A Friendly Night


We lie near each other, and with the lights out, I can’t see at all. You suggest we cuddle and we will, but I know I won’t be able to sleep. I go with it anyway, slowly moving toward you. I reach out, and my hand slides across your stomach. We both flinch as we can’t see any of our movements. Eventually though, we adjust to the unfamiliar closeness and relax in a typical spooning position.

Moments go by and I can’t think of anything but you. The feel of your tank top clinging tightly to you reminds me of your body. I remember that you’re wearing only that tank top and those very skimpy athletic shorts, but you know I don’t mind. I love taking my time to admire you; your fair skin, somehow always perfect hair, and your amazing legs. I wonder how many times you’ve ever caught me eyeing you.

I can feel myself growing hard. My erection pushes strongly into your ass, and you happily push back with a delighted “Mmm.” I can’t be still any longer and allow my hand to leave your waist and travel across your thigh. While I do this, my other hand brushes your hair to the side, allowing me to place delicate kisses along your neck. I’m rewarded with a gentle sigh of your pleasure, and move to further explore your body. The whole time, my cock teasing you.

My wandering hand moves up your top, and I find that your bra unclasps in the front. Kissing your neck more intensely, I can feel your heart beginning to race, and enjoy the sweet sounds of your ever increasing breath and appreciative moans. You reach and grab my arm, just to have some part of me to touch. I so cherish the feel of your silk soft skin. So smooth, especially when I place my hand upon your breast. I tease you, rolling your nipple between my thumb and finger, feeling how erect they’ve become as well. Your hand leaves my arm and goes to grasp my cock, but I stop you.

Gripping your wrist, bakırköy escort you groan in disapproval, my cock now seeming to press through our clothing. I remove my hand from under your top and roll you onto your back. Leaning in close to your ear, I whisper, “Patience.” Before you can respond, I kiss you deeply, passionately. I grab your other wrist before you can attempt anything with that one too, and start to tease your tongue with my own. A moan escapes your mouth into mine. I can only imagine how hot and wet you must be getting. I force your hands above your head and hold them in place with one. I then slowly peel off your tank top and remove your bra completely. You hardly sit up a bit to allow for this, being left breathless from our kiss, but I’m still careful not to free those eager hands.

I start to kiss painfully slowly down your jaw, your neck, and towards your breasts. My free hand goes to your thigh and rubs upward. Your breathing and moaning are so intense; I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep up my tease, before I plunge my aching cock into you. I continue though, and purposely allow my thumb to get caught in the opening of your shorts.

I start to lay kisses on your breasts, getting so close to one of your nipples. My hand continues upward, letting my thumb get dangerously close to your awaiting sex. Your breathing is ragged now, and I haven’t even touched it yet. You start to roll your hips and arch your chest, anything to satisfy your swollen and aching desires. I can feel the heat radiate from your sex and want so badly to taste your sweet juices, but I too must be patient.

My thumb rubs along your thong, careful not to touch anything sensitive yet, but I can feel your growing wetness. My fingers grip at the waistband of your shorts, and I suck hard on your nipple. You beşiktaş escort let out a low groan filled with both pleasure and agonizing need. I can’t continue with just one hand, so I stop with mouth and remove my hand away from your sex.

“Please,” you whimper, confused by my sudden stop.

“Please, what?” I tease as I start to rip off my shirt.

“Please fuck me,” you beg, but gasp instantly as you feel me tie your hands to the headboard.

“I’ll fuck you when I think you’ve had enough,” I whisper into your ear. My statement is met only by another groan of agony.

I lovingly place my hands under you, on your back, and start kissing your stomach. Slowly my hands roam, one to your side and another to your ass. Your ass is so firm; it reminds me of my own desires, but I have to continue. Next, when my lips have traveled to your shorts, I lightly lick along their edge as my hands come to meet the edge as well.

A moment you’ve been waiting for, I finally pull of your shorts and wet thong, leaving you completely naked. Knowing how helpless you are, I remove my pants also. My cock springs out, and you hear hit slap against me. Now knowing I’m naked as well, your anticipation grows further. You flinch once more as I grasp your legs. You still seem to have a difficult time controlling your breath, but as I travel up your gorgeous legs, I find my anticipation building too.

I kiss and nibble at your left thigh. When I go to the other, I breath hotly on your aching sex. You start to squirm to try and rub yourself onto any part of my face. I surprise you by quickly darting my tongue across your burning clit. You scream out and buck your hips in search of my tongue. The sound of your cry, the taste of you, the intoxicating smell, the arousing heat, and the thought of how your sex would glisten in beylikdüzü escort the light is driving me crazy. You start frantically begging for me to continue, and I happily do.

I grab your hips and start to lick along your slit. With each stroke I pay special attention to your throbbing clit. You’re trying so hard to push yourself into my tongue, but end up just rocking in unison with my strokes. Your moaning is becoming increasingly louder. You love the feel and need so badly to come, but I know this and go too slow for you to come quickly. I keep my touches light to drag this out.

I suck your clit into my mouth and just hold it there. You gasp sharply from the suction, but this isn’t enough to push you over the edge. You clasp the bed post from the sensations as I release your clit. I blow lightly on it and you throb, so needing release. I quickly wet my own finger and trace circles on your asshole. You clench from the feel, but moan just the same. I then use another finger to tease your sex too, pushing just the tip into your opening, I slowly go in and out.

Your hips sway to effortlessly try to force me deeper. You can’t bear the tension any longer, and start to beg for faster, deeper touches. I stop my teasing and finally give you what you want. In an instant, I bury my solid cock in you, thrusting hard and fast. The sudden action is too much for you and you scream from the sensation. Your back arches high, your toes curl, and you are overcome by wave after wave of pleasure as your long desired orgasm washes over you. Your sex convulses around my cock, and I feel your juices flush out of you. It isn’t long before I fill you further with my own cum. The added sensation continues your experience into a series of orgasms.

You moan and writhe from the overwhelming passion you feel. Your sex tightens and grips my cock, draining me of all I have to give. Eventually though, you are forced to come down from your sexual high, nearly having blacked out from such an intense ride. I roll off of you and snuggle by your side. You are clearly more worn out. With both of us so exhausted, it isn’t long before we drift off to sleep, eager for what tomorrow will bring.

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