A Family Affair


Daniel’s hand shook against the bannister. He perched on the step, halfway down the flight of stairs, listening intently to the alien sounds coming from the loungeroom. Sweat beaded on his brow as he peeked around the wall hesitantly.

He wasn’t supposed to be home now. He’d ditched school during lunch, and come home to look around the internet without the supervision of his parents. They didn’t ever say they didn’t want him looking at pornography, but he knew that wouldn’t be an excuse if they caught him jacking off in front of the computer.

He’d spent about an hour looking at a series of pictures, each one a tall, busty blonde leaning over something. Moaning as he stroked his cock, he’d finally blown his load, aiming his load onto an old towel he’d taken in with him. Panting, he’d wiped himself clean, turning off the machine and tidying up to mask mobilbahis güvenilir mi his presence. He’d started downstairs, hoping to grab something to eat before heading out of the house. That’s when he heard it.

As he looked around the corner, he stared, eyes wide and at first uncomprehending. It was his sister there on the couch, naked.

Of course, he’d tried to sneak a peek at her when she’d been living with them before she’d gone away for school, but he hadn’t even though of it since her recent return. Until now.

He took a tentative step down the stairs. He couldn’t see the television, but he could hear it, muted yet unmistakably sexual noises in the background. His sister was lying on the couch, eyes glued to the screen. She was masturbating.

Daniel’s cock was instantly hard again. He’d never even realised mobilbahis she did that. Her hand was moving almost like his did, holding something. He reached down to adjust himself, trying to look closer.

She moved suddenly, and he flinched, thinking he’d been caught watching her. He ducked behind the wall, waiting for her outraged yell. When nothing came, he peered cautiously around the wall again.

She’d moved, positioning herself on her knees, her hand between her legs. It was a vibrator she was holding, he realised. It slid in and out of her, in time with her cries of pleasure. He watched as she bucked her hips with the feeling of it. ‘

His cock strained against his pants, and he freed it, starting to jerk off madly. He’d never seen this before, and he felt his come swelling in his balls as she moaned louder. With a cry mobilbahis giriş almost like a scream, her body shuddered. She pushed the vibrator deep into her body, her head thrown back.

With a grunt, Daniel began coming. Semen flew from the eye of his cock, splattering against the wall. His jerking prick fired stream after stream into the white plaster, his hips jerking.

The phone rang on the table at the foot of he stairs.

Daniel jumped back in surprise, and the last thing he saw as he ran silently back up the stairs was his sister turning to look at the phone. He bolted into his room, heart pounding.

From below, he heard the ringing stop, and his sister’s voice talking hushedly into the phone. His heart was pounding as he wiped his sticky, cum-stained hand on a towel. Over his breathing, he heard something else.

He turned. His sister stood there, still naked. “Forget something, Daniel?” she asked, holding up her hand. Putting it to her face, she licked her fingertips. Daniel stared as she put his cum from the wall in her mouth.

“We need to talk.” she smiled, and walked inside, shutting the door…

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