A Cuckolds Dream or Nightmare?


A Cuckolds Dream or Nightmare?We arrived at the front door to the house, hand in hand, both of us nervous yet excited. I could tell from the look in my beautiful wife’s eyes that she was scared, not in a physical harm might befall her kind of way, but a will she truly enjoy this kind.My wife Diane is, to me, the most beautiful woman. She is 5’5”, 150lbs, curvy hips, long dark wavy hair, blue eyes, porcelain white milky smooth skin, and lucious plump D cups. She is the perfect example of a wife and mother, and for a woman who was a virgin when we met she is a demon in bed. Over the years she grew wanton and her skills orally and sexually grew as well.I suppose that’s how, in part, we found ourselves here tonight. I had been chatting one night online and stumbled across a man, a real man I should add, who opened my eyes to the world of cuckolding. I had seen some cuckold porn in the past, and will admit it was always a bit of a turn on. This man, he wished to be called Sir, began by discussing fantasies with me, and leading me down the path with small tasks: taste my own semen, imagine how it would taste inside her, take some pics of her, etcOne night I convinced my wife to watch some porn with me. I feigned ignorance of the content when I clicked on “cuckold”. My wife has always been turned on by MMF so the start seemed good to her, and then the plot line changed. Yet she didn’t tell me to turn it off.I slid down, between her beautiful thighs, and spread them. Her pussy, trimmed, was already glistening. I began to lick and taste her sweetness as she described how the wife was now sucking the other mans cock while her husband watched. I could tell it was turning her on as she pushed herself down onto my tongue even more.We repeated this a few times over the course of several weeks. Then one night, I told her how beautiful she would look with another mans cock in her mouth. She blushed, and giggled. I told her again, and she said maybe, maybe, if I found the right man for her.I waited a few days and brought it up again, telling her I had found someone. At first she seemed shocked, but as I described Sir, she began to be more and more interested. I told her I had already arranged a babysitter and that we were going over on Saturday night. Her eyes got wide, surprised, shocked, a bit angry, but also turned on. As the week went on she began to probe for more and more information: What was Sir like, what would we wear, what was he expecting, etc. I could sense the excitement building with each passing day.On this day I had sent my wife for a spa day, a full treatment: massage, manicure and pedicure, Brazilian wax, fresh hair do. She was dressed in a low cut black dress with a short hem line that Sir had picked out and I had ordered. It hugged her hips perfectly, accentuating her curves, and displayed her voluptuous breasts wonderfully. She wore red 6” heels and red lipstick. Standing on Sir’s front step she looked absolutely magnificent.I kissed her one more time, gently, and then knocked on the door. It felt like an eternity, holding her hand, before it opened. There stood Sir, in his late forties or early fifties, distinguishes, handsome, in black dress shoes, black dress pants, a white dress shirt. His hair was salt and pepper, his body fit. He looked like a man who knows he is attractive but not pushy about it. “Tom and his wife Diane. Welcome, come in.”We stepped in the entrance, and the door shut behind us, with a click of the deadbolt. I could feel her shiver, could see the goosebumps. But I could see in her eyes, it wasn’t fear, not fear of harm at least. It was excitement, fear of the unknown, like at the top of a roller coaster before the fall.“Diane, I suspect that little Tom here has explained my expectations for this evening?” Sir said.“Um…no Sir, Tom did not. Only that I was to go to the spa and wear this lovely dress you selected…without underwear”, she added sheepishly.“Hmmmm, and why was this Tom?” Sir said to me sternly. “Sir, I thought that the surprise of the evening would be more stimulating. And judging by the goosebumps on my lovely wife’s skin I believe it is.”“Very well, I will allow this this time.” Sir turned to Diane. “Diane, you do look quite lovely. However you are missing, as is your little husband, an important piece of attire.” With that Sir gestured to a bench further in the hallway. On it sat two leather collars, attached to dog leashes. One collar had a pink bow through the loop, while the other had a blue bow. “As I instructed Tom, he will attach the collar first to himself, then you, and will hand me the leashes. You will be led around the house in this manner. Is this understood?” Diane looked, swallows, and nodded her head in understanding.I walked over and picked up the collars with the blue bow. It was not as thin as a dog collar, but not big enough to cover my, or Diane’s whole neck. I placed it on and cinched it tight.I then walked back to Diane and faced her, placing the collar around her neck. She looked into my eyes, and I could see the mix of fear, anticipation, and excitement within them. She looked so beautiful I leaned forward to kiss her without thinking and felt a yank on the collar and leash, not harsh, but enough to stop me. “Hmmmm, Diane, it would appear little Tom here has forgotten the rules. Diane, do you know what rule by chance I’m speaking of?” Sir stood beside her now, our leashes in his hands. “Um…Tom may not kiss me, Sir?” She replied hesitantly. We hadn’t discussed this, but she had seen enough cuckold porn with me by this time to guess. “Correct, you are a very smart woman. And beautiful. I can see why little Tom here wanted to marry illegal bahis you.” With that Sir led us, gently, into the living room of his home. We walked, still holding hands, as he gently tugged us along.The living room had two couches facing each other with a fire place on the wall between them. The fire was on, and the light soft, which only enhanced the glow of my wife’s milky white smooth skin. Sir led us to the middle of the room and had us stand facing one another. I could smell her beautiful floral perfume.We stood there for what felt like a long time, Sir circling us, inspecting his new…what…toys? Property?He stood behind Diane, ran his fingers up and down her arms, making her shiver in excitement. She looked at me, a slight grin, and mouthed “I love you.” “Little Tom, do you recall what you are to do now?” Sir barked, making both my wife and I jump a little. Sir leaned in behind my wife, to her left ear, his right hand on her right shoulder, and I could hear him whisper, “Diane, you have nothing to fear from me.”I could sense, even though she still seemed rigid, that she believed him. “Yes Sir…” I began, “I am to present Diane to you. I am to undress her, fold her clothing, and lay it on the couch.”“Begin then”. I walked behind Diane and began to unzip the dress from the back. I began to slide the dress down, over her slender soft shoulders, down her beautiful back, over her hips, and lastly over her beautiful ass. As it lay on the ground I bent over to retrieve it, Diane stepping out one foot at a time. My face was so close to her ass but I dared not try to kiss it as I normally would.I picked up the dress and folded it neatly on the couch, returning to stand in front of Diane. This time Sir stood beside me. “She is beautiful as described little Tom. I’m very pleased.” There stood my wife, naked, except for her red high heels, for the first time in front of another man that wasn’t me. I felt the leash pull, not enough to pull me back, but enough to know Sir was asserting pressure. “Tom, I believe it’s time for you to have a seat.” With that Sir led me to the couch I had laid Diane’s dress on and told me to sit. I sat and heard Sir affix the leash to something behind me. He then produced a set of nylon cuffs. “Now Tom, please give me your hands.” I looked at Diane, and she at me. We both were nervous. “Tom, you knew what this would be. You know how this works. Do you wish to continue?” I looked at Diane again, a lump in my throat. So beautiful I noticed a slight nod of her head. With that I presented my hands to Sir, and he secured them, the connecting strap under my legs so my hands were at my sides.Sir then walked over to Diane, and stood beside her. He ran his hand up and down her arm, along the back of her neck, down her side, and then began to cup her ass cheeks. “Little Tom has told me so much about you Diane, and he has not disappointed.” He then smacked her ass with a loud crack of his palm making Diane jump and yelp. Sir laughed and pulled on her leash slightly. He then positioned himself beside her again. He ran his hand across her stomach, then up to her beautiful breasts, cupping them, then rolling her nipples in his fingertips. The sight of this man, a total stranger really, fondling my wife’s body, was making my cock rock hard in my pants.Sir then slid his hand down my wife’s stomach again, toward her beautiful bald pussy. His hand slid over her bald mound and sat there. “Diane, spread your legs.” She hesitated, staring at me, unsure, but also wanton in her expression. A slight tug of her leash was all it took as she spread her stance wider, Sir now moving a finger along her pussy lips and probing further. “Little Tom, this beautiful slut you’ve brought me is soaking wet.” Sir grinned looking at me.Diane turned her head and looked st Sir, a look of shock on her face. “Poor Diane, did you not know? Women who want to be fucked by men in front of their husbands are not proper ladies, they are sluts, sometimes even whores. But don’t fret Diane, it is a good thing.” All while saying this to my beautiful wife, Sir continued to finger my wife’s beautiful pussy, making her quiver, bite her lower lip, and move her hips to try and get more pleasure. “Do you enjoy this Diane, do you enjoy being a slut in front of your loving husband?” Diane nodded her head.Sir continued to play with my wife’s pussy, inching her closer and closer to orgasm, but when she was almost there, her breathing shallow and quick, her hips moving to get the pleasure she desired, her moans increasing in volume, Sir pulled back on the leash, interrupting the rhythm, and removed his finger. Diane stood there, her pussy gleaming, deflated. “Now now Diane, the night is young, and you are both here for MY pleasure. Do you understand?” Again Diane nodded, and added with a whimper, “Yes Sir.”Sir then lead Diane to the couch across from me. “Diane, undress your Master.” Diane began by unbuttoning Sir’s shirt and folding it on the couch. Next she removed his belt, and pants. Sir wore tight briefs, which Diane slid slowly off, her red nails gripping under the elastic band. As she slid them down, keeling, Sir’s erect thick long cock flopped out of the briefs and slapped Diane in the face. Sir laughed as Diane froze. This was only the second cock to have ever touched her, and despite all the talk, fantasy, and desire, even the events of the evening thus far, this one incident truly drove home to her what was happening.After a brief pause Diane continued and folded Sir’s underwear on the couch. Sir then stood Diane in front of him and pulled her close, his arm around her small of her back, his hand dropping to her ass, illegal bahis siteleri and kissed her red lips. These were the only lips to have touched hers since mine when we married. My cock was throbbing and aching, my hands unable to touch it.Diane I could tell was at first hesitant, unsure, but began to lean into Sir’s body, his lips, his embrace. Her hands rose to his sides, pulling him closer, his hard cock pushing against her body. Her hands moved to his back, her red nails against his skin. They embraced liked this for what seemed an eternity, before Sir pulled her head back by her leash.“Mmmmmm a sensual woman you have here Little Tom.” With that Sir sat, and told Diane to sit beside him. They both sat, naked, facing me. “Now, Diane…” Sir turned to look at her, her body beautiful in the glow of the fire, his hand spreading her legs, her beautiful pussy laid bare before me, “little Tom here has been raving to me about your oral skills. He tells me that you are the absolute best cocksucker. Now I have to warn you, you are not the first slut I have been with, so you have your work cut out for you to convince me. But…” Sir paused, his hand on her shoulder, sliding to the back of her neck, sliding her closer to him, “I get the feeling you won’t disappoint me.”Sir moved his arms back, to the back of the couch, and laid them along the back. Diane then leaned forward, Sir teaching down to pull her hair back from her face, giving me an unobstructed view. Diane’s lips neared the head of his cock, then reached the tip, kissing it softly, like she had done to mine hundreds of times in the past. Her red lips, which before this moment had only ever kissed my cock, parted and began to travel over Sir’s throbbing head, and down his thick veiny shaft. Her left hand cupped his balls, her wedding ring glowing in the soft light. She moved slow at first, taking in each inch with care, working her way down to the base. I could see her throat stretching, Sir’s cock being significantly thicker than my own. She struggled, but persisted. Sir moaned, enjoying the feel of my wife’s warm mouth on his engorged cock. I felt my own straining in my pants, pulsing, trying to break free.“I love what she does with her tongue little Tom. You say she’s never sucked another mans cock before? She is such a natural.” Diane glanced at me when he said this, his cock still deep in her throat, and I could see a twinkle in her eye, perhaps even a grin at the corner of her very full mouth.She began to move up and down his shaft faster, but without sacrificing depth. The drool could be seen all along, and even some of the lipstick was smearing along the shaft. I could see Sir’s grip tighten on her hair, but could tell he was not controlling the speed or depth with which she was now maniacally swallowing his cock, up and down, her throat no longe needing to adjust to the massive amount of cock she was swallowing up.“Mmmm little Tom, do you notice I’m not even moving? Your beautiful slut wife is literally fucking her own face with my cock,” he laughed and moaned. I could see Diane’s mascara running down her cheeks now as she tried harder and harder to milk Sir’s cock, to taste his semen, the only semen other than mine she will have had. Finally Sir bucks his hips up and grips Diane’s hair, using the first real force I’ve seen, not to hurt her, but to hold her head in place as he fills her mouth full, her cheeks expanding like a chipmunks, straining to contain all the warm sticky semen. Sir pumps at least ten times before settling, at which point Diane noticeably swallows, gulps really, and removes her lips, slowly, all the way along Sir’s cock. A loud “pop” sound signals that she has stopped sucking.Diane rests her head in Sir’s lap, facing me, his cock still erect and laying against her face, streams of spit still clinging from his veiny monster cock to her beautiful red lips. She licks the shaft as it rubs against her face, her makeup now ruined, a look of exhaustion and pride in her glassy eyes. Sir is petting her hair and her hips. I can’t help but think that she looks like a pet, HIS pet. Is she trying to? Or is this natural? Either way it turns me on in a way I cannot describe.We sat there, in silence, except for Diane’s panting and murmurs of joy. My cock was straining against my pants, more than clearly visible to Sir and my lovely wife, painful in its desire to explode.All the fantasies, all the chats and dreams, nothing ever felt quite like this. I was so turned on, horny, attracted to my wife, but also felt a sick in my stomach, seeing the woman who vowed never to touch another so freely give herself, so wantonly devour this mans cock. I knew she loved me, I loved her, but what was happening to us now? What had we, what had I, done?When her breathing slowed, and she nestled further into his lap, Sir spoke. “Diane, that was amazing. You truly are an amazing little slut cocksucker. A woman like you should wear that label proudly, and little Tom, you should be incredibly proud. Now dear…” he said looking down at her, “your makeup seems to be, well destroyed.” Both he and Diane laughed. “The powder room is around the corner. Go make yourself into the porcelain fuck doll you are, and hurry back.” Diane stood, her face a mess of makeup, spit, and some cum. She smiled at Sir, and he slapped her on the ass, making her yelp and smile. As she walked off he gave a short yank of her leash. “But first, give little Tom here a big kiss.” Diane walked over to me, leaned over, her beautiful breasts hanging before me, and leaned in to kiss me, pushing her cum stained tongue past my lips, exploring my mouth, her sticky face pressed canlı bahis siteleri against mine, the smell of Sir’s cock invading my nostrils. It was hideous and glorious all at once. When she was done Diane looked at me, said “I love you hunny,” and walked off, Sir letting go of her leash.Sir then stood and walked over to me, his cock caked in my wife’s lipstick and spit. He sat beside me. “Little Tom…” he patted me on the lap, patting down on my diamond hard cock causing me to flinch with pain, “that wife of yours. Jesus Christ little Tom, she’s amazing. You see most men make these promises of an amazing slut wife, and either don’t show, panic at the doorway, or she flees at the sight of my cock. By your wife, that bitch, she just took to her role as a fuck toy with reckless abandon. I mean little Tom, she is the perfect woman, and I cannot be happier with her. Mmmmm the places I will take her, the sexual needs she will fulfill and have fulfilled. This is going to be a great relationship little boy. Now, as amazing as she was with her mouth, she won’t be a true slut, you won’t be a true cuckold, until I fuck that dripping wet bald pussy of hers. So here’s the thing, you’ve been a good boy up until now. You’ve supported her and kept your mouth shut, but this is the point of no return, and I can’t have you trying to back out. So, you…” he reached behind the couch, “are going to wear this for the next bit.” He produced a large black ball gag and proceeded to place it in my mouth. “Now your wife hasn’t anything to fear from me, what happens next, and down he road, is her choice, and will be hers alone. You’ve done what a little cuckold is supposed to, and that’s bring her to a real man. Now it’s up to her. So, you are going to sit here, silent, and enjoy the show.” He then flicked the head of my cock, making me wince and bite down on the ball gag.Just as I regained my composure Diane came back in, her face once again immaculately done with her makeup and beautiful red lips. “Diane, my dear, you look beautiful. Now, you may wonder why your little hubby is wearing a ball gag. Well, most men tend to get loud when they watch their wives fuck, and I find it takes away from the ambience.” He was behind her now, one arm around her waist, the other hand cupping her breasts, kissing her neck, looking me in the eye and winking. My eyes must have gone wide as Diane looked at me, and she again mouthed “I love you” while pushed her waist and ass back into Sir’s body.“Now Diane, are you ready to become a true slut, to make your husband a true cuckold?” Diane nodded her head yes, with no hesitation. “I want to hear you Diane, I want to hear you say it to me, to say it to your husband.”“Yes Sir, I’m certain. I want to become a true slut. I want to make my husband a cuckold.” The tone in Diane’s voice was soft but confident, no hesitation, tinged with lust and desire.“And who’s slut will you be Diane?” Sir said, his lips by her ear, but loud enough for me to hear. “Yours Sir, I will be your slut.” “Good slut. Now get on your hands and knees pointing to the fire, then turn your face to your hubby.” Diane did as she was told, and I could see her pussy, bald, glistening, beautiful. I could see the anticipation in her eyes. Sir positioned himself behind her, his cock rock hard, just an inch from my wife’s pussy, about to invade something that has always belonged to me, been mine alone, but that now my wife was willingly giving to him. He grabbed her hips and pressed closer, the head of his cock against her pussy lips, and then began to part them as he moved his cock deeper into her pussy. She moaned, still staring at me, and I could tell her pussy was gripping tight around his hard meaty cock, pulling it in and deeper, refusing to release it. Her moans became louder and longer, moans I hadn’t heard since our early days of dating, increasing to volume levels I had never before heard. Sir could see the embarrassment and shame in my eyes, and pounced. “Diane, slut, who’s slut are you?”“Yours Sir!” She screamed.“Who owns your pussy and mouth?”“You Sir!”“When will I fuck my property slut?” With this he slapped her ass hard.“Mmmmmm…” Diane But her loser lip, “whenever you want Sir!” She screamed.Just then I noticed Sir wasn’t moving his hips. Again my wife was choosing to impale herself on this mans rigid cock, pumping her body back and forth wildly, her tits slapping against one another. She was losing herself to lust, lust for this man, not me.Sir looked at me, smiling. It wasn’t the same welcoming smile at the front door, nor the smile of pleasure from her lips on his cock. This was a dangerous smile, an evil smile, as he mouthed to me “She’s mine”.They continued to fuck like this for what seemed an eternity. I kept thinking her arms would give out but she kept going, and he kept slapping her ass, leaving red hand prints in her milky white skin. She must have cum five times before his grip tightened on her hips. Finally he reached forward and pulled her hair with one hand, pulling her onto her knees. Her back arched, her tits pushed out, he pulled her face close and kissed her deep as he thrust into her, pumping, cumming, both of them shaking. When he was finished he gently pushed her forward and she collapsed onto the floor, a sweaty disheveled mess, a pool of both their cum dripping from between her legs. Sir approached her, and placed a pillow under her head, a blanket over her body, and connected her leash to a couch leg. He kissed her on her lips and patted her head as she lay there, closing her eyes in the warmth of the fire.Sir then walked over to me, stood in front of me, and leaned down. “You’ve lost her little Tom. You’ll still be her husband, you’ll still raise the k**s with her, pay her bills, and love her. But she is mine now, you both are. There is no going back.” He stood up, wiped his cock on my shirt, and walked out of the room.To be continued?

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