A Helping Hand


We are on vacation at the beach, the first one in over a year. Both needing some time away from work and get back in touch with ourselves, embarking on the latest adventure. Our airline miles were enough so that we could both get a free round trip ticket and took full advantage of it. The very first day was spent shopping up a storm, buying clothes and jewelry. We were hungry so we stopped off and got something to eat, and the rum punches were free with the meal, bonus! After the late lunch we decided to go for a walk on the beach and see the sunset. You and I set off hand in hand strolling down the beach talking and reminiscing about the good times we have had, looking forward to making many more.

Nearing our spot, a little semi-secluded alcove near the rocks, we lay out the beach towel on the warm sand that we brought with us. You decide to go for a swim and I quickly shed my shirt and throw it along with your sarong onto the towel. We meet at the waters edge and I pick you up and run out into the next big wave, dropping both of us in it. We come up giggling at the fact that we are acting like two little kids. What catches my eyes next is not very kid-like at all; I notice that you are either very cold or very excited. I ask which is it to you and you respond that you are not cold. A crooked grin is now locked onto my face as my hands find your hips underwater and draw you close to me. Our eyes meet again and our faces close together, our lips meeting one another’s.

Our tongues intertwine, wrestling for position, seeking out each others mouths. Being this close finds you pressed up against me, and you can feel my excitement. You break our passionate kiss and ask, “I think there is a snake in the water”. I tell you that you had better check it out, and make sure it’s safe. With this your reach your hand under the water and into my swimsuit and touch my now very hard cock, a soft moan escapes my lips. I look up at you and ask is it safe? You giggle and say, “Yes it is, it’s currently trapped” and withdraw your hand. A mock pout comes across my face and I pull you into me again, my hands lift you up onto me and you lock your legs around me.

In this position you are now nestled quite nicely up against my hard cock, you feel it press into your swim suit and touch your hot spot. Now it is your turn to softly moan and you pull your legs tight around me, grinding me further into you. I crouch down in the water so just our shoulders are now visible and I reach for your breasts. As I am massaging them, I ask you how does it feel? You don’t answer but you do bury your head against my shoulder. As you do this I see a few people running along the beach, and tell you that we are not alone. You pick your head up and ask me not to stop, bakırköy escort which I had no intention of doing as one of my hands find the spot where the bathing suit meets your leg. My probing fingers snake inside and lightly brush your pussy lips, this elicits yet another moan.

I look at you and ask you if you want more, you gutterly moan YES. I knew the answer, but thought I would ask anyway. I then ask you, but what about the other people on the beach, you tell me that they can’t see and to stop teasing you. We both look at each other and smile wickedly. With this I push you out a little bit so I can pull my trunks down, once I do so I pull you close again, this time you can feel my hardens against your suit and you quip, the snake is no longer trapped. I tell you no its not, its searching for its hole, with this you lift up just enough to pull your suit to the side and then lean back down on my lap. My hard cock is now resting along your pussy, I ask you are you sure you want to do this, with that you move your hips and my cock slides into you very easily. I guess I did get my answer.

We stay like this for a moment, our lips locking once again, my left hand on your breast; my right finds the back of your neck, teasing your hair. We let the water start our motion of movement, the slow waves lifting us then gently putting us back down. This provides such wonderful stimulation, our bodies joined at the hip, my cock buried in your very hot pussy. We both begin to help along the movement of the ocean and started to buck at each others hips, building up to a release.

You are the first to go over the edge, as your legs lock around me; I can feel your pussy spasm around my cock and this starts my orgasm as well. You feel my cock swell and twitch a number of times, your head once again finds my shoulder and I can feel your breasts pressed against my chest, your nipples poking into me. We hug each other and kiss each other and smile as we look into each others bliss filled eyes. We take a few moments to recoup before getting out of the water. We walk hand in hand to the towel, and relax a bit in the setting sun, our breathing still a bit rushed. We see off to the left of us, one of the runners is making his way towards us; the others are leaving the beach. He finally reaches us and introduces himself as Tyrone, he is a rather well built black man and he has just a trace of an island accent.

Tyrone says that he saw us swimming together and we both look at each other and smile. He sees this and he asks what is so funny. I told him that you thought you saw a snake and jumped into my arms for protection. With this you burst out loud laughing as does Tyrone and I say it’s true. After you calm beşiktaş escort down a bit you say that yes I thought there was a snake in the water, but that we were safe once it swam back into its hole. A look of shock and awe cover both Tyrone’s and my face at what you had just said. You give a wicked little evil smile as you sit back on your hands and in doing so, provide us a good look at your beautiful breasts. I am sure like me, Tyrone is staring at them, especially your hard nipples poking through your suit. I ask Tyrone to join us on the blanket, and before he does, he rearranges his shorts to be more ‘comfortable’. You notice this right away and a big grin comes across your face.

We make some small talk about swimming and shopping and the day’s events. We mention that we came out here to watch the sun go down here in this little alcove. Tyrone says that it is a nice secluded spot, not too many people can see it from the beach. You smile and say that was the idea as you position yourself between the two of us now, your hands coming to rest on our legs. You look over at me and lean in for a kiss, our eyes meet and I can see the passion in your eyes. You break the kiss and turn to Tyrone, and do the same. While you are kissing him my hand finds your breast, Tyrone taking this as a cue does the same thing. Now your are getting both breasts kneaded by us, and you moan into Tyrone’s mouth.

You break the kiss to say, that the sun isn’t the only thing going down, with this you push Tyrone onto his back and slowly pull down his shorts, he lifts his hips to help you out and we are greeted to a very nice large black cock that is standing fully erect. You lick your lips and take it into your hands, kissing the tip. Before you take him into your mouth you look over at me and wink, after that you mouth opens to receive him. His head rolls back and he moans I lean up on one of my arms and watch the beautiful sight unfold before me. Your mouth is amply coating his cock with saliva and you are using both your hands in a twisting motion. I am completely mesmerized by your actions, the contrast of black against white is lovely and it seems you are both enjoying yourselves tremendously.

My trance is broken and I move behind you, I pull the straps of your suit down your arms and you release his cock long enough to get your arms out of your suit. I continue to pull your suit off releasing your breasts. Tyrone reaches down and takes them into his hands and plays with them, you begin to moan around his cock. I finish pulling the suit off of you and toss it aside. I lie down and scoot myself back underneath your legs, your pussy is right above my face. You squat a bit and my tongue comes in contact with beylikdüzü escort your very moist wet pussy and flicks your clit. Your hips involuntarily twitch, grinding your pussy further into my face.

A finger finds it way into your wet hole, and I start a slow fucking motion with it. Tyrone’s hands are now on your head, as he is moaning louder and louder. You slow down with him, not wanting it to stop, wanting to make it last. You begin to take his balls into your mouth, sucking on them. As I begin to finger you faster I can also feel that you getting close as you are moaning now as well. I suddenly stop and you moan in disapproval. I look up at you as you look down at me and I say I want some of that too. With this you get up off his cock and off my face and switch positions. Tyrone is now behind you and you are kneeling between my legs.

Tyrone takes the sign and you feel his hands on your hips, you know what is coming next as you feel his cock poised at the opening of your wet pussy. He spits in his hand and rubs it on the head of his cock before he pushes inside you. As he does I am looking at you, your eyes seem to roll back in your head as you feel his length enter you. Within two or three strokes he is buried in you and you have now lost all interest in my hard cock right in front of your face. Your hips are meeting his thrusts as he begins to fuck you in earnest. My hand finds my cock as I watch him take you from behind, your breasts are swaying with the motion, and every time he is buried your ass ripples. You are panting now, seemingly on one never ending orgasm as he makes you cum again and again.

My hand is a blur on my cock, stroking it, watching the sight before me. I look at you and our eyes meet, I ask you does it feel good? You moan and I place my finger on your chin and slightly lift it, does it feel good I ask again. “Oh yes, so fucking good!”, you respond. With this response I lose it, my cock twitches and cum shoots out into your hair and onto your face, as second burst hits the side of your mouth as you are moaning again. Tyrone sees this and buries himself one last time. You feel his cock swell and burst inside you, coating your insides with his cum. You can feel it drip out of you onto the blanket, and we are all panting hard, sweat glistening off our bodies as we try to catch our breaths.

I suggest we all go rinse off and we grab our suits not bothering to put them on and head out for a dip. After a few minutes we put our suits back on and look out over the water as the sun sets. The sky turning from a bright blue to amber to a red, the suns rays fanning the sky as the clouds seemingly become lined with silver. Once again you kiss Tyrone and say thank you, and he says thank you as well, and that we were wonderful. We both, in unison, say, “our pleasure”. With that he takes off down the beach slowly there after, and we go gather our towel and walk down the beach again hand in hand. What a beautiful day I say, indeed it is you respond as we come together in a kiss, exchanging our passions once again.

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