A Daughter’s Love


Bob Johnson walked along the cold, damp street, his collar pulled up to ward off the chill of the night. The garish light of the store front, as he passed, casting his shadow in strange contorted angles as he strode through the last few steps to the entry of his flat, that was located above a shoe store. He had lived alone these past few years. His wife of thirty years had passed away just over three years ago.

Unlocking the door he entered the flat and hung his coat and hat on the cloak tree, turning to find the message light on the answering machine blinking. As he passed by the machine he pressed the ‘play’ button and continued into the bathroom to relieve himself. As the message played, a familiar voice that of Jack, his son-in-law, rang out “Dad, this is Jack. How about dinner and a drink tonight? Call me when you get in.” The message ended. So did Bob’s evacuation. Bob went to the phone and dialed Jack’s number.

Jack had known Bob for ten years, ever since Bob had rescued him from a dead end job at a factory and made him his assistant at a mortgage lending company. The business had been good for Bob and now that he was retired, it was Jack’s turn to run the business. Things had gone well for them all, that is until Bob’s wife died.

Bob and Jack would often go out on the town in the earlier days. Sometimes they would get a little out of control and pick up prostitutes for night games. On one occasion they picked up a lovely young girl and shared her for hours before returning home late in the morning. But that was before Jack married Carrie, Bob’s daughter. All the carousing ended then. This was just before Bob’s wife had passed away.

Jack was standing in the kitchen, taking the top off a beer bottle, when the phone rang. It was Bob. “Hey, Jack what’s going on?” Bob inquired.

“Nothing, Pop. Carrie is in California for a week and I thought we could get in a meal and a drink tonight. You up for it?” Jack responded.

“What’s Carrie doing in California?” Bob asked.

“She’s doing a photo shoot for a lingerie catalog and they need her for the whole week.” Jack explained.

“Great! Where are we going for dinner?” Bob asked.

“I thought we could hit Carson’s for dinner and do Bell’s Blues Bar for drinks.” Jack returned.

“Hey, that’s a great idea,” Bob says, “Pick me up in half an hour.”

As they sat in Carson’s they caught up on current events with each other’s lives. The dinner was nothing if not fantastic. Carson’s was the preferred place to dine in town and was a favorite of Bob’s from the early days, when he would start every celebration with a meal at Carson’s. Tonight wasn’t one of those nights. This was just two guys out for a quiet evening together. Later, at Bell’s Blues Bar, they would reminisce about the ‘good old days’ when they were known for raising hell.

As Jack and Bob were reliving the good old days for about the third time, a beautiful blonde bombshell caught Jack’s eye, and made every attempt to get a response from him. No such luck. Jack wasn’t taking the bait. Bob was however. He made every pass he could muster and was rebuffed at every turn. The blonde, having never looked back, left with a guy in a business suite.

“It’s been like that for a few years now Jack. They don’t go for fat, bald, old has-been’s like me. I sure miss the old days.” Bob mused.

“It isn’t that bad is it Pop?” Jack asked.

“Bad? It’s worse than bad. If I had a dime for every girl that turned me down, well…..” Bob continued, “I sure wish you were single again. We sure had the times didn’t we?”

“Sure, sure Bob. We had the times.” Jack said, “Let’s get out of here.”

All day, the next day, Jack worried over Bob’s predicament. He sure wasn’t going to dump his wife, a beautiful professional model, so he could get his father-in-law laid. But, he had to do something. Then a plan began to form in his mind. What if he picked up a girl and he and Bob switched before the dirty deed was done? An idea, but how was he to work it out? Jack spent the rest of the day working out the details.

Carrie had been in California for just a few days and was already missing Jack and her own bed. Being a model is glamorous, but very hard work. Twelve hours a day primping and prepping countless garments in endless poses over and over again. She was taking a much deserved break from the shoot, and used the opportunity to call Jack at his office. His voice sent a chill through her body. He always had that effect on her. He was her one and only true love. They spoke only briefly, and then she was back to work. The end of the week couldn’t come fast enough for her.

It took Jack a couple of days to make the plans for Bob’s sexual interlude. He had to be careful not to hurt Bob’s feelings by making him feel like a mercy case. Just as he couldn’t let on to the girl he picked up his true intentions. Carrie would be home in a couple of days, so tonight was the one and only opportunity to make this work.

Jack picked up Bob and as per usual bakırköy escort they dined at Carson’s. Jack was visibly nervous and Bob asked why he was acting odd several times. Jack just parried the inquiries as best he could. Once at Bell’s Blues Bar, Jack pretended to drink a lot, Bob did drink heavily. As the night progressed, very few opportunities to pick up an available girl presented themselves. Those that did were apparently concerned about Bob hanging around during the courtship phase.

Jack had just about given up, when a luscious, blonde, girl of indeterminable age approached and hit on Jack. God, Jack thought, she’s a knock out. Slender, with pert breasts and a heart shaped ass to die for. Her blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, delicately framing her face which glowed of youthful exuberance. Jack went to work on his plan. He began to ply her with alcohol, lots of alcohol. When the Bar lights flashed for last call, Jack had set the stage for his father-in-law’s salvation. With a broad smile the girl accepted Jack’s invitation to accompany him home for the evening.

Jack pulled the keys from his pocket and opened the door to his apartment.

“Hurry,” The girl implored in a slurred, anguished manner, “I need to pee.”

“OK,” Jack said, “It’s through there.” Pointing to the bed room door, he was thinking that this was a perfect opportunity to pull the switch.

After she disappeared into the darkness of the bedroom, Jack turned to Bob and said, “Pop, you’re up. I can’t be messing around with her, I’m married.”

“I wondered how long you were going to go before you came to your senses.” Bob muttered. “But I’m pretty drunk. I might not perform.”

“Well, it’s up to you, but there’s a beautiful young girl in there just waiting to get laid.” Jack chuckled.

Tentatively, Bob moved to the bedroom door, peered inside, then disappeared as the door closed behind him. Bob could just make out a form on the far side of the bed. Nervously, he hurriedly stripped naked, and slid into the bed beside the still female form. Moving up closer to her, he reached out and felt her smooth warm flesh from her shoulder to her hip. She was completely bare. The stirrings in his loins began to spread through the rest of his body. His manhood became aroused, and surged with a determined strength belying his age.

He reached down, tentatively, shaking perceptibly, and felt the downy soft fur patch that was perched above her vagina. Continuing, he pressed his middle finger into the moist center of her sex. She moaned and stirred slightly, opening her thighs so as to allow more fully his access to her. He breathed in her sent, how wonderful it was. She rolled onto her back as he maneuvered his face into position between her thighs to give her oral ministrations. The sweet smell of her filled his nostrils and beckoned him forward, into her. His tongue flicked the clitoris and simultaneously his middle finger pressed fully into her. Her moaning increased as her hands moved to his head, holding it, pressing it into her more fully.

Jack lay on the couch listening to the moaning emanating from the bedroom. A smile crossed his face as a sense of satisfaction for a job well done warmed his heart. Content, he rolled over and went to sleep.

In the bedroom Bob was picking up the pace. Just as he placed a second finger into her vagina an orgasm wracked her body. She had begun to sweat from the intense activity. Bob realized he had to have her now or he might not last long enough to get it at all. So, he moved up into position, and placed his rigid tool at the opening of her vagina. Pressing forward, he entered, then retracted slightly, then pressed into her fully. She let out a gasp, clinching to him tightly. He then began thrusting into her, increasing his speed with every thrust. She was moaning incoherently and Bob realized she must be pretty intoxicated.

He penetrated her with a passion imbued with years of frustration and denial. He lavished her with tender kisses and rough bites to her nipples. He was a man possessed by his sexual demons. Ramming into her open vagina he began to feel the long forgotten tingle in his loins that foretells the orgasm he so desired. As the orgasm built, he increased the speed and force of his thrusts. In a crescendo of cascading emotions he erupted into her as wave after wave of intense orgasm washed over him.

Sometime during his orgasm she had completely passed out and now just lay splayed on the bed under him. Bob rolled over and passed out likewise.

Jack woke the next morning and made coffee. As he was sipping his first cup he reminisced about the last evening’s events. He heard stirrings in the bedroom and wondered what reaction the girl would have when she found out who had been with her last night. Just then he heard a scream.

“What the hell…Who are you?”

Oh shit, Jack thought, here it comes. The girl burst through the bedroom door making straight for the exit. As she staggered beşiktaş escort to the door she shot a glaring look in the direction of Jack, who just looked away shamefully.

From the bedroom another voice crackled, “Jack. Where are you?”

Jack was stricken with fear as a horrific realization came to him. Carrie, his wife, was home. But why? She wasn’t due back yet.

Rushing to the bedroom he sees his father-in-law still passed out on the bed, naked. His wife was standing naked in the bathroom doorway, glaring at him.

“Who was that woman?” She implored.

“She was here for your dad.” Jack pleaded.

“Dad?” She complained, “Why is dad in my bed? Where have you been?”

“I slept on the couch last night. When did you come home?” He asked.

“I came home last evening. You weren’t here so I took a pill and went to sleep.” She retorted.

A slow, dark realization came over Jack. He looked at his wife’s naked form, crusted semen caked to her inner thighs told a sordid tale he was wont to believe.

“Where was the girl this morning?” He asked.

“On the bathroom floor.” She said.

“OH GOD!” Jack spat out. “Your dad made love to you last night.”

“My dad? What do you mean?” Carrie asked, confused.

“That girl was here for your dad. But you were in the bed, not her.” He explained.

A look of horror came over her. Her knees buckled, and she fell to the floor. Jack rushed to her, but she recoiled from his grasp. She sat in shock, tears flowing freely, but she couldn’t grasp the reality of it. Her father had had sex with her.

Later, as Jack was preparing to sleep on the couch for the second night in a row, Carrie lay on her bed sobbing, vaguely the memory of her lovemaking from the night before began to haunt her. She told herself that the pleasure she had felt must be purged from her memory. But try as she might, the thought of her father, laying there naked in her bed last night stirred her as nothing had ever stirred her before. She rolled over, clutched a pillow tightly to her, and cried herself to sleep.

Carrie awoke to the morning sun, groggy from the recent events that had sapped her of her physical and emotional strength. Recalling the incident with her father created mixed emotions for Carrie. She dearly loved her father but couldn’t reconcile her love with the image of him lying naked in her bed after fucking her.


Several weeks passed and Carrie had yet to forgive Jack. Realizing what had happened; Carrie and Jack kept the incident secret. That is until Carrie overheard her father telling Jack how wonderful the prostitute had been.

Carrie found herself deriving a small sense of satisfaction from the comments. Confused over these conflicting emotions she finally broke her silence and talked to Jack about the chain of events that had brought them to this point in their life.

“Jack, we need to talk.” She said, matter-of-factly.

“Sure.” Jack said tentatively.

Carrie continued, “If we are ever going to get past this, I have to know what you thought you were doing with that woman in my house.”

“It was strictly for your dad.” He pleaded. “I felt sorry for him and wanted to give him a comforting gift of love and friendship.”

“I can’t understand men sometimes. What passes for sympathy between you is unbelievable.” She said shaking her head.

“I’m so sorry, honey.” He pleaded.

“Does dad suspect anything?” She queried.

“God, no. But he does talk about it incessantly.” Jack added.

“What does he say?” Carrie asked with mock indifference. “Does he remember much?”

“Well, he sure remembers the passion.” Jack blurted out with accidental excitement in his voice, quickly correcting himself and looking downward to avoid her scathing stare.

“I wonder if dad has ever dated anyone since mom died.” She mused out loud.

“I don’t think so. He is a very lonely man.” Jack said rather pensively. “Since we’re on speaking terms again, does this mean we can be lovers again?” He begged like a puppy.

“Well, I’m still not sure I should let you off so easily, but you do look awfully pathetic sleeping on the couch.” She pondered aloud.

Jack took this as an affirmative and nuzzled into her neck with tender kisses and nips. She melted into his arms, longing for his embrace had taken its toll on her ability to withstand her self imposed sexual abstention. As they made frantic love on the couch, visions of her father flashed through her mind. She imagined him bragging about his sexual conquest with his friends.

Her father’s smile pierced her very core as she remembered how he recalled the details of the event with her husband. Remembering the few details of the encounter she could muster, she felt the beginnings of an orgasm rising within her, boiling like a cauldron of pent up need and desire, until at once she climaxed violently into Jack’s arms.

Or were they her father’s arms? Realizing that beylikdüzü escort she had fantasized about her father startled her; she sprang up gasping for air and running to the bathroom, sobbing in terror. Jack fell over, not knowing what had occurred. He sat, head in hands for a few moments before following her into the bathroom.

“Honey. Is something wrong?” He asked, almost apologetically.

“No. I just wasn’t ready for this so soon.” She lied.

“We’ll take our time honey. Don’t worry.” He said, consolingly, hugging her as she sobbed.


She began to fantasize regularly thereafter. She found herself wondering what it must be like to be beneath her father as he made love to her. She rebuffed Jack’s sexual overtures at every turn. She just couldn’t bring herself to engage in intercourse with him. Her thoughts and desires centered upon her father and became an obsession with her. She tried to masturbate, but try as she might, she was unable to climax fantasizing about her father, the taboo that drove her to fantasize, also guiltily restrained her ability to achieve an orgasm.

Acting on an impulse, Carrie picked up the phone and called her father.

“Hello.” A deep mature voice answered.

“Hi dad.” Carrie spoke into the receiver. “How have you been?”

“Hi sweetness.” He beamed as he used his pet name for his daughter. “What have you been up to?”

“Oh, just goofing off mostly. I was thinking about you and wondered if you would like to come to dinner?” Carrie said hopefully.

“I’d love to.” Bob rejoined.

“Tonight, at seven then?”

“Ok, at seven. Bye sweetness.” Bob hung the receiver and smiled to himself, maybe he could talk Jack into another tryst with a prostitute, Jack had been kind of stand-offish since the last time. Oh well, he thought, better get ready for dinner.


Jack sat in the living room waiting on his wife to finish the dinner preparations. It had been a long time since she had invited her father to dinner; usually they just went out to a restaurant. Jack observed that Carrie seemed excited about the visit. Jack hoped that this signaled the end of the cold shoulder treatment he had endured lately. Maybe she can get over it now, he thought. A knock on the door roused Jack from his thoughts.

The dinner went famously. Bob and Jack both complimented Carrie for her culinary delights. With a squeeze and a hug, she shooed them into the living room with a beer so she could clean up. As she went about clearing the table she could overhear her father and Jack talk idle chitchat.

When he thought she couldn’t hear, Bob leaned over to Jack and said, “Have you given any thought to getting another girl, Jack?”

Jack, clearly uncomfortable, fidgeted, then tentatively said, “I don’t know dad, Christ, we could get into real trouble if Carrie found out.”

“How would she find out? She doesn’t need to know anything.” Bob insisted.

“You have no idea.” Jack said under his breath.

“What?” Bob asked.

“Nothing, I was just thinking.” Jack returned. “Let me think about it dad.”

Just then Carrie walked into the living room having heard every word, she pretended that she hadn’t. “Dad it was wonderful having you over tonight. We need to do it more often.”

Jack just looked at her wondering what she must be thinking.

After Bob left, she prepared for bed and invited Jack to sleep in the bedroom again. Jack was ecstatic and jumped at the opportunity to be with his wife again. She’s back, he thought.

As they lay together in bed, Carrie wondered out loud to Jack “Do you think dad is lonely all the time?”

Jack responded, “He seems to be, honey. He keeps after me about another tryst, and I just don’t know how to say no.”

As Carrie played with Jack’s testicles, she mused, “Maybe you should.”

Jack froze, “Maybe I should what?”

“Well, you thought it was a good idea before, maybe you should help him from time to time. You know, like a guy’s night out or something, to get him some company I mean.” She seemed to stumble through her thoughts.

“I guess, if you think so, honey, but your dad is hard to fix up.” Jack recounted.

“Oh you can do it I have faith in you.” She muttered just as she swallowed his swollen manhood. In her mind’s eye she saw her father’s pelvis thrusting up to meet her.


In the morning’s light Carrie looked like the model she was, her still, naked form barely making an impression in the sheets. Jack smiled as he kissed his lovely wife on the cheek saying, “Wakeup sleepy head.”

Carrie woke slowly from her slumber. She stretched and rose thinking how wonderful it was to have a purpose and a direction again. Singing softly, she bathed and got dressed for the day. Jack noticed the change in Carrie’s mood and was glad to see her happy again.

As Jack left for work, Carrie kissed him sensually, and said, “Remember to call dad about tonight.”

Jack’s brow furrowed in astonishment, “What about tonight?” he asked.

“Well you said you were going to get dad a date didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but…”

“No buts, I’ll call around lunch to see what you have set up. Bye.” She shot back as she closed the door, turned and walked into the studio.

Jack was floored. How did we get to this, he wondered?

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