A Holiday Cleaning Job Trapped Me. Pt. 02


Part one tells of how I stole a wrist watch from my mum’s boss, in order to pay off a credit card bill. I was found out, and had to pay penance in more ways than one.


I arrived at Mr Campbell’s on Wednesday morning at 9am, complete with the wrist watch I’d redeemed from the pawn shop. It was a surprise to see Sofie already there. She told me that Mr Campbell had summoned her to help me clean the playroom.

“Good morning Miss Ellie,” Mr Campbell welcomed me with his deep, severe voice. “You have the watch?”

I handed it over, looking suitably meek.

“Thank you, I will leave you and Sofie to get the playroom sorted, I have a small get together here on Saturday, I need it looking pristine. If you finish early, Sofie has some entertainment for you.”

And with that he left.

“Let’s get on with the cleaning first, sort that, and then I can fill you in on a few things, now that I know a bit more about why you’re involved with Eric.”

That made me wonder. I wanted to know how Sofie was involved with Mr Campbell, or Eric, as she called him.

The playroom took a couple of hours to completely clean it. Not a pleasant task, with dried semen, tissues, and used condoms, but eventually it looked absolutely fine, and with perfumed aerosols we left it in good order.

“Let’s make coffee and we can talk,” Sofie said, so after we’d got our mugs, Sofie led the way into the lounge. I noticed that she had picked up a couple of remote controls before joining me on one of the long leather sofas.

She began the conversation. “I know Eric has a bit of a hold on you, with the watch thing. He likes to be in a strong position with employees. You must be worried about how it’s going to work out?”

Sofie seemed to be opening up, so I tried to be honest with her.

“Yes, I really don’t know. I’ve actually had sex with him because I felt under threat.”

“Yes I know you have. He has a hold over me because he brought me to this country illegally, and he can turn me in at any point. I came here with Nadia, my older cousin, and I’m afraid we have both had to give our bodies to others to remain here.”

I shivered slightly. “Do you think he will make me do that?”

Sofie looked at me closely.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you Ellie, he’s told me to explain exactly that to you. Eric says that you have a debt to repay, and it will be repaid over the duration of your holiday from university, and I’m to prepare you for ‘entertaining’ friends, and clients.”

This time I did shiver.

Sofie reached for the remotes. “Eric gave me some DVDs this morning, he wanted you to get an idea of how he ‘entertained’ clients.”

The tv screens lit up, and my whole body tensed, what on earth was I going to see.

As was Mr Campbell’s style, the video began with music playing into a title page, ‘Nadia Entertains Friends.’

“This is my older cousin, it was her first men only party, and she was extremely nervous. I was there too, to help encourage her, I knew what it was like because I’d done a similar one the week before.”

As the title page dissolved, a blonde woman, in her thirties, dressed in a tight, low cut dress, blindfolded, stood at the door to the playroom. By her side stood Sofie, holding her hand.

As the music continued, Sofie opened the door, and led Nadia through into the playroom. The scene cut to the room, and with some cheering, it showed a half a dozen men gathered around the leather bed in the centre.

Sofie led her cousin slowly to the side of the bed, where she left her. She probably wondered what was illegal bahis about to happen, but soon found out. Two men, on either side of her, began to run their hands over her breasts and ass.

To her credit, Nadia didn’t appear to react, but within a very short time her dress had been removed. The two guys soon had her completely naked apart from her blindfold, and she was placed on her back across the leather bed.

Straightaway one of the guys knelt down to perform oral sex on her. For the first time I heard a moan picked up by one of the microphones that were above the bed.

Then there was a flurry of activity in the room. All of the men were stripping out of their clothing, some were hard already, and as the guy eating her pussy got up, one of the guys who was erect jumped in and pressed his cock against her pussy, and with a shove he was inside. You could hear Nadia cry out something in another language, as he started to thrust.

Both Sofie and I watched in silence as the guys took it in turns to fuck her. Some of them pushed their cocks into her mouth, and one of them started to cum. His spunk half shot into her mouth, and the rest was in dribbles over her cheeks, and chin.

When Nadia was being fucked by the third guy we saw her cum, she became quite animated, her body shaking, and then, as if by coincidence, Sofie’s mobile rang, and it was Nadia!

Sofie began talking animatedly in Russian, or a similar language, obviously telling Nadia that we were watching her on DVD. After a few seconds the phone call ended, and Sofie said to me, “Nadia’s coming round, she wants to meet you, and tell you about what we’ve just been watching.”

At that moment, one of the guys on screen started to cum. We heard him grunting, and watched him bury himself in Nadia’s pussy, and hold himself there, until he withdrew his cock.

We could see it was glazed with semen, and still dribbling spunk.

Another guy took his place and had got Nadia on all fours, so that he was fucking her doggy style.

We’d been watching all this for what seemed ages, when finally Nadia arrived. It seemed slightly bizarre saying hello to her in person, while all three of us were glancing at the screens.

“In a thick accent Nadia said, “Oh my god,” simultaneously as she was shouting, “oh my god,” on screen, as she came yet again.

“You know that that was my first time Ellie? I had never had more than one man at a time before. Are you going to do this?”

I looked at Sofie, my face told her that I hoped not. With a soft voice she said, “It’s very likely Ellie, that you will have to give yourself to a group of men. Eric is very turned on when he edits ‘gangbangs.’ To be really honest he gave me this DVD to break you into the idea more gently, rather than just making you do it without warning.”

I was quiet for a moment, my thoughts racing, wondering if I should bale out now, face the consequences of my stealing the watch, perhaps accuse Mr Campbell of blackmail. And then I looked up at the screen again, Nadia was still being fucked after over an hour. Was I prepared for that?

The slightly shocking thought though, was that I might enjoy it, my pussy was actually soaking from being aroused by watching Nadia.

Sofie spoke again, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking I might do it, will you be there? When will it be? How many men will there be?”

Nadia smiled, “Sooner than you think Ellie. There are four guests arriving tomorrow, and Sofie and I have to ‘entertain’ them tomorrow evening, and they are to be promised a ‘gangbang virgin’ for Friday morning. That’s illegal bahis siteleri you when you come in for work on Friday.”

“Oh god…ok, I guess I’ll get my head round it.”

There was a cry from the tv screen as Nadia was cumming again, followed by the sound of two men delivering spurts of semen over her breasts. Finally the DVD came to an end, with a spunk covered Nadia smiling into camera.

I went home in a very nervous state of mind. My bodies’ reaction was telling me that I wanted it, my pussy was twitching, but my logic was warning me of complications.

Mum knew that something was wrong, and on Thursday evening she said to me, “You’ve got involved at Mr Campbell’s haven’t you?”

She could tell from my non reply that she was right.

“What is it? Has he forced you to have sex with him? Tell me.”

Of course I said nothing, I said there wasn’t any problem, and that I just wasn’t enjoying the cleaning work.

“Well whatever it is you’re not telling me everything. You obviously don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Stay at home, I’ll phone Eric and tell him you’re sick, if he really wants his cleaning done then he can let me go and do it, instead of going into the office.”

“No, don’t do that, I’m ok, honest, there’s nothing wrong, I promise you.”

But mum knew there was. She picked up her mobile, and went into the kitchen to speak to Mr Campbell.

“Please, please, it will be alright,” I shouted, but it was too late. Mum shut the kitchen door, and all I could hear were a few words of muffled conversation.

The phone call went on for some minutes, but eventually mum reappeared, with a face as black as thunder.

“Stupid girl, I told you what he’s like, and now you’re deep into his web of very dodgy dealings. Well, I’ve sorted tomorrow, but you’ve still got to finish your cleaning job until you’re back at uni in a few weeks. He wouldn’t tell me what hold he has over you, but he said that once you’ve finished at the end of the holidays, that’s it.”

I was just relieved that mum hadn’t found out about my stealing the watch, and my credit card debts, but I did wonder whether Sofie or Nadia would have to take my place tomorrow, they might not be very happy.

The next morning I stayed in bed. Mum had ignored me for the rest of the evening, the night before, and she had gone to work before I surfaced. I didn’t do a lot for the rest of the day, and the weekend passed with an air of tension between us.

However, Monday finally came, and I was really nervous again about going to work. Mum gave a curt ‘goodbye’ when I left, and as I approached Mr Campbell’s house I could see his car in the drive, and I knew that he was still at home. My stomach churned.

“Come in Miss Ellie, I hope you’re feeling better.” Mr Campbell’s voice was making my heart flutter again.

“I was disappointed that you couldn’t entertain those guys, but they weren’t let down. I edited my usual DVD over the weekend, you can watch it later if you wish, after your cleaning.”

“Yes, just to see what I missed.”

The humour was lost on Mr Campbell, so I got on with my chores.

He left a short while afterwards, leaving me the remote and my wages from the previous week, even paying me for the Friday I hadn’t been there.

I completed my usual routine of the kitchen and lounge, and as I worked I wondered if Nadia had filled in for me on Friday, or even Sofie perhaps. I finally sat down on one of the sofas, and grabbed the remote.

The usual intro came onto the screen, Mr Campbell style, the orchestral music playing before the title page. canlı bahis siteleri The title page was a slight surprise, ‘Miss Ellie’s Substitute’.

I wondered why my name was even mentioned if I wasn’t in the video.

It then became too obvious. The scene was, of course, the playroom, and in there were a group of five men. They were all speaking in a foreign language, and they were dressed casually in shirts and trousers, and drinking what looked like whisky from cut glass tumblers.

The door to the playroom opened, and to a loud cheer, and much excitement, in walked a woman, blindfolded as was the usual manner, dressed in a tight crimson dress. It was clear from the back view that she was a mature woman, but not Nadia as I expected, and certainly not Sofie who wasn’t much older than me.

One of the guys approached her, and unzipped her dress, and allowed it to drop to the floor. Underneath she wore a black bra, black panties, and black hold ups. Her crimson high heels contrasted with her lingerie.

As the guy squeezed her breasts encased in her bra, another of the group pushed his hand down the front of her panties to feel her pussy. At that moment she let out a groan, and turned her head…it was my mother!

Immediately I stopped the DVD and froze, I was numb, and totally in shock. My mum had taken my place to save me from being gangbanged. I was horrified, but I was trying to rationalise all sorts going on in my mind.

Why? Why was she doing it?

It took a few seconds to compute, and to realise that Mr Campbell had some sort of hold over her too.

Tentatively I pressed ‘Play’ once again.

I watched as my mother had her bra and panties removed, and was laid on her back, on the bed, in only her hold ups, and the blindfold.

Three of the guys had stripped, and had substantial erections. Within a few moments one of them was between her thighs, and pressing his cock into her pussy.

Still shocked, I watched her gasp, and stared fascinated as my mother was fucked rapidly by this stranger, his buttocks thrusting up and down.

I realised my hands were clenched in concentration, my mouth was dry.

“God,” was all I muttered to myself, as I saw the guy’s buttocks hesitate, before they plunged downwards one last time, as he came inside my mum.

And then a second guy took his place, while another pushed his cock into her mouth.

My mum’s body was shaking as the two guys used and abused her. After some minutes the guy with his cock in her mouth removed it, and proceeded to wank, until he squirted his spunk over her mouth and face.

I saw her tongue licking the spunk from her lips, and my eyes widened even further when the licking changed to a cry of pleasure as she started to cum. The guy fucking her got the message too, he grunted, shuddered, thrust harder, and emptied himself into mum’s cunt.

I couldn’t watch anymore. Not only was I watching my mother having sex, but having sex with several men was too much. I fast forwarded until near the end, and was staggered again by looking at the time lapse which said that she had been fucked for over an hour. When I pressed ‘Play’ again to see the last few minutes, I watched the last guy cumming inside her, and then as they left her laying, head back, breathing heavily on the leather bed, I saw how shattered she was.

Covered in spunk, semen oozing from her pussy, the sex fluid of five men spattered everywhere.

Slowly she got to her feet, and Sofie appeared to support her, as she walked delicately from the playroom.

Turning it off for the final time, I sat stunned, trying to take it all in. Would my mother realise I knew? That I’d watched her. How had she seemed so ‘normal’ over the weekend? And how would I have managed it?

How will I manage it when it’s my turn, as it surely will be?


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