A Familiar Story


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I’ve never really talked about my sex life so this is my first attempt at describing an encounter I recently had. The other day I was enjoying some of the stories in Literotica when I came across one that sounded amazingly familiar! As I realized half way through it, here was the lover I had recently met, describing out first time and I thought it would be nice to tell my version of events. I must say, I was a somewhat shocked to see it in print, yet it still turned me on.


For a little background, let me explain that I am a Canadian, living in Japan and having a great time. This even though being gay here is not easy. Although it is not so frowned upon as in the west, it still is not condoned. There is a fairly thriving underground of gay activity, but as in any country, social liabilities force you to be careful . There are no real laws against sexual discrimination so you can be fired, refused housing, sexually harassed and even raped and there is little you can do about it.

Besides that, most Japanese men are not so well built, and extremely small where it counts. Being a top, that doesn’t matter so much to me, and that said, I must say, they have the sexiest asses and skin soft like a baby’s. And, as I would find out eventually, they are great lovers that will do anything to please you.

But, when I was transferred from Vancouver a few years ago, I had my doubts about whether or not it would be such a fun place after hours. However after months of false starts, I did meet a sweet young boy named Kenji and we moved in together a little over a year ago.

Kenji, or Ken has a great body, and is amazingly well endowed for his race. He is also intelligent, in great shape, and financially secure. I met him at a gay bar last year and a week later I was fucking his sweet ass on a steady basis. After a few weeks he asked me to move in with him and I jumped at the chance. He even hired me part time at the gay club he works at, I thought maybe to keep an eye on me, but it does have it’s advantages.

We have had a wonderful sex life and while I have been canlı bahis şirketleri faithful to Kenji the whole time together, we both noticed the spark was slowly weakening in our relationship. Perhaps he wanted more than the retinue of swallowing my cock and taking it up the ass night after night. Don’t get me wrong, our sex is great, but something was missing. Kenji at times wanted to explore role reversals but I had to make it clear, I am strictly a top. I would rim or suck a man to get him excited, but I need to be in control.

We talked about this often and I could see he was at times wondering what he was missing. So, with this in mind, I suggested we try to take in a third person for occasional jaunts, and he jumped at the idea. Being more experienced than Kenji, I told him to trust my judgement and I would check out what was available. I didn’t want just anyone, but we would wait till we found someone we both found agreeable.

Well, it took a few weeks, but one rainy Tuesday night while we were both working, in walked a gaijin, or foreigner, who I’d never seen before. He was older than us, but looked pretty well conditioned. He was a little shy but had a look in his eye that convinced me to give it a try.

He ordered whiskey and gulped it down then ordered another. I guess he was building up courage. He didn’t even sit, I thought he was staying ready to make a quick exit if he lost his nerve. So, being the gentleman I am, I started with light conversation trying to loosen him up. His name was Nick, and he was from Pennsylvania, practically fresh off the boat. He seemed a little clueless but was friendly and quite cute. After he had a few more drinks, I decided I should give it a try and asked him to dance, which he accepted.

A slow song was playing and I pulled him towards me. He must have been a bit tipsy from the drinks and he fell into me, placing his hands on my ass. Well, that was fast! I didn’t hesitate, but did the same, and what did I notice, but there was a butt plug in his ass! That was a turn on, so, as we crushed our pelvises together, I could feel my member growing. I started pushing on the plug, and Nick collapsed canlı kaçak iddaa in my arms, melting like butter.

I couldn’t believe this guy! At first he seemed so shy, yet now he was ready for the slaughter. I spun him around and immediately he grabbed my tool and started with a hand job right on the dance floor. I reached around him and did the same. Grinding into him, I stuck my tongue in his ear and could see he was ready to come then and there.

Well, we couldn’t do much there, so when the song was over, I told him I’d show him the rest of the place. I took him to the corner where there was a storage room. I really wanted to fuck this stranger. After all, I got the OK from Ken to do research on our project and this guy was really turning me on. We had a bed in the corner of the room that got occasional work, and Nick led me to it, like he had been here before!

Without saying a word, he quickly undid my belt and pulled down my trousers exposing my gleaming cock. It danced out and the look in his eyes told me he was in shock. My dick is about eight and a half inches fully erect, and that it was. He was almost drooling as he stuck his tongue on the head and licked up the pre-cum. Then he sucked the whole thing down as far as he could and slowly eased it out, doing that several times.

I was so turned on, and evidently Nick was also, because he was moaning and sucking away like a new born kitten on its mother’s tit. Every time I looked at him he was staring back at me, eyes wide open. I had my hands on his head, not that he needed encouragement, but more for balance. He was having the time of his life and I wasn’t far behind. Then he pulled back, caught a breath and gasped, “Rick, fuck my face.”

Well, we hadn’t even used the bed yet, so I pulled him up from his knees, placed him on the bed on his back and let his head hang over the edge. He was groaning as I pushed my cock down his throat and he reached around and dug his fingernails into my ass as I brutally face fucked him. Saliva and pre-cum were drooling across his cheek as gagging and choking sounds came out of mouth. He had almost taken my whole cock down his throat, canlı kaçak bahis so much so that I could feel my scrotum sack hitting his chin.

This guy Nick seemed insatiable. He was sucking away like a pro and his grunting and moaning sounds were a real turn-on. He had just the right size mouth and I was on the edge for the longest time. I would have loved to have fucked him then and there but knew I had to get back to work fast. I told him I was going to cum soon, and that drove him to suck with even more intensity. With my first shot, I swear, it looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head!

My orgasm was intense and Nick just couldn’t get enough, he was smiling and saying, “Oh, baby, give it to me,” as he sucked away, and sounded like he was having the meal of his life. I looked down at him and thought that this man has potential! I had to get back to work, but I knew I wanted more time with this find. I told him to come to the bar when he was ready and we’d have a drink. When I left the room, I saw Ken and he was smiling, waiting to hear what I had to say.

I told him we maybe have found our new friend and give him a few minutes before checking in on him. After about an hour, the bar had filled somewhat and Nick started floating out towards the bar. I came out, grabbed him, and took him to the dance floor. Kissing him passionately as we danced, I reached down for his cock and after a few caresses he started to cum. And how he came! He was screaming and going into spasms as he shot his load. I was really getting turned on by this man and decided I had to fuck him, the sooner the better!

When the song was over we sat down and he told me tonight was the first time he had ever done anything with a man. I almost gagged when I heard that. He had sucked me off like he’d been doing it for years, and showed more enthusiasm than almost any other partner I’d ever had. When I told him about my room mate, he practically jumped at the thought of joining us for a threesome.

Well, this sounded like a perfect situation in the making, but I knew that first I had to try that cherry ass of his by myself before making any decision. It isn’t easy to find a willing virgin, and here one fell into my lap. Needless to say, a few days later I broke him in and it was one of the best fucks I ever had. Time permitting, I may tell about that adventure in the near future.

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