A Good Life?


I’m sure you think Fuck Dolls have it all right? Don’t work, lay around all day, get fucked all the time. Sounds amazing right?

Let me tell you a little about what daily life is like for a Fuck Doll and you can decide.

Well, I guess I should start at the beginning and explain how I became a Fuck Doll. You only become a doll if you happen to cross paths with your owner. With 7.7 billion people walking the planet…obviously not everyone turns into a fuck doll. But as they say, It’s a small world and there are many of us.

So, I was working in the pharmacy wanting to shoot myself. Waiting room full of patients looking at me with hate wondering why the hell it has to take so long to put pills in a bottle. I’m starving and finally get a lunch and I run to the coffee shop across the street. As I enter I am immediately pissed because the line is 5 deep and I only have 27 minutes left on my lunch. I step in line behind a tall guy with red hair…poor guy. Red heads are never attractive. As soon as I get close to him he turns around and before I can be surprised by how very attractive he is I instantly became a Fuck Doll…his Fuck Doll. Peter’s Fuck Doll.

There is no way for you to really understand what the transformation was like for me, but let me try to give you a small hint of the sensation. Every minute you are processing of all of your fears, hopes, needs and wants…most of which you are not even conscience of or your head would explode. Am I going to get the promotion…check email…I’m hungry…I need to call my bakırköy escort mom…check email…reevaluate my retirement plan…should I take the promotion…check email…did I feed the dog this morning…check email. All of that purpose in life drained from me starting from my head, flowing down my body and out. Before I even had a chance to bask in just being, it was replaced by an urgent singular desire…to be in the presence of my owner. And this desire originates and emanates between my legs…messy with wetness.

And not just merely in my owners presence…but to be petted by him…touched by him…fucked by his big cock. And not just his cock. To be fucked by his hand…his mouth. To be filled with his cum is the only purpose in my life. And this sounds great right? But my owner has bills to pay…my doll house isn’t free. He likes to buy me sexy Fuck Doll clothes and they are expensive. So he has to leave me daily. And as soon as the door handle clicks on his way out, I feel as if I really am an inanimate doll, left crumpled in the corner with arms at odd angles. No longer alive. But I am a living doll of course and I feel every minute that passes without him…and it is torture. The ache is between my legs deep in my pussy. My pussy feels empty and craves to be full of his cock, his hand, his tongue, his cum. I endure hour after hour of intense want that is not satiated.

Sure, I nap and snack and I don’t work. I never walked into another pharmacy. But I wait and wait and want beşiktaş escort and want with more desire than you can ever imagine. Sometimes I writhe on the couch with my fingers playing with my wet clit trying to dull the ache. I’m embarrassed to tell you this, but one day early on in my new Fuck Doll life, when the want was more than I could handle I actually rolled up one of his socks and used my fingers to push it deep into my pussy so I could feel close to him…so I could feel full of him. And while it helped a little, it gave me an intense itch for days. I have better coping strategies now.

I guess it would only be fair for me to tell you what it is like when I am in his presence. So you can decide for yourself if Fuck Dolls have a good life.

As soon as he enters the door my pussy starts to tingle and leak wetness all over my thighs. The ache between my legs, that I thought could not get worse intensifies. And while I don’t know what it’s like for him when we are apart, I know his cock is always throbbing and hard for me by the time I come to the door to greet him. Depending on his mood and what he wants from me he may gently lower me onto my knees right there by the door. And as he is setting his keys and bag down he is already guiding my head and I am taking him into my mouth. My owner’s cock is perfect for me. As if it was made specifically for my mouth…my pussy. His big head feels so good as it parts my lips. And as he softly pushes his hard shaft into my warm wet mouth I finally beylikdüzü escort feel good…for the first time in hours and hours. So I take it greedily and with more of a hunger than you can imagine. I lick his cock up and down so I can wet it all over with my spit. I caress his balls as I slowly stroke him with my hand and my mouth. Spit drips between my little Fuck Doll fingers onto my breasts as I am taking his cock in and out of my mouth. I could suck his cock for days…but I only have hours until he has to leave me again. And my pussy has been wet, wanting and empty all day.

I keep my pussy in pristine condition for him. I have it clean shaven and always available. He starts to pay attention to it by giving it little hello kisses. He pats it with his hand and gently puts a couple fingers inside as he licks at my clit…it is swollen and loves the attention. He rubs his mouth and face around and makes me tremble. But it is his cock that I want and he knows it.

He takes his engorged head and teases with me it. He slides it in my pussy just a little and pulls it back. I love they way it feels when he enters me…I love to feel it with my little Fuck Doll fingers. It makes me giggle I like it so much. So I take his cock and guide it into my wet pussy. I love to feel it slip pass my fingers as it plunges so deep I feel it in my stomach. I can actually see it bulge in my belly. I ride my hips on him hard…so I can get every inch of his fat cock inside me. I look him in the eyes and I can tell he is about to cum and fill me up…I am about to get what I have wanted all day since he left me. And as he is giving me the final thrusts that will make him cum and give me what I crave…I open my eyes and awaken. I realize I am dreaming and I look at the clock and it is only 3pm. I have hours before Peter cums home.

So, you decide. A good life?

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