A Fond Farewell


As one grows older, selected memories tend to focus on those of the most pleasant type, and I now only look back at events that supply nice feelings. I recall many occasions beginning in childhood through those high testosterone years to one’s working life, marriage and family and on to pending retirement. The memories sharpen with additional detail each time one is chosen for review.

This story describes the time of my first real love interest that included thoughts of marriage to a beautiful young woman. The marriage did not come to fruition and in fact the romance was quite short lived, but it did produce some extremely hot illicit sex, just not with my paramour. The event is burned into my mind and has grown hotter each time I select it from its memory box!

I had graduated from college with a degree in Civil Engineering and had been around heavy construction since childhood as my father and older brothers were all involved in road building and earth moving. I had worked summer jobs in the field since my mid teens and could operate heavy equipment and understood the ins and outs of the business by the time that I finished my college days.

My first full time job was as a Government Engineer in an old farming area recently exploding with oil and gas exploration. My work was one of organizing and monitoring private contractors working on government projects. My daily schedule involved a lot of driving as my area of responsibility covered about a 200-mile radius.

I knew very few people during the first few weeks in my new position but I made an attempt to meet more as the fall faded into winter. I joined a group of local hockey enthusiasts who organized and played “Beer League” hockey a few nights a week. I had once been a reasonably skilled hockey player and was comfortable putting on the skates and pads once more.

The league was made up of men aging from 20 to 55 years. It was a no contact league as all of us were working men and not covered by insurance other than what was government provided. In other words, a broken leg off the job meant no work or pay to many of us. However, hockey is hockey and twelve men crashing around at speed in a restricted area tends to make for an occasional collision and confrontation.

During my very first game a guy about my age and whom I knew from work threatened to throw a few punches at one of the older guys. The older guy in question, named Larry, was one of those pests whose game is to yap at and provoke their opponents. Most players tend to ignore these obvious attempts to get you off your game. At any rate, I stepped in and pulled my young friend from the melee and barked at him to cool down. An aggressor in a fight could be banned from playing for several weeks or forever.

We all met at a local pub following the game. I was sitting with the aggressor and a few others chatting and drinking when a round of beer arrived, the waiter telling us it was from Larry. We looked across the room where Larry sat with a big grin on his face, toasting our table with a mug of beer in his hand. One of the local guys at our table then told us that my friend was lucky that he had not landed a punch on Larry, as he would have received at least 35 in return. Apparently Larry was a noted scrapper.

Larry was one of the Captains in the league and he began to choose me for his team each game and we became pretty good friends. He invited me to his lakeside cottage for weekends of Snowmobiling and ice fishing. It certainly helped to fill in the long cold winter months that coincided with a lower workload as most projects were held off until breakup. When spring arose and the ice melted, Larry’s family started coming to the cottage and I got to meet his three gorgeous daughters and spectacular wife.

Larry’s daughters were separated in age by about a year with the oldest gal Alexa, the most beautiful at 21 years. She was tall and blond and carried herself like a model although she was a little too voluptuous for that. She was the town beauty and had been so since high school.

Her sisters were also very attractive and like Alexa, seemingly unaffected by their beauty. They were all an obvious product of their mother and her stamp on them was apparent when you saw them all together. Betty was gorgeous in appearance and personality.

At any rate, I became a regular weekend guest at their cottage. Larry was a very generous man and there were always others enjoying his food and drink, mostly from the group of fellow cottagers located in the same cove off of a large lake. The cottage was party central on weekends.

One other regular besides myself was Betty’s best friend Leaha a vivacious and flirty older woman, a polar opposite of her friend, being loud and suggestive especially after a few drinks. Her husband was a kind of dry and reclusive individual who seldom showed up on weekends.

I had always been a wallflower in mixed company and incapable of thrusting myself at a desirable female illegal bahis despite a burning wish to do so. My only successful forays into full sex to that point had been with gals a few years older than I who apparently took my shyness as a turn on, thank God.

Alexa showed interest in me and took the first step by hinting that she was curious about a new movie then playing in a local theatre. I boldly asked her if she would join me for dinner and movie the next week. She squeezed my arm against her breast and said, “I’d love to.” I could have expected her to say ‘I thought you’d never ask’, but she didn’t.

I was really charged up, landing a date with the town beauty had been beyond my expectation.

The town was relatively small and everything was close by. My only mode of transportation was a dusty pick-up truck so I was pleased when Alexa suggested that we should walk.

I picked her up at her house and took in my breath at the sight of her in an off the shoulder peasant blouse with flared skirt and low heels. My God, I was going to get to walk around the town with this perfect woman on my arm! And we did just that, she hooking her arm through mine as we walked, occasionally bumping hips and most of all she squeezing her breast on my bicep.

We enjoyed an early dinner at one of the premier restaurants in town. Most eyes were on Alexa so I did not feel particularly self-conscious at the attention we aroused. We had one cocktail with our meal before toddling off once more to the movie theatre about a half a block away.

The movie was a tearjerker of some note and that pleased me because it brought out a warm gentle response from Alexa, she tearing up while clutching my arm. That unexplainable feeling of a woman’s soft breast on any part of my body evoked a daring response from my normally cautious self. My hand drifted down to her knee, I swear without my direction, and was poised to slip just a little up the inside of her leg. Alexa moved her lips close to my ear and said, “Not here Jim, maybe later.” I eased my hand away and she kissed me gently on the cheek. I did not want that movie to end.

But it did and as we walked away from the theatre Alexa said, “Let’s go to your apartment, I would like to see it.” My apartment was a quite nice bachelor apartment with bedroom, small living and TV room and a kitchenette. It was government owned and provided for nomadic types such as I who worked on short-term assignments.

I was pleased at her suggestion and had been wondering where the ‘later’ she had mentioned earlier might take place. I said, “It’s not much of an apartment but your wish is my command.” She explained that she had never had a boyfriend who did not live at home, and she felt very daring but comfortable visiting mine. She had snapped the end of her leash in my nose ring and I would have flown her to Paris if that had been her wish.

The ‘later’ came much more quickly than I had imagined it might. Following a short tour of the apartment Alexa slipped into my arms for a gentle tongue-probing kiss. I am sure that she could feel the beat of my heart pounding madly in my chest. Her arms went around my neck as she pressed her body to mine my hands began to roam from her sides to her breasts and back down to her hips, before circling behind to massage her cheeks. She moaned deliciously as her tongue intertwined with mine.

I reached down the back of her legs and slid my hands up under the skirt to the silky softness of her bum. She continued to kiss passionately, pressing her hips tight to mine and rubbing on my hard cock, the knob secured under my waistband. My fingers slipped under the legs of her panties to clasp her cheeks in my hands.

I attempted to work them around her body with the hope of touching her pussy. She pushed back a from me, her eyes focused on mine and said, “That’s probably far enough for a first date don’t you think?” She smiled and leaned in for a light peck on the cheek to let me know I should now walk her back home; the show was over for that evening.

That weekend at the cottage, one would have thought that we had engaged in full sex. We were both a little embarrassed, shy maybe at recalling how much lust we had shared on our first time alone. But we did relax and kissed when we could catch a few moments alone.

And so my life continued on into a warm sunny summer. We went out once or so a week, ending each date in my apartment for an hour’s heavy necking before I walked her home. We were soon naked in my bed, winding and twisting around like two snakes in the hot sun, arms and legs and torsos rubbing and caressing. She began giving me hand jobs as each evening ended, and invited me to go down on her.

But there was no entry, no copulation, no total release for my pent up lust. She made no excuses, gave no explanation about needing a marriage proposal first; she just drew the line when my knob began to probe her pussy lips. And I accepted it without question. I was illegal bahis siteleri quite content with what she was making available to me.

Meanwhile most weekends I managed to get a day or so at the cottage. We water skied, fished and played games and drank a lot of beer. Both Betty, Alexa’s mother and Leaha her close friend, appeared to be quite affectionate towards me, as if pleased that I was dating Alexa.

In fact flirtation amongst the group was rampant with everyone engaging in provocative chat and suggestive actions. Larry was always after Leaha in response to her flaunting her big tits and ass in front of him or any other male, including me. There were bikinis and boobs and legs and butts everywhere I looked. I had never experienced this type of permissiveness but all was good.

Betty, while always in control, would touch my arm, brush against me and look at me with soft inviting eyes. Damn, I began to develop this burning desire to bonk Alexa’s mother and Larry’s wife.

Leaha on the other hand was outright inviting me to screw her. I was late getting to the cottage one Saturday afternoon and went directly into the change room to pull on my bathing suit. I was bent over pulling my bathing suit up my legs, when a pair of arms circled me from behind and a hand grasped my cock. I said, “Jesus Alexa, someone might catch us.”

I then realized that from the height of the woman and the size of her tits it could not be Alexa. There was a laugh and Leaha said, “So the little princess does like to play with it too does she?”

I turned quickly, shaking off the arms to find Leaha grinning broadly and obviously a little drunk. She immediately grasped my cock again, and I let her.

The laugh left her face and her eyes clouded over as my cock stiffened in her soft hand. Her tits were bursting out of the skimpy top, and without thinking I grasped her by the hips and then slipped up her body to cup them in my hands.

I came back to earth suddenly, the sound of those at the beach now penetrating my consciousness, and pushed her away. The last thing that I needed to happen was to be caught with Leaha massaging my dick.

She was determined and said, “C’mon, relax, no one will come, they’re boozing it up. We just need fifteen minutes, we can do it all and I know you want some. We can do it standing up in case someone comes up the stairs. Fuck me baby.”

Oh man, I certainly wanted to as I had been months without full sex and despite the hand pleasure that Alexa was providing, there is nothing to compare with putting it in a pussy. I placed my hands on Leaha’s shoulders pushed her back and groaned, “Really Leaha, there is no way that can happen now.”

Leaha quickly returned to her ribald self, shrugged and said, “Not sure if your partner agrees”, she said looking down at my throbbing erection, “but there is always a next time.”

Who knew how close she and I had been to screwing that warm day, although for the next few hours she was acting no differently towards me than she had previous to the encounter.

My weakened outlook towards Leaha was most likely brought on by realization that Alexa was cooling towards me. The bloom on our flower was fading and shriveling. She had been ‘too busy’ to go out with me the past week and I was to find out that indeed it was over when we were next alone.

I had told her that I was to be transferred to another location at the end of the month. I personally did not want to leave but if I had to I hoped that she would continue to meet me on dates and that we would correspond when I left. I had a level of comfort with her that produced thoughts of marriage in the future. The ‘love’ word was working its way into my thought patterns, although never spoken.

She did not respond and just stated her wish to end the personal side of our relationship.

Larry continued to invite me to the cottage, but I could not go of course. Alexa would not be long without a boyfriend and there was no way that I could have acted decently if one showed up there. It was only a few weeks before I departed the area so I just made do on weekends, finding some work to fill my weekend hours.

Larry asked me to call him on the last Friday before I was to leave town. We had occasionally got together on Fridays for an afternoon of beer and jock talk when both able to get free of work requirements.

I called and Betty answered. We chatted a little, her daughter had dumped me but we had maintained a pleasant relationship. I asked to speak to Larry and she said that he had been caught up on a job a few hours out of town and might be late. She said, “I suppose that you were hoping for one of your Friday lunches.” She paused a bit and said, “C’mon over, we can talk until he gets here, and I’ll make up a nice lunch to have by the pool when he arrives.”

I said, “Sure, that’ll be great, when should I come over.”

She replied, “Oh any time you want, right now if you want. canlı bahis siteleri I’ll leave the front door open, just come in and grab a beer in the fridge and wait for me beside the pool. If I’m not ready you can relax in the sun, or take a swim if you want to.”

I thought that Betty might want to talk about my breakup with her daughter and maybe explain why her daughter had pulled the plug on me.

I walked over to their house and entered their front room, heard a scramble of some sort and walked down the hall to the back of the house. Suddenly, I came on Betty standing nude, toweling her hair and faced away from me. Damn, I froze for a second contemplating a retreat before she turned, but too late.

“Oh Goodness,” she said turning toward me, “I thought that I heard a noise in the back yard so I came to check.” She stood there smiling at me with her arms raised drying and fussing with her hair. God she was a dream, I allowed my eyes to drift over this beautiful apparition. Her body was a little aged on close inspection, but if anything it looked all the more desirable with grapefruit sized breasts just dangling the right amount, a flat belly and slim waist, round hips and a trimmed pussy bush. My tongue must have been hanging out as she posed flirtatiously and said, “Let me get dressed. I’ll be with you at the pool in five. Grab a beer.” She turned to leave the room.

I could not bring my eyes away from her naked legs, hips and cheeks and stood transfixed as she retreated. She turned and smiled at me, “I can feel those eyes on me, you are so bad, but I love it.”

I was also getting hard. I grabbed a beer, breathed in about two thirds of it and sat in a lounge chair by the pool. It did not take her long to get ready, she was back in minutes, wearing a short swim robe covering a very tiny bikini.

She held a cold beer as she approached, pressing it between her tits as she said, “I’m a little sweaty, I had a shower before you arrived and have been rushing a bit. I hope you don’t mind.”

I garbled something about not minding at all and that brought another roguish look to her face. She said, “I’ve never been inspected as thoroughly as by you in the hallway. I was quite thrilled.”

Geez, I felt another leash attaching to my nose ring, but she wouldn’t have to tug very hard on it. She stood quickly, dropped the light robe, smoothed her hands down her sides and dove neatly into the pool. She surfaced, turned towards me and said, “C’mon in, I just had to get back in the pool, it’s perfect. Wear your undershorts if you want. I’ll make it easier for you.” She promptly slipped out of her top and tossed it to the edge of the pool. She said, “We’ll just stay at this end of the pool, our neighbor old Tom can’t see us here, but he’ll be looking.”

I quickly stood, downed the beer and stripped down to my undershorts despite being hard as a rock. I was just about to dive in to join her when her bikini bottoms plopped beside my feet. She laughingly said, “Or maybe don’t wear your undershorts.” She rolled to her back facing me, legs spreading and closing as she backstroked around, her tits floating as the water swirled around them. Even I knew that I was going to get laid. I dived in and came up below her feet.

She straightened in the water until her tits rubbed my chest, her eyes heavy and dulling with lust and said, “Keep your voice down, old Tom hears quite well.”

I suddenly realized that I was in a pool with my close friend Larry’s naked wife and the mother of my ex-girlfriend, who had sisters that all lived at home. I gulped, “Are you sure about this? When will Larry be back, and the girls?”

She kissed me tentatively, flicking her tongue across my lips, stared at me for a few seconds and said, “Don’t worry about Larry, we have an understanding and he won’t be home until evening. The girls are all working. We can have fun for a few hours. That naked bit was not an accident.” She moved her arms around my neck and pasted her body to mine and somehow managed to get my cock between her legs. She murmured, “C’mon, no more talk, take me to bed.”

We dried each other under a heat lamp beside the pool. We did more feeling than drying. She took my hand and led me to the spare bedroom at the back of the house. A good choice, in an emergency I could escape out the back yard. She sat on the edge of the bed and handed me a squeeze tube of jelly, she settled back on her hands and said, “The pool water takes my lubrication, rub some in my pussy.” She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as I applied the jelly with trembling fingers. She moaned and spread wider. I slipped one jellied finger into her pussy, sliding it in and out as she grasped my hand and cried out. I worked a second one into her and clasped the heel of my hand hard down on her mound, two fingers gently probing deep inside her pussy.

“Enough, enough,” she cried, scrambling to her back and pushing herself up the bed until she lay with her head on the pillow, knees raised and spread in invitation. I quickly crawled over top of her, my legs between hers while she grasped my cock and rubbed the knob in her slippery lips. Foreplay was definitely over, we were both panting in anticipation of getting it on.

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