A GILF Wife’s Loving Domination


Beth came home from work in her office the same time as always, around 6 p.m., and Jack, her husband was dutifully making dinner and tidying up around the house, having gotten out of work an hour or so before. Theirs was a happy, long marriage, both in their early 60s, their kids grown and gone, both athletic and active. Beth was a vivacious, charming 61, short silky blonde hair, beautiful face, deep tan and lean, sinewy body, with long, muscular legs and the usual sags and wrinkles of a woman her age but wearing her maturity well.

And she was a fun lady, everyone’s favorite at parties, charming, laughing all the time, upbeat and positive, taking the jokes in stride about her being a cross between Harriett Nelson and June Cleaver, but she was an all-American gal of grace and charm.

“Hi honey!” she said brightly, coming in this day, putting down her briefcase and kissing Jeff as he sat at the counter for a moment, reading the paper, dinner simmering on the stove, she looking lovely and chipper in her dark slacks, white blouse and blazer, her usual office wear. “How’s things?”

“Great honey, dinner’s almost ready,” he said. “Poured you some wine…”

She smiled, picked it up and looked at a pile of clothes in the corner.

“Hon, didn’t you get to the dry cleaners today?” she asked pleasantly.

Jeff’s jaw dropped as he looked over at it, standing up and slowly walking around the counter to where Beth stood, smiling.

“Uh, no, I had a meeting today and it slipped my mind, I forgot to put it…..”

She was still smiling as she rocketed her right foot up between Jeff’s legs, connecting with his balls and sending him crashing back over the counter, flipping into the living room, slamming to the floor where he rolled over into a ball, screaming in pain and holding his nuts.

“Honey…I’m sorry!” he groaned as she laughed, and sauntered over to where he rolled on the floor.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s OK, really, I love you anyway,” she sighed, waiting for an opening and then slamming a foot down into Jack’s tenderized balls, grinding like she was putting out a cigarette, his trembling hands holding onto her supple, solid calf through her pants as he tried to alleviate the pressure. “Now just be a good boy and take it!”

She sat in a chair, crossed her legs and sipped her wine as she waited for him to recover, watching the news. illegal bahis He staggered to his knees and she patted her crossed leg, smiling at him. He moaned, and obeyed, straddling her strong thigh, facing her, feeling his sore nuts resting on it. She playfully bounced that leg up and down, sending the hard surface of her GILF thigh pulsing into his package, making it ache with renewed vigor. She laughed and gently drew his face to her neck with one hand, tilting her head to the side.

“You may suckle my neck while I bounce my thigh into your testicles, Jack,” she said brightly. “Go on, lick and suck at my sexy throat flesh, I know you love it!”

“Oh, I do, Beth, GOD, I do, I do,” he moaned, muffled, suckling on the folds of granny neck, sexy, hot, salty, as she continued to pump her thigh into his balls, feeling his dick stiffen against it.

“Mmmm, that feels nice, Jack, you suckle my neck and throat so well, my darling,” she moaned, pumping her hard thigh harder into his balls and dick, making him moan on that fine line of pleasure and pain. “Do be a dear now and stand up, and remove your pants!”

Jack groaned, standing slowly, reaching for his belt but stopping. Beth looked up, a smile on her pretty face, then stood to face him, embracing him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and whispering into his ear.

“Now Jack, you know better than to resist, just go along now, you know you want to, right?” she giggled.

“Yes, Beth…but…it just…hurts….”

“Yes, it DOES hurt, darling!” she laughed, suddenly ramming a thigh into his nuts, making him groan in her neck and jump up off his feet. “But you love me, and it hurts SO good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes…I love you…but hurts…yes…,” he mumbled as she rammed his balls over and over, holding him close to her, that hard thigh pummeling his nuts.

“Shh….shhhhhh…shhh….,” she cooed, biting his ear, each shush accompanied by a pumping muscular GILF thigh to his balls, holding him upright. “C’mon, Jack, take it…..take it…..”

She pumped his balls for five solid minutes until she was the only thing holding him up. Laughing, she stopped finally, and lowered him to his knees as she sat in the chair, crossing her leg, allowing him to rest his moaning head on the top leg that was just punishing his balls. She smoothed his face, tousled his hair, smiling down at illegal bahis siteleri him.

“There now, that wasn’t so bad was it darling?” she smiled. “How soon until dinner?”

“Fifteen…or so…,” he sighed, looking up at his wife of 35 years, smiling weakly at her, unable to resist her gentle domination.

“Good, good, stand up now dear, and take down your pants!” she chirped, guiding him to his feet as she remained in the chair.

He moaned and obeyed, dropping his pants, his stiff dick bobbing up before him, glistening with pre-cum at the tip. Beth smiled broadly and shuffled forward in her seat, lifting her hands up and cupping his sore nuts in them, squeezing softly, feeling the meat of them ooze in her bony fingers.

“Darling, you STILL get erect for me after all these years, you must love me so much!” she laughed, flicking the tip of his wet dick with her tongue.

“I do, honey, I do,” he sighed, looking down at his beautiful old wife. “Even when it hurts…”

“But like I said,” she growled before leaning forward to engulf his cock in her wrinkled mouth, “it hurts SO good!”

And it did. Beth sucked his dick deep into her puckered lips, gobbling it inch by inch, slurping it with her tongue, and at the same time, crushing his balls in her long, skinny fingers, kneading the flesh of them, first the right, then the left, pulling them down one at a time, milking the meat, making him groan in pleasure and pain.

He felt her smile around his cock as he watched her work his nuts, seeing the silky forearm muscles and sinew dance, the skinny fingers working hard, the sweet wrinkles of her cheeks and lips and chin working into a sexy puckered pattern, a mewing sound coming from her throat, her pretty silky blonde hair moving back and forth with her head.

No one on Earth gave a blowjob like his wife, not that he had a lot of experience with other women save for a few prior to marrying her. She was skilled beyond belief, sucking the head into her mouth, washing it with the wet heat of her long tongue, pulling it into her throat, milking it with the muscles of her gullet, and then slipping it out to the tip again, over and over, all the while punishing and pleasing his balls with brutally increasing pressure from her expertly milking hands.

He wouldn’t last long, he knew, he never could and within minutes, he canlı bahis siteleri felt his balls knot under the crushing fingers of his 62-year-old wife, the pleasure overriding the pain as the first jet of jism blasted from his anguished nuts and into her moaning mouth. The pain took over again as Beth felt the first spurt fill her cheeks and she squeezed his nuts harder, pulling down on each, feeling them collapse in her fingers, feeling the cum escape them, urged on faster by the crush of her grip.

He came and came hard, screaming in pleasure, writhing in pain, as Beth milked him dry, filling her cheeks until some cum ran from the corners of her mouth, running down the wrinkled pucker to her chin and dripping down her sexy neck folds and into the cleavage of her open blouse, between the tanned, wrinkled mounds of her beautiful tits. She finally released his balls from her milking hands and let his wet prick plop from her mouth. She looked up, smiling, her mouth a pearlish smear of sperm.

He sighed as she pulled him to his knees, fixing him in a hypnotic stare with her dreamy, brown eyes, kissing him deeply, pushing the load of cum into his mouth with her tongue, swabbing his cheeks, stabbing her spermy tongue down his throat, moaning as she twisted her head side to side, making out like a teenager with her 62-year-old soul mate. She held his head in her strong hands, her eyes open now, staring into his, assuring him all was well: Though she’d forced Jack to eat his own cum from anywhere she wished all their married lives, he still feared it and needed that assurance that her eyes alone could bring.

She finally pulled away, smacking her lips, smiling at her doting husband as he leaned to her, licking like a happy dog at the smeared sperm residue around her sexy, wrinkled lips and chin and cheeks, eager to please her. She laughed and wiped his mouth with her palm, then let him lick it clean.

“Very good, darling, very good,” she cooed, standing up, pulling him to his feet and walking with him hand and hand to the kitchen. “Now, let’s have dinner…”

She took his hand and playfully pushed it down the waistband of her slacks, making him diddle her hairy, musky pussy, wetting his fingers, pulling them out and bringing them to his lips to lick clean, her eyes wide, his wider.

“And you WILL have me for dessert, darling!” she giggled. “But you’re not off the hook for the laundry! After dessert, when we go to bed, I think you need a bit more punishment!”

“Yes, my darling,” he moaned as she playfully rammed her strong GILF thigh to his groin, grinding his sore balls. “Anything for you…”

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