A Knight’s Tale Chapter 3


Morning found them at twilight. As it normally did everyone dressed they dismantled the camp. Brushing away and hiding the evidence of a large camp. They rode a half days walk on foot backwards and set up camp again. The men dressed in fine clothing and with weapons in hand rode back to the bazaar.

“I don’t like having to sneak like this,” Royle grumbled at one point. “You know I like a straight fight. Going to be hard to sniff them out before they arrive. Far too many horses here.”

“I know,” she whispered back. “But you know how the Centaurs fight. If we don’t, we’re all screwed.”

“We’d be screwed if we get captured,” he huffed. “What more can you tell me about them?”

“Well for one they use bows and they are deadly accurate. They kill nine out of ten of the things they shoot at.” Leona continued. “Two their kick is worse than a horse. I’d rather catch them with a surprise attack than head on. Those bows are not something you should mess with.”

“Where should I aim for? What’s their weak point?” Royle asked. “Or should I just hold out a bunch of carrots for them and hope for the best?”

“Don’t be stupid,” she snapped back. “If you come face to face with one, aim for the fleshy part where horse meets human.”

“Look,” Royle pointed. “A scout of some kind?”

“Maybe, just watch for now as all creatures are welcome here.”

The centaur went from one booth to the next. Picking items up, turning them in hand and placing them back. He finally bought some feathers before trotting off.

Royle tagged along with the Lioness for a few more minutes then split off on his own way. His disguise was more of a woodsman selling a few furs and other animal based items, including feathers from the east. He stopped a few times to talk with other merchants to get a bit more information.

During one such stop the Centaur approached him and expressed interest in what he had for sale.

“Merchant,” the equine man said in a deep voice. “I don’t recognize much of you wares. What is your supply like? I have many friends who would be interested.”

“Ah, ye caught me near the end o’ me stock, good fellow,” Royle said with an accent.

“Will you be able to get more and when can you return?”

“It be next month b’fore I c’n return with anythin’ decent. Shall we talk over an ale for this sale?”

“That is agreeable. You’re the first to offer such hospitality.”

“There be things I be askin’ as well,” Royle grinned as he led the way to a tavern with outdoor tables.

“I might be able to help, if the price is right,” the Centaur replied.

It took a few pints before the two finally settled down for business.

“The wind be sayin’ there’s a fair number of your kind stirin’ up troubles in these parts,” Royle finally said as he placed a number of feathers on the table. “None here wish any trouble. We’re a market, open to all.”

The Centaur started to examine the feathers with a keen eye.

“I know not of what you speak of.”

“Ah, t’is odd. All around have been hearin’ o’ raids to the North. Yet you say you know not of it.”

“I have heard, but know no more than you,” the Centaur said firmly as he watched Royle fingering some more feathers.

Royle raised an eyebrow then placed the feather on the table.

“I do know my people are growing restless. This is the first time in a decade that so many males have so few females to win over.”

“Be there a chance that they could be swayed to be amicable when visiting the Bazaar?”


Royle knew that was a lie.

After Royle managed to sell some more feathers he bought another round and sealed the purchase of information with a handshake.

“Please, do what ye can to have them friendly during their visit. It would be beneficial to all,” he smiled as he hid a wince from the other as his handshake was strong.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Another lie.

The two parted ways, Royle stripped of almost all his wares as he quickly searched out Leona.

Royle found her looking at Griffin feathers. Dressed like a middle class lady. A very rare occasion, which always perked his interest and his loins. He snuck up behind illegal bahis her or so he thought. In northern common she said “Don’t you dare or you’ll lose a hand boy.”

He sidled up to her with a sheepish grin. “How can you always tell when someone sneaks up to you?”

“Its a gift you have yet to master.” She exhaled, turning to the merchant. “I’ll take the lot.” Holding up the griffin feather. The merchant wrapped up about two hundred feathers. “Send the bill to the King tell him the King’s Own made the purchase and not a word to anyone else that we’re here or I’ll have ye locked in the dungeons.” The merchant nodded.

“What do you have in mind for those? ” Royle asked as they walked away.

“Get these back to the men tell them to make arrows and to be careful not to ruin any of them. Griffin feather arrows always fly true and we’ll need the advantage. When your done meet me at our tent. We can have some fun before we talk business.”

Royle did as instructed and, after picking his way back to camp, soon found the archers to relay the instructions with emphasis on being extra careful with them.

He changed into something more comfortable and proceeded to The Lioness’ tent to see what she wanted to get into before taking her his report.

Royle came up a little short when he saw who all was there.

“Oh darn,” he sighed. “You started without me.”

“No,” Leona chuckled. “We saved a little something for you.”

Royle turned to look at her and saw that Frederik and one of the whores from the bazaar were trussed up and ready as the others were undressing. William was taking care of a fiery red-headed woman’s slit as she slowly lowered her ass around Fredrick’s shaft. The one known as Sarge wasn’t easily seen as Leona had him pinned beneath her as she knelt on the bed.

“We saved you a mousy little morsel,” she chuckled again.

Only Royle was undressing now as the others had finished pairing up and had gotten a head start at the stripping. Once he was ready, he bent over the bound woman and lightly caressed her head.

“What do I call you?” he smiled.

“I’m known as ‘Mouse’, sir,” she smiled. “I’m ready for you. The Mistress was kind enough to tease me as she bound me.”

He stood by her head and smiled as he reached down to tweak a nipple of one of her lightly bound tits.She moaned and opened her mouth to lick at the tip of his shaft. Royle let her suckle his flesh until he was stiff as he fingered her slit until she was almost dripping before he moved to slowly sink it into her heat.

Leona was off with Sarge, grinding her slit against his face as she neared her first orgasm. Sarge was beginning to struggle for breath as he roughly squeezed her tits and pulled her nipples.

Red was bouncing on Fredrick’s shaft as William bucked hard into her.

His attention was brought back to the mousy little woman as she squealed as he stretched her pussy.

“Oh shit, you’re the biggest I’ve had,” she panted as she started to grind against him.

Fredrick and William were both grunting and bucking as Red quickly pulled off them so they could blow their respective loads all over her belly. She quickly wiped Fredrick off then flipped over to let the two switch holes.

Sarge had cum as well, squirting what little he could offer on Leona’s back just as he passed out. Leona climbed off him and slapped him a few times to wake him up. Once he gave a clear answer, she climbed over his head again and started sucking his shaft as she started grinding against his face again. She held his head firmly between her legs as she slowly slipped a finger up his rear to massage his prostate.

Royle had done his best to ignore the others, slowly moving against Mouse before he picked up the pace.

“Shit, Mouse,” he grunted. “You sure you weren’t a virgin?”

“Yes, sir,” she grunted between his thrusting. “You’re the largest I’ve ever had.”

He bucked against her as he tugged her nipples. He flipped her over after a few minutes so he could spank her ass every so often.

“If I’m the largest, you’d probably not be able to take my cock in your ass, eh?” he asked.

“No, sir,” she grunted. “I don’t take illegal bahis siteleri it there yet.”

He bent down and wrapped his arms around her bound body.

“Will you let me be your first then?” he asked.

“Another time,” she panted. “I’m so close. Please, sir. Please let me cum.”

“I’m going to cum as well, sweet thing,” Royle grunted. “Where do you want it?”

She looked over at Red, knowing she wasn’t supposed to let a client cum in her pussy then looked up at him.

She twisted as best she could so her mouth was close to his ear.

“Please, sir. Cum in my pussy. I’ve never felt it there. I need you to cum in my stretched pussy,” she whispered.

Royle bucked hard a few more times as he held her close.

“Please,” she begged. “Let me cum.”

He bucked hard and deep as she grunted.

“Aw, shit,” he groaned as his body started quivering with his orgasm.

His cock pulsed as he filled her tight pussy with his cum and his quivering and thrusting pushed it deeper into her receptive body and out around his shaft to smear where they were joined. This caused Mouse to climax and squeal as she body struggled against her bindings as she quivered and shook.

Red had finally climaxed as her two men sprayed their cum onto her back.

Leona and Sarge had finished as well with him blacking out again as she tugged his squirting member. She took a few moments more of grinding before she climaxed on his face again before rolling off to the side to let him breathe again.

Red walked over to Leona and started to lick up the mess that Sarge had made then licked her clean as well. William was looking at Fredrick as they whispered to each other before Red walked back to them to lick up the mess they made with her and to untie Fredrick.

Royle held Mouse close as they came down from their orgasms then realised that Red had turned to them. She had gotten on her knees and was looking up at Mouse with annoyance in her eyes.

“Damnit, Mouse,” she sighed then started lapping at Mouse’s slit. “You were doing so good at not letting them cum in you. Hopefully the precautionary herbs will keep you from getting pregnant, but with the looks of this load, they might not be enough.”

“My fault,” Royle panted. “I got carried away and forgot to pull out.”

He groaned as he felt Red’s tongue on his shaft as he started to pull from the bound woman. Mouse moaned as she felt the emptiness of her snatch once he slipped free then gasped when Red quickly slipped her mouth over the cum dripping orifice.

Red drank down what she could then licked Royle clean.

He looked over at the recuperating men and nodded. “You three are done for the night. Go. Rest up. Now.”

They agreed and, as they dressed, thanked Leona for including them before leaving.

Red finished cleaning Royle and Mouse then stood to look her in the eye.

“Do better next time,” she said then kissed her deeply as she started to untie her. “I can’t protect you from getting pregnant, and if you do, most men won’t want you if you have a kid tagging along.”

“I’ll do better, Red,” she sighed.

“Come along,” Red smiled. “We’ve made enough this session and can go home for the night.”

“Do I have to?” Mouse asked with a pout.

“Yes, we’re done for the night. You can do whatever you want, but we are done.”

“Okay,” Mouse sighed.

“I’ll see you again, sir,” Mouse whispered as she quickly turned to hug Royle before leaving with Red.

Royle walked over to Leona and flopped down on the bedding beside her.

“Ready for our own session?” he chuckled.

She propped herself up on her elbows and smiled as she looked at him. “Yes I am, are you?”

He chuckled for moment before rolling on top of Leona and pinning her down by her shoulders. “I’m always ready.”

Leona laughed. “You won’t be saying that after the battle.”

Royle moved his thumbs and pressed on her pulse points as he moved to straddle her thighs.

“Who knows,” he chuckled. “But let’s worry about that in an hour or so.”

He held her that way until her eyes started to roll back into her head before he let her go so he could get some canlı bahis siteleri rope. He flipped her over onto her belly and bound her hands behind her back as he ground his crotch against her ass until he was hard.

He looped the rope from her wrists and up around her neck so if she pulled her wrists down, the rope would tighten and start to strangle her.

Royle then tied her legs so they were bent, but he could still spread her knees wide as he pressed the tip of his cock against her anus.

She fought the bonds half heartedly enjoying the feeling after a day of being in control. It was a nice feeling to let loose. She knew what was coming next as Royle bent over her to bite the top of her right ear. She jerked as she always did when that ear was bit, causing her to choke herself. He chuckled as he slowly slid himself into her bowels.

“Are you ready?” he asked once he felt the tip of his flesh slip through her tight ring of muscle.

“Yes,” Leona managed to choke out a moment before Royle shoved hard to sink half his length into her ass.

She screamed as she felt her skin pull tight as his shaft invaded her depths. He pulled back as she groaned, then pushed forward and deeper as he pulled the rope about her neck to strangle her next scream.

Her next scream came out gargled and mangled. She fought the bonds holding her as her face turned red. She struggled for breath as she enjoyed the roughness. Her eyes began to bulge as Royle slowly pumped in and out of her depths.

Royle bucked hard into Leona, every so often easing the tension on the rope about her neck and he leaned down to roughly grab and squeeze her bound tits.

He grunted as he shoved deep, filling her bowels with cum as he pulled tightly on the rope about her neck.

She tried to kick and struggle against the ropes as she slowly suffocated. She could feel his cum filling her bowels as she started to black out. Finally darkness took her but Royle wasn’t done. He continued to pump into her unconscious body, furiously, choking her til her face was blue and her body twitched. He come one last time before releasing the rope about her neck, as he continued to thrust into her bowels. Grunting and groaning like an animal.

Once he regained his senses, he quickly untied Leona and got her breathing again. She still wasn’t conscious, but she was beginning to breathe regularly as he cleaned off his cock then roughly shoved it into her pussy. Her eyes started to open and Royle picked up the pace, driving hard and deep into her limp body.

“Welcome back,” he grunted as he slammed deep into her and she held his gaze for a few moments.

She cocked a half smile as she propped herself up on her elbows and started pumping her hips up to meet his. She growled, an animalistic growl, showing her pleasure.

Royle leaned forward and slowly wrapped his hands about Leona’s neck, slowly squeezing and strangling her again as he fucked hard into her wet snatch. He slammed his length into her, causing her to feel as if he was gut punching her from deep in her hole.

He squeezed her neck as she gasped for air and started to struggle.

She heard him grunting and felt the power of his thrusting as her hearing and sight faded before her body went limp again as darkness swallowed her for a brief moment.

She awoke on the bed as Royle was cleaning himself up. She stood up from the bed and started to the water basin grabbing a cloth as she went. “So tell me what did you find?” she asked as she started to clean herself.

“The centaurs are planning to make their move within days. I was talking with one, buying information with what little I had. I probably could have gotten more from him, but my wares were too few.”

“What did he say?”

“There aren’t many mares this year so the males feel they need to do more to impress the few which are there. There’s no chance that they’ll behave when they arrive here.”

“Shit,” Leona muttered as she checked a reflection of her neck. “No way to convince them that it’s better to not attack?”

“I don’t think so. But it could be possible that he’s recognized the fact that we’re here. He was twitchy and nervous. Always looking around.”

“We shall see, but to be on the safe side we should have men posted in ordinary dress with mail underneath. Now let’s get some sleep it shall be an early morning.”

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