A Journey of a Slave Ch. 01


Chapter 1

In 55 B.C. the mighty Julius Caesar, then general of the Roman armies based in Gaul, decided that it would be a good move to try a little summer invasion of Britain; it was a move that made sense. The Celts in Gaul had been receiving aid from their close relations in southern England. British Celts may even have fought with related tribes in Gaul against the Romans. Certainly Caesar complained that defeated Gauls would slip away to Britain to regroup. Tackling the British Celts made sense in the battle to secure Gaul for Rome. Caesar’s invasion proved successful but inconclusive. Landing in Kent, he did battle with several tribes that summer, and did very well. Caesar made good progress reaching Londinium in good time from the Kent coast.

The following summer he returned for more, easily defeating King Cassivellaunus and his tribe in the area north of the Thames called Catuvellauni. He and his mighty legions made their way through the British country side north wards and south westerly, through Glevum, Venta & Iceni. Along the way they took bounty and collected slaves. Reaching Dumnonii he reached a small settlement called Isca which had several outlying villages along the coast, here he found a rich seam of buxom wenches and sturdy males.

Julius Caesar spotted the young, large breasted girl with waist length dark black hair from the entrance of his tent; she was busily setting about a legionnaire with a broom cursing at him, Caesar smiled, she would make the perfect gift for his great friend Maximus! She’d have great fun taming that one he chuckled to himself as he ordered one of his Prefects to shackle the girl and dispatch her to Rome for Maximus.


Maximus returned to the Ludus every bone in her toned body ached from many hours training with her scutum and sica in the arena. She was a true Thracian who had trained with the Roman Army since her father had sold her to a Lanista at the age of eighteen! She had caught the eye and patronage of Julius Ceasar and enjoyed many years of wealth and comfort in exchange for bloody and challenging exchanges in the arena; which suited Maximus’s black soul and urge to provide a comfortable lifestyle.

On arriving at the Ludus Maximus was greeted by two of Ceasar’s most trusted bodyguards, who had a slave in tow.

“‘Greeting Maximus” the one guard said “A token of affection from our Master, a slave from his travels who he thinks may appeal to you!”

Maximus snorted “Another vile girl to train, a good Thracian bitch would have been better! Give my gratitude to Caesar and inform him I shall enjoy breaking this one in!”

The guards backed away chuckling to themselves as they understood the kind of training this girl would get.

“‘What do I call you girl?”

“Doctoria, Master I have trained with a physician”

“That would be of use to me girl when I return from the arena, you can attend my wounds. Prepare me for dinner Doctoria as I am weary and need to eat” she looked purposely at the girl’s pussy, and headed to her chamber.

Once inside she placed her scutum against the wall and oiled her sica then turned to her new slave and growled “undress me”.

Doctoria lifted the iron corselet from Maximus’s body and marvelled at the firm shoulders and toned arms. She stripped her new Master of linen pteryges so Maximus was naked and perfect – a true Amazon warrior.

Lying down into a bed piled with furs Maximus viewed her latest gift, a buxom wench indeed, she eyed her generous curves, the tits and arse of her latest slave and it occurred to her she’d never seen the girl’s face.

“Lift your head up slave” she growled; nothing, the slave didn’t move.

Irritated and slightly uneasy that her command had been ignored she shifted position.

“Lift your head up slave, or else I’ll take your head off at the neck with my gladius…”

Slowly the girl raised her head, a defiant chin proceeded two brilliant hazel eyes and looked into Maximus’s green eyes who let out a low noise; a mixture of lust and delight.

“That’s better slave” for some reason her heart had speeded up and she could feel a low burning throb in her cunt.

“When did you last bathe girl?”

Trembling the girl mumbled “Last week my lord.”

“Well I suggest you get your well proportioned arse out of here and clean yourself up – don’t come back until your clean enough to bathe me, GO!” She shouted before the slave could say anything, she scampered out and Maximus lay back on her furs and mused.

She had slave girls before, sex was good to relax her before combat in Circus Maximus, she’d fucked them all; it was her duty. She had many consorts; ladies of class who enjoyed the company of a famous female gladiator, who preferred the touch of a strong woman to a chinless senator. So why the hell had her mischievous cunt reacted so strongly to the little English slave? She could still feel her clit throbbing and it irritated her, even being horny was irritating her.

Maximus illegal bahis woke with a start, automatically reaching for her gladius, she spotted the slave standing in the corner preparing to bathe her master and relaxed. Springing to her feet she walked up behind the slave and murmured “Are you clean now girl?”

“Yes Master” she purred back.

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

Grabbing the girl’s hair yanked it sharply back and breathed in her musky smell, oil and scent, it made her horny. She breathed out; relaxed her grip slightly.

“Wash me, and make it good, otherwise you’ll be clearing out my shit in the latrines.”

Carefully, hands shaking slightly, Doctoria took a jug of scented oils and proceeded to cleanse Maximus’s torso; seeing her master naked she marvelled at the toned body in front of her. She could feel her cunt flood with pleasure and tried to keep a grip of her senses.

Slowly gently she cleansed every body part, paying particular attention to pert breasts, arse and her masters sex lips,

“Open your legs my Master so I can clean you properly” to her surprise her master complied and Doctoria viewed the wet sex and hard clit with delight. The sight gave the slave courage.

“We, in England, have a special way of clean our masters, it’s very pleasurable; would you like to try it?” she purred.

“It would be nice to find something from that god forsaken country that is enjoyable; go about your business slave” Maximus said gruffly, voice slick with lust.

Doctoria nodded her assent and, still on her knees lowered her head taking her masters clit in her mouth. Maximus moaned in delight, encouraged at the response, she continued exploring her masters cunt, wet folds, hard clit, her tongue slipped into her horny hole and probed further. Taking her masters thighs and rolled her back exposing her anus, Doctoria licked and sucked teasing her master, whose moans were increasing in volume by the minute. She slipped her mouth along her masters perineum swirled around the tight bud of arse, before probing deeper.

Maximus was turned on and loving her slaves technique, “fuck me wench” she cried out unable to hold her passion any more. Whilst sucking on her clit the clever slave inserted fingers into her masters horny hole and arse; the sensation drove her master wild and the slave could feel her master coming on her tongue, cunt throbbing. Maximus was in heaven, she’d never felt such a strong orgasm, she delighted in every moment until, spent, she relaxed back on to the soft fur, cunt throbbing.

Momentarily the slave stood up and made to leave her master.

“Where are you off to girl?” her master asked softly. “Turn around and drop your robe, I want to see what quality of gift Caesar has sent me.”

Shyly the slave dropped her flimsy garment, aware of her wet cunt and pert nipples aching to be touched. “Turn around girl” Maximus instructed. She did as she was told.

“Lay by me wench, I have a need to touch you” Doctoria was shocked, she understood and accepted what the other slaves told her, you fucked the master but don’t expect anything in return.

“LAY NOW or be spanked with my gladius!” The girl knelt down and laid on her back.

Within a second the gladiator was over her on all fours, the sight of her masters horny body made Doctoria automatically tilt her pelvis wanting to be fucked. To her surprise her master was gentle, green eyes locked with hazel and the exchange of lust and passion was electric. Her master gently kissed her, exploring the slave’s mouth, teasing her tongue. The gladiator worked her way down the slave’s neck to her left breast gently licking, teasing the already hard nub, before sinking her small sharp teeth into it. The pain flooded through the girl as she arched her back with pleasure and cried out involuntarily. Maximus moved to her right nipple biting hard, whilst her hand worked mercilessly on the left, keep the jolts of ecstasy running through her; pussy lips and clit throbbing from carnal want and hunger. Again and again teeth sank into her right nipple driving the slave girl wild. Maximus couldn’t hold back any more, abandoning the tit she tended to her slaves cunt. Fingers explored the hard clit applying pressure to it, making it bigger. Maximus then thrust strong long fingers into the slave’s hot horny hole, it felt so good, she filled her slave up, absorbed every fibre of her being. Maximus fucked the wench slowly, pressing g-spot, thumb on her clit, whilst her spare hand worked her right nipple. Doctoria started to lose control, Maximus increased her speed, fucking her harder and harder; matching the slaves cries until the girl came, convulsions wracking her body.

Spent, the slave fell back as the gladiator gazed into the girls sensual hazel eyes.

“I have a pot of opiates that may be of use to us after dinner” Maximus breathed into the slave’s neck.

“Gratitude Master,” was the reply.

Chapter 2

Doctoria looked down from the rooftop illegal bahis siteleri veranda of the villa perched up high on the hill in the trendy Palatine area of Rome and sighed. How her life had changed over the last few months. From slave to consort she was pampered beyond belief, regarded with respect by knights, noblemen and senators – unbelievable! Being a gladiators’ consort had it’s ups and downs, she watched Maximus fight at the Circus Maximus.The sheer ferocity and bloody lust had shocked her to her core; on one occasion Maximus had come close to death. Fighting a huge black man, called Cornobius it had been horrific. For the best part of an hour the two had taken chunks out of each other before Maximus had been felled by a killer blow to the head.

For three days after she’d been out cold, skin grey, as Doctoria has used all her skills and knowledge to tend to her wounds, she worried herself that she’d lost her Maximus forever. The relief she felt when those green eyes flickered open and Maximus mumbled…..

“I’m starving and fucking horny!” She hadn’t known whether to laugh or cry!

She tried in vain to persuade her love to retire, but Maximus had returned to training with even more of an appetite than before. Doctoria had heard the cheer from the arena upon Maximus’s return and accepted the inevitable with a sigh.

She’d learned a lot about her lover over the months; how she’d been taken from her native Cork by specialist slavers looking for young girls to train up to be prostitutes, before they handed her over to a Lanista/Gladiator trainer. He had worked with Maximus building her strength, focusing all the rage into fighting, teaching her meditation and manners. She had become a raw hard diamond that people loved where ever she went, men wanted to be her, women wanted to be with her. She had caught the eye of Julius Caesar when new to the arena she had successfully slain five Gauls and five Scythians and sent them to Hades shouting “Fuck you whoresons, by the cock of Jupiter!”

This had put her name into the history books and she became a personal favourite with Julius Caesar, dinners, orgies and the like came in thick and fast from all areas.

Thinking of orgies Doctoria dragged herself back into the present and thought of the orgy they were to attend tonight. She had heard a rumour via the other house-slaves that Maximus had never ever joined in. Maximus went to watch; she liked to laugh at the antics of the gentry getting down to it and saw the whole thing as a comedy!

Doctoria thought the whole thing crude and disgusting; watching men rutting women was vile. She had been bathed and was wearing a thin toga, waiting for her love to return so she could personally bathe her, she might even get the opportunity to cunnie her love if she was lucky!

They were taken by litter to Julius Caesar’s grand villa, introduced to the good and the great, men looked lustfully at Doctoria as she smiled gracefully and gritted her teeth. Maximus had insisted on bringing along two Nubian slaves, girls that had been a ‘gift’ for Doctoria. Maximus, charming as ever, chatted and talked to one and all, smiling politely, Doctoria watched her thoughtfully. Maximus caught her looking at her and shot her a smile and a look that made her ovaries tighten, she could feel her juices pooling in her thin silk thong as her cunt throbbed restlessly. Shortly Maximus strode over, took Doctoria in her strong arms and kissed her with such passion she felt her knees give. As Maximus held her she’d breathed into her ear “I want you, right here, right now.”

Doctoria squirmed half of her was desperate to be fucked by the strong Gladiator the other half of her recoiled in horror at the thought of all these sleazy people looking on. She opened her eyes and looked long into her lovers green eyes that burned with such desire; she knew that saying no was not an option, she gulped and said

“In front of all these people I don’t think I can.”

“Not a problem my sweet slave girl, I am proud of you, trust me”, Maximus reached up under her short gladiator’s garb and removed her silken licium. As she tied it around Doctoria covering her eyes, she could smell her lover’s cunt, sweet and sexy. She felt the lust rise in her and knew she was about to be lost to a new and scary experience, she trusted Maximus implicitly, so surrendered herself totally.

She felt her clothing being removed as Maximus picked her up and carried her to a day bed.

“On all fours girl, I want all of Rome to see what a beautiful sexy cunt you have.” Doctoria did as she was bid, blushing at the thought of everyone eyeing her hot horny hole, she could hear the crowd murmur in self evident excitement. Strong hands on her arse cheeks, she felt a hot hard tongue on the nub of her sex, sweet bliss! Maximus clicked her fingers and whispered “I’ve trained the slaves up to your exacting standards.”

Doctoria was momentarily confused until she felt two sets of hands on her ample breasts. canlı bahis siteleri Expertly the slaves set about a breast each tweaking and arousing her nipples before twisting them, hard, Doctoria cried out in desire, as she felt a finger slip up her arse as an unknown tongue worked down to her cunt.

The passion raced through her as the combination of nipples being manipulated and holes being plundered sent her into orbit. “Fuck me Master” she cried out, she was greedy and wanted those strong fingers in her cunt now. She felt one, then two fingers filling her tight hole, with a grunt of effort Maximus piled into her lover. Doctoria felt wave after wave of orgasm crashing down on her, she arched her back, tilting her pelvis to maximise the fuck and the orgasm; she came screaming and shuddering as she felt her juices flow out of her as she collapsed on the day bed. Maximus tenderly kissed her cheek, her lips and caressed a breast feeling the hardened nipple.

Still blindfolded Doctoria bade the slaves to de-robe her master, before requesting that her lord was to be seated on the edge of the day bed. Maximus had no qualms about being naked, her body was toned, tanned with some interesting scars dotted here and there, especially since her last encounter with Cornobius! The crowd murmured with appreciation, women touched their breasts and men reached for hard cocks as the preceding action and now naked gladiator began to take it’s toll.

Doctoria knelt in front of her master and opened her knees wide exposing her shaved sex. She heard a collective intake of breath as the crowd eyed up the wet folds and hard clit of the gladiator, the rumours around Rome were all true – Maximus by name….. Doctoria smiled to herself and clicked her fingers, she felt Maximus jump as the two slaves set about their trained task. She heard Maximus cry out as they twisted and toyed with her hardened nipples, she then placed her tongue on her lovers clit as she felt it twitching looking for relief. She set about her work licking, sucking, flicking the tiny member until she knew Maximus could bear it no more. Doctoria plunged her tongue into her lovers hot horny hole and felt Maximus’s juices drip down her chin and onto her exposed breasts.

Returning to her clit she inserted as many fingers as she could into Maximus’s cunt constantly lubricating before filing her lover with her whole fist. She felt Maximus stiffen and cry out as her orgasm broke the gladiator roared out in pure lust frigging her whole body on Doctoria’s fist as she maximised her fuck. Laying back on the day bed Maximus recovered her breath and observed the crowd, some watching open jawed, other already being to frig and rut with each other, she pulled Doctoria to her side, removed the sodden licium from her eyes and nuzzled her neck ‘only with you baby girl, only with you!’

Chapter 3

Summers in Rome stank; the weather was intolerable and the stink from the plebeian parts of town was vomit inducing. Maximus grew grumpier by the day, the heat irritated her and made training impossible, she declared that as soon as the season was over the whole household would pack up and retire to her villa on the Tyrrhenian coast as soon as they could. Villa by the sea Doctoria mused, the gladiator was full of surprises.

They left Rome and travelled to Neapolis and departed Port Julius in a grand sea barge travelling to Salerum in hopefully a week’s time. Maximus had a brought a small staff to attend to their needs, and Doctoria hoped to enjoy as much private time with her master as she could.

As if reading her mind, Maximus entered the bed chamber armed with an amphora of wine sat on the bed beckoning her slave to sit beside her.

“How are you little one, want to enjoy some mulsum before dinner?”

Doctoria took the goblet held out and enjoyed the honey wine that it contained. After a couple more she realised that her master had flavoured the drink with some form of opiate as she could not stand up and felt very giggly. Maximus took her face in her strong hands and kissed the slave deeply, then releasing her face she stroked Doctoria’s breasts gently.

“I have been given a toy as a present from one of my senator friends, and I want to use it with you little one.”

Doctoria was in no mood to disobey and nodded her assent.

Maximus left the chamber and returned with an object that looked like a sword handle that was covered in lambskin about 8 inches long.

“The senators are using this to test the virginity of their new slaves, if they bleed they are pure, if they don’t they are taken as prostitutes and live with the latros in the town! But I am sure my little one has never taken a cock before!”

In her drugged, dreamy state Doctoria felt the gladiator push the head of ‘the cock’ into her. The cavern of her that could take her masters fingers, was not able to take the tool, and when her womanhood was broken, a shot of pain shook her and a trickle of blood left her body.

“As I thought, my true virgin and true love, now just trust me little one.”

Maximus then pushed ‘the cock’ in and out of her slave’s pussy and bent her head to bite first the right then left nipple, until she felt contractions of pleasure coming from her body.

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