A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 11


With about a year still to go on my tour in Germany, a new couple moved into the apartment on the half level below ours, right where the elevator topped out. Because of the design of the building, there was one apartment on the level by the elevators and two apartments on the next landing up, half a floor difference. At the top where Mandi and I lived, though, there was no apartment across from us, but only an equipment service room and the top of elevator access. Because of the offsets of the next stairwell over, we also didn’t have an apartment on that side of us either. We were all alone at the top.

The couple was Karl and Chantal, about 5 years younger than Mandi and I and they had three boys, one being an “almost 2” little boy named Chad. Karl worked in one of the staff sections in my battalion, so we would occasionally car pool.

Karl was a slightly built guy of about 5’7″ and weighed about 135. He had straw colored blond hair that fell straight off his head. The kids all had that same hair. Chantal was absolutely gorgeous, easily as pretty as Kelli, petite, maybe 5’1″, about 110 lbs with reddish-auburn hair, flawless skin and pouty lips that looked like they should be wrapped around a cock. She had a luscious butt and nice, pert breasts, about a B-cup. I revised this estimate after I saw her in a halter top when we headed out for a walk in the fields one spring day. She was a good C-cup! And she was also a sexy bomb.

They would join us often in the evenings, drink a beer and watch TV or listen to some music. The kids liked coming to our apartment because we always had good things to eat and drink than Mom wouldn’t let them have at home. Chad was my lifelong buddy. He would crawl up into my lap and hang out with me.

They got a terrible scare one time when Chad, who was just tall enough to reach the door handle on the front door, learned to open the door. He left their apartment and wandered up the stairs, opened the door to our apartment (we never locked it when we were home), came into our apartment and went into the bedroom and crawled up on the bed. He dozed off.

Chantal showed up in a screaming lather, asking if we had seen Chad. We hadn’t, totally oblivious to the fact that he had let himself in and was asleep on our bed. We didn’t have any lights on in the bedroom and had no idea he was there. We went outside with her and Karl, and searched the parking garage, all the stairwells in all the buildings, anywhere we thought he might have gone my himself.

Chantal and Karl were both about to panic, and after exhausting all the possibilities, decided to return to my apartment to call the Polizei. We dashed into the house, and ran to the bedroom to call. When I flipped on a dresser lamp, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was Chad fast asleep.

I walked back into the living room very quietly and Karl and Chantal jumped up. Before they could say anything I put a finger to my lips, told them to be quiet, and motioned them to follow me. We tiptoed into the bedroom and they saw Chad lying there asleep. I turned and shrugged, and they were stunned.

We left him asleep and went back to the living room. Mandi and I were as dumfounded as Karl and Chantal. They finally went over to their apartment and brought the other two boys to our apartment and we asked them if Chad knew how to open a door. They both said “Sure” and told us they had helped teach him how to open a door so they didn’t have to help him go the bathroom. We finally figured that Chad had left their apartment and come to ours by himself. This was a new revelation for Chantal to look into.

After this incident, though, we grew closer to them. We would often take walks out into the fields and down to the feuerplatz that I often enjoyed (and noted in other stories). I would put some large towels in my rucksack for padding and seating for Chad, and put him in the ruck to carry. He often went to sleep as we hiked around. I would fill the pockets with beers and make a nice outing of it all.

One evening after dinner, Karl and Chantal came over and they had been arguing. They got into a pissing contest in the living room and Chantal stormed back to their house. I was tired and decided to go to bed early and let them have at their spat. Mandi went to talk to Chantal while Karl watched TV at our place.

I’m not sure what else went on until Mandi woke me about 1130, handed me my lightweight robe and asked me to come in the living room. Mandi was a bit drunk, and when I came in, Karl and Chantal were there, and they were wearing robes too. I looked around wondering what Mandi had up her sleeve.

I sat down and Mandi came over to me and asked if I thought Chantal was sexy. That is the kind of question that has “DON’T ANSWER THAT” scream through my brain.

“Sure, I guess,” I said uneasily.

Mandi chuckled and said, “Just be honest. It’s okay.”

I was having a tough time getting a read on her mood, but I replied, “Okay, sure.”

They all chuckled and looked pendik escort at me with big smiles.

“So what’s up?” I asked.

Mandi said, “Well, all the hassle is over, and we have been talking about something, and here is what is up.”

Mandi took my hand and led me to Chantal, and as I got close, Chantal reached up with her hand. Mandi placed my hand in Chantal’s hand.

After leaving me standing holding Chantal’s hand, she took Karl’s hand and announced, “We are all going to have some fun tonight, and you are going to be with Chantal and I am going to be with Karl.”

I was wide awake now! What an interesting development. Even stranger, Mandi took Karl’s hand and headed for our bedroom, and Chantal led me behind them and we all piled into our bedroom. Mandi turned to Karl and slipped his robe off him and turned her back to Karl, who helped take her robe off. Chantal eased over in front of me, loosened my belt, pushed my robe open and stroked my stomach.

Karl and Mandi had locked limbs and were beginning to kiss. Chantal slipped my robe off my shoulders and then quickly slipped hers off. It was a shorty, silky things that was gone in less than a second. We had the roll down shade and curtains open, so even without lights on in the bedroom, the lights from the city below allowed us to see quite well.

Chantal was truly a killer sexy babe. Her breasts looked flawless after three kids. I couldn’t see any stretch marks. Her legs were perfectly proportioned and her ass jutted out like it was waiting to be grabbed. I had seen her wearing skin tight athletic clothing, but nothing could compare to totally naked. Her pubes were a small, narrow landing strip of hair just long enough to be soft.

Mandi and Karl were still locked into kissing, so I made up some time by gently pulling Chantal to me and crushing her breasts into my chest. She quickly sought and found my lips, and we started a gentle but insistent kiss. Chantal was quick to begin probing at me with her tongue.

This turn of events had stunned me at first, but I figured if Mandi was going to be in the bed beside me I would see if I couldn’t enjoy this wonderfully sexy babe for all it was worth. As I started to harden, Chantal shifted around a bit so I could keep my cock between us. After a couple of more minutes of kissing, I glanced over and saw Karl with a hand in Mandi’s pussy and she was holding his wrist in encouragement.

Still kissing, I copied them and eased a finger down to Chantal’s delicate feeling pussy, and she responded by opening her legs, giving me better access. She was getting wet quickly, and I gently stroked through her lips to get the wetness flowing some more, and finally gave her clit a gentle but insistent brush-by with my finger. Chantal moaned into my mouth and moved her legs wider apart.

I was half hard by now and suddenly Chantal broke off kissing and reached down to grasp my cock. She gave it a gentle squeeze and then grabbed my head and whispered in my ear.

“Mandi said you have a nice cock. She wasn’t joking.”

I went back to kissing her and rubbing her clit some more, as she began to stroke my cock to full erection, getting more urgent. I really wanted to start by eating her pussy and wondered how I could go about that considering I would have to compete for bed space. Mandi solved that problem by pushing Karl up against the window and squatted to begin sucking his cock. I could see the back of her head and while she wasn’t exactly an expert, she could hold her own in the blowjob department.

I gently gripped Chantal’s ass and sat her on the bed, and carefully pushed her backward. I went straight for her clit, and without hesitation she grabbed the back of my head. I pushed her legs toward her breasts and went after her clit like a connoisseur. She didn’t have a quick trigger but it didn’t take her very long to hit her first orgasm. She bowed up and moaned and suddenly gasped and fell back on the bed.

Mandi rose and turned around, leaned over to Chantal and said, “No fair. You got there first!”

They laughed, and Karl decided he liked what he saw and pushed Mandi back onto the bed. As he began to eat her, I went back to Chantal to see if she was ripe for a second bite of the orgasm apple. She was!

Mandi was lying alongside side her in the opposite direction, so as I worked Chantal’s clit I eased a hand over and massaged one of Mandi’s boobs and tweaked a nipple. She responded by pressing my hand down to her breast. I slid the other hand up and did the same for Chantal and she responded about the same.

I steady munched on Chantal until she began to writhe about in the beginnings of another orgasm and quickly rocked through several small spasms and then a couple of better ones. She pushed my head away and finally slowed down her breathing. I watched Mandi finally get a good orgasm herself, although it didn’t appear to have been very strong. She did finally get extra sensitive and pushed Karl away.

Mandi maltepe escort pushed Karl back down on the bed and climbed aboard him, casually sinking down on his cock. Karl was about a 6.5″ and slender, and Mandi engulfed his cock with one smooth motion. Chantal followed suit, quickly standing up and rolling me onto the bed. I was only half hard so she leaned over me and began to suck and stroke my cock. She swallowed as much as she could until she almost gagged, and Mandi looked over and chuckled.

“Careful,” she told Chantal, “you can hurt your throat really quick.”

Chantal muttered something with a mouth full of cock, and didn’t stop. When she was satisfied I was fully hard, she climbed aboard, sinking down slowly until she finally sighed when I hit bottom. For a woman who had three kids, she was pleasantly tight. She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest, and began to slowly stroke up and down on my cock, riding me slow and easy.

I was really enjoying the view. Mandi has great tits, and they were bouncing easily as she rode Karl, and I had a close-up view of Chantal’s breast following almost the same motion. About the time I began to feel a surge in my balls of an orgasm approaching, Chantal began a soft whooping noise that seemed out of place and it killed my mood, although I stayed hard. Mandi looked over at her quizzically.

Apparently the noise preceded an orgasm, because after riding a little faster she final quit whooping and shrieked and choked off a scream, and really rolled her crotch around in a circular motion until she finally fell onto my chest panting.

Mandi watched with amusement, and finally came to stop from riding Karl. Chantal slowly rose up with my cock still firmly enclosed inside her. She shook her hair back and asked Mandi where the cigarettes were. Mandi hopped off Karl and grabbed a pack and her lighter, climbing back aboard Karl and slipped his cock back inside her.

They both lit cigarettes and carried on a casual conversation. As they talked, I casually moved a thumb down to Chantal’s slit and carefully searched for her clit. She helped out by raising up a bit to let me find it. I began a gentle stroking on it as she smoked. She smiled at me and leaned back some more so I could keep it up.

Chantal finally raised up a bit and moved my hand away for a second so she could get rid of her cigarette butt, and then moved my hand back. During all this, I was stunned to see Mandi and Chantal sitting there side by side with each other’s husband’s cocks inside, chatting like they would at the dining room table. Karl just lay there casually as if this was just another day at the office.

Finally we got back to business when Chantal leaned forward and stretched out prone on top me and wrapped her legs around mine. She began a slow grind into my crotch. Mandi and Karl switched to missionary and he started a steady bounce into Mandi’s pussy. As Chantal heated up I played with her fine ass and finally sneaked a finger back to stroke her butthole. I barely touched her before she was moving my hand away. Oh well!

Chantal shook and shuddered through a small but effective orgasm, and I turned her around to hit it doggy style. I slid straight to the bottom and she groaned deeply. Mandi stifled a chuckle. As I began to long stroke her, though, she started a noisy squeal that was distracting as hell so after a while, when I had lost all effort to cum, gave up and casually eased out of her. The only consolation was getting to see her cute little anus, partially open about a pinky’s width, winking at me. I resolved to find out what she was so touchy about when it came to the backside.

After a round of beer, we called it a night and said our good-byes. Mandi and I swapped notes. She had gotten one orgasm from Karl eating her but never could get going enough to get close to another.

“You didn’t cum at all,” Mandi stated.

“No. I was okay until Chantal started that infernal squealing,” I agreed.

“Oh well. Still, you looked like you had fun. I loved the look on your face when you finally figured out what was happening!”

I took the teasing good-naturedly but punched her shoulder lightly for fun, “Yeah, well I was surprised all right, but let’s worry about that some other time. I’m beat.” Mandi agreed and we crawled under the sheets and fell out quickly.

We got together again over at Karl and Chantal’s apartment later in the week when Mandi didn’t have to work. We got naked and watched some music videos on tape that a friend had sent to us. It was wonderful to see commercials, considering we were stuck with AFN or German TV. Mandi was just starting her period and had to stay plugged up with a tampon. But I gave them all full body massages, and when I was finally exhausted, all 3 of them combined to work me over. That was wonderful.

Chantal really got horny, and when she and Mandi went off to get refills of beer, they schemed about Chantal having some fun. In a few kartal escort minutes, Karl and I took turns eating her pussy. After a couple of easy orgasms, she had Karl lay in the floor and gave him head while I banged her from behind as Mandi sipped a beer and watched. It was Chantal’s first true duo and she was quaintly excited about it. I finally got my own orgasm since she had her mouth stuffed with Karl’s cock and didn’t set up the squealing so bad.

Karl was out with his section on an exercise one week shortly after this, and I had a short training cycle and was able to come home in the early afternoon, about the time Mandi left for work. As I stepped out of the elevator, Chad was holding the door to their apartment wide open. He pointed inside when I asked where his Mom was. I asked where he was going, and he pointed at my door. I chuckled and told him to wait until I got home. About that time, Chantal popped out of the toilet, saw Chad and I and laughed.

“Where’s he going now?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“He was coming to visit me,” I replied and then asked, “What are you up to?”

Chantal had just finished some laundry and the other two kids weren’t due back from pre-school for another hour and a half, and she told me she planned on getting some sun. I invited her up to my place, where there was plenty of cold beer and nice balcony furniture. She looked a little skeptical, but told me she would be over in a few minutes.

I went into my apartment, ripped my uniform off and put on some loose physical training shorts. After grabbing a beer and making sure the lock was unlatched, I headed out on the balcony. The sun was just right. I swallowed a long drink of beer and relaxed for a few minutes, letting the sun warm me from head to toe.

Chantal and Chad popped out from the apartment almost without a sound. She was wearing her little shorty robe, and carried some toys for Chad. He seemed to be a happy camper and began playing in the living room. I turned on a German FM radio station that played Top 40 tunes and cracked open a beer for Chantal.

As I went over to my chair to sit down, Chantal arranged a towel on her chair, pulled some lotion out of her bag and offered it to me. Once I had the bottle, she dropped her robe off, and was instantly naked. I rubbed some lotion on her back and shoulders, then her ass, and finally down to her legs. She purred like a kitten and settled in on her stomach.

We chatted for a while, making small talk like a couple of neighbors would. I decided to broach the subject of her adversity to my playing with her ass. When I actually asked her about it, she looked at me casually. After a couple of more drinks of beer she finally broke the silence.

“Karl and I used to indulge that as a little kick sometimes, but it always felt odd to me, and Karl would usually cum so fast I didn’t have time to figure it out. Then about 2 years ago when we met a couple that we were having fun with like you and Mandi, the guy turned out to be a jerk, and thought he could just come around and fuck me whenever he wanted. He didn’t want to hear no for an answer.”

I found the narrative interesting and let her continue.

“One night when we were playing around but were in different rooms, I was laying on my stomach while he fucked me from behind. He said I felt a lot tighter in that position. I didn’t really care for it but I figured he wouldn’t last long. He never did. But with just a little change in his movement, he jammed his cock into my little butthole. Before I could scream or yell, he covered my mouth and then just ferociously ripped into my poor ass. I couldn’t move and he didn’t stop until he finally came in my butt.”

I winced and said, “Damn, I know that must have hurt like hell!”

She looked up at me with a sarcastic expression and said, “No shit!”

“Hey,” I cried, “I’m one of the nice guys here!”

Chantal grabbed a long drink of beer, and then smiled at me.

“I know. It’s just that men are pigs, pure and simple.”

I made an oinking noise for her, and she laughed, telling me, “Now scratch your arm pits and crotch and then come over her and sniff my crotch like the pig you are.”

I rolled out of the chair, oinking away, and dived into her crotch, nosing her pussy and oinking loudly, then sniffing like a rabid dog before oinking some more. Chantal giggled uncontrollably. When Chad heard the commotion, he came to the balcony to see what was going on.

Chantal tousled his hair and told him to go back inside and play, saying, “Everything is okay out here. We’re playing too.”

After she swallowed the last dregs of beer, I took her bottle and mine inside for a refill. When I came back out she had turned over on her back. Without asking, I took the lotion and rubbed it all over her front side, with special attention to her breasts. She resumed purring for a while. Her nipples stood at attention. After I sat the lotion bottle down, I gently bussed her nipples and enjoyed keeping them hard.

I slipped my shorts off and sat down, getting back to the warmth of the sun. After a while, Chantal asked me what time it was. Since it was getting close to time for her kids to show up, I decided to press the issue.

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