A Good Student


Note: If offended by lesbian sex, discipline during sex scenes, people being worshiped as God/desses, intergenerational couplings, or professors having sex with their students, please do not read this story.

To my Goddess: Thank you for living and being so beautiful and amazing.

Janet is a good student. So good that it worried me that she started showing up to my American English class so late in the middle of the semester. She had taken another of my classes, and she was always such a good student. She was more well prepared and sharper than my other students, and more imaginative. She’s also a really big dyke. Not butch, very femme, but she had told me who she was a month into the last semester. I guess she had sort of come to trust me. I would have figured it out anyway: it didn’t surprise me because she kept staring at my breasts when she thought my attentions were elsewhere.

“Can you come to my office after class on Wednesday?” I asked her at the end of class after she came in Monday 20 mintues late. It was the third time she had been late in a row.

“Yes.” And that was it. No questions as to what this was regarding, or why I should take up her time that she obviously spent studying….well…not so obvious in the past week. I know she’d most likely do anything I said without question, and knowing a woman would do that for me makes it hard not to let her. Not that I’m a lesbian. I hardly ever think about women. It’s just that there’s a usually a few boy crushes, but generally they don’t act so worshipful. This young woman interests me, because she seems so enamored, and I am not used to that attention from women.

But I am her teacher. I have a responsibility to her: to hold her to the same standards as everyone else and to keep her crush from affecting my judgment.

She walks with me back to my office after class, always by my side, soaking up my words. “I’m a little concerned that you’ve been showing up to my class late,” I tell her, “is something wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” she answers. “Nothing’s wrong, just that I am having trouble concentrating on school right now. It’s just that I have to get it together. There are no excuses.”

“I’m sorry,” she repeats. “I won’t show up to your class late again, I promise you.” And she’s so sincere, seeming to be full of actual regret, this young lady obviously wants to be ‘good’ according to a child’s understanding of the concept, and she wants to be ‘good’ for me because she admires me so much. It contradicts her rebellious nature, traps her in tradition, she needs to soar free but she can’t do that clinging to my side, and I want to let her go but if I just push her away she’ll find another object to worship.

“I…I met someone. His name is Samuel and…I’ve been letting him distract me from my work, but I won’t anymore.”

I was willing to let her go before, but this is very bad for her. She can’t see it right now, but if she gets serious about this guy it’s not going to make her stop worshiping women. And she will be absolutely miserable pining away in her heart and wishing so much to actually, ever, have her fantasy fulfilled. I have to help her. I have to tell her she’s bad, and help her be good for me, help her be good for herself.

“I want you to come to my place tonight at 8 O’clock. Can you do that?”

No questions, not one. Just “Yes.” She probably would have said “Yes, Dr. Adler” if she didn’t think it would sound too submissive.


She showed up in a short skirt and low-cut blouse. I don’t know if she did it on the off chance that I might want more from her but I didn’t let her know anything.

“You’ve been late to class, and I suppose you think because you’re such a good student you can make everything up, get the notes from others, and suffer no consequences?”

“I…was going to try to make it up that way, yes.”

“Well, maybe there are no academic consequences, but you still need to be punished, because you are a very bad girl. No one ever punished you before, have they? You scream that you lack discipline everyday. Do you know that you do that?”

“No…I didn’t know. No, I’ve never been punished before.” Now she’s malleable, so ashamed she’ll do anything without much resistance. Now I can help her.

“You’re going to be punished now.” I tell her. “Do you know why?”

“Bbeccause I was llate to your class.”

“No,” internet casino I say, “Because you were late to my class, because you were seeing a boy.”

“I’m so sorry!” She’s pleading; not for pardon but for forgiveness. I know she means it. She’s afraid of failing me, and that’s kept her work above par so far. I leave her there and say nothing, going to my bedroom to retrieve a paddle I’ve used on so many lazy boys before her.

I come back into the parlor and sit down in my armchair. “Come over here and stand by my right side.” She does as she’s told, as usual. “Lift up your skirt and lay across my lap. And acknowledge my commands.”

“Yes.” She doesn’t object to the bizarre nature of this command. She doesn’t question me, though what I’m doing she knows she doesn’t have to accept. She knows she can leave if she wants to but she just says “Yes.” It sends a rush of excitement through my body. I think my nipples are hard. Too bad for Janet her head’s down and she’s not looking at them.

“Yes, Dr. Adler!”

“Yes, Dr. Adler.” I’ve never seen it take so long to lift a skirt before, but her fingers fumble, she’s trembling all over: from nerves and the shame I’ve now released to be dealt away with and never return. It’s delicious, simply delicious the way she obeys despite her shame, and the way she tries to hide how happy she is that I’m making her actually demonstrate her submission.

Just to humiliate her I might make her lick my pussy when this is all over. I know she’ll do a good job and never think it’s good enough. She’ll stumble all over herself with apologies and compliments: “Oh Dr. Adler, you taste so good. Oh Dr. Adler, please don’t make me stop! You’re so beautiful. You’re so wonderful! I know I don’t have much experience…” And she’ll be so grateful for that one time she’ll never ask for anything for herself, nor will she ever show up late again. How could this woman see a man, any man? I had to take control to give it back to her.

Finally she’s ready to accept punishment. I let her keep her panties on…for now. She wore the prettiest pink panties, as if just a small part of her thought she might have a chance with me. I’m so glad it’s not a throng: that way I can savor how much more it hurts when I make her remove this last barrier. I start with my hand and warm her plump bottom up nice and slow. I savor her nerves; her shame. How can I possibly convey how delightful it is to hear her moan and try to suppress it, or try to change it to sound like a moan of pain, when I know full well that it’s a moan of pleasure?

Finally she’s had enough of my hand, and I decide to humiliate her more for the paddle. “Get up Janet.”

“Yes Dr. Adler.”

“Take off your panties.” I’m really getting into this, punishing someone so desperate for punishment. I normally wouldn’t like pussy but this girl must be soaking wet from my touch. I love the power I have over her.

She hesitates. She might actually disobey me for once. That would be wonderful! I’d have an excuse to punish her even more! “Please, Dr. Adler–“

“Didn’t I tell you to do something?” I cut in sharply and remind her who’s in charge. I know it’s almost impossible for her to live with herself: baring her punished ass in front of someone she admires so much. Probably thinks I’ll be repulsed by her naked flesh. Let her think that.

“Now, be a good girl and take off your panties and hand them to me.” I want her to know I can tell how wet she is from my touch; from the pain I’m so generously giving her.

“Yyes Dr. Adler.” She does as she is told, placing the panties in my open palm.

I smell them, dip my fingers in the flooded crotch. “You’re wet Janet.” I state as almost an accusation. “Is that because you’re getting a spanking, or because you’re getting a spanking from me?”

She closes her eyes and moans. She’s trembling now more than ever. “I’m waiting.”

“It’s all for you, Dr. Adler. You know it’s all for you.”

“Good girl,” I soothe, “owning your desire for once. Now come lay across my lap and we can get back to the rest of your punishment.”

“Yes Dr. Adler.” Janet hastens to obey this time. There, I said I’m proud of her, she can’t contain herself, she’s so happy, even as she’s so apprehensive.

I tease her, leaving the paddle resting across her flesh for a long time. Actually, I’m teasing myself too. I can’t wait to hear her cry out in canlı poker oyna pain, knowing she’ll endure as much as she can take before she even thinks about asking me to stop, and she’ll endure it out of devotion to me. Of course I’ll push her as far as she can go. She needs real discipline, just like I told her, and I’ll give it to her and save her from making a horrible mistake.

I bring the paddle down hard, and she yelps in surprise. “I’m so sorry, Dr. Adler.”

“Shhh,” I say, “let me take care of it for you.”

She relaxes over my lap and I bring the paddle down hard on her other cheek. She tries hard not be quiet and accept this without seeming to complain, but she can’t stop herself from crying out even this early, and I can tell she has zero resistance: hasn’t been spanked probably ever, but oh the way she moans…like it’s the best thing, and I’m surprised by how hot and bothered I am. I don’t let up, no this is punishment. After about 10 I stop and tell her to spread her legs. Dutifully: “Yes, Dr. Adler.” I reach between her legs and slide my index finger effortlessly into her soaking pussy. She doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s moaning now. I run my thumb over her clit and she continues to purr.

“I want you to tell me what you want to happen when I’m done spanking you. If you had you’re choice, you can do anything, would you want to have sex with me?”

“Yes…Dr. Adler.”

“How? Tell me exactly what you want to happen and how long you’ve wanted it.”

“Oh…forever! Since I first saw you I…I’ve wanted…I’ve wanted to kiss you all over and lick and fuck you and make you cum every way that I can!” I don’t say anything. I want her to fear my rejection.

“You don’t deserve to cum yet,” I scold. I pull my fingers away and take up the paddle again. I spank her just as hard and no harder 5 times, and then I increase the strength of, and decrease the time between blows.

“I’m not punishing you because you were late to my class.” I tell her, continuing to beat her ass. “I’m punishing you because you know you’re a dyke, you worship me and probably have many other women, and you are trying to foul yourself into thinking you’ll be happy with a man, even though it could mean never getting to lick another woman’s pussy or wear her collar again! Well I’m not going to let that happen, young lady. By the time I’m done with you you’ll own up to being a lesbian slut, a pussy worshiping dyke-whore, and you’ll never see another man again! Is that clear young lady?!”

I follow this question with a serious of hard and fast blows. She cries out and begins to sob: “Yes, Ma’am! Yes Dr. Adler. I’m a pussy eating slut. All I want to do is serve sexy older women and make them cum all day! I’ll never see Allen, or any other man again. Please…I’m so sorry for failing you! I worship you and I want to always please you, always. Please, please forgive me!” I wouldn’t have punished her if I thought she was just bisexual, but I can tell his girl is a full-blown lesbian, who occasionally enjoys cock. I won’t let her get trapped with someone who won’t fulfill her needs; someone who won’t make her happy.

“Shut up!” I demand she endure the rest in silence and I continue to rein the paddle down hard with no breaks in between, moving it all over her deeply red ass and thighs, not giving one sign of letting up. I know she wants to beg my forgiveness some more, but I just want to punish her now. I have to grab her around her waist to keep her from moving out of the way of the blows. I understand it’s involuntary, she wants to obey but she can’t. I love it! I’m not being cruel about this. She needs this, wants it, I know she does. And when I’m done she’ll be so grateful for it. I know this is making her as wet as it is me, and probably more. I hold her tight around her waist and give her 20 of the hardest blows I can muster. She screams out as loud and ever but she does not say one word of protest or pleading.

“Get up!” I say, while she’s still crying.

“If I ever hear that you’ve so much as kissed another man, I will do that again even harder. Do you understand me?” She’s sobbing in front of me.

“Yes, Dr. Adler” she sobs. “Thank you,” she says, just as I predicted. “Thank you! Thank you so much Dr. Adler!”

“You took your punishment so well,” I kindly tell her, “I might let you thank me with your tongue if you want.” I remove my own panties poker oyna and hike up my skirt. “You want that, don’t you?”

“Oh Yes. Oh Dr. Adler, please can I lick your pussy and make you cum, please?!” I spread my legs. There’s that desperation I love so much. Her eyes get wide when she sees the dark, trimmed hair covering my glistening pubis: there’s so much appreciation in them. I know she wants to tell me how beautiful I am.

“Get to it.” She gets down on her knees and begins to express her devotion. Her tongue is magical! I know she saved the best for me. Her tongue is so soft, and exploratory. She treats my pussy like that of a Goddess: like I’m her Goddess. She sucks and licks my pussy like a delicate flower. Her mouth is more gentle than my husband’s. I tell her she’s going a good job. I tell her she took her punishment well, and I tell her she makes me very proud.

Predictably she doesn’t stop after I cum, just hopes against hope that I’ll let her keep pleasuring me until her jaw falls off. I love what she’s doing to me, so much I think she deserves a reward. Maybe it’s time I found out what it feels like to go down on a woman? She makes me cum, three times, moaning appreciatively all the while.

“Stop,” I say. “That felt really good, Janet, but I can’t take anymore right now. Instead, I think you deserve a reward for taking your punishment so well and showing me such devotion. I’m going to lick your pussy, just like you did mine, and if you need to make request you just go ahead. I’ve never licked pussy before.”

“You know what I’d like more than that, Dr. Adler?” She asked.

“What’s that?”

“I’d like it if you took me back over your lap and finger fucked me like you did before, while you spank me with your other hand until I cum?” She can’t look at me, still, can’t look at me and ask for anything. God she’s a beautiful submissive slut! And I know she asked for something else because she didn’t want me to be uncomfortable having to eat her out when she knows I’m not even a lesbian. It’s sweet, but I would have done it. She smells good and I bet she tastes good too.

“OK,” I tell her, “Anything you want baby.” She lays back over my knee and waits. I slowly insert two my fingers back in her cunt and begin to rub her swollen clit with my thumb. She moans and thrashes around.

“Please,” she begs, “more.”

“That’s it Janet,” I say, giving her another finger and giving it to her hard, “own your desire, let me know what you like.”

“Oh Dr. Adler, fuck me like the naughty dyke-slut I am!” I haven’t even begin spanking her and she’s already so hot!

“Don’t you dare cum until I say, you slut!” I bring my hand down hard across the crux of her ass. “What happens to naughty dyke-sluts? Tell me Janet!”

“Oh they get finger fucked and spanked, Dr. Adler, please fuck me and spank me hard!” She answers, no longer ashamed, she’s practically shouting. I gladly comply with everything she asks for. “They get fucked and spanked, and they get to go down on beautiful Goddesses! Go down and eat their delicious cum and be so grateful for being treated like the sluts they are!”

“Are you ready to cum on my slender woman fingers you slut?”

“Yes! Yes, Dr. Adler, please can I cum on your fingers, your beautiful, long Goddess fingers, please?”

“Cum for me Janet!” I spank her and fuck her harder towards the end, and she rides my fingers like the slut she is and cums really loud.

“What are you going to do now, Janet?” I ask, before I let her up.

“I’m going to find an older Goddess, and ask her to collar me and make me her slut,” She answers.

“Good girl. Come sit on my lap.” She leans against my body, let’s her tension go and I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek. “You were really good. Janet you were so good, such a good girl.” I tell her. “Such a beautiful woman. I know what you want is rare but please, let yourself get what you want, and don’t settle for anything less, or you’ll regret it, and make me so very sad.”

“No Dr. Adler, I won’t fail you in this.”

Needless to say, Janet was never late to my class again. A year after she graduated I got this letter from Lyons, France:

I found an older Goddess, and I asked her to collar me, and she did! I belong to a beautiful woman, and I get to worship her just like I always wanted. I wouldn’t even have let myself know what I wanted if it weren’t for you. Thank you so much for being my first Goddess, and for making me own my desires! I will never forget what you did for me. I have such fond memories of that night, and you’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Your Good Student,


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