A Game of Scrabble Ch. 1


I knew I wasn’t supposed to meet with her … every intelligent fiber of my body screamed at the decision. But, I couldn’t help myself. She was everything a man could want and more … every carnal desire could be sated, every dream, every fantasy could be fulfilled when in her company. She lived on excess and thrived on unfettered ideas. She loved men. She loved women. She drank, gambled, cavorted and pleased. She was the person that I had spent two years tearing myself from her web of excess and ecstasy. I had loved the pleasure and thrived on the pain. I became addicted to it, allowing all my plans to go to the wayside. Now, she was calling again that siren call that would surely lead me to troubled waters. I had already refused her multiple time, but persistence pays off and she caught me at a weak moment. Now, here I am waiting … apprehensive … excited … nervous … for her to pick me up. It’s been quite a long time since I last saw her but in my mind the image is clear. Her 5’9″ aerobicized body, shoulders a little bulkier that most women from her pole dancing. The muscles on her arms and legs toned and shapely. That tight ass and firm C cup breast. But most of all that cinnamon red hair framing her deceivingly innocent pixie face. I remembered how excited I would get watching her writhe and rhythmically dance on the stage .. sweat coating her body .. I felt a stirring and stopped thinking.

“I’ve got to calm down … relax … ” I mumbled to myself “confidence … You’ll do the right thing … just say no .. ” Actually, the best thing would have been to leave and not be there when she arrived but my feet would not let me go.

I look at my watch. Five minutes after. She’s late. Maybe she illegal bahis forgot or decided not to come. After ten minutes, I begin to relax. Thank God, she ditched me. Thank God, I didn’t have to make that decision. I turn around to go back inside when a hand grabs my ass and a faint smell of French Vanilla tickles my nose.

“Where do you think you’re going, sweetness?”

“Uh …. I was just going inside to call you … your late!” Oh my God, it was her … she showed …

I turned around. She was as beautiful as I remembered. She had curled her hair into those spirals I love so much … Her skirt, if it had been about a half inch shorter, it would have been illegal to wear in public in most states. Well, it glued itself to her wonderfully fit form. Her shirt was right up there with having little in the way of imagination when I concerned her cleavage.

She came at me arms outstretched “So, Charlie aren’t you gonna give Sydney a hug?”

I hugged her … her body pressed against mine like plastic wrap on plastic wrap. I could feel every inch of her body including her hard nipples pressed against my chest. I could feel my dick slowly react.

“Times don’t change do they?”, as she reached down to grab my hardening package.

I backed away … “Hey, Hey now … none of that … I’m practically a married man ..!”

“Oh Charlie, I’m just playing with you .. I’ll be a good girl … I promise!”, her eyes lit up and her mouth formed an evil grin.

“You better … now .. Where’s the car?”

“I parked it … I thought we could go inside and have a couple drinks before we went out … I brought your favorite!”, From her handbag she brings out a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Rum.

I illegal bahis siteleri licked my lips … I love Rum … and since my fiancée didn’t drink, I hadn’t had it in such a long time.

“Okay, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple … c’mon in … I guess I can show you around.”

We walked in and I showed her the kitchen where she quickly found the glasses and coke. I went into the living room and turned on some tunes. She met me there with the drinks. Holding up her glass …

“To old acquaintances and new beginnings!”

I eyed her, lifting and eyebrow I added “As friends” and I finished the toast.

Sydney kills her drink and patiently waits as I kill mine … That first splash of rum hitting my lips tasted like the sweetest thing. I wanted to savor that exploding pleasure but she already has my glass and is returning to the kitchen to brew another batch.

From the kitchen she asks “So how’s everything?”


“Still in School?”

“Yeah … Doing better than ever! … How about you?”

“Me too .. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you apply yourself!”

Sydney emerges from the kitchen with two freshened drinks, ” I learned that from you …”

“Well, I suppose that’s something”, I gestured for her to sit.

“So, besides school .. how’s everything … Janie doing alright?”

“She doing great … We’re doing great ..”, The drink tasted so good before I knew it. I was done. Sydney noticed and handed me hers and walked back into the kitchen. I took a big drink

“That’s good … so how much longer do you have until you’re finished with school?”

“School?!? Oh, yeah school … “, my mind drifts for a brief canlı bahis siteleri second, ” School … Yes, I have one more year”

Sydney returns with a new drink, “Oh … I’ve got another about three more semesters.”

Just being around her made me nervous. That must be why I’m feeling just a little bit lightheaded.

“So .. why’d you call me? What is it that you want?”

“Oh Charlie, always suspicious … I just missed your friendship. The way you challenged me. I especially called you up because I had this raging urge to play a game of scrabble like we used to …”

“Scrabble?!?!”, I gulp my drink.

She chuckles, “Yeah Scrabble .. The way we used to play it … You remember the rules dontcha? Not afraid of losing to little ole me, are ya?”

I kill my drink, “No, it’s just …”

“Just what?”

“N..nothing … okay … fine … We’ll play Scrabble for a little while and then we’ll go!”

“Oh Goody”, Sydney says as she claps her hands and bounces on the chair, “You go get the game and I’ll get the supplies”

OC : For those of you who have never played drinking SCRABBLE the rules go like this :

The play starts :Whoever lays down the first word the opponent drinks the sum of the tiles. It is then the goal to always beat the preceeding score. The lesser of the two scores always drinks the difference. If the total difference ever reaches 20 the player who has the greater amount makes a rule. If the difference is higher than 20 then the lesser has to do whatever the higher tells them to do for that many minutes.

If you want to keep score keep track of the amount of drinks taken. At the end of the game whoever drank the most drinks has to do whatever the winner says for a total of the drinks consumed for that many minutes.

Also, whenever a player uses a special square, that player must remove an article of clothing. The first square does not count.

(To be Continued)

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