A Debt Owed


I heard a knock at my door and went to check who it was. Looking through the peep hole my heart started racing when I saw my ex there. I opened the door a little asking what he wanted.

He pushed me aside and said, “Hey bitch, miss me?”

I started to stammer and try to respond when he slapped me across the face. “That was for thinking you don’t have to take care of my needs.” I tried to tell him to leave, but every time I opened my mouth, he slapped me again.

I broke up with him because I found out he was cheating on me. “My new bitch is out of town, so I needed to remind you who owns you.” He explained as he kept lightly slapping my face as I stuttered trying to say anything.

I had tears rolling down my stinging face as he asked if I was done. I silently nodded and he patted my head and said, “Good bitch.” He then pushed me down to my knees and said he expected to be greeted by me kneeling and kissing his feet.

I got a backhand across the face when I looked up at him confused and started trying to ask what he meant. “I didn’t say you could talk, bitch. I told you to kiss my fucking feet.

I almost started sobbing then, but I couldn’t help but listen to him. We always would talk about how I liked it a little rough, but he had a much higher sex drive than me, and I could barely handle it.

I crawled forward from where his backhand had landed me and bent down even lower to press my lips against his tennis shoes. After planting one on each I looked up at his sneering face. “You really are a pathetic loser. I knew this was what you needed. I didn’t say you could stop though.”

I bent down again and started alternating my lips between each foot. I probably got a dozen in when he kicked me back and sauntered to my couch. “Come over here, and we’ll talk.”

I started standing, and he yelled that I’m a bitch and bitches don’t stand up around alphas without reason. I started bawling when I realized he wanted my to crawl to him at my own place. I still did it though.

“Stop right in front of me, like a good little puppy bitch,” he said cruelly laughing. “If you talk without speaking, I’m going to slap you. Now, the way I see it, you promised me a lot and then went ahead and broke up with me. You’re just a dumb bitch and don’t know what you need though, so I’m here to make things right. We were güvenilir bahis together for six months, and I put up with you not putting out. Well, we both know how much attention my dick needs, but you still got all pissy when someone else swung on it for a night. I’m just here to get what you owe me. I only got off about twice a week with you, and the rest was my hand. I average about three a day. So, twenty a week, for six months is about five hundred fucking loads into my own hand. So, you owe five hundred loads.”

“What the fu-” I tried to get out before being laid into by his hand again.

“I said no fucking talking bitch, now get off the fucking ground and kneel in front of your master.” He continued as I returned to where I was, “you owe me five hundred loads. Now I’m going to be nice and say that you can repay them multiple ways. Obviously, taking a load will count. And bitches don’t get to cum without permission, so every week you don’t cum will count as a load repaid. Also, I’m going to be taking your credit card and after a certain amount I’ll count it as a load. How much you think my loads are worth bitch? I got a number in my head, if you’re higher I’ll go with yours, if you’re lower, I’ll double the difference and add it to my number.”

“Umm, I don’t know,” I stammered, caught off guard with the question. My mind was still racing with everything he’s been saying.

“Umm, I don’t know,” he mocked in a song-song voice. “How about this,” he said leaning forward and lightly slapping me again. “Take off my shoes and socks, and I’ll let you think about your answer. Remember, how much would you pay for my thick and creamy load?”

He pressed the bottoms of his shoes into my face, squeezing my nose between them. I reached up and started to pull them off when he kicked me back, once again forcing me on my back for the third time in less than fifteen minutes.

“Show some fucking reverence for your master’s feet and property. Unlace them and take them off slow, dumb bitch.”

I apologized and quickly crawled forward, reaching out and unlacing his shoes. After that, I reached up and pulled them down, only for a ripe, rancid smell to smack me in the face.

He laughed at my facial expression. “How’s that bitch? This good has been out running today and decided it would be a good workup before I came over to türkçe bahis show you our new life. Keep going boy.”

I tried not to get nauseous as I reached back up and began rolling down his rank, sweaty socks.

After I got them off, he told me to turn them back right-side-out to show them proper respect. Then he took them from me and held one of them up, “Lick it, bitch. Just the tip, you’ll get more later,” he laughed.

I stuck my tongue out and pressed it against the toes of his sock as it assaulted my nose.

He smacked me once again and said, “Lick doesn’t mean press your tongue against it, bitch. There needs to be some tongue movement here.”

I swiped my tongue left and right, licking all around the tip. After he was satisfied, he laid the sock out and presented the other for me to tongue.

“I hope you know how much my load is now,” he reminded me. My eyes widened as I had completely forgotten.

“$20, sir?” I murmured, my mind still reeling at the taste of his rancid socks.

“Fuck that. That’s way too fucking low bitch. You’re lucky I don’t beat the shit out of you for insulting me like that, but I am gonna punish you. Unlock your phone and give it to me.”

Not wanting to do anything of the sort, I just stared at him with a worried look in my eye, feeling helpless in front of him.

He decided I hesitated too long, and that was a mistake. He leaped up and grabbed my hair, jerking my head around before slapping me three times in quick succession.

“Don’t fucking hesitate when I tell you to do something. Don’t act like you have a choice. You lost that right when you couldn’t do a good job taking care of my cock.”

Crying again, I reached into my pocket and unlocked my phone before offering it to him. Sneering, he looked over my apps before sitting back down.

“Hope you don’t have anyone important on Snapchat,” he laughed menacingly. “Just sit fucking still for me and think of an appropriate number.”

Randomly deciding on sixty, I sat still until he told me I could speak again. Before that however, he put his big toes in my mouth and told me to suck. If I thought his sock tasted bad, his toes tasted like concentrated, rancid, jock sweat. I could feel my spit mixing with the sweat and grime, creating a slimy substance that filled my mouth with the fouls taste.

After güvenilir bahis siteleri a few minutes, he pulled his toes as far apart as he could, hooking the insides of my cheeks on them and stretching out my mouth. He started hawk up a wad of spit. He leaned his head back a little and let it fly, landing on the front of my shirt.

“Aww. I missed. We’re gonna do this until I get three points,” he said, laughing as he began coughing more spit up. Ultimately, I had five and a half loogies on my face, eight on my shirt, two on the floor, and three and a half in my mouth because one “didn’t count.”

“Alright, you’re gonna tell me the price of my loads while I film it,” he told me as he pulled up my phone. “I wonder what Snapchat will think of you talking with your mouth full.”

“How much is it worth to you?” he asked, as, I assume, he started filming. My heart filled with dread as I realized he wasn’t planning on taking his toes from my mouth as I answered.

“Ishty!” I tried to shout as his spit gurgled in my mouth, and I couldn’t pronounce around his toes.

He messed with my phone for a minute, then set it down and told me I’d get a load off my debt for every $150 on my credit card.

“I was gonna do $75, and $50 is a bit lower than that. So, the difference times two, plus mine and a bit for that pitiful fist offer,” he explained, mishearing my offer by ten. I didn’t have the courage to contradict him, and I still couldn’t talk right with his two huge toes taking up my mouth.

He kicked me back a bit and stood up abruptly, reaching for the zipper on his jeans.

“I’m gonna show you what you’ve been missing. But you’re gonna have to earn the right to take my load straight from my dick, and that’s not gonna count towards your debt unless you can get the nut out yourself.”

He fished out his soft cock, about four inches and still thicker than I am hard. He started stroking it while leering down at me. After a few minutes I was staring up at him in awe of his thick, 7.5 inch dick. A full two inches longer than the one making a tent in my pants, all fears and worry forgotten while staring down his alpha meat.

He stiffened and shot a huge load all over my carpet. He didn’t let a single drop land on me. He sat down and stared straight at me, his dick still hard and pointing straight up, like a thick cannon that didn’t need any recharging time.

“You’re gonna lick that up off the floor and my spit from earlier. Then you and I are going to go about getting some lunch. Or more lunch in your case,” he added laughing.

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