A gay summer Holiday – Part 7


A gay summer Holiday – Part 7Index: https://xhamster.com/posts/957456Chapter 7Once you go black…Jelmer drove his lover to the camping grounds bike shed. And when he had dropped off Chris there he waved goodbye to him as he raced away. Nearly hitting the police car that came the other way.The policeman stopped near Christopher. “Oh fuck… here we go…”, thought Chris as he greeted police officer Tom. “Hey, Chris… Tell your friend he needs to drive more carefully. Or I will slap his ass in irons…”, laughed the only black guy on the island. The 35-year-old police sergeant was always very friendly toward the locals. But he could be very strict as well. ‘Here to serve, but rules are rules!’, was his motto. “I will tell him, whenever I catch him… but at that speed, that will be hard for me to do… Seeing as I only have a bicycle.”, laughed Chris meanly.Officer Tom laughed hard. “Is there anything else I can do for you, Tom?”, asked Chris. “May I get your autograph, please?”, asked officer Tom shyly. Chris laughed hard. “Sure thing officer. May I play with your cock?”, asked Chris brutally. Christopher had heard of the extreme size of Tommy’s manhood. His baton was a short thing compared to it, was the word around town. Tom looked in surprise at Chris’s sneaky remark.”Sure,… why the fuck not, boy… As long as you don’t throw out your back lifting that heavy equipment…”, he joked. He handed Chris his autograph booklet and Chris had to think about how to sign his first celebrity autograph. He decided to draw a big circle with a capital C attached to the top. ‘hris’ linked as one word inside the circle, and ‘pher’ at the bottom right-hand side of the ‘O’. And lastly, he crossed the left side of the O to make sort of a ‘t’ out of it. Looking at it, he was pleased. He clearly could make out “Chris t O pher”. He handed it back to officer Tommy. Tom had pulled out his huge man meat out his uniform. It was 31 by 5.5 cm. Chris looked in amazement at the stiff prick.”I am at the toilets at dune crossing near kilometer marker 13 around noon… I bet you have heard of it, boy!… If you want you can play with this big black meat”. Chris reached inside the car to stroke the enormous cock. “Oh fucking hell, what a nice black baton Sir!… Then I will have to make sure I will be there too. As long as you don’t book me for lewd behavior.”, laughed Chris hornily. Officer Tom looked quickly around to see if they were alone. Grabbed Chris by his leather jacket and pulled him inside the car. He kissed him and then pressed his had over his black man meat. Chris took him inside and could taste the pre-cum and smell his musk. Tommy bobbed Chris’s head up and down his huge shaft while Chris hung through the open police car window. Tom growled and moaned. “See you at noon boy… Better lube up your ass and clear your throat… “, he said laughing hard as he drove away satisfied he found yet another islander to fuck. And a celebrity at that.Christopher grinned from ear to ear. As he walked up the long stairs from the road to the site of the WWII bunkers he heard a commotion. Some of the tourists did not like it that the workers had removed part of the garden path. The path between the two sets of 12 bunkers led directly from the main island’s town to the harbor view campgrounds. It was sort of a short cut. Because the official entrance to the camping grounds was on the other side of the dunes the bunkers were built on.Chris greeted the tourists and tried to calm them down. “Hello, I hear you have an issue you would like to discuss? My name is Chris. I have the lead on this project. What can I help you with?”, asked Christopher politely, shielding the volunteers from the annoyed tourists. His charming smile calmed the people a bit and they told him that he needed to keep the path open. “Ah… I see your point. The official access in and out of the campgrounds is on the other side of the dune. This path is officially only for users of these bunkers. We are currently renovating them. Sorry for the inconvenience!”, told Chris without saying too much. The tourists apologized for not knowing this and left.Then he quickly arranged some temporary fences to block off the access, from the camping to the bunkers, and from the bunkers to the town. He made up some bright yellow signs to give notice that the path was closed, and hung a large notice on the camps noticeboard as well. Uncle Ben was pleased with the action. “We heard you removed the path. What’s going on?”, he asked. Christopher explained that the guys and girls had been a bit too eager and ripped up the paths to the bunkers while clearing them. He would also have to redo them, so it was easier to have them remove all of it now. As soon as the concrete trucks had been, they would start at the main path to town first. Ben was happy with the explanation.Once he was back at the bunkers he met up with the group of 4 guys still working there. They showed Chris the progress they made while the rest were on the mainland getting supplies. Christopher was very pleased with the work they had done. The old lawns and brick paths were removed and dug down a good 10 cm. Where the paths needed to go back in, a 15 cm thick layer of broken stone was put in already. And the bricks themselves were all neatly cleaned and stacked on the cabin terraces. Chris asked what they had done with his gear. Seeing as even his cabin was stripped and cleaned bare on the inside. They told him they put it neatly away and gave his stuff to Ben and Frieda for safe keeping.Chris thanked the guys and gave them the Friday off. “See you guys on Monday if you can spare the time. I will start on the rebar work for the roofs then. Lots of cutting and making concrete forms, if you are interested. Christopher took a good look around at the work that still needed to be done. He took some pictures and made lots of notes. But he was really very pleased with the work so far. The next couple of weeks he would work on the roofs. And could ask the volunteers to get on with plastering and painting the insides. As well as coating the floors.Around 10 am he took the bicycle to pick up his gear from Ben and Frieda. They set him down at the kitchen table. Jelmer was there too. Along with the local priest of the church, Ben and Frieda belonged too. Chris looked a bit odd at the gathering. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “So, Chris… What’s this I hear? Are you and my boy… Well,… you know… Are you two… Doing… Are you having…”, stammered Ben nervously not knowing what to say.Christopher took control of the discussion. It was clear to him that this would make or break his relationship with the family. And that this was not their idea, but one the priest had insisted upon. “Ben, thanks for asking. Yes, Jelmer and I have fallen in love. And that does mean that we spend our nights together. And yes, we are also experimenting with sexual activities. So far I can say that I enjoyed Jelmer’s company very much, sir. And yes all of that means that we are gay. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time saying that word out loud. I am just happy to say that our love for each other is a heavenly godsend.”, said Chris calmly but looking a bit annoyed at the present of the priest. “What the fuck… Dad?”, yelled Jelmer, dashing angrily out the kitchen and driving off on his motorbike.”Ben, Frieda, father. Jelmer and I are adults in the eyes of the law. We do not seek your permission for this union. We are in love. And our love for each other isn’t any different than any other couple. You were in love once too. This is completely the same. We are doing the same things you were doing when you were our age. Please talk to Jelmer in private. I am sure he would love to know if your okay with this or not. But it’s best not to wait too long with that conversation. I will take my gear and move to a hotel. I’ll be back on Monday, starting at the concrete work for the bunker roofs. Goodbye for now.”.Christopher texted his lover; “That did not go as planned… Sorry to hear your parents are struggling with our love for each other. I asked your dad to talk to you in private.”. Jelmer texted back; “God, this is not how I imagined this morning to start. Sorry about that! Forgive me.”.”There is nothing wrong with them, … or us… They will turn around eventually. Call your father and work things out. The sooner the better. Love you! See you tonight!”, Chris answered back.Chris dropped off his gear at his grandmothers home. And went to clear his mind. He rode his bicycle around the west side of the island, along the paths across the dunes and through the nature reserves. Stopping off at some nice spots, to take a rest, or to make some nature photos. It was nice weather, but the winds were rather strong. The harder the wind the nicer the leather biker jacket felt on him. He loved the typical Dutch early summer weather. And he managed to clear his brain of all the issues of the weeks before. He was in love with a wonderful guy and he learned a lot of new things. Christopher was extremely pleased with himself. Yes, he was even proud of everything he had done so far. And he fucking loved this holiday.Looking out of the North Sea hotel windows Chris saw several couples walking along the beach, holding hands and kissing. He thought back on how he and Jelmer had walked there too, not even a week ago. That made him smile and forget the odd kitchen table ‘discussion’ with Jelmer’s parents and the priest. Just before noon he had finished his lunch and rode away on his trip around the island. He remembered he had ‘a date’ at noon at the public toilet building at kilometer marker 13. He contemplated not going. But his lust for cock overtook him. He raced there and parked his bike against the brick building.Only one black Landrover was parked on the parking lot. Christopher went inside not knowing what he could expect. He stood at the urinal and took a quick leak. He saw a huge black cock poking through the glory hole. It was Tommy, he was off duty and horny as fuck. Chris quickly walked over to the cubical next to the one Tom was in. And Tommy stuck his 31 cm boner through the other glory hole. Christopher squatted down and fondled the huge meaty prick.”Take it, boy!”, whispered Tommy. Chris licked the tip of the cock head and wet the huge shaft with his tongue. “Damn your big. I am loving it!”, moaned Christopher. “Suck it boy. Take it in your mouth and blow me good.”, moaned Tom back. His cock was not at full strength yet. So Chris swallowed most of it down his throat. Tommy roared as he heard Chris gurgle and chook on the big prick. “Fucking hell… You’re good… Damn boy!… Suck me…”, groaned Tom wildly.Chris took his time sucking the extremely long cock as deep as he could manage. Making strong suction motions and doing miracle things with his tongue around Tom’s shaft and cock head. Jerking the rest of his long shaft off with a firm hand. Getting him fully erect and licking up the huge amounts of pre-cum that oozed out of his black cock. Chris meanwhile had stripped out of his pants and played with his own cock and ass. He grabbed a rubber out his wallet and slid it over Tommy’s dick. “Dang boy… Are you… Are you really going to… Damn it… Fuck yeah… Ride that huge black cock boy!”, screamed Tommy as he felt Chris’s ass pressing over his dick.It took Chris a long time getting used to this long cock. But in the end, most of Tommy’s cock was deep in Christopher’s cunt. Pressing his ass against the cubical wall he moaned; “Fuck me Sir… Take me deeply… I want to feel you split me in two with that big cock… Fuck me. But do it slowly.”. Tommy started pumping Chris’s ass hole and talking extremely dirty to Chris. Pounding him harder and faster the longer they went at it. He stopped… then rammed himself back inside making young Chris scream in pleasure. Tommy filled his condom and he removed his cock from Christopher’s ass.Chris fell to his knees breathing heavy and moaning. He faced the glory hole again and offered to lick Toms cock clean. He sucked him off deep again. Letting the monster prick go limp in his mouth. Chris felt an odd sensation in his ass. His fingers quickly discovered that the condom was left behind up his hole. He carefully pulled it out of there and examined the content. Tom had deposited a huge load in the rubber. Chris put a knot in it and showed it to Tommy. “Here you go, you can file that as evidence.”, laughed Chris.”Get your ass over here boy!”, ordered Tom. He opened his cubical door and Chris went to him. They kissed and ground their dicks together. Tom güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bend Chris over the toilet and licked his cunt with his big lips and fucked the ass hole good with his tongue. Tom grabbed Chris’s leather jacket and pounded his cock back in Christopher’s hole again. But he went directly as deep as he could push himself in there. Chris yelled again. And tried to push Tom away with his hands. Tom grabbed a pair of handcuffs and twisted Chris’s hands on his back. Cuffing his hands and using them to push himself off as he fucked Chris raw. Tommy’s ball slapped hard against Chris’s ass as he prepared to cum again.He quickly pulled out and turned Christopher around. Pressing him on his ass to the cold floor. Tom ordered; “Open your fucking mouth, boy!”. As he slapped the monster cock against Chris’s face hard. Chris opened up only a little, but that was just enough for Tommy to ram his cock deep in his throat and shoot stream after stream of hot salty sperm in his mouth. “Swallow it, boy!… Drink me dry man!… “, screamed Tom as he face-fucked Chris while he came hard. Chris felt properly used. And he did not know if he liked it or not. Until Tommy pulled him up again and then started to lick his face clean and kissing Christopher tenderly. Tom had removed the handcuffs as well. The men stood there a good 10 or 12 minutes hugging and kissing. They were still breathing heavy and stroking each other’s backs when Tom asked… “Man, how was that for you fucker?…”, in a heavy Caribbean accent.”Well… you are very rough… I felt properly dominated by a strong top like you… And your cock is fucking amazing… I love it!… I will have to tell my boyfriend all about it tonight…”, panted Chris.”Oh, you have a boyfriend?”, asked Tom. “Yes, Jelmer and I have decided to try stuff out. We have sort of an open relationship. And he also loves it to be dominated a bit.”, told Chris. “Cool,… Well, maybe we can get together sometime… Not much else to do on the island for a guy like me.”, said Tommy sad. “Ha… Well, I had several cocks to serve the last 2 weeks. So I can’t complain… But I guess you have to be extra careful, with your job an all…”, winked Chris understandingly. “Thanks for the hand… the mouth… and the fucking great ass, Man… You were amazing… Really… We have to do this again sometime Chris.”, said Tom as he kissed Chris goodbye.Christopher sat back on the toilet as he cleaned himself up and put his pants back on. He checked himself thoroughly in the mirror and removed any remaining evidence of the rough fuck and cum shower he had just had.It was 2 o’clock when he left the public toilet building and continued his ride east along the islands bicycle paths. Heading west again to Jelmer’s love-nest later that afternoon. Jelmer was not at home yet. So he let himself in. Christopher took a long hot shower and dropped naked on their bed dreaming of big black police cock that the jailbird Chris had to service.Chris awoke to find Jelmer standing naked over him on the bed. Jelmer lowered himself as he tea-bagged Chris awake. “Did you sleep well fucker!”, he laughed. Chris sucked his nuts and he got face fucked a little later. Jelmer told him he had worked things out with his mom and dad. They broke with their church. The reason for their hesitation was the presence of the priest. It was his idea to have a conversation. Ben and Frieda were actually fine with their relationship, but they did not dare go against the church until they heard Chris talk about love. Told Jelmer happy to Christopher.”Aww, that’s cool. Well, I have a story to tell you too…”, said Chris to Jelmer. “I was stopped by officer Tom this morning after you nearly ran him off the road…”, told Chris. “Did you know he was gay too?”, asked Chris. “Anyway. Long story short. His 31 cm black cock has fucked me at the glory holes at kilometer marker 13 this afternoon… “, said Chris waiting anxiously to hear how Jelmer would react.”YOU FUCKING ASS HOLE!… Stop lying to me… You always make stuff up!… That can’t be true… Really you need to stop lying!”, screamed Jelmer angry. Chris was very surprised by this reaction. At worst he expected a reprimand for going behind Jelmer’s back. But this was much worse. His lover thought he was deliberately lying to him. Jelmer got even angrier at Chris after he told him that it was the truth. “Okay… IN THAT CASE, YOU BETTER LEAVE!… I don’t mind you fuck around… BUT DO NOT LIE TO ME, ASSHOLE!… I WON’T BE FRIENDS WITH A LIAR!”, yelled Jelmer angry.Jelmer went away to the living room and Chris face slapped himself. Christopher packed his weekend bag and left via the back door, not saying goodbye to his angry ex.After having calmed down a bit Jelmer went back to the bedroom finding that Chris was gone for good. He contemplated going after him. But he got angry once more at Chris for not even saying goodbye. After about 10 minutes he got in his army Jeep and raced to the main road hoping to find Chris there to say he was sorry. But he could not find Chris anywhere. Chris had taken his bicycle and had taken a different route to his grandma’s home. He rode to his grandmother’s house via the sea dike. That way he could avoid anyone and everyone. Christopher was very shaken up about the whole situation. He sat a while on the outside off the dike thinking about what his options were now. He felt he was up a creek without a paddle. And had actually no idea what to do next. “Breaking up is hard…”, he thought to himself as he saw two lambs playing in the grass. “Look at them. Not a care in the world… Life must go on somehow… but how the fuck do I do that?”.At his grandma’s house, he asked her if he could stay at the guest room for a couple of day’s. His grandmother sensed that something was really wrong. Christopher told her what was going on and she helped him unpack his things in the guest room. “Take a nap… I will call you when dinner is done.”, she said hugging the heartbroken Chris. “Don’t bother granny. I will go to bed early today. I am not hungry anyway. And please don’t tell anyone I am here. I really need to be left alone for a couple of day’s!”, bagged Christopher.His grandmother knew Chris long enough to leave him be when he was in this state. So that’s what she did. She knew that güvenilir bahis şirketleri Chris would come to her when he was ready to get on with his life. And Chris knew that he was safe there.The next morning the whole island was in a right state. Search parties were sent out, and the island police were trying to find out where their new favorite son had gotten to. No one had seen Chris leave the island. He was not at Ben and Frieda’s place or in any of the hotels either. They even went so far as to dredge the notorious dune lake sandpit for bodies.Chris’s uncle Burt told his mother that the entire island was looking for Chris. She told him that Chris was in their guest room but that he could not tell anyone.Jelmer was at the police station, giving a statement. Tommy overheard the conversation and asked if Jelmer would follow him. They went outside and sat in the sun chatting. “Tell me Jelmer… What is really going on? Did you two get in a fight yesterday?”, asked officer Tom softly. “Yes. He was all bragging about how he… well… how he sucked you off yesterday. I told him he was lying and ordered him to leave.”, cried Jelmer after he spilled his guts. “Have you considered that he actually told the truth? Jelmer… He was telling the truth… We did indeed play together a while yesterday at the glory holes in the public toilets.”, said Tom looking anxious at Jelmer. Jelmer looked in surprise at officer Tom. “Yes, Jelmer… he actually told you the honest truth. I am sorry you had to hear it from me… And I am sorry I took your boy…”, said Tommy. “Oh god… Thank you, Tom… You can play with him as much as you like!… I just thought… I knew for certain that… Oh hell… How could I have been so stupid!”, exclaimed Jelmer. Tom put an arm around Jelmer. “It’s okay. Now… Do you have any idea where we need to look to find your boy? The makeup sex will be amazing when we do… “, winked Tommy at Jelmer. Managing a smile on Jelmer’s face.Chris’s grandmother told Christopher over lunch that she heard the whole island was looking for him. “Well, they will need to look a bit longer. I am not ready feeling sorry for myself!”, he said sort of angry. “I will take the ferry home on Monday. This whole thing left me feeling sick to my stomach.”. “You will do no such thing! Our family always finishes the jobs we start! You don’t have to go back to Jelmer if you don’t want to. But you owe it to Ben to finish up the bunkers!”, warned his grandmother him. “Now go call the police to let them know where you are. They have better things to do then to keep looking for you!”.Chris asked his grandmother to call the station and to ask for officer Tom. When Tom answered the phone he was very happy he heard Christopher on the other side of the line. “Hi Tom, Chris here. I am okay. I just need some time alone. Away from Jelmer. So please don’t let him know I called.”, said Chris. “Okay,… Glad you’re okay buddy… Where are you calling from Chris?”, said officer Tom relieved. But Chris hung up the phone without answering. He did not want to talk anymore. And went back up to the guest room feeling sorry for himself.Later that day Chris wanted to get a drink. Actually, he wanted to get pissed drunk. He walked thru town. Past the lighthouse, past the bakery where Sipke worked. Past his aunt’s Bed and Breakfast, then past his aunt’s Dianna’s place. A lot of people must have seen him walking, but he ignored them all. And he ended up in front of ‘the Whaler’. It was closed. “Just my luck… of course they are closed.”, he thought disappointed. He had sat on the terrace a while when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Wessel the owner of the club. “Come on in boy… Let’s talk…”, he said very fatherly to Chris.Christopher took a seat at the bar and Wessel pored him a large pint. He watched as Chris downed it in one go. “Ha… Is it that bad?”, he laughed understandingly. “Worse actually… Give me another one please.”, said Chris with moist eyes. “Jelmer broke up with me. He thought I was lying to him when actually I was telling the truth. I guess he can’t handle the truth… Or me…”, exclaimed Chris very hurt. But it felt good to finally talk about it with someone.”Write that down… There is a song in there somewhere!”, suggested Wessel to his young friend. He handed him a notepad and Chris started to write it down. And quickly the words started flowing from Chris’s pen. He asked Wessel to play something blues like on his guitar. But instead of doing that, he handed him his favorite and very expensive instrument. Christopher placed it on the bar in front of him. And started to strum on the guitar. He quickly got a nice blues sound going as Wessel looked over the words Chris had put on paper. The two of them started to jam together. They wrote a complete song in about 20 minutes and 5 pints. Well tipsy, they sang it together and recorded it. Afterward, Chris and Wessel dropped into the couches next to the stage and felt good about themselves. They drank some more beers. Chris was relieved. And Wessel told him “Chris, buddy,… If I was gay, I would do you now!… Man, you’re fucking amazing… You really are… I do hope you and Jelmer get back together though!… Maybe there is another song in that story as well.”, said Wessel proud. Officer Tom and his aunt Dianna and uncle Mathijs walked in at that moment. “There you are!”, called his uncle to him. Tom sat down next to Chris as he got a firm hug from his uncle. “Guess you needed some time alone again…”, he whispered understandingly. “But you did give us a good scare, boy!”.”Yeah… that could not be helped. Jelmer kicked me out. It seems he can’t handle the truth…”.Officer Tom wanted to know where Chris would be staying. “I have family enough on the island as you can see… So I will find a place… I just need to find a way to keep working on the bunkers without running into Jelmer all the gawd damned day.”, said Chris well drunk now. “That’s enough… Let me take you home, boy…”, said Tom. Chris thanked Wessel for the help and the listening ear. Tommy helped him into his Landrover.That next Sunday early morning Christopher awoke stark naked in Tom’s home next to him. Tommy’s ass was gaping open and pretty wet. “Morning sunshine!… slept well?”, asked Tommy him. “Oh hey… How did I end up here?”, asked Chris confused. “You did not want to tell me where to drop you off… So I brought you back here. And you fucked the crap out of me last night!… Man, you are good… Even when your drunk… Here are 2 aspirins and some water…”, laughed Tommy softly. Chris bent over to kiss Tommy and to thank him for the rescue.

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