A Discovery Ch. 05


The shower, after our fun in the woods, was both much-needed (we were both wearing more grass-stains than make-up) and not a little frustrating. The former thanks to Debbie’s parent’s lawn and the latter thanks to a wonderful soreness.

Afterwards we retreated, still naked but now thoroughly relaxed about it, to Debbie’s bedroom and sat on her bed as we did our best to dry our hair.

She tapped my shoulder, “Is it really still less than a day since we met?”

“Since you ravished me in the lane?”

“Yeah. Since I first tasted your pussy. Any pussy, come to that.”

I nodded, “Still not twenty-four hours.” Now Debbie had said it I was amazed. And so very happy. “Hard for me to believe, but wonderfully true.”

And it was hard for me to believe. I had always been shy – not to mention heterosexual – and part of that condition was a reservation that saw me at the back of every queue, always the last to commit to new hobbies or likes. I wondered for just a fraction of a second if my sudden infatuation with Debbie was some sort of bi-product of the realisation that other women could appeal in such an unexpectedly sexual way. But then I looked across at her and knew – simply knew – that it was the person I had fallen for. She was pretty in a startled foal sort of way, but her character was even prettier. She was smart and she was clearly sassy and funny. She was perfect.


Debbie’s voice snapped me out of my reverie, “Sorry, I was miles away.”

“I was wondering what you wanted to do for the rest of the day. It’s not even mid-day yet.”

I threw my damp towel on top of where she had thrown hers, “I just want to be with you.” My answer surprised even me.

“Good. But do you mean in here or outdoors again?”

“I’m not sure my nerves or my vag could take it,” I laughed.

“Not even if I kiss the latter better?”

“Especially not! Maybe later?”

It was Debbie’s turn to laugh, “Actually that’s a good call. I think I might have dislocated my tongue.”

“I could manage to kiss that better.”

She shuffled up beside me on the edge of the bed. “Care to prove it?”

So we kissed. Just a normal, loving kiss. Her lips were so soft, her tongue so warm, and her eyes – deep blue, I noticed – glowed. My fingers tangled in her damp hair, but gently. Finally we broke apart, both smiling, neither of us self-conscious any more.

I looked down at her softly heaving chest, “You have really beautiful breasts, you know?”

Debbie’s gaze followed mine, “These little things?”

I nodded.

She snorted, “That’s the first time anyone’s ever said anything that nice about little miss tiny tits’ tits. Yours are perfect though.”

“Let’s call it a draw.”

“They sure seem to draw me.”

I patted her thigh, “I’m not complaining but you really are a terror.”

“You know?” she said, “I think I’ve spent as much time with them exposed to you as I have with them covered.”

“I’m not complaining,” I told her, surprising myself yet again, “But if we do go out anywhere this afternoon they are definitely in need of some cover. Any chance I can borrow something of yours? We must be about the same size.”

“No,” she grinned.


“Ok, ok, but just one item then.”

“If you say ‘shoes’ I might just have to kill you.”

“Well I was going to say a dress, but now you mention it…”

I slapped her thigh and then her butt as she jumped up with a giggle. “You really are a terror!”

She rubbed at her rump, “And you really do have a great aim. That’s twice you’ve spanked my bare butt.”

“True,” I grinned, “It’s a rather nice target and well deserved.”

Debbie turned to face me, “It must be part of this weird magic between us, but do you realise I’ve fantasised about being spanked ever since I was a little girl?”

“You know I’ve never really thought about it before, but now you come to mention it…”

“Your nipples,” Debbie said, “have just become totally rigid. I have the delicious feeling that you might like making my fantasy come true.”

I shrugged, realising she was right, incapable of being too surprised at anything after all that had happened so quickly, “The delicious feeling is all mine.”

“I’ll be sure to remind you later.”

“With your naughty mouth I don’t think you’ll need to.”

Debbie laughed, “I can’t help myself with you around. You bring out the naughtiness in me.”

“And I’ve only just started. Now, what about that dress?”

“You seriously fit enough for another trip out later?”

I nodded, “I aim to have so much fun with you from the very start.”

“Suits me,” Debbie said, “There’s loads of stuff in that big wardrobe. Help yourself but remember – just one item.”

I stood and kissed her nose, “You got any more dresses like the one you more or less had on this morning?”

“Oh yeah, I love easy access stuff for my little road trips.”

“Oh yes,” I said, pulling open the sliding door of the wardrobe, “Perhaps I can let you show me what illegal bahis sort of fun you have while we find somewhere new to have a wander.”

“Now that,” Debbie said, “is what I call a fantastic idea.”

My new friend’s wardrobe was packed solid with tops, skirts, dresses, jeans and jackets – including two very expensive-looking leather ones. Despite her giggling suggestions about ‘just a jacket’ and ‘just a long top’ I chose a short, summery dress which hung dangerously low at the front and would be a serious hazard to decency if a strong breeze blew up from anywhere.

Quite separately, Debbie had chosen something remarkably similar and only the colours set us apart – mine being bright green and hers another dazzling white one like she had been wearing earlier.

Although we were both increasingly keen to resume our playtime, Debbie’s suggestion of a coffee before we left won my immediate approval and we spent the cosiest minutes sharing beverage brewing duties in her parents’ immaculate kitchen. It didn’t help to speed things up any when the hem of my dress got caught in the fridge door and Debbie took every advantage to kiss exposed flesh. I rather think that only tenderness in my groin area prevented the delays from becoming an afternoon back in the bedroom.

Finally, though, we were ready to leave and we headed outside to where Debbie’s car sat in the driveway. As I’ve said before I’m more of a bicycle girl than a car over, but even I could see that the very shiny white convertible (a Ford something-or-other, she told me with not a little pride) was a lovely vehicle.

What wasn’t so lovely was the fact that it had been sitting in direct sunlight for at least a couple of hours and the seats were, to say the least, rather hot.

“I can’t sit with my bum lifted off the seat when you take us wherever it is you’ve got planned!”

Debbie was giggling and holding the short skirt of her dress firmly under her own butt, “Don’t forget your seatbelt!”

“Oh yeah, right. Gee thanks!” I tried to pull my own dress down the back of my legs and found out I could just about bear to sit so long as I kept my knees lifted high enough that the backs of my thighs stayed clear of the seat. “This is hardly very lady-like.”

“Oh I don’t know,” Debbie’s giggles increased in intensity and she nodded down to my lap where the front of the dress was riding high, “From this angle I can definitely tell you’re a lady.”

I hastily pushed the garment’s short skirt between my thighs, “Just yesterday,” I complained, “A certain pussy had never even experienced fresh air, now it doesn’t seem to get enough.”

“I sure don’t,” she turned the key in the ignition, the engine clattering into noisy life, “So don’t fret about covering up on my behalf.”

I gave a pout, trying not to laugh, and clicked my seatbelt home, “Just don’t drive too roughly, okay?”

“I’ll be as smooth as silk, I promise, and with the car’s top down it’ll soon cool off in here.”

“Glad to hear it,” I winced, wriggling around to get as comfortable as I could.

“Mind you,” Debbie added, “I have every intention of warming things up when we find the right spot.”

“I should moan at you, but I can’t seem to find it in me.”

Debbie leaned sideways and pecked my bare shoulder, “Don’t get me started on the innuendoes.”

I laughed, at ease and yet still uncomfortable in one great paradoxical lump, “Innuendo’s a funny word isn’t it? Sounds kind of like innuendo in itself.”

She started the car rolling along the driveway and rolled her eyes to match, “Let’s not start going on about your end, either. It’s just too cute for words.”

“Thanks, I think. Now how about you tell me where we’re off to so I know why I’m putting up with a burning butt?”

Debbie drove along the lane with a confidence behind the wheel that I was immediately envious of, “I thought,” she told me, “That we could head for the woods up on the ridge. It’s a few miles but at least no one is likely to be about if we head towards the old quarry. You know that place?”

“Good grief, yes. I haven’t been there since I was a little girl, but I used to love it.”

“You’re not exactly a big girl now,” Debbie laughed, briefly taking her left hand off the steering wheel to pinch at my right breast. “But you’re extremely cute.”

I wriggled and giggled, “Careful you!”

“Don’t fret, Dallas, I’m in complete control. I could drive at Le Mans.”

“I wasn’t talking about your driving,” I patted her thigh, “I was just worried someone might see.”

“Ashamed of me already?”

“Stop teasing, and no – I meant we shouldn’t risk upsetting the neighbours.”

“Neighbours?” Debbie laughed, “We haven’t passed a car or a pedestrian since we left the house. And anyway, I think it would be good to be out.”

It hadn’t occurred to me until she said it – a lot of other things had been happening in the last day – but as soon as she said the words out loud it gave me a delighted shiver, “I think I agree. But for now, let’s get to the quarry.”

“I illegal bahis siteleri like the way you’re thinking. The water will be nice and warm.”

“Oh dear,” I said, over-acting for effect, “And there’s me forgetting my swimming costume!”

“Oh dear,” Debbie mimicked, “Me too. I guess we’ll just have to have a skinny dip.”

“What are you suggesting, you naughty thing?”

“Moi? I was merely suggesting me might need to dive into the water totally buck naked,” her voice took on a deeply husky timbre, “And lick each other so much that we scream through multiple orgasms.”

“You know?” I sighed, “I have a feeling that I am going to love your naughty plans almost as much as I love you. Are we there yet?”

Debbie laughed, swinging the car onto the country lane that wound its way up to the ridge a few miles away, “No, but we will be just as soon as I can get this thing there!”

I was pinned back happily in my hot seat as the wind started to blow my hair straight out behind me, and I was beginning to really enjoy the whole ‘car thing’.

I wouldn’t have called myself an expert but I was pretty sure that my new friend’s driving abilities were of the highest quality and despite the obvious speed we were travelling at, the car seemed glued to the road. Bends come and went and straights were a buzz of sheer speed that had me pinned back in my comfortable seat.

I was able to stare at Debbie’s profile as she smiled her way through every manoeuvre, her eyes focused intently on the road ahead of us, her hands moving easily on the wheel or shifting through the gears with a delicate agility that was both impressive and yet completely calm and seemingly unhurried. Her lips were as full as I remembered them from glorious touch and her wide blue eyes sparkled in the brilliance of the sun. I allowed my eyes to wander lower, unashamedly drinking in Debbie’s delicate curves where the seatbelt pulled her dress close across her gentle breasts, and then lower still to where the skirt of the dress rose high across her muscular but slender thighs, its height on her legs promising untold pleasures so very nearly exposed to me.

I looked up at Debbie’s face eventually and saw a smirk rippling around her lips, “Admiring the view?”

I was going to apologise but stopped myself, “Actually, yes. Pardon my French but you are one fucking cute lady.”

I wasn’t sure which of us was more surprised, but Debbie’s peal of laughter sent a glorious thrill through my entire body, and we were both still laughing five minutes later when the car crested a hill where we could see down on the final curves in the road before it rose to the woods and the quarry hidden deep within them.

I stopped laughing and groaned, pointing to a lorry that was at the bottom of the small valley, struggling to turn off the road we were on and into a small lane leading off towards a farmhouse in the distance, “Looks like we’ll be held up before we get to our dipping pool.”

To my surprise Debbie chuckled softly, “Oh yeah. And the one car between us and the back of that lorry is turning round to come back this way already.”

“And that’s a good thing?”

“Put it this way,” Debbie said, accelerating down towards the back of the struggling truck, “It changes my plans a little. But not in a bad way at all.”

“I have a feeling,” I said, “that you’re not telling me something, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“Very astute, cute one.”

The car that had turned back towards us passed slowly, the driver spinning a finger at his temple before pointing back the way he had come and mouthing something like ‘stupid lorry driver’ to us as we passed.

Debbie slowed as we reached the back of the still struggling truck and then pulled to a standstill just as the grumbling of the engine ahead of us clattered into silence.

She turned to me with a nervy, wicked grin, “I’m thinking that maybe the lorry is stuck for a few minutes.”

“And I’m thinking you were hoping it might take the driver a while to get himself moving again. Does this have anything to with the ‘little changes’ to your plan by any chance?” I wasn’t quite sure where Debbie was headed with this, but my heart was beginning to pound a little faster.

She switched off the Ford’s engine and unclicked her seatbelt, “You know me so well already. Perhaps this stuck truck might give me a lovely chance to introduce you to my naughty outdoor habit.”

“Debbie! We’re in an open top car on a lane that can get real busy, you know?” I was protesting against something I had no real clue about – and had no real meaning behind my protest, either.

“You had the same view from back up the road as any driver coming along will have. They’ll see the road blocked and turn around before coming down this far. And the driver of that hulking blockage will be too busy with his truck to even bother to look this far behind him, not that his mirrors could see any more than maybe the side of the car anyway.”

“So… you mean that even out here canlı bahis siteleri on the open road, we’re not likely to be seen?”

Debbie nodded a smile fluttering around her mouth. “And if that truck driver does decide he’s never going to make the turn and chooses to drive on, we’ll have plenty of warning when he starts his engine again.”

“Is this sort of situation exactly what you like to find yourself in for your own naughty outdoor fun?”

“Oh yes,” she almost purred as she lifted her butt a couple of inches and pulled the hem of her dress up along her legs. She settled back into the driver’s seat, her eyes never leaving mine, then let her right hand drop into her lap, inching the summery dress higher until she could touch the bared flesh between her thighs. “With you here, this feels naughtier and lovelier than ever.” Her eyelids lowered halfway and she let out a soft hiss as I looked down, a gentle gasp of my own issuing from me as I saw her bared pussy being softly stroked.

My own arousal had been hovering as the situation had developed, but now I felt a surge of heat travel up from my toes and to my own womanhood. Without thinking of anything but my sudden heat and need, I copied Debbie’s actions, hoisting my dress up my legs, exposing myself and letting one hand caress my own heat and wetness. “You really are,” I groaned, “the most terribly naughty terror.”

Sitting in the car, stopped out in the middle of the roadway, felt immediately even wilder than being naked in the woods. When Debbie’s left hand settled on my own bared thigh I shivered with delight, and when it moved higher, settling over my suddenly eager, probing fingers I let out a moan of pure joy.

My own free hand found its way into Debbie’s lap and my fingers quickly located her heat and wetness, her pussy already pulsing and moist. Her own hand there switched from caressing herself to pressing my hand tighter against her heat and I felt a glorious shiver course through her.

I spread my thighs wide, no longer caring about where we were, just surrendering to her eager touches. I pushed my groin harder at her hand and quivered as I felt one of her finger’s part my eager lips, “Oh fuck, Debbie, oh yes.”

“I’ve always loved playing like this,” she panted, “but now with your – oh fuck yes – fingers and your beautiful pussy in the game, it’s… perfect!”

“I don’t believe we’re doing this,” I half-laughed, half-groaned, “It’s just so… so…”


“Oh yeah…” I could feel my passions rising even further, “I just gotta ask… have you ever cum doing this sort of thing?”

“Only once but I have this glorious feeling that could change real soon.”

I glanced in the wing mirror at a delightfully empty road behind us, “Do we dare?”

“Not so sure I’m gonna have much choice if you keep touching me like this.”

“Good,” I managed, “Totally crazy but so good.”

“You know something?” Debbie groaned, “The shoulder straps of my dress are sipping down and I just don’t feel like stopping them.”

I looked across at her chest and realised that her breasts were almost free of the garment. Somehow I managed to grab at the hem of her dress as I continued to gently stroke her divinely wet pussy and I tugged. It was enough to free her large, erect nipples, expose them to the brilliant sunlight. She made no move to cover herself and instead ground herself harder against my hand, her middle finger penetrating me easily and divinely.

I could feel the first swells of climax building deep inside my belly and I began to try to hold the inevitable orgasm at bay, the sight of Debbie’s bared breasts and the feel of her wet heat conspiring to break down any resistance I could offer. When she reached one hand to my own shoulder strap and yanked it down, my right breast slipping free, I couldn’t – didn’t want – to stop her. I wanted her to see my naked flesh, wanted her to keep probing so gloriously inside me, needed to grind my tingling clit against the heel of her hand. I would never have believed I could ever be so blatantly free and sexual, so daring, but right then I was without any volition in the matter. Being daring was intense fun, but sharing with Debbie was mind-blowing. When I felt an enormous tremor ripple through her belly, felt her hips rise against the pressure of my hand, I could feel my own climax begin to swell. I stared at her exposed tits and down to where my fingers probed and caressed her bare pussy, felt her pinch at my nipple and had to choke back a wail of pure joy.

“Oh, Debbie,” I managed, “let’s do this. Let’s do it together.”

“Ain’t no stopping us now, I’m thinking.” She moaned, teeth flashing white in the sunlight, “You’re doing it to me again, Dallas, oh god you’re doing it!”

The first wave of climax washed through her and my own orgasm burst from me. I felt her groin press so hard against my probing fingers even as my own hips thrust against her hand. It was wild, free and so necessary – for both of us. Debbie fell sideways against me and somehow our mouths collided, a kiss sealing the mutual release.

It had all been so fast, so naughty, and our mutual climaxes were just as quick, just as intense. We slumped back into our seats and for some reason covered ourselves quickly but comfortably, laughing now.

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