A Discovery in Behavior


You have been a scientist quite a long time, and now you are quite rich and retired. You want to spend your days at your house in the country, where it is quiet and restful.

Your daughter, Kati, will not have it. She is an eighteen-year-old senior in high school, she never did obey you much, and she has always been a hassle. You have tried drug after drug on her to try to get her to listen. Recently you have found a drug that almost works, so you take it to your lab.

You begin to modify it, adding more of the key ingredients and removing some of the less important ones. When your daughter arrives home from school, very late as usual, you give her the drug you have made in some soda. You wait for an hour and then tell her she is going to be a good girl and move with you out to the country. You become very surprised when she says. “Yes master; I will go where you want me to. I am a good girl. I will do as you say, Master.”

It worked! The drug has done all you wanted. You are surprised; usually your … experiments … do not work out as you ataşehir escort plan. This one has, and she will always be your little girl!

“I will do anything for you, Master,” she says and steps close to you, head bowed with those puppy dog eyes staring up into yours. She steps closer, pressing her nice C-cup tits into your chest. “I must please you and do what you say, Master.”

“Yes, you should be a good little girl.” You step back; perhaps this drug has worked too well. You know it has when she slips off her skirt and panties in one sweep.

“I will please you,” she says and drops to her knees. “What are you doing?” you ask as she drops to her knees in front of you.

“I’m a good girl; I’m going to make my daddy happy. That’s what good little Daddy’s Girls should do.” she says, pulling your pants and boxers down in one motion. “I’m Daddy’s little girl,” she says and begins to suck on your limp dick.

“Kati! W-what are y-you doing?” you exclaim as she sucks on your cock. You begin to get ümraniye escort a hard on as she plays with your balls in her hands while she sucks you.

She mumbles something you cannot understand, her mouth full of stiffening meat.

“Oh Kati … Yes! … You are Daddy’s little girl,” you say, and she stops and looks up at you lovingly.

“I’m your little …” she says, but you cut her off

“Slut! You’re a dirty whore! Suck my cock you skanky slut,” you say to her.

“Yes, Daddy I’m your whore,” she says and hungrily goes back to your cock. She sucks harder and harder, rubbing your balls faster and faster. She is deepthroating you faster and harder and then as you are about to pull out. She grasps your ass and pulls down engulfing your nine-inch cock as you explode. She gulps down your semen greedily. When done, she leans back, takes off her shirt, and begins to finger fuck her virgin cunt. “Daddy?” she asks, shoving a third finger into her pussy.

“Yes?” you reply, relaxing kadıköy escort after that wonderful blowjob.

“I want to lose my virginity right now. I want to show you that I’m really your little whore. I’ll be a dirty slut for you,” she says as she fingers her wet cunt. Without responding, you push her to the ground. Your cock is stiff once more and dripping precum. You position it at the entrance to her virginity. “Spread your legs wide, slut,” you command her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she says, spreading herself as wide as she can.

With one swift motion, you jam your full length into her, making her cry out. Blood from her broken hymen runs from her pussy as you pound her.

“D-daddy!” she screams, arching her back in pleasure and pain.

“That’s my tight little bitch,” you say thrusting into her harder. Under you, your daughter’s body convulses as she orgasms, her inner muscles squeezing you hard. Unable to hold back any longer, you spray your seed into her womb in a massive wave.

Her orgasm releasing her, she flops back down onto her back. “Daddy, I don’t think you should have done that.”

“Don’t tell me what I should do,” you demand, scowling at her.

“Well, it’s just that I think I ovulated yesterday, and it’s very likely you just got me pregnant.” She looks up at you with a loving, but slightly worried look on her face.

To be continued…

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