A Greeting


I heard his keys jingle as he inserted one of them into the lock. Finally, after a long day of waiting and wanting him, I was about to get just what I needed. I’d spent the day in a leisurely manner, taking the time to pamper myself and to indulge in some erotic reading off and on. I knew that he was expecting to come home to the usual- a quick kiss and some polite conversation about our days. We had become much too predictable. I had spent the day thinking of how I could add a little spark into the evening. I was a bit excited by what I hoped his reaction would be. Instead of the everyday look of hair loosely pulled back, and me in jeans and a T shirt, I had taken the time to have my hair down, just the way he likes it, falling somewhere near the middle of my back. Dressed only in heels and a red camisole, I was definitely not going for the subtle approach. He would know exactly what I had in mind as soon as he entered.

The look on his face as he came inside was at first one of puzzlement. For a moment, I suspect he was cleaning his mind enough to make sure he was in the right place. I greeted him with a long, deeply passionate kiss, no hello, no small talk asking about his day. He seemed a bit surprised by my desire. Not, displeased at all, just a bit surprised. When you are expecting nothing more than a pleasant time spent together and then you know, you just feel it all at once, that rush can be very powerful. Unexpected sex can be so hot. There is just something about saying, “Fuck me, right now, right here” that can fuel the desire. Those were the only words I spoke to him.

I began quickly helping him discard his clothes. Shoes, shirts and pants came off in lightning speed. I made no pretense about how quickly I wanted him to fuck me. We stood face to face, our bodies touching slightly, pausing for the shortest of moments before we were caught up mobilbahis güvenilir mi in each others’ arms. I felt his hands as they slid over the silkiness of my cami, as they firmly planted themselves on my breasts, his fingers kneading them, handling them with just the right amount of roughness. Without a word spoken, he began pulling the cami over my heard, exposing my breasts to him. His mouth engulfed mine as our tongues probed and pushed inside. My nipples became harder from his touch as I arched my back and allowed him all the access he needed. Moving his mouth from my lips, he licked and kissed his way down to my breasts. His tongue slid over my nipples, teeth gingerly biting them, while his hands continued to squeeze them firmly. His hands moved to my ass to pull me closer to him as I bent my head back and held his head in place with my hands.

I reached for his now fully erect cock, took it in my hand and began stroking it and leading it to me. I teased my clit with the tip of his cock, just enough to feel the drips of precum he was oozing. I felt him push harder against me and at that moment there was nothing that I wanted more than to have his cock deeply embedded in my pussy. We tumbled to the floor, never breaking contact. Our bodies wrapped themselves around each other. He took hold of my legs and placed them on his shoulders as I arched toward him. Our eye contact was incredible as we stared at each other. Still, no words passed between us. His look was so intense, leaving no doubt that he was as ready as I for a fast, hard fuck.

Without hesitation, he thrust his cock inside of my pussy., pulling my legs further over his shoulders. I wrapped the tightly around him as I welcomed his cock into me. No sliding it in slowly, no probing, just a good hard thrust. I felt his cock push against the back of my pussy. With a mobilbahis few words, I begged him to fuck me harder and faster.

“Slam your cock inside of me. Give me that sweet cock of yours, harder, now.”

I heard his voice moaning, “God, I love fucking you. Your pussy is so fucking good.”

My legs wrapped tightly around his neck, my body completely surrendered to his. Our bodies thrashed about on the floor, his speed quickening and deepening with each thrust, his cock now slick with my wetness. Taking my legs from his shoulders, he grabbed them by the calves and held them straight above me. He knows how much I love that, how deeply his cock can go inside of me from that position. As he pounded his cock into me, I closed my eyes and allowed the sensations to take complete control of my body. I relaxed my legs in his grip and greedily enjoyed the feeling of being fucked. I felt the muscles inside of my pussy tighten as I squeezed his cock, taking all of him, feeling his balls slap against me. My hands clinched into fists, my body meeting his every thrust, I felt the rush of my orgasm as it took over my body. He pushed inside of me once again and remained embedded in one spot as I coated his cock with my cum.

As soon as he sensed that I was coming back down from the rush, he pulled out of me and encouraged a change of positions. He moved behind me now, pressing his cock against me. I pushed my ass toward him, bending over so that he could once again begin his assault on my pussy. But his mind and his cock were heading in a different direction. His hands reached around me and began to squeeze my breasts. He took my nipples between his fingertips, pinching them in just the right way. I felt the rush as took his cock into his hand and began stroking it while allowing it to brush up against my ass, leaving trails of wetness. He pulled mobilbahis giriş me close to him with his hands, our bodies connected. Reaching behind me and finding his cock, I guided it toward my ass and I encouraged him through ragged breath,

“That’s it, baby, slide your cock deep inside of my ass. My ass is so ready for you.”

His cock, covered with a mixture of his own wetness and my cum, was all the lubricant I needed. I loved the way it felt as he slid his cock up and down my ass, pressing it against me. First, just the tip of his cock worked its way inside, but it only took a few slight pushes to make its way further into my ass. Relaxing, I felt his fullness as he probed inside of me deeply enough that his body was pressed against me.

Words of passion and lust were whispered, then screamed to each other. Once my ass had taken his cock fully, he pounded faster and deeper into my ass, taking me to the greatest heights of pleasure. With one hand, he reached around to my clit and his massaging of it was in perfect rhythm with the thrusts of his cock. The combination of having his cock fucking my ass and his fingers dancing over my clit was more than enough. My hands dug deeper into the carpeting as I braced myself and welcomed that oh so familiar feeling. His cock remained buried inside of my ass as I came. His hand was covered in my juices and he spread it over my pussy. Having me come for him sent him to his peak as well. He moved his hands to my hips to hold me in place and help him brace himself. He resumed his thrusting, our words now ragged and breathless, and it was then that I felt that final push, that one last thrust as he poured his cum deep inside of me. I felt his warm creamy cum filling my ass. The intensity of his orgasm was so powerful, it took me with it. Feeling his cum shoot inside of my ass, hearing his moans, feeling his body tense, all sent waves of pleasure through me. As our orgasms subsided, we fell to the floor, not moving for quite some time, just enjoying the moment.

After regaining my breath, I leaned over him, looked down and with a coy smile finally said, “Hello, my love, how was your day?”

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