A Day At The Gym


It started out as any other Sunday afternoon at the gym, but boy that was going to change. I had just put on my gym cloths and was walking down the hall when a man turned the corner and we almost crashed into each other. He was a tall good looking, Asian man, in his late thirties to early forties. As we made our apologies it happened, our eyes locked on to each others. I can’t explain it, it was just for a split second but that look in his eyes I will always remember. We went on our ways. I went into the locker room to take a leak. As I’m standing at the urinal, he walks up to the sink. He starts to wash his hands. I can see in the mirror that he’s checking me out. I finish and walk up to the sink next to him. We glance at each other and nod hello. “I haven’t seen you here before. Are you visiting?” I asked, breaking the ice.

“Just joined today, have to get back into a routine.” He replied.

“I’m David.” As I reach out my hand.

“Gary.” He states, as we shake and share a slight smile.

We both go back into the gym and do are workouts. We meet up again at the water fountain. “Have you seen the whole place?” I asked, just making small talk.

“No, I haven’t” Is his reply.

“I can show you, if you want.” I offer.

“Cool.” He says.

After our workouts I lead him around the facilities. My tour ends in the locker room, which is almost deserted. We go to our separate lockers. I strip down and wrap a towel around me and head to the showers. The hot water feels good on my aching body and soon Gary enters and takes the shower opposite me. We have similar body types, both lean and toned, he’s a little bit more toned than me and we are both canlı bahis şirketleri smooth, with very little hair. I notice that he keeps glancing over at me as he lathers up and starts washing his cock and balls. I couldn’t tell for sure but his cock seemed to be getting bigger. I pretend not to notice and lathered up, washing my cock. I can feel it starting to get hard. I glance over to Gary to see if he is paying attention, he is. So I expose my slightly hard cock to him as I rinse off. He’s still washing and pretending not to notice me as I grab my towel and leave.

With my towel wrapped around my waist, I walk over to the dry sauna. The place is deserted and the sauna’s light is off, which makes it hard to see in through the glass door. I go inside; it’s small, can’t fit more than four or five comfortably and has only two sitting levels. I sit on the top level that has a good view of the locker room through the door. I use half my towel to sit on and the other half to drape over my lap, making sure that some of my pubes are exposed. Just as I’ve settled in I see Gary heading toward me.

Not being able to see in the sauna very well, he cracks the door open and cautiously enters. There’s a hint of relief on his face to see that I am the only one here and that the light is off. He takes a seat next to me towards the corner. We sit there for a short while pretending to enjoy the heat and ignoring each other. Soon Gary loosens his towel from around his waist and arranges his towel like me. We steal hidden glances to each other. I wait till I feel his eyes upon me, then with one hand I reach and scratch the top of my pubes, pushing to towel down, showing off all canlı kaçak iddaa of my pubes. I look over to Gary and catch him looking. He looks a bit embarrassed and smiles. “I see you trim your pubes.”

“Yeah, my wife and I trim each other as foreplay.” I reply

He nods. “I just like them short.” He says as he pulls off his towel, revealing his tightly cropped pubes as well as a more than slightly swollen member. He looks over and catches me looking at his dick. Our eyes meet and then he glances down at my cock, which is now twitching noticeably as it grows under my towel. Our eyes meet again. “So are you straight?” He queried.

“Yes I am, although I’m a bit curious.” I reply

“So am I.” He says as he reaches over and tosses of my towel and exposes my rising cock. Our eye lock together and he moves his hand up over my body and softly plays with my nipples. My cock surges upwards and I reach over and gently play with his nipples. This makes his dick rocket to the sky. We look down at each others hard throbbing cocks. “Can I touch it?” He whispers. I nod yes and he lowers his hand and wraps his fingers around my hot shaft. My body shivers with excitement. I let my hand slide down his smooth sweaty torso till it reaches his trimmed pubes then I let my fingers find they’re way to his harden member. He too quivers. We slowly stroke each others cocks. His fingers play at my tip until I start to ooze out a little pre-cum. He smiles at this. His cock feels so hard in my hand; the skin is as tight as it can be. I can feel each throb of his cock and soon pre-cum starts to seep out. He smiles as he slides his hand up and down my dick. “You keep doing this I’ll cum.” canlı kaçak bahis I moan out.

“You want me to stop?” He asks as he pulls his hand away. “Keep an eye out, okay” He says as he gets down off the bench and stands in front of me. He looks longingly at my stiff, twitching cock, then bends over and surrounds my dick with his lips. He pushes his head down lower and lower on my cock until he has my full seven inches in his mouth. I can feel the back of his throat with my dick as his tongue plays with my shaft. As he sucks hard, he raises his head up till just the head of my dick is in his mouth. He plays with it with his tongue. Then he repeats his actions, lowering and raising his head with my cock a happy prisoner in his mouth. It feels so good. As he sucks on my dick he steals glances at me, to see how I’m doing. He can see me quiver and shake in ecstasy. The pressure in my cock grows tills I can’t take it. “I’m going to cum!” I groan. To my surprise he sucks on my cock even harder. I feel my cum rising, like lava about to erupt from a volcano. My hot jizzum explodes in his mouth squirting the back of his throat. He lets my cum drool out of his mouth and down my throbbing shaft and puddles up on my pubes. He lifts up his head and smiles at me as he stands up with my cum still dripping from his mouth. I collect the cum on my pubes in my hand and slide down to the lower bench. I stare at Gary’s hard throbbing cock and reach out with my cum filled hand and stroke his shaft. It takes only about six strokes till he lets out a moan. He leans into me. I let his cock press against my chest. I can feel his cum about to explode from his dick. Then he shoots his load and the first shot hits my chin. He shoots again and again flooding my chest with his hot jizzum. We both lean back almost exhausted as cum runs down our bodies. We smile at each other knowing that this is our little secret and we’ll do this again.

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