A Karmic Incest


Thanks Sorbus for all your help in this story and for helping with the plot and giving me so many ideas on this story. It couldn’t have been written without your help. Thank you Severusmax for all the hours you sat and listened to me ramble on about this tale about what I wanted to do with it and for helping me edit this story. Now without further delay here is the story. Corny I know, but humor me please.


The curse:

Accursed be Your Seed Your Spawn
From Here and Now Forever on
Until the Time circles round
We four again by earth bound
Then and only then will be revealed
Your Fate until that time
Your Seed will prosper Until the Time
When is Mirrored Now


Salem, October 31, 1691

Calvin walks up to Charity, who was asleep in the bed. Tonight is a magical night, the sacred holiday Samhain day or All Hallows Eve. Ahhh, she looks so beautiful earlier this eve at the ceremony. He could not take his eyes off her. All he could think about is what he wants to do to her. He looks down at his sleeping twin. She was a beauty to behold. He never can get enough of her. He can’t resist any more. He has to have more of her sweet nectar. He slips into her bed, being gentle not to startle her. He lays along her side his face close to her feminine core. He inhales the magical juice that lays hidden inside the folds of skin. He is not sure how much longer he can satisfy his cravings with just oral.

He restrains himself every time not to take her sacred virginity before the ceremony of their becoming High Priest and High Priestess. His family believes that virgins have a higher magic then those that don’t when performing that ceremony. He leans forward and takes a big whiff of her scent. He presumes that it is true, as it does have a magical pull over him. One he can never resist. Just the smell alone was enough to harden him without him stroking his cock. She was a deep sleeper, which comes in handy sometimes. Like right now, he tenderly roles her on her back, careful not to wake her just yet.

He parts her legs and looks at his prize. The light from the fireplace flickers off her body and entices him farther. He leans in closer, and inhales again. The smell, it so good nice, and musky, he flicks out his tongue and taste her sweet core. Ahhh, yes it is definitely magical. The draw is too much for him. His cock was so hard it hurts he had to have both her core and his member in her hot mouth now! He sucks on her button and hears her moan in pleasure. He gently climbs over her and buries his head in the juncture of her legs, no longer caring if she awakes.

Charity awakens to the heavenly feel of her brother sucking her. Oh, Goddess he is good. She opens her eyes and sees him over her his harden manhood just above her head, waiting on her attentions. She doesn’t let him down. She raises her head and inhales his manly scent. She tentatively licks the head. She hears his inhale of breath and gently takes his entire length in her waiting mouth. Much like him, she can’t resist her brother. She loves the taste of him, an addiction she has no desire to cure.

She wants him now, but she knows they have to wait. Oh, how much longer can they resist the pull? She grabs his buttocks and pulls him down to her. She lifts herself into his mouth and sucks him at the same time. She has to have him, now! They move in unison, they need no words to tell each other what they want. Their body language speaks for them. Her yearns for his, as his craves hers.

He knows when she awakens, and smiles when she licks him and then takes his manhood in her mouth. Oh, how he loves the feel of her mouth on him, so scorching. He can only imagine how her tight sheath would feel around his shaft. Can he wait the year before they can come together? He pushes deeper into her mouth asking her to take more of him. He is so close to coming in her mouth giving her his virginal fluid.

OH, how it was in her womb that he wishes he were planting his seed in. How he so wants to see her belly grow with his babies. He can’t stand the idea of her being with anyone else. She is his twin, his soul mate, he is positive of that. They will be together no matter what life time or what form. He is getting so close, yet he waits. He wants them to cum together, at the same time. It is even more magical when they do. He swears the heavens and earth move when they do.

He inserts one finger into her, careful not to break her maidenhead that partially covers her center core. That will be his to break with his penis. He feels her tightening up and squeezing his finger, he knows she is close. He starts sucking harder drawing out all her juices and she cums in his mouth. He releases his seed into her mouth, down her throat.

She feels him grow bigger in her mouth knowing he is at the edge. She knows he will wait until she is cuming before he gives in. She feels him insert his finger into her as he begins to suck harder. She can’t wait until she has his seed deep inside her womb, anadolu yakası escort but that will have to wait until later. For now, she will be glad to get to taste him again. Oh, how she loves his sweet yet salty taste. Just as she starts to cum, he shoots load after load down her waiting mouth.

He feels the last of his cum drain into her mouth and then collapses beside her on the bed. He turns around in the bed and holds her.

He speaks for the first time since walking into her room, “I love you Charity, and you are my world. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I love you too, Calvin. I am apprehension about our future marriages. Something about those two doesn’t sit well with me. Have you seen the way he looks at his cousin?” Charity reveals. “I am having second thoughts about my accepting his marriage proposal and you asking her to marry you.”

Chapter 1

Salem, October 1, 1992, 30 days before Samhain day or All Hallows Eve

I lay there trying to wake up and it takes forever. You know how when you wake up from a deep sleep, and are trying to get out from under the think layers of sleep and fog. Well, that is what I am trying to do.

I try to figure out what has awakened me from this deep sleep. I listen to the movements and sounds of the old house. Then the scent of fresh brewed coffee hits me. I always love that smell in the mornings. I look over at my clock and groan. It is only 7 fucking o’clock in the morning, and a Saturday morning at that! I roll over and decide to go back to sleep. There is no way I am getting up this early, if I can help it.

I vaguely remember the erotic dream I had right before I woke up. I have had the same fragmented dreams for as long as I can remember. It always involves the same 2 people. It seems so real. This time, they are again in bed, performing oral sex on each other. They appear to be around the same age. What is the weirdest part is that I feel like I am the guy, but I am a girl, so that’s impossible, right?

As I got older, the scenes got more intense. Lately, the dreams have grown disturbing. The period, if I am not mistaken, is somewhere in the late1600’s. The only other person I talk to about the dream is my twin brother. When I first started having them as a kid, I told it to Robin. It turns out he had the same dream. I make a mental note to ask Robin if his dreams have changed like mine.

I am a firm believer in reincarnation and believe that this may be me in a previous lifetime, but why is Robin having them too?

Dad traced our family all the way back to farther than the Salem Witch Trials, to the founding families that started Salem. You can say we are pure-blooded. We are also Wiccan. Dad traced his and Mom’s parental ancestry to a brother and sister, Calvin and Charity, whom the town burned for being witches and having an incestuous affair, thus no one mentioned them in the Salem Witch Trials. The town burned them, instead of hanging them, because of the incest. It was immoral and the town did not condone that stuff. Dad and Mom found out that they were distant cousins.

Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, the grandparents raised the surviving twins of this affair. The town assumed that these were younger children of the grandparents. Those twins went on to live a long life. The girl twin had lots of children, although she had no husband. The town turned a blind eye to this fact, due to guilt over the previous burning. They feared the beginning of another persecution. Her brother had taken on the job of helping her raise the kids and support her. Many suspected that the brother was the father. They lived their lives together from day one and died just minutes from each other. People said that they could not stand being apart, both refusing to marry. Even in death, they went together. Dad told us this when we were 9.

Our mom died in a car accident and burned to death when we were 7. We started having the dreams after that tragedy, since we witnessed her death. Mom got us to safety, and then went back to the car to retrieve a pendant that she had left in the car that was a family heirloom. They passed it down from mother to firstborn daughter for generations. Just as she reached the car, it blew up.

The eerie thing is that we found it at home later lying on her bed. We always wondered if she had left it or had she put it there before going to the Summerlands after her death. We intended to go to a special ceremony, at which both Robin and I were to receive a valuable heirloom that every first born daughter and first born son received for generations in our family. Robin was to get a ring from Dad. Dad waited for us there, as he had to prepare for the ceremony.

I think of the dream and try to fall back asleep, hoping to finish it. Just as I fall back a sleep, something jars me awake again.

“Son of a mother fucking, cock sucking, whoring bitch, what in the hell keeps waking me up; I hate fucking mornings!” I scream. ataşehir escort

My black cat, which is lying on my feet, looks at me with scorn and hisses at me. She, like me, does NOT like mornings.

“Sorry, girl, but something keeps waking me up. Let’s go see at what it is,” I stretch, climbing out of bed.

I grab my robe off the hook on my door and slip it over my naked body. I should be home alone, but around this mad house, you never know when someone will pop in. I leave it hanging open. It’s not as if they don’t know that I sleep naked, or that I like to walk around that way. Everyone has seen me nude. I watch my familiar stretch and slowly climb off the bed, not at all happy with being disturbed. She then follows me, as I pad barefoot down the plush carpeted hallway towards the kitchen. If I am going to have to be up this early, I need some caffeine. I opt for coffee this morning, instead of my usual soda.

Who am I you ask? Well, I’m Marian and my 21st birthday is in 30 days on Samhain or, as most people now a days call it, Halloween. I just finished school at the local Tech School. Robin, my twin, just finished school there, too. I live at home with my dad and twin brother. Then why am I going around naked in front of my family? We all do, we are nudists at heart. We try to keep it within reason. When we have friends over, we try to keep clothed; this is why I have my robe on. You never know who will be here.

Dad is at work. He has his own business building and repairing computers. He is also the family historian. He hopes that Robin and I will take over the company one day. I’m not sure if Robin will, but I know that I am eager to start working there full time. Robin is not much into the tech stuff; he feels more at home with his head buried in a history book or some computer game.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love history as much as he does, but there is more to the world than talking about some old, dead Roman Emperor. I roll my eyes thinking about it. I like reading about it, but I don’t go around spouting off Roman trivia all day long. I could care less who this guy was, or why someone decided to kill him and why my brother disagrees with it.

Sophia decides I am taking too long and runs ahead of me towards her food bowl. I hate mornings and am like a walking zombie until I have some caffeine or sex to wake me up. Since sex is out right now, I choose caffeine. Why is sex out? Well, we, Robin and I, are becoming the head of our coven and the High Priest and High Priestess on our birthday. Dad told us that we are to remain virgins until we do. So oral or anal are all we get, and I just dumped my most recent boyfriend. Well, I wouldn’t say dumped it was more as if I scared the living daylight out of him. I laugh to myself, as I remember the look of horror on his face as I threaten to have all kinds of stuff done to him.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I was telling you why I knew I was suppose to be alone. Robin is going to Janet’s house this morning. I know you want to know who Janet is. Well, she is his long-time girlfriend of 3 months. Yeah, yeah, I know 3 months isn’t long, but if you knew Robin, you would know that for him it is. I don’t want to start on Janet, but I hate the bitch. She is nothing but a tramp. The only ones dating her are those looking to score. She has also destroyed many relationships. She gets off on breaking up couples, and then discarding the guy like yesterdays trash.

I walk past Robin’s room and notice that the door is ajar. Robin leaves his door closed when not at home. I look in and see that his bed is still in disarray. It looks like 2 people slept in it instead of one. Ahhh, he must have been what woke me. Looks like “the bitch” called it off again. Well, I will talk to him and see what is up after I have some coffee. I enter the kitchen and stop short. Robin is at the counter, wearing only boxers and pouring 2 cups of coffee.

I stand there and watch him put extra sugar and cream in one. That must be for me. I am the ONLY one around here that uses that much cream and sugar. I sit down at the table and wait until he turns and comes over. He turns around, smiles at me, and hands me my cup.

“Damn, Marian, did you plan to sleep all day?” Robin grumbles.

I look at the rooster clock on the wall, and then point out, “It’s only 8 in the fucking morning. You are lucky I’m even up.”

“Not really,” he smiles with a devilish smirk.

“Okay, out with it, jerk-off, so I can exterminate you now, then go back to fucking bed and salvage the morning while I still can,” I retort.

“Out with what?” Robin inquires with a fake innocent look.

“Don’t pull the angel act with me, Robin. I know you too well. What did you do to wake me up and why the hell did you wake me up? Couldn’t this wait until when I want to be up?” I state with mounting exasperation.

“Come on, Sis, I need to talk to you. Okay, I kind of slammed a door to wake you. I waited to see if you would get up the ümraniye escort first time. After you went back to sleep I gave you a little more time. I then did it again. I hoped that this time you would get up. If you hadn’t, I was going to use a water gun the next time,” Robin confesses, giving me his best puppy dog look.

“You kind of slammed a door? Why the hell didn’t you just wake me up like normal people do?” I inquire of him.

“If I had done that, you would have kicked the shit out of me, NO thanks! I still have bruises from the last time you hit me for waking you up.” he beams, thinking he out smarted me.

“Well, I might still do it,” I try to give him my best infuriated look, “Okay, what did the ‘tramp’ do that cost me my morning slumber?”

Okay so maybe I’ll let him off this time, but he had better not make it a habit. I really hate having my mornings disturbed.

“The ‘tramp’, as you so graciously call her, tried to proclaim that I got her pregnant one night when I was drunk, and that she wanted me to support her and the infant. After I pointed out that I NEVER have sex with her, just oral, demanded to know what the hell was up, (of course, I had to use a little threat of physical brutality) she admitted that she knew it wasn’t mine, but some dude’s from a party 3 months ago. She said that she couldn’t tell her family the truth of the father’s identity, so she hoped that I would fall for the story,” he steams.

“So, that is why this relationship lasted that long. I began to wonder why you were still seeing her,” I observe.

“Well, she tried to say that she loved me. After a couple of weeks, I began to believe her. I am tired of fooling around. It is just an endless list of girls. I barely recall their names months later. I’m tired of being extra careful not to go too far and have sex before our 21st birthday,” Robin opens to me.

“You are almost 21, so why do you want to settle down now? We have years left before we need to start a family. No one is rushing us, Robin. Not many boys our age have those thoughts,” I inquire of him.

“I know I’m not being rushed. I just want a steady girl. I’m not saying matrimony. I just want someone who really cares about me. Not because I am good at oral sex, or can help them get A’s in school. I want someone that really knows me, not the persona I show the world,” Robin clarifies to me.

I sit there and digest what he has just revealed to me. That does not surprise me. I know that he is soft inside and that there is more to him than what he shows.

“I too, long for a significant relationship,” I think to myself, as I look back on my list of boyfriends. None last for more than a week or 2 at the most. It is like trying on new jeans. It is hard to find one that fits just right. I take a big swig of the coffee that has grown cold and grimace.

I stand up and head over to the coffee pot to warm my coffee up, “You want more coffee?”

“Yes, please,” Robin looks down at his cup and notes that it is empty, “Look, I’m sorry I woke you. I just needed someone to talk with. You are the only one with whom I can really be this open. Hell, I can’t even talk to Dad about this kind of stuff. It just doesn’t seem right, you know. I know that he would listen and even offer to help; I just don’t feel right about talking to them about this kind of stuff. They don’t understand me like you do.”

“Robin, I know what you mean. You think I talk to Dad about how good or how bad a date was? I know that I can walk around naked in front of him and you, but talking about relationships and sex. Well, that is another thing all together. You are the only one that I talk to about that stuff,” I point out, “Don’t worry about waking me. I’ll get over it. Look at it this way. I have a head start on my day. Now I can do more writing and computer fun.”

“You mean more ‘porn’ stories to write. Thanks for the coffee,” Robin declares.

“What’s wrong with porn? Besides, you do too. Hey, I’m starving; you want steak and eggs? There is slice of steak left from last night that we can split,” I offer, after hearing my stomach rumble.

Without waiting for him to respond, I pull out the steak and eggs. I then ask him to get the hash browns from the freezer and put them in the oven. As he does that, I season the steak and put in on the gas grill. I love the stove Dad bought. It has a grill that does a superb job on steaks.

While that is cooking, I turn around and look at Robin. He is very handsome. He stands about 5’11 and weighs around 180 lbs. I love his flaming red hair and dark brown eyes, the same as mine. Then he turns around and flashes that dazzling smile of his, showing all of his pearly white teeth. I glance down and see his boxers tenting out. It makes me wonder what has made him hard. Then I remember that I have my dressing gown hanging open.

I mumble an apology about his problem and start to tie it shut, wondering why I am doing this. I have never been self-conscious about giving him or seeing him with a hard-on, or for that matter any guy before. Hell, you would think that this is the first hard-on I have given him. It is not. I have seen many that I have caused. Most of them have come from bending over to get something when I didn’t know he was looking and a few when I knew he was. I laugh to myself at that one.

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