A Gurl in the Making Pt. 01


Kelley rode his bike down the street of the sleepy University town and whipped around the corner as he sped home from class. It had been an early day which meant that he was going to be home before anyone else for the only day this week! Excited by the prospect of having the house to himself Kelley sped through the quaint downtown and rode up the little hill that led to the homes that lay a little further than the campus housing. Having family in the area did have its perks, and free lodging meant that he was able to at least save some money while paying for University himself. Plus, it wasn’t like his Aunt Cathy and Uncle Don were ever really home that often. Aunt Cathy was a Professor at the University but was spending the year on sabbatical writing up her research. Uncle Don was a high-ranking executive at a manufacturing company that had plants across the country.

Kelley pulled up to the large home and admired the design. The front of the house was nearly one massive window with clear views into the living room and even the bedroom, from the right angle. Yet the location on the lot, as a whole, provided plenty of privacy if one needed it. Kelley slipped off his bike and opened the garage placing his bicycle on the rack, out of the way, before taking off his shoes and entering the laundry room. No one was home as he stripped out of his sweaty shirt and jeans. Placing them into the washer with the load of laundry that he had been planning to do. Kelley strode into the kitchen naked and took out some coffee and a piece of fruit. He put some water on the stove to boil and took a bite out of the apple, its juices running down his hand. He just loved the freedom when his Aunt and Uncle were out of town. He paused in front of the full-length mirror, in the front hallway, and admired his slim form. His hair was curly and medium length, his chest was furry but he did his best to maintain it from getting out of control. The rest of his body was relatively clean-with little to no excessive hair. The hair that came in on his legs was thin and blonde enough that he hardly ever noticed it.

Sighing, Kelley took a glance at his phone as the water came to a boil. He poured the hot water over the coffee grounds and let the coffee brew itself while he finished eating the apple. Being Monday today was the day for cleaning the house and making sure that everything was in its right place. This was part of the deal that he had worked out with Aunt Cathy. She had been hesitant to let him live with her and her husband but had come to accept the arrangement-given that Kelley took on certain responsibilities while they were away. Kelley knew that today would be a day to vacuum the living room, dust the photos and make certain that the fridge was properly stocked and the pool cleaned. His responsibilities extended as far as the hallways though. As Aunt Cathy always locked her bedroom door when she went away for any period of time and would call periodically to check-in.

Kelley poured himself a cup of coffee and moved up-stairs to his bedroom. He started the shower and let it warm for a little while he peed. The shower was a quick one and Kelley stepped out and put on his boxers and nothing else.

He decided to start with the pictures on the wall-his Aunt was very insistent that he keep them all clean and it was quite obvious why. The pictures in the frame were a little more risqué than what Kelley thought he would find but he knew better than to ask where they came from. They were elegant and clearly done by a professional. A number of the images were evocative and caused Kelley’s mind to wander and for him to fantasize about his Aunt, in spite of his reservations. The women in the frames were never identifiable, yet they caused his imagination to go wild.

Kelley finished dusting and went about the remainder of the activities that he needed to do. He had so far found that the house was generally open, outside of his Aunt’s bedroom. Being that his Aunt was never home, the room tended to remain locked and Kelley had gotten used to being unable to perform any of his cleaning responsibilities in her personal space. He had accepted it without question and had always done everything he could to maintain cleanliness throughout the rest of the house. However, today, while vacuuming the upstairs landing Kelley bumped against the doors and made sure to get every corner clean. He noticed that for once his Aunt’s door appeared to be unlocked. He hesitantly pressed the door handle down and stepped into the one room he had been unable to visit in the last six months.

The room that Kelley entered was spacious. Much more spacious than the guest bedroom that he was occupying down the hall. The four-poster bed was draped in purple curtain canopy that was tied perfectly at each corner so that the curtain rose and fell in a very simple design but made the furniture appear as if it were from a movie set. Kelley knew that he wasn’t supposed to be in this canlı bahis şirketleri room but was unable to stop his curiosity. The window opened up to a nice little porch that he knew his Aunt and Uncle enjoyed, on some nights, when it was nice out. Kelley stepped into the bathroom which was much larger than any of the other bathrooms in the house. A hot tub stood in the corner and there was porcelain sink and counter tops. The walls were lined with floor length mirrors and the big window allowed for plenty of natural light. The design was impeccable and he was certain that his Aunt had the vision for this room-it just seemed to speak to a feminine touch.

Kelley pulled down his briefs and sat down on the toilet to pee. The cold of the toilet seat felt good against his skin and he sat back thinking, relaxing. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that there was a purple thong, lying on the floor next to the tub, that matched the color of canopy in the bedroom. It appeared to be out of place-everything in this room, in this house, seemed to have its place. Kelley finished peeing and went to where the panties lay on the floor. He picked them up and held them in front of himself. He couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as he tried to imagine his Aunt wearing such sexy underwear. The more he thought about it the more certain he was that she could pull it off. She wasn’t exactly skinny but she was a woman in her mid-50s who took good care of herself and had curves that must have brought her a lot of attention when she went out with her Husband. And it wasn’t like she dressed like a boring middle-aged woman. She was always wearing skinny jeans and leather jackets with tight shirts. Or when she was home with little to do she was in tight stretched yoga pants. When she went out with his Uncle she often wore short skirts. He knew the woman was trendy for her age, but he still could not picture such skimpy underwear existing beneath her clothing.

Unable to stop himself Kelley lifted the panties to his nose, inhaling his Aunt’s scent as he felt his cock begin to twitch.


Cathy sat out by the pool, waiting for her husband to return with their drinks, when she received a notification on her phone and smiled to herself. She opened up her home surveillance app and saw that indeed her plan was starting to unfold. For months, while he was at University, her nephew had been staying with her and her husband. She hadn’t had the nerve to say no to him, nor her sister when she come calling. Now, she had finally decided to embrace the opportunity and take full advantage of the gift that she had been given.

She kept her eyes on the phone as Kelley moved through the room and into the bathroom. Cathy knew exactly where she had left her panties but wasn’t quite certain what was going to happen. She had a theory, but that was all for now. Her husband, Don, returned with their drinks and looked over her shoulder.

“Catching something good on that screen?” He chucked and took a sip of his own drink.

“You know, I’ve been watching all of these men checking you out honey. Have you seen anything that you like?” Cathy hardly looked up from her phone. “Well, I think I’m finding something that I enjoy right now.”

Cathy’s eyes widened as she watched the video on her screen as Kelley lifted her panties to his face and appeared to take a deep smell. Maybe a taste? Her hand moved down between her legs and she sensed Don leaning over from his seat to catch a glimpse. She heard him chuckle.

“Is that who I think it is?”

Cathy bit her lip and turned to face him. “See, I told you those secret cameras were going to be a good investment. Now, why don’t you go see if you can find someone that likes the idea of watching you lick up his orgasm tonight and we’ll have ourselves a little party before we head home tomorrow.”

Cathy turned her attention back to the video just as Kelley stood in front of the mirrors. He must have put the panties on as he was twirling admiring himself in the mirror. She could just make out the shape of what appeared to be a thick cock protruding out of her panties. Cathy’s fingers absentmindedly moved back to her pussy and she felt certain that she was going to orgasm before the party even got started as she sat there thinking about her nephew trying on her panties.

Cathy spread her legs and imagined Kelley swaying his hips, standing in front of her. His hard cock stretching out her panties. She was being naughty for recording her nephew, but he had entered her room without her permission, in her book, they were even. Sighing she squeezed her legs together knowing that her excitement, while thrilling, was even more risqué than what she was used to. Don had messaged her ten minutes ago telling her where to find him in the bar and she knew that he would be waiting eagerly for her arrival. She squeezed her legs together again knowing that her panties were slightly damp and stood up. canlı kaçak iddaa She admired herself in the mirror before heading downstairs to the bar. She had picked out a pink dress that came up to her mid-thigh and had a plunging neckline, knowing that it would make Don excited.

She saw Don sitting at the far end of the bar. He was chatting with the black man seated next to him and they were very concentrated on the basketball game that was on the television. Cathy slid her arm in with Don’s and nodded politely at the man who sat next to him. She kissed Don’s cheek.

“Hi honey, how’s the game going? I hope you haven’t had too many drinks before I got down here…”

She laughed and winked at the man and sat down between the two of them. She motioned to the bartender and ordered a vodka sprite for herself. She looked up at the television and knew that she was going to have to work to distract the two men.

“So, who’s playing tonight? I heard it was a pretty big game and that the winner was going to be getting a trophy tonight.” She said smoothly.

Don glanced away from the television and met his wife’s eye. He nodded and went back to watching the game. “Well, if the Celtics win we’ll have a new champ but if not, there will be another game tomorrow. You know how these things go, honey.”

Cathy’s hands ran down over her husband’s thigh and she felt his cock starting to stiffen the more that she rubbed his thigh. He was not small by any imagination of the word but his cock was not as big as she often desired and he knew it. Don’s smirked and looked over to the man next the them.

“Honey, this is Tucker. Tucker, this is my wife Cathy.”

Don turned back to the television and Cathy turned her attention to Tucker.

“Good evening, Tucker.” She held her hand out to shake his hand and as he took her hand she leaned forward her opposite hand pressing against the man’s chest.

She pulled away turning back to the bar and taking a pull from her drink.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, “this is just what I needed.” Cathy sat back in her chair and let her hand dangle close to Tucker’s lap.

He did not seem to mind the proximity of her hand and she bit her lip as she squeezed Don’s thigh, digging her fingers into his skin. Mmm, Don did well tonight – she thought to herself as she “accidentally” knocked her napkin to the floor. Her hand moved to Tucker’s thigh as she dropped to her knees to pick-up the napkin. From this position she looked up and made direct eye contact with the man that had been chosen for the evening. Tucker had clearly been following her movement and he tried to look away, to the television, as Cathy caught him looking down the front of her dress.

Standing back up Cathy returned to her seat between the two men. She took a deep pull from her drink and waved to the bartender for another. Her hand now openly fondled her husband as she reached over to Tucker. She caught his eye and winked at him as she could clearly see his cock pressed against his thigh and was more than evident underneath his jeans. She squeezed his thigh and her fingers deftly rubbed against his thickening member. Both men continued to watch the television though Cathy could tell that Don was getting close to reaching his own orgasm from the thrill of it all. When the bartender returned with another drink for her she put a nice tip on the table.

“Sir, can you tell me where the toilets are. This old lady must relieve herself before she starts in on this second drink!” She squeezed both of the men’s thighs as she said this and felt her husband’s opposite thigh squeeze back against her.

Cathy leaned into Don, pressing her lips to his neck, as her fingers squeezed the head of his cock, signaling to him that he now had permission to cum in his pants. She kissed his cheek when she felt his cum leaking from his cock. She knew that it would soon be dripping down the back of his thigh and she sat back contendly before standing up to follow the bartender’s directions.

Don looked over to Tucker and shrugged his shoulders, embarrasedly.

“Well, I think that was your invitation to join her in the bathroom. I’ll hold down our spots here at the bar and make sure that you two aren’t disturbed…” Don waved the bartender for another drink and looked down at his pants knowing that the cum-stain was definitely going to be noticeable when he stood up. He watched Tucker walk back to the bathrooms and turned to the bartender. “How about a couple of shots, too?”

Cathy didn’t waste any time. As soon as she was in the restroom she dropped to her knees and waited for Tucker. Cathy expected her husband to be encouraging Tucker to come back to the bathroom and would then wait for Tucker to return to the bar once she was done with him. This was risky but if another woman decided to come in that would only be a part of the thrill. Tucker didn’t wait very long to follow Cathy into the bathroom and canlı kaçak bahis was greeted with her on her knees, her dress pulled down and her breasts exposed. She wasted very little time, reaching up to Tucker’s waistline unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She leaned into his firm body, her lips wrapping around his balls as she tasted him with her tongue.

“Mmm, honey. My husband did such a good job tonight.” She kissed Tucker’s balls and playfully licked up his shaft, making direct eye contact with the man that stood above her. She moaned softly as her lips wrapped around the mushroom head of his cock, which pulsated in response to the sensation. She loved how the veins that popped out, clearly throbbing and begging for her attention. She let out a deep guttarl sound from the back of her throat as she took him down her throat.

Tucker couldn’t believe where he found himself-in a public restroom with a married white woman. He let out a moan and started to thrust his hips forward-his cock bulging down Cathy’s throat. She nearly started to choke as he went deeper and deeper down her throat but she managed to take it all, her drool dripping down her chin as she tried to keep up with Tucker’s pace. After what felt like an hour – but had only been 20 minutes – there was a soft knock on the door and Don entered. He eyed Tucker-his cock buried deep down his wife’s throat and grinned.

“Fuck, isn’t she amazing?” Don chuckled to himself and nodded to his wife, letting her know that the bartender was starting to ask questions.

Tucker only managed to nod. His head was swimming with the sensation of Cathy’s attention and the fact that he stood in the woman’s bathroom while another man watched his wife suck Tucker’s thick cock. Tucker grunted and his hand roughly grabbed Cathy’s hair as he forced her to take his cock deeper. The thought of speaking to either of them hardly crossed his mind as he let his body do the talking.

Cathy reached up to Tucker, her hands on the back of his ass. Her fingers nails digging into his skin as she encouraged him to cum, with a long deep moan. She slipped a finger between his ass cheeks and felt him clench and then he was groaning shooting his cum down her throat. Cathy looked up at Tucker from her knees and opened her mouth showing him his cum on her tongue and in her mouth. Some dripped down her face. She swallowed his seed and motioned to her husband to come over. Don helped his wife up and lowered his lips to her, kissing her deep, tasting Tucker’s cum.

“Mmm, you are so sexy honey.” Don turned to Tucker. “If you want us to we can reach out to you the next time we’re around this area. Just let me know; I know Cathy here enjoyed having you around.” Don held out his hand while Tucker stood there, his pants around his ankles. “Don’t worry about the bar tab, I’ve got an extra drink for you at the bar and we’ll take care of the tab before we leave for the night.”


Kelley couldn’t help but slip on his Aunt’s panties. Naive to the fact that Cathy had set up cameras in her bedroom, and must have purposefully left the door unlocked, before she and Don left that morning. Kelley spun in front of the mirror. He had to admit to himself that his ass looked really good in panties. He marveled at how the material felt wrapped around his thick cock as it was clearly straining against the material. The panties were a lot sexier than what Kelley had ever thought his Aunt would wear. He snapped a selfie in the mirror and shook his ass playfully. Fuck. Kelley knew what he was doing was inappropriate but he couldn’t stop himself. He felt incredibly excited and turned on to be wearing his Aunt’s panties. He bent forward in front of the mirror, playfully smacking his ass and looking over his shoulder to see the red print from where the blow had landed. He grinned and reached down, squeezing his balls, stretching them until they turned a bright shade of red. He let out a moan and sighed.

Kelley knew that it was time to call it quits as it was time to switch his laundry over and finish cleaning the home. He slipped out of the panties and walked over to where he had found them, to put them back where they had been tucked away in the corner. He placed them there and turned around walking back out of the bathroom into the bedroom. He didn’t bother putting clothes back on and when his Aunt decided to watch the video she would clearly be able to see his thick cock bouncing around with each step.

The laundry had just finished the last cycle and he took it out to hang dry in the washroom before deciding to settle in for the night. Kelley loved Cathy & Don’s back-patio. It was private enough that he was able to spend time out there naked. If he hadn’t been a guest in their house he probably would always spend time naked but with having the house to himself was certainly a perk. Kelley lit up the grill and sat back letting the burgers he had brought out cook. His fingers absentmindedly played with his balls and he let out a soft groan as his fingers wrapped around them. It had been months since he’d been with a woman – and it was not willingly. He’d just had little luck and had decided to take a break and just keep his head down and work.

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