tried his best the last few weeks not to stare at his mother’s new boyfriend, but he could not help himself. From the day he had met him the black man had made an impression on him. Somehow the colour of his skin, his casual suave attitude, had Jason feeling save when ever he was around. He didn’t really know how to admit it to himself yet, but he felt slightly impressed with the older man’s body. Dante had been very open in his day to day when he had moved in. Working out down in his dad’s basement gym, wearing nothing but tight shorts. Jason figured him for a player, or what Jason knew of such things reading in magazines. Dante had made little effort to hide his enjoyment of the wealth his dad had left for Jason and his mom. His mom had gotten a big settlement after the divorce.

Right from when they had set sail, his mother and Dante had been all over each other.

“It’s going to be a tight fit for the next few weeks Jason,” Anna had said, raising her golden eyebrows at him. “Just get used to the fact that Dante has his needs and you know how he is.”

The yacht had only one sleeping compartment but thankfully did have a separator with a bed on either side. Space was limited to say the least. Yet Dante had made no effort to conceal his nightly lusts upon his mother upon setting sail. His grunts and foul language had echoed into the ocean night. Somehow knowing no one could ever hear them, save for Jason perhaps, had somehow steered the man on to become more vocal and fouler as the days went on. His mother too had become more vocal then he had ever heard her and dad be. He could forgive her though. Who could Imagen what sort of lusts such a big man had.

He had seen Dante stare at him before, around the house. Once while his mother had fallen asleep on her beach chair at the pool, Dante had just stared at him. Jason had been unsure but he thought he saw the man’s cock grow bigger through the tight colourful swimming shorts.

The situation had become even more painful when his mother had, half asleep most likely, reached out and started caressing the black man’s groin and abs. He had stood up; not realizing that his own dick had somehow become hard and when he had looked at the black man he saw a small smirk on his face, Jason’s dick clearly straining, bulging from his own semi tight shorts. Quickly he had run into the house.

And here he saw the same smile again. Feeling his face getting red he quickly returned his gaze back to the dolphins.

“They are beautiful yes?”

Jason heard from his right. He looked over to his mother and saw the black man standing behind his mother. They really did look good together he had to admit. They looked like a perfect Adam and Eve to Jason, the sun light reflecting on their so different skin colours.

“Oooh!” His mother gasped surprised as Dante reached around and into the bathrobe, cupping her full breasts.

Jason could not keep a small smile from his face but quickly turned his face away. What would his mother think of him if she saw him looking? And yet why do it so openly? Dante had been pulling pranks like this more and more the last few days. The older black man had made it very clear he just took what he wanted when he wanted.

Last night had been the worst.

He had forgotten a book on deck and coming back from retrieving it, had returned to find his mother in half state of undress and Dante, naked, kneeling on the bed. Jason had stood grounded not knowing how to react. He had looked at his mother as she bowed down to pick something up, her small white see through lingerie piece hiding nothing. His eyes had grown large as his gaze was drawn to the small puffy lips he had once been birthed from. Moister already forming in anticipation of what was to come.

“You bursa escort bayan know a women’s beauty.” Dante spoke. His voice, a thunder through the quite night.

Jason looked to his right and saw the black Adonis stroke his long dark cock, that hung half erect between his legs, almost reaching the black sheets. He had caught glimpses of it before around the house but not so visible like this. The big head slightly foaming around the edge as the strong hand pulled the foreskin back and forth. The sheets already had a few stains on them. He saw Dante acknowledge him, looking down towards Jason’s crotch and smiling.

“Huh what honey?” Anna replied, unaware of Jason, her back still to the door where he stood.

Dante reached out and his big hand cupped the freckled cheek of Anna’s ass, roughly squeezing it, showing off her little brown rectum. The big black hand kept on massaging it bringing his Mother obvious pleasure. Jason saw Anna’s hand go down towards her pussy, the long nailed middle finger reach to those small puffy lips, and he couldn’t help but draw his breath in. His mother gave a small moan and laid her right hand on Dante’s shaven dome to steady herself. Slowly she turned her head around, towards Dante at first, biting softly on her lower lip, until she noticed Jason standing in the door way.

Quickly she turned around.

“Jason!” “You shouldn’t watch when Dante has his needs.” She scowled at him. He suddenly became very aware of his own hard cock standing out from his shorts. His mother gave little sign of noticing it yet he saw from the corner of his eyes Dante was staring at it.

“I’m your mother!” She tried vainly to hide her breasts with one arm, while her other was unsuccessfully cupping her pussy trying to hide it from view. Her little feet kept tip towing trying to keep her big breasts from spilling out.

“I’m sorry mom!” He had blurted out. Dante had been smiling the entire time. Quickly he walked forwards towards the back of the cabin, sliding the thin shutter between the beds. Both his Mom and her new husband had just looked at him as he drew close the thin wooden panel that separated the beds.

“Can you believe him? Looking at me like that?” He heard his mother say more surprised then angry.

“Hahaha of course I can. You are a beautiful women. He is a man.” Dante had replied.

“Yes but I’m his mother!” She had exasperated.

“It is only natural that a man should respond the way he did to a body such as yours!” Dante had countered. “It’s not every day a boy sees his mother getting ready to receive a black man.”

“My black man…” She cooed.

He had stood motionless behind the panel as he had heard Dante pull his mother on the bed. Her small giggles caused his cock to harden. He could only imagine how his mother was able to take that much cock into her little hole. As he heard the kisses and moans he reached into his shorts, his hand finding his hard dick. Pretty soon his mother began to moan louder and louder. The boat, if it was possible, had begun to rock more as their love making had begun to grow louder.

Jason knew from experience that how ever prude his mother normally was, when she was alone with Dante she appeared to be the complete opposite.

Suddenly he heard a loud slam on the wooden panel, causing him to startle and his mother cry out “Uuugh uuugh uuuhh” over and over again. He suddenly realized he hadn’t moved from when he had closed the thin panel. Sliding down his shorts, he quickly got onto the bed and under the sheets. His right hand never leaving his rock hard cock. As he slowly stroked it, only a few feet away from where his mother was being fucked, his mind wondered back to the black man’s cock. While his own wasn’t small by any means it compared null to the black anaconda he had seen.

The pounding was only getting louder. His mother was still moaning loudly but Dante had begun to grunt as well now. “Ugh ugh ugh” he kept going in that deep dark voice of his. He had started to slam his hand on the wooden panel, causing the loose frame to shudder. Jason felt sweat drop down his brow, his right hand still softly playing with his hard cock. Smoothly the foreskin slid up and down, his fantasies providing lubrication. The small space felt like it was becoming smaller by the second as the slamming became louder and louder.


Suddenly Jason startled as the locking mechanism that had held the wooden panel in place broke, causing the panel to slide away and Jason was greeting with the sight of Dante ramming down on his mother who was lying on her stomach, her legs spread to either side. When she too noticed what had happened her eyes grew wide and her already reddened face becoming even more crimson. Dante just kept grunting and slamming down, his big red lips forming an “O”, sweat trickling down his smooth muscled body. He paid no mind to what had happened. It felt like neither Jason nor his Mother could either then.

With escort bursa the panel out of the way and Dante’s continuing to slam down on his small framed mother was now sliding over their silk bed sheets onto Jason’s. Within a few thrusts she was already at knee level. Jason just lay frozen, unsure what to do, a few seconds ago he could only wonder what was going on and now he was given the live show.

“Oh.. ooh… oooh Jason… uuh uuh, Jason…” His mother tried speaking; words’ forming badly, Dante’s fucking clearly making it hard for her to form a word let alone a sentence.

“Please… uuh uuh… look uu… away… uuuuh please look… away…” She pleaded, her words almost a whisper compared to the gushing sounds her pussy were making as Dante kept forcing that long black cock into her. For a few minutes Jason did look away. The situation felt so uncomfortable.

Jason saw the dark dick come up for air, the shaft slick with his mother’s pussy juice. And with a loud fart and sucking sound it submerged again into the sloppy wet mess.

He felt the black man’s hand land next to his hip, grasping the sheet that lay between the naked bodies of him and his mother. He tried letting go of his cock but he couldn’t. He just felt frozen.

“Oaahhh” Dante gasped as he tore into the petite white women lying beneath him. Jason felt the thin sheet slowly slide down towards the floor as the black man kept fucking his mother. It was like he had become some black … bull like creature that was pure lust. Jason wondered if the man even knew he was there. His mother was now level with his crotch, Jason was sure she could see the outline if she opened her eyes. She did not however, lost in her own world again. Trying to provide some resistance she had moved her right arm up, squeezing Jason’s arm tight. He felt his mother tug at his arm every time Dante slammed down on her.

Time seemed to stop until suddenly the sheet made momentum and came down, falling on the floor. Now nothing lay between his naked form and his mothers, his right hand still wrapped around his hard cock. Dante’s hand lay next to him, his mother holding firm still, apparently caught up in bliss. Looking up he saw Dante stare down on him. Jason was unable to explain what sort of expression he wore. So focused and intent. He looked at the man’s form and shuddered, the black smooth ass rising up and back down, that long hard black cock covered in white slime going in and out of his mother’s pussy. Sounds echoed around the cabin and the heat felt scolding.

He saw Dante’s right arm press down strongly onto her back, making her petite white butt stick out from the bed. Two perfect, slightly red, cheeks welcoming every thrust the man gave.

After a few moments Dante started to speed up even more, Jason instinctively telling the man was close to cum ing.

Before Jason could really register what was happening Dante had pulled out, strains of pussy fluid trailing from the big round tip to Anna’s cunt, as he stepped off the bed.

He walked forward, his left hand roughly griping his pulsing swollen meat and his right hand reaching towards his mother’s face, roughly grabbing her red blond hairs and pulling her face a little off the bed her cheek now inches above Jason’s cock.

A small trial of spittle came from the lower red lip of the black man as he led out a loud “ooaaahh” and thick creamy strains of cum shot out splashing his mom’s pretty face. She seemed to relish the moment as her lips drew slightly apart. As more squirts came out she had opened her eyes a little and she could clearly see Jason now. Apologetic looks on her face yet a hint of pure desire in her eyes.

Dante kept groaning but he slightly lost his balance stepping a few inches closer, as his cock kept shooting streams of white creamy cum, some landing on Jason’s hand that was still tightly grasping his own cock. Jason overwhelmed on all senses felt his own cock begin to swell and the most intense orgasm he had ever had swept over him. He looked at the fat globs of cum on his hand and his cock kept spewing more all over his stomach. Looking down he saw his mother had turned away her face, but Jason felt her hand softly caress his right arm, telling him it was okay.

“Ugh… that felt good.” Dante sighed after what seemed to be an eternity. Jason looked as the large black hand only covered a fraction of the black meat it was holding, Dante pulled back the skin a few times to really drain his balls not caring where his seed landed. Anna quickly glanced at him and then used her hand to clean the cum from her face then proceeding to stick out her tongue and lick it off her hand. When she and Jason locked eyes she quickly looked down, yet kept licking.

“That’s right… like I told you…” Dante groaned madly at the sight of the young mother licking his seed.

“It would seem some has landed on you…” Dante continued as he looked at Jason.

While Jason still was busy with getting his heart to slow down a small hand had grabbed his hand and when he looked up saw her bring it closer to his mouth. She smiled affectionately as Jason pressed the cum stained flesh at his mouth and licked.

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