A Hard Week Ch. 02

Booty Shake

The sun was shining warmly on my skin that mid-morning as I deeply breathed in the city air from the cobblestoned courtyard of the Supreme Court building. Double shot expresso in one hand, cigarette balanced in the same, my morning recess was its usual perfection. In addition to the blue sky overhead and gentle breeze from a warm summer’s morning, I should have been ecstatic, yet my mind had not stopped thinking about Alexander since our interlude the previous Friday night.

Those deep black eyes holding mine fast, and the way his black hair scattered across his brow messily. His arousing scent, of amber and citrus notes, that lulled my senses into a maddening torturous dance that I could not escape. I loved breathing in that masculine scent. The softness of his exquisite full lips, and the warmth of his pink tongue lapping against mine. That thrilling sensation of my mouth opening over his smooth bulbous head and licking the first delicious drops of his salty pre-cum…

I caught my breath as I took a long hard sip of caffeine. Five days had passed and it was becoming harder to concentrate on anything except my mysterious dark eyed stranger these days. I took another puff of my cigarette and exhaled the smoke slowly, casting my blue eyes across the courtyard, through the iron gates that looked out onto the street. There was a large and bustling world of people out there, living each day with their share of joy and sadness. People trying to get ahead, making a name for themselves. Living each and every day.

Yet none of reality seemed significant to me at present. I had spent my entire adult life working hard to become the person I was. Beginning as a criminal lawyer, sacrificing my time, and perhaps my life, to rise in the ranks in a firm that made me work from dawn till past midnight. My pleasure, my enjoyment, it was all secondary. However now I was a barrister and at the top of my game. Surely the fulfilment of my life had climaxed, and yet…why did I still feel empty?

I knew the politics, and I played the game well. Being an advocate mattered to me, and I marched through life defending the plights of others. However the years had trickled by and I had seen so many of my colleagues corrupted by our trade, their empathy for others calcifying into an almost contempt for the human condition. I refused to join in, and yet that emotional detachment seeped in through the cracks and soon I too began to feel nothing. Nothing for others, and nothing for myself. Detached and devoid. Before I knew it, I was an overworked machine of a man with little feeling or pleasure in between. I had unfulfilled cravings and unfulfilled desires.

Until last Friday, that is.

Something had stirred within me that I had not felt in a long time. I had never lost so much self-control and let someone fuck me so brazenly in public, and yet on that night that is exactly what I wanted to happen. I had entered that jazz bar a broken man, and left a more complete version of myself. Alexander had stirred something inside of me, and I felt like I was finally becoming…alive.

Alexander Cennes.

The man had been in my mind the entire week. We had left that night in the bar after out tryst, exchanged numbers and I had returned to my friend Marcus with all the composure I could muster. I was good at putting on a calm yet firm stance, it was the way I played the game in court. Hair dishevelled, and untucked shirt, perhaps Marcus should have suspected something but he had already downed most of the bottle of Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir, and was determined to talk to me about this client of his that was driving him utterly mad.

As the weekend passed I casually glanced at my phone for the hundredth time hoping for a message. I wanted Alexander to contact me. There was something about him that made me feel like he wanted that control. He would contact me. The way he had so confidently led me to the room in the bar, invited me to taste his cock so brazenly, as if my shock excited him. Maybe it did? Maybe I liked to be pushed and surprised a little? I recalled that gorgeous smirk on his lips as I lowered my lips on his erect member. The way he had pressed his throbbing dick into my arse, dominating me and taking me as his own. The memory of it made me quiver.

Working on William Street in the city of Melbourne, the hustle and bustle of everyday life was hectic. Dealing with clients, lawyers, judges, legal firms, other barristers, and the incessant briefs thrust my way. I knew my position, I knew it well, and it held respect. I was on top of the game. Yet…when I had met Alexander at that bar, I felt all that melt away. He was in charge, beckoning me forth. I felt helpless, and I liked it. No, I loved it. I wanted him to tell me to suck his cock again. To dominate me. I would drop to my knees in an instant and obey. This transformation in me was new and dare I say frightening, and for the next few days I was troubled by my sudden inner urges to submit to this gorgeous man.

Starting güvenilir bahis a new trial in the Supreme Court that week, I was preoccupied in picking a jury for my client on murder charges. It was a long and tedious process, but thankfully it kept me preoccupied. On my morning recess from court on Wednesday, I retired to the cobblestoned outside area of the court and that was where I had been with coffee in one hand and cigarette.

A sudden buzz in my pocket, I managed to use my spare hand to check my phone. A curl on my lips, my waiting was finally over. It was him. The message brief but to the point.

Craven. I’ve been thinking about our delectable intrigue since Friday. Are you free tonight?

Was it in my imagination but was my heart actually pounding in my chest? Shaking my head, I waited twenty minutes to finish my coffee and then casually replied.

As have I, do you know The Mint? Meet me there at 6?

‘Craven, court’s back in.’ called out my solicitor Tim, a young man in his mid-twenties with a mop of brilliant red hair.

You could tell my instructing solicitor would not be in the profession long, already he looked bored as hell in his position and really, I could not blame him. We had spent uneventful days in a cold room built in the early 1800s, hour after hour writing notes back and forth about the case. There were certain parts of a trial that are long and tedious, and we all need something else to distract ourselves for our own sanity. Mine, thankfully, was now Alexander Cennes.

‘Ok, I’m coming.’ I muttered, placing my barristers wig back on my head.

‘Looks like the OPP is trying to get this adjourned.’ added Tim.

‘Fuck me,’ I muttered under my breath ‘another day wasted while we dance around the prosecution.’

Tim chuckled and descended back into the halls of the Supreme Court.

As I stood up, another buzz came from my phone.

Sounds good, meet you there tonight.

With a small smile on my face, the hours drew long as I sat at that wooden bench in the cold room of the Supreme Court, standing up to address His Honour, sitting down to listen to the OPP challenge every minute detail. Finally at five o’clock the day was over, trial adjourned until next week, and I was free.

The Mint was close by, a place where currency had previously been made before being transformed into a trendy little bar. It was packed with people, the laughter and chatter almost deafening as the happy workers celebrated the middle of the week, and I entered somewhat hesitantly, the thrill of knowing Alexander was amongst the crowd somewhere…waiting for me.

I approached the bar, deciding to get a drink and distract myself for a moment. The bar tender took his time, and I waited, growing more anxious in this environment of loud talking, laughter and merriment.

A firm hand touched my upper arm from behind, and I turned to see him standing there before me. Dressed in a black suit, black shirt and a damask patterned tie, his long black hair falling neatly down, his unshaven stubble rugged, and his black eyes drawing deep into mine. The man was gorgeous.

‘Craven,’ he teased with a handsome smile ‘fancy meeting you here?’

With a confidence that thrilled me, Alexander grabbed my hand, disinterested in who would see. Interlacing his fingers with my right hand, a soft stroke on my thumb as if reassuring me, he led me away to a table where he had been sitting, a bottle waiting with two glasses.

Throwing a pair of dark eyes to mine as we sat opposite each other, he threw me a small curl on his lips.

‘I have a confession,’ remarked Alexander ‘what happened with us on Friday, it is not something I do…but there was something about you that made me want to do it. Something that makes me want to do a lot more to you.’

Was it possible that my cheeks were actually tinting with a pink flush of heat? What was this man doing to me? I chuckled, taking a hasty sip of wine.

‘I’m glad you messaged me.’ I replied with a devious grin ‘I don’t usually get so carried away in a jazz bar myself to be honest.’

Alexander ran his thumb playfully across his lip ‘I enjoyed getting carried away with you in public. There is something about the thrill of it. Of course, behind closed doors would be fun as well?’

Running my hands through my hair, I looked away bashfully. For all the confidence I had, it was now completely gone.

Alexander placed his hand under the table and ran it along my thigh, softly and yet strong, and my body responded by moving closer to his touch. I ran my fingers along his, looking into his eyes with a smile.

Taking a long sip of wine, Alexander looked at me with desire in his eyes.

‘I want to kiss you.’ he remarked firmly ‘Right here, now.’

With hesitation, I turned my eyes away from him, looking around the crowded room. No doubt there were many people in here that I knew by association. I never discussed my sexuality türkçe bahis in my professional setting, why on earth would I? But now…now I would be showing a side of me no one knew, and it made me hesitant.

Looking back up to him, I threw him a small, embarrassed smile.

‘Does it really matter who sees?’ Alexander added with a curl of his lip, as if anticipating my thoughts.

With a pleased look on his face, he moved a seat across, beckoning me to sit beside him. Precariously I moved across the table and sat next to the dark eyed man. Running his hand gently around my jaw, Alexander pulled me in towards him, and drawing his lips to mine, engulfed me passionately with a deep and lingering kiss.

His hands ran up across my back and tenderly through my hair, pulling me to him as he drove is tongue deep into my mouth, the taste of his sweet essence and wine mingled together. It was as if we were the only two people in that crowded bar, and the man was unleashing himself onto me with a passion I had never experienced. It made my skin shiver and my stomach flutter as I ran my hands feverishly across his body.

Eyes were darting from various people around the room, yet Alexander was not phased in the slightest, and in his strong arms I started to relax as he continued our kiss. Finally he pulled away from my embrace, a large smile on his lips as he took another sip of wine.

‘You see? Nothing to it!’ he remarked pleasantly. Running his finger around the rim of the wine glass he added ‘That was delectable. You must be a devious creature, for no one should be making me feel the things I am feeling for you right now.’

‘Let us just say, you are doing things to me.’ I grinned, darting my eyes down to the prodding member in my trousers.

Alexander raised an amused eyebrow ‘Better and better.’. Shaking his head, he chuckled ‘I want to get to know you, Craven De’Montmoray. Perhaps we did some delicious deeds the wrong way around, not that I regret it in the slightest. But tell me about yourself?’

Softly he placed his hand on mine as he sipped his wine, truly interested in my tale.

‘Well!’ I shrugged ‘I am a barrister, criminal defence. I work in the courts every day, and my chambers are just around the corner from here.’

Alexander grinned ‘That is your job, and an interesting one at that no doubt. But what of yourself? I want to know about you?’

Raising an eyebrow, I took a casual sip of wine as I smiled at him.

‘I enjoy the company of handsome men.’ I quipped ‘As for quirks, I like medieval history. I suppose I am an odd sort.’

‘An intriguing sort.’ replied Alexander ‘Intelligent and beautiful. I like that.’

‘What do you do?’ I asked curiously.

‘I’m a neurologist.’ he replied with a smile ‘Also I enjoy beautiful men, and reading copious amounts of English literature.’

We spent a good hour getting to know each other. I found out Alexander was a specialist at a nearby hospital. We worked close, and as the time lingered Alexander mentioned he also lived close by in an apartment.

‘How about we have a drink at my place?’ he suggested with a grin, his thumb running across his bottom lip playfully.

‘Lead on.’ I replied devilishly.

Grabbing my hand firmly in his, Alexander led me out of the bar. Like two new infatuated spirits entwined, we ambled through the streets of the city. I would point out the beauty of the architecture of some of the buildings we passed, commenting on the heritage and period it was created, and Alexander would listen intently, a smile always on his lips. Sometimes he would divulge in a quote from Dickens or Keats, in reference to something we had stumbled across in our conversations.

Finally we arrived at his apartment on Collins Street. It was only a few streets down from my own apartment in Little Bourke Street, and I was quite delighted at the prospect of having an intimate acquaintance living close by.

‘Excuse the mess.’ he remarked pleasantly, opening the door wider to let me pass ‘I wasn’t expecting guests.’

The very sight of Alexander alone in his apartment aroused me so much. I just wanted to start ripping off his clothes and rub my hands over his warm skin. However social etiquette dictated, and I wasn’t prepared to deviate just yet. I walked into his beautiful apartment, modern yet simply furnished. It was small, but perfectly neat as I threw my eyes to the view of the bright lights of the city from the nearby balcony.

‘Wine?’ asked Alexander, moving to a rather impressive display on his kitchen bench ‘Or something else?’

I concealed a smile, for I knew what I wanted. Perhaps he did also?

‘Anything red is brilliant.’ I replied, running my hand bashfully across the base of my neck.

Alexander held my gaze and threw me a smile ‘I confess, I’ve been thinking about you all week.’

I could feel the warmth spreading to my cheeks. I felt the same way.

‘I’m glad you messaged me when you güvenilir bahis siteleri did. It was one of those days.’ I remarked.

‘Perhaps we can turn it around yet.’ remarked Alexander with a raised brow ‘I would have messaged you sooner but work had me at the hospital all day and night for most of the week.’

Pouring two glasses, he walked over and handed me one. I reached out to take it, but he held my glass back with a devious smile. Taking a deep sip from my glass, he placed it back on the bench before drawing closer, and closer towards me.

Inches apart, face to face, he stood and lowered his lips to mine. I was breathing heavily, and I could feel my cock harden as his mouth opened against mine, filling me with the divine crimson liquid. We both lapped our tongues against each other, the red wine spilling into each other’s mouth, until there was nothing but raw and furious open mouthed kisses, grower hotter and hotter by the moment. Alexander roughly pulled me against him, and I could feel his dick press hard against me.

Finally Alexander pulled away with a grin. ‘Your tongue drives me absolutely wild.’ he whispered ‘Shall we see how I respond to the rest of you?’

I chuckled ‘You’re mischievous. I like that in a man.’

He looked down, noticing a few drops of the wine had stained my white shirt. Raising an eyebrow, his fingers moved towards my chest and began to unbutton my shirt, loosening my tie with a grin in the process.

‘The stain is fresh, I can wash this out.’ he remarked.

I drew a shaky breath as I felt his warm fingers brush every now and then against my abdomen as he undressed me, peeling my shirt off and leaving me standing in just a my trousers. Alexander threw me a grin before leaving the room with the shirt, only to come back a few minutes later empty handed.

‘So, it appears my plan is working well,’ he mused ‘although in hindsight I should have stained your pants as well.’

‘The way you are going, they will be in a second.’ I quipped as I moved closer, gently cupping my hands across his strong jaw and pulling him closer to kiss him again.

My cock was hard and so was his, and as we embraced our stiff members pressed firmly against each other, and we ground and rubbed our dicks against each other as we explored each other’s mouth.

Alexander started placing hard kisses down my neck and I moaned softly as his lips ran against my smooth of my chest and down to my navel. He threw a playful look up towards me.

‘I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking your sweet cum off my fingers the other night.’ he confessed wickedly ‘I love the feeling of it coming out all sticky over my fingers as I jacked you hard, then being able to lick them…and suck them.’

My skin covered in shivers at his comment. ‘I confess I was thinking similar thoughts all week.’ I replied, my breathing growing heavier as I felt Alexander’s fingers at my waist.

‘Perfect.’ murmured Alexander as he fell to his knees, and began to unbutton my trousers.

I kicked my shoes off, grinning in anticipation, as he slowly eased down my trousers, until I was standing in only my briefs.

‘I was going to ask if you wanted dinner?’ chuckled Alexander as he massaged my concealed rock hard cock ‘You distracted me, you wicked thing!’

‘I have cream?’ I remarked deviously.

‘Good,’ he purred ‘because I am very, very hungry kitten.’

Hooking his fingers into the top of my briefs, he brought his mouth to the fabric between my hard member and exhaled hot air onto it. My rod twinged and I moaned, trailing my fingers across his black hair. He was so hot and such a tease as he blew his breath onto my cock. It made me so fucking horny.

‘I want you to fill my mouth and feed me.’ he growled lowly, looking up at me darkly with his black eyes ‘I want you to release all that desire down my throat.’

I let out a sigh as he eased my briefs off me and I stood erect, my member standing bold and awaiting a pair of warm lips. I scooped up his loose black hair gently as he placed his mouth on the tip of my cock, running his hot tongue over my head and circling my bulbous knob. Breathing heavily, my eyes rolled back into my head as he started to draw me into his wet and warm mouth, slowly teasing me as he took me in, inch by torturous inch.

Alexander’s mouth was like warm sensual velvet, and he looked so gorgeous opening wide to suck my pikestaff. His suction around my member was strong and felt fucking incredible, engulfing me enthusiastically. Before I knew it, he had taken me all the way in and held me deep for a few moments before withdrawing again, producing a pleased, heavy groan from my throat.

‘Your pre-cum is so sweet.’ he smouldered before taking me in once again, all the way down into his throat.

My fingers laced through his hair as I began to move my hips backwards and forwards, thrusting into his eager mouth as he looked up at me with those piercing black eyes. My chest was rising up and down uncontrollably as I maintained eye contact, watching my glistening shaft slide back and forth into his mouth. Alexander was hungry and sucked my dick over and over again, pulling my hard cock deep as he moaned lowly.

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