A Family Reunion


We had a wonderful family reunion last Christmas. I think it was the best we’ve ever had. My beautiful wife Laura and I hosted the affair. Our guests were my mother Betty, my sister Helen and her husband Ray, my daughter Debbie and her husband Frank, and my son Jack and his lovely wife Florence.

Laura, Mom and Helen spent the morning in the kitchen preparing a festive dinner of roast turkey and all the trimmings. The smell of turkey roasting in the oven whetted my appetite, so I led Jack’s wife Florence – we call her Flo for short – into a bedroom and ate her pussy. “I see you haven’t lost your touch, Dad,” Jack said, as I tongued his wife to a thigh-quivering orgasm. He and I took turns fucking her but stopped short of cumming. We wanted to save that for later.

Laura stuck her head in the door and announced dinner. Jack and I pulled up our pants and hurried to the overloaded table. It was a great temptation to stuff ourselves with my wife’s savory culinary creations, but, ever mindful of the real feast that was to come, we ate in moderation. Between bites of food, we caught up on everything that had happened to us since our last reunion. We all lived in different States and had almost no contact in between reunions, so there was a lot of ground to cover.

After a light but satisfying meal, we gathered in the livingroom to admire the beautiful tree and open our presents. After stirring up a roaring fire in the fireplace, I passed around goblets of hard cider laced with brandy. The fiery liqueur was meant to fuel our lust and loosen our inhibitions.

Most of the presents were novelty gifts. The ladies received vibrators, dildos, and whips and the men received pornographic magazines, playing cards, and videos. I received, among other things, a steel cock-ring from my daughter and, from my mother, an album of pornographic photos of her with her lovers. “These will make a nice addition to my collection of porno, Mom,” I said. “Thanks very much.” I had given her an enormous vibrating dildo with a note that said, “I hope this will fill up your big pussy.” The photo album was passed around for all to enjoy.

We spent most of the afternoon exchanging gifts and enjoying each other’s company. I got the ball rolling when I said to my daughter Debbie, “Honey, did you get breast implants? Your tits look bigger than they were the last time I saw you.”

“They are a little bigger, Dad, but I’m still all natural.” She stood in front of me and pulled her sweater up to reveal one of the sweetest pairs of tits that I had ever seen. “Maybe Frank has been fooling with them so much that they are a little swollen,” I joked. “I can’t blame him.” I reached out and tugged on the swollen nipples. The women were soon topless and were going from man to man having their breasts examined.

I played with Debbie’s tits for awhile and then Mom came and sat on my lap. Even though she is close to sixty she is still very beautiful. She can have just about any man she wants, and she has had her share. Her big tits sag but not as much as you might expect. My old-fashioned mother thinks that women should have plenty of hair on their pussies. As I fondled her luxurious bush, I noticed that it was, as always, neatly groomed into a perfect triangle.

Mom stroked my hair as I nursed on her big, brown nipples and worked four fingers up into her wet cunt. Soon every man was sucking on a tit. Because we had an extra pair of tits, some lucky fellow ended up with two pairs. My son Jack had his mother and his Aunt Helen standing in front of him with their big tits bunched together and was going down the line giving each nipple a hard suck. As I sucked Mom’s nipples, I thought about the fucking that was to come. We never planned our orgies, preferring instead to let nature take its course, but it had become something of a tradition to start with a short lesbian workout and then for Mom to be fucked by the biggest cock. I had had that privilege for several years thanks to my nine-inch fucker. We all pitched in to clean up the wrapping paper and then blankets were spread on the bakırköy escort floor. “Come on, girls,” Helen said. “Let’s show these bastards that we don’t need them.”

After we tossed our clothing aside, the women gathered in the center of the room. It seemed almost criminal to have so much beauty gathered in one place. My wife Laura was perhaps the most beautiful. Her pretty head is perched atop a statuesque body. Raven-black hair cascades nearly to her beach-ball ass. But men have different tastes in women. Some men would probably pick my sister Helen as the fairest of them all. My petite sibling’s pixie face is framed by short, curly blond hair. Her small, perky tits are the perfect size for her diminutive frame. I could use the same words to describe my adorable daughter Debbie. My daughter-in-law Flo is a big-boned farm girl with centerfold tits. Unlike my mother who believes a woman should sport a full bush, she shaves and waxes off every hair.

The women were soon linked in the most beautiful Christmas wreath that I had ever seen. Mom ate Laura, who ate Helen, who ate Debbie, who ate Flo, who ate Mom. My head spins just thinking about it. It certainly wasn’t the first time that my mother had sucked on my wife’s pussy. She had even gone so far as to eat my fresh cum out of her. The womens’ moans were muffled by each other’s pussies. We men slowly jacked our cocks as we gawked at the spectacle. The object of the lesbian performance was to get us men as randy as possible, and it was working.

“I’m ready for a cock,” Mom said. As the family matriarch, she usually got her way. All of the women except Mom broke free of the chain and found a lap to sit on and a cock to toy with. I spread Mom’s legs, mounted her, and drove my eight-inch cock into the very canal that I had emerged from forty years earlier. She was fifty-nine years old and was still as tight as most women half her age. I buried half of my cock with a hard thrust, then eased the rest of it in. I lay heavily on top of her for awhile and savored the feel of her body quivering against mine. I couldn’t help wondering if she was still capable of reaching orgasm. She was certainly very wet – a good sign – but that could have been from the cunnilingus.

The others respectfully watched as I serviced Mom. No doubt they were also wondering if there was any sensitivity left in her clit. Was her G-spot still in good working order? I was encouraged when I felt the walls of her pussy begin to sweat. I raised myself high enough to slide a hand between our bodies and searched for her clit. It was as hard as a marble! “She’s got a hard-on,” I announced. I picked up the pace and she responded, her belly coming up to meet mine. The sound of my taught belly slapping against her slightly flabby belly echoed off the walls. “WHAP..WHAP..WHAP..WHAP.” Her moans and groans encouraged me to work harder. I used my cock like a crowbar to pry at the walls of her pussy. The head of my cock tracked down her G-spot the way a drug dog sniffs out a stash. I tormented that sensitive spot without mercy. She chewed on her lip and clawed at the blanket beneath her.

“Oh, yes, that’s nice, son. I’ve never had a better fucker than you. Oh, yes. HUH..HUH..HUH..HUH..I’M CUMMING! SHOVE THAT BIG COCK INTO ME HARDER. OH MY GAWD! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

The others cheered as Mom convulsed beneath me. She bucked so violently that she nearly tossed me aside. Even my full weight on her couldn’t pin her down. Mom’s strong orgasm was an omen of things to come. I continued pumping her sloppy cunt to keep her orgasm going, but all good things must come to an end, and she eventually went limp beneath me. Only then, when she was fully serviced, did I allow myself the ultimate pleasure. I pulled my cock out and drenched her belly and tits with a load worthy of Secretariat. The others applauded the display of virility. Gasping for air, I collapsed on her soft, wet body.

The others hurried off to the bedroom to begin the orgy. After I caught my breath, I helped Mom to her feet and led her to beşiktaş escort join the others. “My God, Son, you came like a horse,” Mom praised. “Have you been saving it up?” Mom loved the feel of cum running down her body and made no attempt to clean herself. “I saved up for a week, Mom. I hope I didn’t let it all go in one shot.” She laughed and squeezed my balls. “No, it feels like you still have plenty of juice left in these.”

Our two queen-size beds wouldn’t have been enough for all nine of us so I had brought in two additional mattresses and placed them on the floor. The arrangement gave all nine of us adequate space for fucking and sleeping. After making Mom comfortable on a mattress, I went directly to my beautiful sister and rubbed my semi-hard cock across her glossy lips. “I’m surprised you have any hard left after that volley you just fired,” she said, as she stroked my slippery cock with both hands. “It looks like Mom is still as juicy as a peach,” she said with a grin. Then she took my cock into her warm, wet mouth.

If cock sucking were an Olympic event, my beautiful sister would win a gold medal. She kept her mouth very wet, and that is the key to a great blow job. She pressed her tongue hard up against the underside of my cock forcing it against her palate. When she pulled off, she sucked so hard that it felt as though her mouth was collapsing around my cock. “How about gobbling the head for old time’s sake, Sis?” I asked. I felt her throat muscles relax and then I was all the way in. Her husband Ray was standing next to us with his cock in my daughter’s mouth. He chuckled when he saw what I was getting from his wife. “She swallows mine easily, but I didn’t think she could handle one as thick as yours,” he said. “I’m really impressed.”

Helen looked up at me through her clear blue eyes and said, “If you want me to keep going, it will have to be mutual.” I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it myself. “Sixty-nine, everybody,” I said. Within seconds, four couples were performing sixty-nine on the two beds. I stuffed my tongue as far up my sister’s pussy as I could get it. A moan sent vibrations through her tongue to my cock.

Five minutes passed and then someone called for a partner change. Helen moved away and I watched another pussy descend on my mouth. I recognized it immediately as my daughter’s neatly-pruned cunt. The two symmetrical labia were drawn close together as though to protect her fuck-hole. She had removed all of the hair from the clit down and had shaved the hair above it into a heart shape. I got a whiff of honeysuckle as she pressed the hairless lips against mine. My highly-sexed daughter sucked my cock with almost as much skill as my sister had. Proficiency in the art of fellatio apparently runs in the family.

By the time my daughter-in-law Flo mounted me, I was struggling to keep the floodgates closed. Judging by the moans, the others were, too. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mom watching and masturbating on one of the floor mattresses. She crawled toward us to join in the fun and games, buried her face in Flo’s butt and rimmed her puckered ass-hole. After a few minutes, she went down the line and treated all of the women to the same perversion.

We ended up with our original partners, in my case, my darling sister. I warned her as she mounted me that my load would soon be coating her tongue. “Let it fly,” she said. As I worked my tongue around in her slick honey pot, Mom returned and rimmed her again. Her constantly-moving chin rubbed against my nose as she attempted to work her tongue into her daughter’s ass. A tongue in her pussy and another in her ass was more than Helen could bear and she went off like the Fourth of July. The room was filled with moans and groans as we all went off. The head of my cock was down Helen’s throat when I shot my load. The first couple of squirts probably went straight to her stomach. She quickly pulled back so she could savor the taste of my sex-juice. We rolled apart and, as soon as we were able to speak coherently, congratulated each beylikdüzü escort other on our first group orgasm.

As we rested and the women boasted about how many orgasms they had had, I was reminded that, in one very important way, women are far superior than men – they can have an unlimited number of orgasms. I was very pleased with my prowess and I could see that the other men were just as proud of theirs. We had done our duty as cocksmen. We returned to the livingroom to have hot toddies in front of the fireplace. We shamelessly played with ourselves as we sipped and talked. I knew something was up when the women huddled in a corner for a discussion.

The giggling women broke the huddle and Mom made an announcement. “We have decided to have a fucking contest. We’re going to line up and then you’ll all take turns with us. Give us one-hundred pokes and then move to the next woman. After everyone has cum, we’ll go into the other room and take a vote. Then we’ll announce the winner.”

The eager sluts went to their backs on the blankets. At one end was my mother, and next to her, my wife and daughter. My sister and daughter-in-law lay at the other end. As the oldest male, I had the right to be first. I decided to start with my mother, even though I had already fucked her once. She smiled up at me as I mounted her, and, as always, grabbed my cock and guided it into her warm, wet cunt. I delivered one-hundred thrusts, each from a different angle and to a different depth. I refer to the technique as “finesse fucking”. No two strokes must be alike. When properly done, even the frostiest woman will have an orgasm.

Mom was huffing and puffing by the time I delivered the final thrust. As I mounted my wife, my son Jack came forward and took my place on his grandmother. Jack was also an aficionado of finesse fucking, and he soon had his partner gasping for joy. One hundred strokes later and I moved to the next woman in line. My brother-in-law Ray now joined in the fuck-fest by mounting my mother. The women were soon hissing like snakes and babbling incoherently. The “WHAP..WHAP..WHAP” of four pairs of bellies slapping together echoed off the walls.

We continued switching partners after every hundred thrusts. All of the women reached orgasm by the end of one cycle, then the men began to shoot their loads and the fucking got sloppy. I managed to outlast everyone by making it through six complete cycles, or about three-thousand thrusts. I confess that I was somewhat winded after that workout.

When the women recovered from their orgasms, they went into the bedroom to vote for the best lover. My mother soon emerged and came toward me with a smile on her pretty face. “It was unanimous, Son. You were the best. You really know how to use that big cock of yours. As your reward, we’re all going down on you at the same time.” She dropped to her knees and took my semi-hard tool in her mouth. As she sucked, the others went to their knees in a semi-circle and patiently waited their turns. The other men watched with envy as the women passed my cock around. They all were superb cock-suckers, each with a different style. When I was in one mouth, I would think to myself, “This one is the best,” but then when I switched, I would think, “No, this one is the best.” It was like eating from a box of assorted chocolates; each piece is delicious in its own way.

I told them about my dilemma and said, “The only way to determine who is the best is to see who can pull my cork.” A few minutes later, Mom’s persistent lips pulled my cork and my champagne shot into her mouth. She swallowed every tasty drop. “Mom, I may be the best fucker,” I said, “but you are the best cock-sucker.”

We played with each other for another hour or so, then, with our appetite for sex temporarily sated, we returned to the groaning board for turkey and giblet dressing. Over the next three days, someone was openly having sex at any given time. As we became more and more jaded, we became more adventurous. Daisy chains and clusters became the order of the day. One of our most ambitious projects involved each of us having some sexual contact with as many others as possible. If you could only see the pictures we took of those elaborate clusters, I’m sure you would agree that we took pornography to a new level. My guess is that we will go even farther at our next reunion on the Fourth of July.

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