A Good Son Ch. 01


Mother became a widow aged forty. My father was twelve years older than her but still a bit young to have a heart attack. I often wondered how they had got it together in the first place because he was not good looking and tended to be a bit dull and old fashioned. They had married when she was twenty and I arrived two years later. It took her a while to get over his death.

Mother isn’t exactly cheesecake either. She is quite petite with short dark hair but perhaps a little plump. She has average breasts, nice legs and I suppose one could say she is pretty. I like my Mum and since Dad died I have tried to be a good son. Occasionally I bring her flowers and sometimes chocolates and she is always pleased when I do.

When I saw her masturbating, I was stunned. I wasn’t shocked or embarrassed, I could not believe my eyes. The reason I was so surprised was because I had never regarded her as a sexual person, which I suppose is really unfair.

This was how it happened. I had forgotten that the office computers were due to be upgraded and as we had to close for the afternoon, I bought Mum some flowers and headed home.

As I got out of the car I noticed that the downstairs curtains were drawn which was strange. For no other reason than I wanted to surprise her, I quietly entered and immediately heard the television. I carefully turned the handle of the lounge door and peered inside. The room was fairly dark because of the drawn curtains but in the light of the television screen I could clearly see Mother from one side.

There she was, her dress pulled up to her waist and her hand between her thighs. Her legs were open and her panties were around one ankle. The poor dear was watching a soft porn film from late night television. The sort of rubbish that showed naked breasts and buttocks but no genitals. Somehow she had managed to record it, which surprised me because she had always claimed that the machine was a mystery to her.

Anyway, a muscular guy was going down on a buxom girl and Mother was just about to come. I watched fascinated as she stiffened, arched her body, gave a little gasp and then subsided with her chin on her chest. I backed out quietly, got into my car and drove to the pub.

Over a pint I gave it some serious thought. I considered my feelings but what surprised me most was despite witnessing an erotic situation, I had not acquired even the semblance of an erection.

I am perfectly normal and heavily into masturbation, especially with my girlfriend Sue who is a randy bitch. We frig each other’s brains out and watching her going at it with a running commentary about how ‘hot and wet she is’, is enough to bring me off every time.

The truth was that I felt nothing but tenderness for my Mother and some pity. I had never given a thought to the fact that she might be sexually frustrated and I felt guilty. Why shouldn’t she get horny?

She was young enough and in good shape and her pussy was her own business; or was it? Watching a soft porn movie was pathetic, so I decided to also make it my business.

I stayed out until the normal time and then gave her the flowers. She was pleased and thanked me with the usual little kiss on my cheek and a hug. Then I went to my room and sorted through my porn to find the least offensive. No anal, just general screwing with the occasional blowjob.

Later I went to Sue’s and we had some action but my mind was elsewhere and she said I was boring.

The next evening was Sue’s Spanish class so I stayed home. After dinner, Mother sat reading a book and I was watching the end of a soccer game. I had already checked and sure enough the soft porn recording had been deleted. I went to my bedroom and got the disk.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I decided to take the plunge anyway. I said, “Mother I’ve got a CD that I think you might enjoy. I hope you’ll watch it sometime when you’re alone.”

She looked interested. “What’s it about dear?”

“It’s a porn movie.”

I waited nervously for her reaction. Quietly she said, “Anthony, why would I want to watch that sort of thing?”

This was it. “Well Mother, the office was shut yesterday afternoon and I came home with the flowers. Without realising that you were otherwise engaged, I accidentally saw that you were enjoying yourself and I apologise.”

She sat frozen for a few moments just staring at me wide eyed as her cheeks illegal bahis flushed. Then without a word she got up and left the room. I heard her footsteps on the stairs and her bedroom door shut.

What should I do now? Well I couldn’t leave it hanging so I followed her upstairs. I knocked on her door and went in. She was sitting on the bed with her face in her hands and her back to me. In a whisper she said, “Please go away.”

I sat down beside her and resisted the urge to put my arm around her shoulders. I said, “Mother there is nothing wrong with masturbation. I do it all the time and I have done since I was a kid. I do it in bed, in the bath and I’ve even done it in the loo at work. Everyone does it. It’s a perfectly healthy and natural activity that is very enjoyable and completely free of charge.”

I suddenly realised that this was an odd conversation to be having with my mother when it should have been the other way around.

She replied, “You’ve embarrassed and humiliated me.”

“Mother I’m the one who should be ashamed. I’ve never given a thought to the fact that you’re in the prime of life with normal sexual desires, but from now on I will.”

I stood up and left the disk on the bed. “If you want to give yourself pleasure in the privacy of your own home then I urge you to see the real thing, not that rubbish you were watching yesterday. I’ve got dozens of them if you occasionally want a change of scenery. They’re all pretty much the same, except there are some that I don’t think you’re quite ready for yet.”

The next evening there was very little conversation during dinner and it was awkward. Finally when we sat down and she had picked up her book I enquired, “Well?”

“Well what dear?” she asked quietly.

“Did you watch it?”

“Of course I didn’t.”

“Mother nobody could resist having a peep so don’t expect me to believe you.”

She remained silent.

“If you don’t answer me,” I said ominously, “I’ll make you watch it.”

Her reaction was sharp. “All right I did watch it. There, are you satisfied? Now I’d like to change the subject please.”

I pressed on with, “What did you think of it?”

She looked down for several seconds and then slowly lowered her book. She sighed and in a resigned tone said, “As you already know that I masturbate and you are obviously not going to give up, yes it was the real thing and quite stimulating.”

“Ah yes, but did you do any stimulating?”

She replied tersely, “Mind your own business.”

I was persistent. “I’m assuming that you did and as I want to find the right porn for you, did you have an orgasm?”

She stayed silent as if considering her options. Then she replied resignedly, “As I have no dignity left at all; if you must know, yes I did and I’d now like to change the subject please.”

I left it at that but I was feeling really pleased with myself.

The following day I wondered how next I could increase her sexual pleasure. I thought about a vibrator but maybe she already had one.

Sue was due to start her periods and would always become short tempered at that time. I still enjoyed her company but she preferred to go out with her friends. Usually I would go pubbing with my pals but on this occasion I decided to stay home.

That evening there was a noticeable and surprising change in Mother. She was unusually bright and quite skittish. She even pinched my bottom as she walked past and giggled when she avoided my retaliation. During dinner she surprised me even more when she asked, “Did you have a good day Anthony? Behaved yourself I hope.”

“What do you mean, behaved myself?”

“Didn’t do it in the toilet then?”

It was so unlike her to make sexual innuendos that I wondered if she felt liberated now that her secret was known. I replied, “No I’ve been shagging Sue every night and I’m too knackered.”

I expected to be scolded for using vulgar words but all she said was, “Well don’t get her pregnant.” Then she asked, “Do you think the females in your office masturbate in the loo?”

It was becoming a conversation that I had not anticipated but I maintained a normal tone. “I’m sure they do, or at least we men fantasise that they do. If any girl is out for more than ten minutes, all the guys give each other knowing looks.”

I decided to regain the initiative by putting the ball into her court. “How about illegal bahis siteleri you? Are you ready for a change of scenery yet?”

“Oh whenever,” she replied casually, “I’m really not bothered.”

That was far too casual I thought. She definitely wants a change of porn.

After dinner I bought a few down from my room. “Let’s see what I’ve got here; ‘Flying High’, everyone is screwing on an aeroplane. The passengers are shagging the cabin crew and the captain gets a blow job on the flight deck.”

“Thank goodness for the autopilot,” said Mother.

“This is a good one; ‘Spirited Passion’. Three girls stay in a haunted mansion and get fucked by horny ghosts. I didn’t believe any of it. Here’s a different sort of porn; ‘Roped In’; it’s bondage.”

“What’s bondage?” Mother asked.

“Couples take it in turns to tie each other up and then do naughty things while the other one is helpless.”

“What strange behaviour”, she said. “I’ll have a look at that one some time, just out of curiosity.”

I immediately had the wildest idea. Did the thought of bondage arouse her? I decided to find out.

I went to the kitchen and got three tea towels from a drawer. Then I carried a straight-backed chair and put it down in front of the television screen. Mother was looking alarmed. “What are you doing Anthony?”

“Come over here and sit down Mother.”

“No I most certainly won’t,” and she made for the door.

I cut off her escape and lifted her with one arm around her waist. She was no weight at all and I carried her to the chair and sat her down.

She was looking really scared. “What on earth are you doing, have you gone mad?”

I took one of the towels, pulled both her hands behind the chair and wrapped it around her wrists. Then I went to the front and despite twice being kicked in the face, I managed to secure each ankle to opposite legs of the chair. Her legs were bare so I removed her shoes.

During the whole operation she was frantic and alternated between threats and pleas. She was never going to speak to me again. How dare I do this to my mother? And please untie her because she didn’t feel well.

Finally she said calmly, “Anthony I know we’ve been discussing some intimate subjects recently but you are going too far. If I have given you the wrong idea, then I have made a serious mistake and I apologise.”

I sat down and checked my nose to see if it was bleeding. I said, “Mother you have nothing to worry about. I have no intention of touching you because this is just an experiment. We are going to watch a porn film together. The only difference is; you are tied up and I am not.”

I selected a disk that contained a mixture of tracks that I had edited from others and which contained all the best horny bits. I put it in the player and dimmed the lights.

Mother protested that she wasn’t in the mood to watch porn, the towel was hurting her wrists and she thought she was going to faint any minute. I started a track and she said she had her eyes shut and wasn’t going to look.

I sat down in an armchair slightly behind and to the right so I could see her but she would have difficulty in seeing me without straining her neck.

The first track was a short amateur affair involving a naked young couple and had clearly been filmed at home. The girl was kneeling astride the boy and masturbating a few inches in front of his face. They were both very exited and she kept telling him that she was going to come soon. He was stroking his cock behind her back and kept squeezing the end to stop from coming. She finally achieved an orgasm by grabbing his head and frantically rubbing her pussy all over his face while he ejaculated impressively.

Halfway through the sequence, Mother stopped protesting and with an exaggerated sigh as if to humour me sat quietly. I watched her closely.

The next track I played was one of the horniest sequences I had ever seen. A naked girl was roped to a bed. Her hands were secured to the bed rail and her legs were tied to the sides of the bed and stretched open to their fullest extent. A pillow was under her buttocks so that her pussy was an inviting target.

The stud who was working on her was an expert. With his tongue and finger he kept her writhing like an eel but never let her come. She was pleading and sobbing and every time he flicked her clitoris with his tongue, canlı bahis siteleri she jerked as if she had been electrocuted. He knew exactly when to pause and she must have been close to losing her mind.

Mother was now watching wide-eyed and clearly interested. Suddenly I saw her bottom move. She sort of rubbed it backwards and forwards on the chair and then glanced quickly sideways to see if I had noticed.

The guy was promising to let the girl come soon so I pulled my chair closer and sat beside Mother. I leaned towards her and whispered in her ear, “How is your pussy Mother, getting a little bit squidgy?”

I received no answer.

I continued softly, “It must be driving you insane to have your legs tied open and your pussy all wet and juicy. I bet you’re dying to use your hand to play with yourself, but you can’t.”

She was breathing quickly when she closed her eyes and snarled through clenched teeth, “Will you shut up,” and then pleadingly, “Why are you doing this to me?”

Still close to her ear I replied softly, “Because I’m teasing you. When you do eventually come, and I promise you that will, it will be the biggest orgasm of your life.

Now make a choice; you can come either by rubbing your bottom on the chair or you can do it properly with your fingers. Which method would you prefer?”

The guy now had his middle finger inserted and was probing while his thumb lightly brushed her clitoris. She was begging him to fuck her so he raised his body and supported his weight with one hand either side of her. With no other part touching her, he inserted his impressive cock and began slow deliberate thrusts.

The girl was pleading for him to go faster but still he held back and just calmly stared down at her. Finally he relented and quickened the pace. As she came with shrill squeals, so her body jerked convulsively and an opaque liquid oozed from her pussy and ran down to her anus.

I continued persuasively, “You must be nearly coming too Mother. Wouldn’t you like to use your fingers?”

She was now breathing harshly through an open mouth and rubbing her bottom continuously without any attempt to conceal it. I waited while she fought the battle that she was always going to lose.

Finally she gasped, “Yes my fingers.”

I reached behind and deliberately took my time untying her wrists. She was getting impatient and snapped, “For God’s sake, what the hell are you doing?”

As I released her wrists, her right hand came around so fast I had to duck. There was a moment of panic as her dress got in the way but she pulled it up and thrust her hand inside her panties. She made a futile attempt to push them down but the band snapped back again.

Through the thin material I could see the back of her hand begin to move. The palm of the other hand went quickly to press outwards against the inside of her left thigh. Her ankles were still tied so she unable to either close her thighs or open them any further. She lifted her heels so that just her bare toes were flat to the floor and I saw her calf muscles tense.

She was in a hurry and her orgasm was almost instantaneous. Although her panties still covered her hand, I could see the knuckles bobbing furiously as her fingers delved frantically into her drenched slit.

Suddenly her body stiffened and her covered hand became motionless. She whimpered pitifully, “Oh God.”

I heard her suck in her breath and then her body convulsed so violently I grabbed the chair to steady it. Her face contorted as if in pain and the air exploded from her lungs. Her eyes opened wide and her bare stomach pulsed as barbs of piercing ecstasy shocked her body.

For several seconds her fingers revolved in a circular motion while she whimpered short sobbing cries. Then as the pleasurable sensations slowly faded she began to relax. Finally her orgasm was over although her fingers continued to move but without urgency as she extracted the last vestige of pleasure from her ordeal.

Eventually she slumped down in the chair and I could see a pulse beating in her throat. Slowly she withdrew her hand from her panties and let the arm drop to her side as if it was too heavy for her lap.

After about a minute, she lifted her head and slowly turned to look at me. Her eyes were wide with astonishment as if she was unable to believe what she had experienced. She said softly, “Phew.”

I reached down and untied her ankles and carried her to the sofa. I set her down across my lap and when I her kissed her forehead, her nose and then her lips, there was a salty taste from her perspiration.

Neither of us spoke for a long time.

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