A Day in the Life of Miranda (Republished)


Her day had already been full of fun and it wasn’t even noon yet. She stretched and massaged her freshly wasted brown curls. She brought a cup of fresh coffee to her red lips, sipping in the dark brew. He was always good on making a pot before he stepped in the shower, and she’d never pass up a good cup of joe.

Miranda had had her way with her neighbor this morning. He was in the shower, as usual, and he had been playing with himself. His hand wrapped around his longer than average shaft. Joe always stood in such a way that she could pin herself between the wall and his cock, then she’d grind on him until she came for the first time of the day. She loved the feeling of the cold tile between her shoulders as she focused her energy on two things, balance and cumming. The act may seem lonely to an onlooker, but Miranda preferred to take care of herself and be on her way. Besides, a dildo could never replace the real thing.

When she was done, she would collect some suspended droplets of water and clean herself. She would take care to erase any leftovers from the previous day from her body. Some dried cum would stick to her inner thigh or one of her full breasts. If the exploration of her curved body excited her again, she’d roll her dark nipples between her fingers as she’d mounted Joe for a second time.

Sometimes she gave him a peck on the cheek on her way out, which would be splashed away when she left by the falling water. She thought idly about how she may influence his daily ritual, knowing how suddenly intense his orgasm will be in a few moments.

Refreshed, Miranda twirled her purple little ring between her fingers. The world went from quiet calm back to life as she made it to the bus stop the exact time the bus did. She stepped on and looked around. A couple, a woman with a large dog, two women together and a single man. She shrugged and sat near the front, opposite the woman and her dog. The woman was pretty, and her dog kept his eyes on her, only glancing at Miranda once.

She shifted her small pack on her lap and she opened it, browsing. Her pack was rather light today. A remote vibrator, a 4 inch gem buttplug, a loose black collar and a leash, and a pair of pink cuffs. Fun, to a degree, but she’ll have to think of something different. She took two things out of her pocket, her precious cock ring and a gps tag. She clipped the tag to the collar, then squeezed her ring. Time froze again and the only thing that moved was Miranda as her body kept moving on the seat. She popped up and went over to the couple first. They were young, and cute and so obviously smitten with each other, rubbing noses and all. She made a face. They could do better.

Miranda had become somewhat of an expert at taking pants off of frozen people. Doesn’t that sound creepy. While she undid the man’s belt, she had a fun idea. To add a pleasant surprise, this cutie already had a semi. She guessed Eskimo kisses were his thing. She’d show him something else too. She raised both of his arms off of his girl and above his head. With quick hands, she tied his above his head with her belt. She glanced down at his newly freed semi and tapped her lips, thinking.

She’d find inspiration elsewhere. Miri skipped over to her backpack and took out the remote vibrator. She went over to the two women, played Eenie Meenie Moe, then slid the little pleasure bud up into the left woman’s slit, past her red thong. She was surprised by that and happy to help her. The remote for this one was slim, and only required pressure on it to buzz. More pressure, more buzz. So she slipped off the right lass’ shoe and put it inside. She laid it so she wouldn’t notice and replaced her shoe. She wished she had something else for them.

There was the man in the back now. He had been eyeing the eskimo couple with hungry eyes. Who knew, today she’d be a people pleaser. As luck would have it, he already had his shaft in hand and was set to drive. Miri would help him park.

Moving him into position wasn’t as easy, but it seemed like he did most of the work for her already. She went to lady eskimo and undid her blouse, exposing her perky breasts. She lifted her skirt and aimed her above her partner’s semi. Her pink little slit didn’t seem to have been used before. She checked Eskimo’s ass, and oh dear she was tight. And cute as a button. This took some wiggling and invasive fingers, but she got peeping tom’s head to sit snug just inside her hole. When the bus driver slammed on the breaks.. well.. let’s hope she doesn’t have to sit for a while after.

She went over to the woman again with her dog. She took the collar out, and put it on the lady. It just so happened to match her own necklace, so she shouldn’t notice until later. Hopefully she wouldn’t see a mirror or take a selfie.

When she was back in her seat, Miranda realized she was still holding the buttplug. She looked down at her plaid skirt, shrugged, and went over to the dog. His tongue was hanging out, so she lubed up the buttplug, then rubbed some of the dog’s saliva on his owner’s mouth. Her reaction may be telling.

Before Miranda plopped down on her doggy plug, she held the purple cock ring in her hand. As she descended, she squeezed and the choir began….

Miranda’s gasp of the sudden penetration was drowned out by Miss Eskimo’s scream as Peeping Tom thrust inside her. Mr Eskimo’s sudden view being his lady’s perky breasts made him hard and in quick succession Miss Eskimo popped two cherries at once. She could hear her shriek and gasp as Peeping tom’s hands wrapped around her hips involuntarily, holding her down on those two hard cocks.

The shock of Miri’s gasp and the sudden three way across from the female couple made the booted one stomp her feet. This elicited quite the surprisingly delicious moan from red thonged lady, who knew something was very, very wrong.

Tom must have been thinking he was dreaming, because he kept pumping into Miss Eskimo’s tight ass despite her screaming. Only now were Mr Eskimo’s senses awakening as he started yelling at Tom to get away from his girl, finding his hands tied and unable to shove Tom away. Miss Eskimo couldn’t get a clear word across as both men were still having their way with her. Miranda had to suppress her laughter with moans and groans while the dog woman was shocked and appalled at the scene around her. Boot lady moved again and red thong gripped her knees, trying not to utter a noise. The growing red on her face almost matched her thong, and Miri thought about how cute she would be all tied up.

By now the bus had stopped, and she could just make out the speechless bus driver’s face at the surprise threesome, screams and moaning. She realized she should have done something for him too, but she didn’t feel like a trip to the hospital after a crash. Again.

The collared woman quickly left, and just so happened it was Miri’s stop too. So she followed, and watched as the woman and her dog went into the nearby park. She had such a plump ass, and such a slender waist. It was a shame that she hid it. Miranda shrugged, and trotted over to her work. She was sure someone sitting would see the gleam of her gem buttplug, and with the motion of it and that thought, she knew today was going to be quite a pleasant day.

Mr. Adam wasn’t supposed to be in today, so she fished out a key and opened the door. She was greeted by that lovely mannequin dressed as a french maid who was holding a duster with a larger than average handle. The wall to her right held so many colorful toys of all shapes and sizes, she always had a hard time choosing favorites. Ribbed, spiked, long, fat, long and short. And inflatable. She would have to try that some time.

She skipped around the Karma Sutra section to the counter and did her morning routine. The buttplug helped keep some pep in her step. Miranda expected to have some people around lunch time, so she had some time to herself.

She thought she might go to the coffee shop next door for a treat. Or a fuck. Whichever caught her fancy. Miranda flipped the sign on the door and walked over to the coffee shop. To her pleasant surprise, red thong bahis firmaları and her friend were there. Red thong’s face was quite red, and it was clear she had had quite a difficult time walking here from the bus, and she had a small amount of sweat on her brow. Apparently Boot lady had quite a heavy stride.

There was a man with a book, who was watching Red Thong’s reactions as Boots went up to get coffee for the two of them. He had his coffee mug up to his lips and his glasses sat on the bridge of his nose as he drank her in just as he took in the dark liquid. Miranda felt that he should enjoy more of her.

She got in line, and listened as the TV in the corner reported another strange sudden intercourse incident on the bus in town. She wondered what other people thought about her endeavors. The news always blamed something in the air that suddenly changed people into ravaging animals.

She shifted forward and bumped into Boots. She apologized profusely, expertly hiding the smile that grew as she heard Red Thong gasp. She looked over her shoulder to see bookworm was indeed very, very interested in her.. situation. Today Miri was going to play matchmaker. After she placed her order and stood by the side, she toyed with the ring in her pocket. This thing had been such a pleasurable find, so treasured.

Her boyfriend at the time had wanted to try some cock rings on to wear around, and she had remembered this one from an odd woman who came by the shop. She had shown Mr. Adam her wares, and he had declined to buy any, but Miranda had seen this ring and she wanted it. Only after she had her boyfriend stripped down did she give it a test squeeze and it was the first time she had discovered it’s time freezing capabilities. She had later broken up with him after realizing her newfound freedom was much more fulfilling than the relationship would ever be. He wouldn’t have understood anyway, she had a mission. And today it was discovering love. Or something.

Miranda gave it a squeeze just as she saw his tongue lick the rim of his coffee mug. She went over to Red Thong and brought her over to his table, removing his coffee cup and putting his book neatly by his side. She lifted Red Thong’s skirt and was surprised to see that the brilliant red had grown quite dark with how wet she was. Good. That’ll keep his thirst quenched.

She teased the thong down and left it hanging on the woman’s slender ankle. She rested those ankles on bookworm’s shoulders, bending her knees up and scooching her tush and the table closer to him.

His tongue was out, ready and willing. That was consent enough, right? Red thong was now wide open for him, her vulva a deep color and she could see the little buzzing bug just peeking out. Miranda wondered if she had tried, and obviously failed, to take it out. Her inner thighs were soaked. She coaxed his head down to her open slit and she watched as his tongue touched her outer lip. Miri bit her own lip as she used her new two toys for a moment, using his head to lick Red Thong’s sopping pussy. Once his chin was well drenched in her juices she decided to leave them alone. He’d be smelling her for quite a while.

She wandered over to the two baristas. One was short and plump, pretty busty with a cute haircut, the other was tall and thinner, probably an A cup with a pear shaped body. She felt that the coffee shop needed some more spice. Miranda took her time undressing the ladies, sure to replace whatever their hands were doing so they could continue their tasks uninterrupted.

The short one’s breasts were so big, she couldn’t help but stop and bounce them in her hands. Miranda found the whip cream and she traced her nipples with them, then added some cinnamon spice to those big mounds. She wish she had a camera. Her mouth came down and she circled her tongue around the cream, tasting her tender flesh underneath. Her teeth found her erect nipples and she nibbled on them, enjoying them, she bit down on one before she moved her mouth to the other. She showed that one the same love and a little bit of roughness. She thought about how the woman would be suddenly hit with sharp pain, stickiness and possibly some wind if someone opened the door as she unpaused the world. She gave her nipple an extra long suck and bite, hoping she’d get a little sore from it.

When she turned her attention to the skinny one, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with her. Now she wished she hadn’t used the buttplug on herself, that small ass would have worn it so beautifully. She looked around the small kitchen and was bummed, there really wasn’t anything for her to play with. Her eyes fell upon the tall, thin bottles that had the flavors in them. Their necks were slender and wider at the base.

She took off one of the pump tops and she decided to add something new to the menu. Miranda was able to lift the slender barista onto the counter, where she displayed her small, trimmed bush and oyster for the crowd to see. She took the bottle and began toying with her small slit, enjoying watching the bottle’s neck slip inside her. The glass allowed her to look in to the barista’s vagina and she felt herself getting excited. This was quite a new experience for Miranda. After she had fucked her with the bottle to the point where Miranda almost orgasmed from the rush, she displayed the barista with the peppermint bottle sticking out of her stretched hole, and she tied her hands behind her back with a plastic bag She wished she had something better but she was saving those cuffs for later. After she picked up her drink, she squeezed her precious ring again and drank in her coffee as the world unfolded around her again.

The first to realize what was happening was Red Thong. It seemed like that woman had been sitting on the edge since she saw her before and feeling bookworm’s tongue on her simply pushed her off the cliff. Her orgasm was so powerful, it shook the table underneath her. Bookworm, confirming Miranda’s thoughts, was well versed in how to extend a woman’s orgasm and he eagerly lapped at her spasming organ, which vibrated as Boots backpedaled from the scene.

Miri couldn’t stop her own hand from fingering herself as she watched. She was close too, and she hadn’t expected these two to hit it off so well. The shrieking behind her made her turn to see the displayed barista freaking out, looking down her slender body to the bottle protruding from her now engorged pussy lips. Miri’s mouth parted in want as the barista’s squirming helped the bottle fuck her further. The plump barista’s nipples were hard as rocks, and she couldn’t decide whether to hide her own shame or save her friend.

Red thong’s orgasm was coming to an end, but bookworm was only beginning. Miri was certain she saw their eyes lock, and she saw Red wrap her legs around Bookworm’s head. After they exchanged liquids, they’ll probably exchange numbers.

Satisfied, and yet still needing release of her own, Miranda left the scene. Was screwing with the coffee shop next to her work a little too close to home? Probably. But it was so worth it.

She saw a man watching the scene from a bench across the street. He was hiding his obvious erection with a newspaper. Miranda so happened to still be playing with herself and she decided to cross the street over to him. She looked down at him, he looked up at her, wide eyed having been caught and she replaced his newspaper with her lap. Miranda didn’t even care that he was still looking over her shoulder at the coffee turned sex shop, but as she started grinding her dripping slit on his hard cock, he got the picture and unzipped his pants. Sometimes it felt better for them to be awake for it, it always felt like their cocks were harder and this one filled her so well. He moved his hand around her ass and felt her plug, he teased her filled hole and slid a finger inside next to the plug. He commented on how long the plug was but she was fucking him like she had a mission. Miranda didn’t care that he toyed with her ass, aside from it bringing extra pleasure to the situation.

They came together and he pumped his shaft deep into her, spewing his load as she moaned atop of kaçak iddaa him. Having sated her urges, Miranda used the newspaper to clean herself up, handed it back to him and walked away back to her shop. She went inside and flipped the sign, seeing her recent ride’s eyes follow her. She figured he’d be back again later. Sure, for now. He was a good stress reliever.

Miranda plopped down behind the counter, giving a small yelp as the plug pressed deeper inside her. There was a chime at the door and in walked a young couple. They had heard Miranda and looked at her curiously, while she smiled and flushed. She greeted them and watched with predatory eyes as they awkwardly gazed around the store.

She heard the girl gawk at the maid’s outfit and she heard the man whisper about how sexy she would look in it. She watched with disappointment as the girl ducked away, exploring deeper into the store. She needed a confidence booster.

They had moved over to some collars and some small paddles. She watched their reactions, and she had a feeling that the paddle wasn’t for her. She went to the back of the store and took out a few things, she hummed as she squeezed the cock ring and the girl had picked up a thin paddle with holes in it. She got to work, undressing the Missus and redressing her. She had a tight school mistress outfit which she slipped onto her body. Miri took her time, enjoying her soft curves and she removed her bra, dropping it to the floor. She held her breasts from behind, pressing her own body against the cool leather as her hands played with the perky tits. She wished the man could watch her play, but she had better plans. After having her fill of tits, she covered them in the leather and gave her reading glasses to complete the school teacher look.

She made quick work of the man’s pants and left his shirt on him. She found one of her favorite collars and put it around his neck. She found a leash that was two pronged, and she found a suitable cockring for him, slipping it on his limp staff, knowing what will happen once time begins again. She put the end of the leash into the Miss’ free hand and stepped back to look at her work. Maybe she was wrong about this being the confidence boost that she needed, but she was usually right about these things.

Miranda put the closed sign up, leaving a note on the door for the couple to see “Enjoy! Be back in 45 minutes.” As the bell chimed for her departure, she let time go again, and she heard their combined gasp and a moan come from the man’s mouth. Something was right!

It took her some time to get to the park and she looked at her phone. There was a little blip now and again, which she followed until she saw her main event. The woman was playing ball with her dog, who was unleashed now. So she hadn’t found the collar. Excellent.

Miranda bounced up to her and as soon as the woman laid eyes on her she paused everything. The dog was mid catch, up in the air. She went up to the woman and kissed her lips, wondering if she could taste the dog spit from before. To her disappointment, she couldn’t. Miranda took out her pink cuffs she had saved and got to work undressing this woman. She decided to keep her high heeled boots on her, it would make such a better ending picture.

She brought the woman onto the ground on her knees, bent over the park bench. She wove the woman’s arms through the bench and cuffed her hands on the other side, securing her and making sure she couldn’t get away at all. She peeled off her pants, revealing that luscious ass that she had longed for. Miranda couldn’t help herself and she spread her cheeks wide to see her tight sphincter. She took a tentative lick first, then stabbed her tongue inside the hole. She was frenzied in her exploration, moving a hand down to toy with her unsuspecting pussy. It was pretty 50/50 for what was about to happen, but Miri had taken some pity on the woman, and decided to get both her holes wet.

After she was pleased with her rimjob, she went over to Fido. He was bigger than she thought and she took her slippery hand and rubbed it all over his nose. Miranda saw how the dog had watched his master on the bus. There had to be something there. Fido proved heavy, and she had to drag him over to his master. She had been so neatly displayed, so open and inviting.

He had been in the perfect position from the jump, so she laid him down onto the woman’s back, making sure his paws were going to catch on her shoulders to grip. She reached down and toyed with his red rocket, which wasn’t awake quite yet, but those pheromones that covered his snout would bring it to life. Miranda could barely contain herself as she finished the set up. She looked around, there was a man standing by a tree, a few couples, even a group of young teenage boys. Oh lordy were they in for a treat.

She backed away, standing farther down the path. She picked a spot where she could see the action unfold and she laid down in the grass just in case she decided to play with herself. Who would even be watching her, she thought with a smirk. She twirled the ring around her finger and let the chaos unfold for her sadistic pleasure.

The woman was not the first to react, it was her faithful pup. Miranda watched as the dog’s hips started thrusting on instinct, and her panicked voice did not disway the hound. She could see his red cock starting to grow and watch it jap for a hole as she tried in hushed voices to stop the dog, but it was too late. The group of boys had looked and were watching, their jaws on the floor.

Her fingers danced around her slit as she watched the dog aim true and the woman howled in humiliation as her canine’s cock forced its way into her exposed pussy. Miranda moaned in frustration as hers wanted attention too.

She caught the eye of one of the boys, who couldn’t have been older than twenty. She lifted her skirt, showing him her handiwork and beckoned him over. It didn’t take him long to get the hint and he moved over quickly, attracting the attention of his two other friends. They didn’t move but she could see they had trouble deciding where to look.

The first boy stopped before her, watching her pinch and roll her clit between her fingers. She asked if he had seen one before up close and he shook his head. So she motioned for him to come down and have a closer look.

He was so tentative and gentle with his licks that she had to grind his nose into her slit to start feeling something. His other friends had the common sense to come over, and she could see their bulges so well. She asked them to stand on either side of her and to whip them out. They obliged and soon she had both of rock hard, one in each hand alternating between them with her mouth. She didn’t expect them to last very long, but it felt good to be so occupied.

Then a sudden movement made her moan around one of the boy’s shafts. The one between her legs had found her buttplug and he began to pull it out and push it back in. This new sensation brought rigor into her sucking and both other boys were moaning as well. The shrieks and pleading from the woman being raped by her dog added so much heat to the moment.

The couple had moved off, Miranda had seen them on the phone, perhaps calling the police. They’d be done soon enough. The man was still under the tree, watching. The boy between her legs, emboldened by assfucking her with the dildo, crawled up her body, his shaft exposed and throbbing. He missed once, then on the second thrust he pierced her cunt. She groaned and deepthroated one of them, and he blew his load in her. His cum tasted sweet almost, of the innocence she swallowed away from him.

His friend thrusting into her was short and quick, and anything but rhythmic. She knew he would be bragging about this for a while. Good for him. Oh this was really getting to her though.

She could hear the cuffed woman screaming and pleading, the thrusts of her dog breaking the stream of noise. She caught a look as the woman’s face, red with shame and disgust, began to show a feeling most familiar to Miranda: an uncontrollable, growing orgasm. The dog pumped into the woman’s pussy kaçak bahis with abandon, faster and harder than anything she had ever had and it was forcing her body to react in unforgivable ways.

Miranda had released the spent boy and turned to receive a spurt of hot cum on her nose, splashing into her eye, she tried opening her mouth to catch the boy’s jerking cock and was rewarded by hot seed instead. As his final spurts caught her cheek and chin, she looked over to the man by the tree. He was most certainly watching the show, but he wasn’t moving. She’d have to fix that once bunny rabbit was done humping her.

His rapid pumping brought him quickly to climax and when he buried himself deep inside her she let loose a moan that matched the dog’s howl. She came as the trapped woman wailed in agony and Miranda shoed the boys off of her breasts and ass, them having done their duty to her. She watched with wide eyes as the dog’s thrusts became harder and the woman’s breath had become more labored. He dug his nails into her back to force himself into her womb and held completely still.

She relished the panic that was rising in the woman as she began to feel the dogs knot. This was what Miranda had been waiting for. She waited until the woman’s begging turned to whining and moaning to pause again. She went up to the multispecies couple and looked at how wide the dogs knot was and how it pushed against and partly into her abused pussy. She loved how engorged the woman’s love organ was, she knew that once that knot was inside her she’d cream all over her dog’s dick. That would be the undoing for this woman, and Miranda planned on having the best seat in the house for it. Miranda licked her lips and knew what she wanted to do. She looked over to the man by the tree, still there, still still. When she stood and started walking over to him her blood ran ice cold. He had blinked.

Never, ever never ever before had someone moved during a time stop. He had his eyes locked on her, and she on his. There were several yards between the two but they were so focused on each other that they could see the other breathe. Then his hand moved.

He held a ball gag in one hand. It was leather with a big purple ball, the same color as her ring. Miranda didn’t know what to do or say. Then he took a step forward, and her body answered for her. She ran. Miranda ran like her life depended on it and the world started around her just as she made it to the street, almost being hit by a suddenly moving car and being thrown off balance by the dogwhore’s bloodcurtling scream.

She had paused it again just in time and dashed through the street. How could he do this as well? Did he find her on purpose? Her thoughts were a mile a minute and her feet couldn’t keep up until everything came to a screaming halt. In the silence of the still world, she had managed to find a dead end. A chain link fence was before her, and her pursuer just feet away. On the other side of the fence were two men playing basketball, the ball frozen in mid air and both men as well.

When she unpaused time she screamed for them for help just as she felt the cool leather brush her cheek and the ball force her mouth open even wider. Her screams became muffled, and she had fear in her eyes, she didn’t know what it was like to completely lose control and it scared her. Both men had stopped and were looking at her and the man behind her, trying to decode the situation. She felt him lean close to her ear and she could barely hear him speak over her hammering chest.

“You’ve been quite busy, haven’t you?” When he looked at the two men, he chuckled, saying “Well, I hadn’t expected her to draw a crowd.. Gentleman, would you be willing to do me a favor? I need to teach my kitten a lesson, but as you can see on her face..” he points out the several cum marks “.. one load hasn’t done it.”

The two men exchange glances and for a moment Miranda is hopeful they’ll reject his offer but to her despair they advance. The chain link fence pressed into her with her captor at her back. He leaned down to her ear again and whispered, “Whenever I decide to let you speak, you may call me Cal..” he reached down and tore away her shirt, exposing her large mounds. The metal on her flesh made her nipples instantly hard and it didn’t take long before one man had his mouth on her roughly. She gasped around the gag as his teeth grazed and bit her tit and a rough hand mauled the other.

For as painful as the fence was on her chest, she was thankful for it. It thwarted Cal’s attempt to pimp her out and it made some of her smugness return. That was until the unoccupied man scaled the fence to join them on this side. She whined into the gag and shook her head no, trying to disway the tall man, but he moved behind her as soon as Cal stepped aside.

He whispered, “Kitten likes it rough.” and moved back to watch. The man behind her lifted her up by her inner thighs, pressing her chest and inner legs into the unforgiving metal. The man who had been mauling her chest had released his snake and she saw how long he was. He’d have no trouble reaching her. Miri whined again as the man behind her probed her plump cheeks, searching for her hole. He pressed on the plug and it made her squeal. With one hand he removed it and tossed the 4 inch gem aside.

The plug had done little to prepare her for his girth. Miranda howled into the gag as he pressed into her puckered hole, embedding himself into her canal and pressing her into the chain link fence. He wasn’t fully inside her when the first man lined up with her glistening pussy. The young boy’s cum had begun to ooze out of it just as this man was forcing his way inside her. She tossed her head back and moaned into her gag. These two knew what they were doing.

The combined thrusting held her in place and the man fucking her slit helped himself to her breasts again. He pulled them through the holes in the fence by her dark nipples, straining her tender flesh until they stood erect between different holes. He then nipped and sucked them with fervour, not being shy about his mauling of her chest with teeth and hands. Miranda was panting heavily and her eyes rolled behind her head, their frenzy had her in such a state of physical bliss.

She was lost in that feeling for what felt like hours and the only thing that brought her back was the growing pressure in her groin. She pressed down into these foreign, unwanted cocks as if her life depended on it, and it felt that in that moment it really did. Her hands had been wrapped so tightly around the metal chain that her knuckles had gone white.

He had been watching and listening to her breathing, watching as her body resisted, then fell into active participation in her own rape. It was a beautiful thing really. He watched as her breath caught in her throat, snatched away by the intensity of the moment before the air tried reaching the purple ball.

He moved closer now, back to her ear and he commanded in a whisper, “Come for me kitten.”

Her body went rigid from the wave of feeling those four words brought and her body exploded onto the still pumping shafts. She twisted and moaned, her head back and body spasming from the strength of her orgasm. Her holes clamped down on the men’s shafts with such primal power that they couldn’t hold it in anymore. The man in her ass shot his load first and the other quickly followed, both filling her at once with their cum. She could barely utter a sound as their violation of her body was complete.

Only after their bodies had moved to the calmer waters of aftershocks did he tap the back of the gag, and the world was still once more, save her heaving chest. He took her trembling body off of her two pronged seat and placed her on the ground. He took her chin and looked her in the eyes. She was still very much in subspace and he clicked his tongue, pleased “This whole time you’ve had the world at your fingertips, and yet here you are, just barely scratching the surface..”

He took her hand lightly and lead her out into the street, fresh cum oozing out of all of her holes. Miranda only faintly heard the cars and people’s gasps before the world went quiet again. Just a peek, she thought. But long enough for everyone to recognize her at the coffee shop tomorrow.

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