A Family Celebration Ch. 01

Aurielee Summers

My name is Kelly, back at College for the last half of my junior year. I’m five feet six inches tall, about 125 pounds, with blue eyes, 36 C tits with hips and ass to match. A brunette, I often wear my hair in a pony tail. Enough about me. My story really began when I went home to Phoenix for Christmas last month.

The day after Christmas I slept late. I knew my parents were upset because they had to work that day. Standing to stretch, I felt the cool air on my butt as Dad’s old XL football jersey rode up my backside. Walking down the hall to the bathroom I heard voices coming from the guest bedroom. ‘Oh,’ I thought to myself, grandma and grandpa must just be getting up.

As I approached their room to say good morning the door was slightly ajar. I was surprised to see naked flesh moving on the bed. Quietly I peeked in to see granny kneeling at the side and over grandpa stroking and sucking his erect cock. Her beautiful gray head bobbed up and down as she licked and sucked.

Grandpa was a handsome gray haired man in his sixties, six foot four with a little pot belly and a dick to die for.

“O yes Momma… suck daddy’s dick… Mmmm lick it baby suck my old cock.”

Granny’s big tits hung down flopping against poppa’s side each time her lips slid down his shaft. She must be at least a 45 DDD. Her large aureoles and inch long thick nipples were a beautiful brown. Gramps was pinching and pulling them, keeping pace with her sucking.

Grandpa’s other hand slid to her plump ass and he began sliding his fingers up and down her butt crack stopping at her pussy and sliding in one, two fingers. He then slid a glistening digit in her rosebud asshole. As he jabbed them in and out Granny’s juices ran down his fingers.

“Come on you wonderful cocksucker… I want to taste that old pussy of yours. Move that fat ass up here so I can get a taste.”

Grams kept her mouth on his meat as she lifted her leg over him lowering her love lips to his face. Granny has a bushy salt and pepper pussy but her long hanging, puffy cunt lips were visible as Poppa buried his face between her ass cheeks and licked her sweet slit.

“Okay old man this big hard meat needs to fill my saggy snatch.”

She said as she lifted her lips from his purple headed cock. Granny slid her wet pussy down his chest, over his potbelly and on to his hard dick leaving a wet streak down his body.

I was so turned on by my grandparents, I was fingering my cunt and pinching my hard nipples. Granny sat back on his cock and began rocking back and forth.

“Yaha baby… ride my cock… fuck your old man’s dick…Oh your big bubble ass is so beautiful… with my cock sliding between your full cheeks… Fuck me old girl… be my whore. ”

“Dick me daddy… fuck your old grandmamma… Oh yes… Fuck your whore you old bastard… Oh .. Oh… Yes…yes… I’m cumming… I’m cumming on my daddy…OHhhhhh!”

Grandpa increased his pace as he held her hips and with one last lung shot his load in her sopping cunt.

“Oh momma… you still are the best fuck… Ohhh Yes..”

From my vantage point I could see cum oozing around Poppa’s cock still nestled in granny’s cunt. She reached down and brought her cum covered finger to her lips.

“Oh Ed your juices taste so good… let me clean you up.”

“Yvonne, slide your big ass back here and let me lick your pussy clean too.”

Granny slid her dripping pussy back over his body leaving a wet trail to his waiting tongue.

God.. I was so turned on.. Rubbing my pussy so fast I made myself cum and while I tried to muffle my sound Gramps may have heard something as he glanced toward the door and smiled.


That night I was unaware of the conversation Mom and Dad were having in their bedroom.

“Scott, you know how you have been wanting to watch me get fucked by another man? And I told you I would consider it if I found the right guy?”

Scott nodded with anticipation and the beginning of a hard-on with just the thought of seeing his wife Alice fuck another man.

“Well, I think I found him.”

“Who?” Scott blurted out. “Who is he? Do I know him?”

“Yes… yes you do… It’s…It’s… Ed.”

“My Dad? You want to fuck my Dad?”

“Yes baby. I have always found him fun and sexy and spending time with him and your Mom this Christmas convinced me that he was the fuck halkalı escort for me.”

“My Mom!… Oh shit my Mom… She would never go for that… and if she found out..”

“Haven’t you told me you used to fantasize about her and when you were at home, sneak around to catch her undressing or naked?”

“Yes… yes I did.” A big smile came over his face as he talked about, “She has.. er had the biggest tits and such huge thick nipples. I used to dream about sucking them.”

Alice saw Scott’s cock straining against the cloth of his pajama pants. She released it and began stroking his shaft as he talked.

“And god her ass… It is…was…I guess what they call a bubble butt… I loved seeing her massive cheeks and big deep crack… I used to think about running my tongue up and down…” He stopped. “Oh… er. The few times I got to see it.”

“Man you’re really turned on talking about your mother… You letch, I’ll bet you think about fucking your daughter too.”

“Well to be honest… She is hot and…”

“Stop,… your getting me wet just listening to you talk about your mother and now Kelly. Hell… I’m the one you’re supposed to watch fuck your father.”

They laughed as Scott began undressing his wife who continued to stroke his steal shaft to its complete length.

“Besides.. Mom…”

Alice put her finger to his lips. “Don’t worry about your mother. I’ll take care of her. We are spending the day together and I have a feeling we will have a most interesting conversation over lunch.”

“Butt-fuck me Scott… fuck my ass just like you want to do your mother…”

Perhaps Scott was thinking about his mother or daughter or both while Alice was fantasizing about fucking her father-in-law but it was one torrid night of sex… The best in years.


(Kelly was in her bedroom. She went to bed with her trusty vibrator thinking about what she witnessed that morning, fantasizing how she would love to suck Poppa’s big cock and feel his hot cum in her cunt.)

I must have fallen asleep as the next morning the vibrator was still in my tight little pussy. It was Saturday and I knew Mom and Grandma were going to spend the day shopping and having lunch.

Dad and Grandpa were to play golf so I would have the day to myself. I showered and while I was toweling off I heard Dad on the phone.

“Oh shit… really?… damn!… well okay I’ll be right in… Dad I’m sorry but there is an emergency at work and I have to go in.”

“That’s okay son we’ll play another day.”

I heard the door slam as Dad left. I tied the belt on my short silk robe and walked to the kitchen. This may be my chance to seduce Grandpa, I thought to myself. Poppa was in his robe rummaging around for something to eat.

“Hey Poppa aren’t you going to playing golf with Dad?”

“No sweetie, he got called into work.”

“Well let me make you some breakfast… How about pancakes?”

“Sounds good honey… My… you look awfully sexy in that short robe.”

In order to show Gramps a little ass, I bent down to the lower cabinet even though I knew the pancake mix was on the upper shelf. My robe rode up and I knew my butt cheeks were giving Poppa a good look. I leaned forward so my trimmed pussy was now flashing between my ass cheeks.

“Nope not there, maybe it’s on the upper shelf.” I said as I turned to see Gramps pushing his hard-on down and tying his robe tighter.

I climbed on a chair and faked loosing my balance. Grandpa reached up to steady me and his hand slid in the opening of my robe at my ribcage. As I straightened up his hand moved to my tits as his fingers flicked my erect nipples. His other hand mover to my ass and he began to rub and stroke my butt cheeks.

I smiled as I looked down to see his robe open and his cock rigid and ready for action. Stepping toward him I opened my legs to capture his long rod between them. I began to thrust my hips as my trimmed pussy hairs grazed the top of his penis. We kissed, he grabbed my ass and fingered my butt crack.

“Oh you little slut… You little prick teaser…You are special… Grandpa wants to fuck his sweet little granddaughter… Oh yes.. You are one hot little girl.”

I stepped back and took his throbbing cock in my hand stroking it from the hairy şişli escort base to crimson head. Poppa bent forward to lick and suck my titties while his hand slid between my legs and he fingered my clit.

“Oh baby… you have such pretty pink nipples… their so sweet…Ohh what a tight wet pussy…Hmmmm…”

I dropped to my knees and placed the tip of his dick on my lips. I ran my tongue over the top of his shaft while I stroked his balls with my long fingernails. Gramps moaned as I locked my lips around his thick cock and moved my head back and forth. He continued to rub my nipples with the open palm of his hands.

My cunt quivered as I tasted his pre-cum and sucked harder and faster. I felt his cock thicken and grow in my mouth. Sensing he was about to cum I dipped my finger in the butter dish on the table and slid it between his legs, up his butt crack and in his hinny hole. I pressed against his prostate (like my doctor-lover had taught me) as he was cumming.

“Oh god… OHHhhhh baby girl… I neverrrr… Ohhh shit!” Poppa unloaded filling my mouth. I gulped the first load just in time to catch his second shot. “I never… that is defiantly the best blowjob I have ever had… bar none.”

“Better then Grandma?”

“Yes but I’ll kill you if you tell her.” He said with a laugh.

Poppa pulled me up, his love juice dripped from my lips. I wanted to give him a taste of his sweet cum. We kissed, our tongues danced in each others mouth. He pulled me tight against him. I felt his semi hard dick press against my belly. As I moved up and down against it that wonderful cock it began to stiffen.

Poppa pushed me back on the table. Lifting my legs he leaned forward and began to kiss and lick my pussy. His tongue slid between my swollen lips as he explored my hot cunt with his tongue. He pressed his nose against my clit stimulating it with each movement of head and tongue. Oh.. I felt one… now two fingers slide in. My legs shook from all the stimulation… tongue… fingers… nose…

“Oh…Ohhhh Poppa I’m cumming… Oh Grandpa suck your little girls pussy… Oh.. Oh make me cum on you… daddy-daddy… I’m cumming…”

Poppa smiled, my pussy juices dripping from his face. He straightened up to show me his rod had risen and he rubbed it on the opening of my labial lips.

“Oh yes Poppa fuck me… fuck my pussy… fuck you little granddaughter… fuck me like you do Grandma.”

“So you were watching… You little bitch… I’ll fuck you…I’ll fuck you good… You’re Grandpa’s little slut…”

Poppa rammed his thick cock in my cunt. Oh it was so big and felt soooo very good. He held my legs up as he went deeper and deeper. I wrapped my legs around his body and thrust my pelvis back at him as he stood at the edge of the table.

“Oh shit Grandpa…haaa.. oh my… god… you… your… I’m.. I’m cum…cumming… again… I’m cum…OOoHHhh Poppa.”

My body shook as I had the most magnificent orgasm of my life… I’ve been sexually active since high school but no boy or man had ever fucked me the way Grandpa fucked.

“Oh sweet baby… your Poppa is going to fill you…Ohhh.” I felt the heat of his expanding cock just before…

“Oh Kelly… Here cums Grandpa!” My cunt filled with his fuck juices. It was wonderful!

His hot cum running down my ass, gramps took me in his arms. He laid me on the floor and kneeled over so his residue dripping cock was just above my head. My lips greeted the dangling dick. I felt his tongue lick our combined juices from my cunt. We held and stroked each other. Grandpa was so loving.

Later that day Poppy was going to look at some property and asked if I wanted to join him. I declined. I told him I wanted to call some friends and just relax.


As the Chief Engineer Scott gets called every time there is a major problem. He was able to get the matter straightened out but had to wait an hour or two to make sure things continued to run properly.

Sitting in his office he began to reflect on the events of the previous night. How Alice wanted to fulfill his fantasy of watching her with another man by fucking his father. Then how exited he became with the idea of fucking his own mother. Then Alice brought up Kelly. He had to admit he has had fantasies of fucking his beautiful daughter, as far back as her high school sarıyer escort days.

Shit… what was wrong with him? He was getting a hard-on thinking about his mother and daughter. And last night, during the tremendous sex with Alice, he was thinking of his mother and sometimes Kelly. Was he a pervert?.. Scott’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing phone.

“Hello… Are you sure?… It has been two hours so I guess it’s running alright. Well then I’m going home. You can reach me by cell if any further problems develop.”

Driving home Scott could not get his beautiful, sexy daughter off his mind. God he wished Alice had not said anything last night. It just stirred up old urges he had successfully suppressed.


Still feeling Poppy’s sticky sperm between her legs, Kelly decided to shower in her parents master bathroom so she could use her mother’s bidet. As she straddled the fixture she wondered to herself if her parents ever fucked in their bathroom. Her thoughts of fucking her grandpa led her to wonder how it would be to get fucked by her father.

Kelly’s nipples hardened and her pussy felt moist as she visualized her daddy bending her over the bidet and fucking her doggie style. She turned the spray full force on her pussy.

Scott arrived home and called out. He was not surprised there was no response since his Dad’s car was gone. He figuring they went somewhere. As he entered his bedroom he heard the shower running.

Looking through the partially open door he saw his lovely daughter straddling the bidet, spraying between her legs. She revealed a neatly trimmed small patch of wet brown hair just above two lovely pink lips. His heart and cock jumped in unison. He watched as she turned, displaying her tremendous tits with pert pink nipples and amazing ass. She entered the shower.

Scott’s urges and passion took over. He quickly tore off his clothes freeing his throbbing cock. His entry was masked by the sound of the shower. If Kelly freaked out he could always say he thought it was Alice in the shower. He slid open the shower door.

“OH .. No… Ohhh… god you scared me Daddy.”

Her body glistened as the water cascaded over and down the valley of her beautiful breast. Her eyes fixed on his blood filled rigid shaft. Scott made a move to cover his dick.

“Oh… Daddy don’t hide that magnificent cock… It’s beautiful.” She said as she reached out and stroked it with her soapy hands.

‘Oh god.’. Scott thought… ‘I’m getting a hand job from my daughter.’ He reached out and took her marvelous melons in his hands. Stroking, squeezing, pinching her hard nipples.

“Oh baby. I’ve just got to suck em.’

“Oh Daddy… please do.”

Kelly continued to stroke his cock. Then dropped to the shower floor and took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue whirled around his thick shaft as her finger squeezed and released his balls in rhythm to her sucking.

“Oh baby… daddy loves how you suck his cock… You have a magical mouth.”

“Cum in my mouth Daddy… cum in my mouth…I want to taste and swallow your sweet cum… Please.”

Scott needed no further encouragement. Just before he was to fill his daughters mouth she slide a soapy finger up his ass and pressed his prostate as she had done for his father that morning.

“OH.. baby girl… Ohhhh…god…” He exploded filling her mouth to overflowing. As his love juice trickled out of the corners of her mouth he said,

“Where did you learn that… Oh Kelly you have to be the best cocksucker in the world… Oh my god… oh my little girl!”

Kelly continued to stroke her father as he slid his fingers past her labial lips and finger fucked her, taking care to rub her clit with the back of his thumb.

“Wow girl you have one wet, hot and tight pussy.”

“Daddy… Daddy… I’m gona cum…Oh Daddy ..yes keep it up…Ohhhh Daddy.”

Kelly’s thighs tightened against Scott’s hand as she came.

“Oh baby girl. That’s it cum on Daddy’s hand… cum on Daddy.”

The excitement of making his daughter cum got Scott more aroused.

“Daddy your getting hard again. Fuck me Daddy… Fuck your little girl.”

With the shower continuing to flow, Scott bent his daughter over, leaning her against the shower wall and entered her from behind… Sort of a standing doggie style. His belly slammed against her butt as he rammed his rod into her willing receptacle.

“I’m cumming baby girl ..Daddy is unloading. Brace yourself.”

With a final surge Scott shoot his sperm into his daughters vaginal vessel.

“Daddy I came too…and I feel your hot juice all in my insides… Oh thank you Daddy.”

(Chapter two begins with Alice and Yvonne having lunch)

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