A Letter to My Lover


My Sweet Clay,

I don’t know how you are arranging it, but you are going to be in town for a week, which will include the 2 weekends. The best part was that you have arranged to stay with me. In anticipation of this visit, I have written you a story. Who knows, maybe will be able to turn fantasy into reality. I hope so.

We decided that we would paint the town red on your final Saturday night. So, on Friday night we went shopping. We found the perfect skirt for me, copper colored, and most importantly, it buttoned up the side and the material was heavy enough so I didn’t have to wear a slip. We then find some nice dress slacks for you. They are loose, allowing you to go commando, which then allows me to unzip your fly and have easy access to your cock.

After shopping we drive around for a bit, stopping in dark places so I can give your cock a proper sucking and other places so you can thoroughly eat my pussy and the finale, stopping so you can fuck me as I lay over the car. Then we go back to my apartment for a long night of lovemaking. Since the following day is Saturday, we have no time constraints and we do whatever passion dictates. We love reveling in our sexuality and sensuality and we have now developed a rhythm.

We start by undressing each other, slowly. As we remove clothing, we kiss. We continue in this fashion until we are completely naked and then we go to my bed and lie down. It has been difficult, but we have not touched body parts except for arms, hands, fingers, faces. As we lie in bed, I start kissing you all over your face, light kisses. I move my body to be on top of you and arrange myself so that we are nipple to nipple. I kiss you long and deeply on your mouth. My pussy starts to drip on your stomach. I love kissing you.

I reluctantly move away from your mouth and start kissing you down your body. When I get your nipples, I arrange myself so I can feel your cock jump as I suck on them. I spend a lot of time sucking on your nipples, gently taking them between my teeth. You moan deeply. Knowing you, I am holding your hands in mine, our fingers entwined, so you won’t be tempted to try to push me down to your cock quicker than I want to go. I am almost there, but before I take your cock into my mouth, I quickly move up and kiss you again, long and very deep.

Again, I reluctantly leave your mouth but the reward is your cock. It is so hard. The pre-cum is oozing from the tip. I hum as I take you into my mouth. The vibration from my humming makes your cock jump (as I knew it would). I take your cock deep into my mouth and come up slowly. Your hands are on my head and I would take hold of them, but mine are busy holding your cock, gently massaging your balls and running a finger along your perineum to your asshole. My pussy needs to be rubbed so I move one of my hands to my pussy. You ask if I am playing with my pussy and with my mouth full of cock I can only nod ‘’yes’.

You tell me to move around and straddle your face.

We are in a classic 69 position. You lap at my pussy and because you love my asshole so much, you spread my cheeks and tongue fuck my ass. The attention you are paying to my ass and pussy temporarily distract me from your cock as I feel the need to grind against your face. But your cock is like a magnet, drawing me to it and sucking you. I tease your cock with my tongue and suck your balls. As usual, the twitching of your cock makes me chuckle, which causes a vibration, which causes your cock to twitch more, which causes me to go ‘um, um, um’, which cause vibration and so on and so forth. And as much as I grind against your face, you pump your cock into mine, fucking my mouth. I don’t want you to cum yet, so I switch from your cock to your balls, sucking them into my mouth, holding them there, ‘rolling’ them around.

But your cock is too strong a magnet and I must suck you again. We are starting to get frenzied. You are pushing your face deep into my pussy. I am sucking your cock hard and fast. I take my mouth from your cock just long enough to tell you that I am ready to cum and want you to cum with me.

The frenzy reaches its peak and I cum all over your face, in your mouth and you cum hard in my mouth. I swallow what I can and save some to share with you. I turn around and go up and kiss you, sharing my cum and yours. Afterwards, we get up and go shower off.

It has been a long day of working, shopping, and then eating and sucking. We climb back into bed and drift off, curled up together. It is a short nap. Our libidos are too strong for anything but a short nap.

In your half awake moment, your cock jumps against my back and your hand is gently massaging my tits and nipples. Soon, your hand makes its way down to my pussy and a part my legs slightly to give you easier access. My hand moves around to behind me so I can gently massage your hardening cock.

We both sigh at the same time and you gently roll me onto my back and you start doing to me what I did to you earlier. You kiss my forehead, my eyelids, ears, mouth, neck. You work your way down halkalı escort to my nipples and suck. I start arching against you. You have me in the same position I had you in, fingers entwined and your mouth in control of me. You come back up and kiss me long and deep and then very quickly your mouth is latched onto my pussy. Sucking my clit, tongue teasing and diving deep inside me. My hips come up off the bed, rotating, grinding against your mouth (thank god for yoga). You make me moan. I want you inside me.

You quickly take the condom and roll it down over your cock. And then you enter me. Nice and slow you go. You lay on top of me as you pump in and out. We kiss. I wrap my legs around your waist to help you get deeper inside my pussy. We change positions several times, but it is still a slow and sensuous fuck. It is nice to not be rushed and we take advantage of that.

Soon enough, things start to heat up. We go back to the missionary position because I want us to be face to face when we cum. You start pumping faster and as you do you also suck on my nipples until you are pumping so fast you can’t.

We are almost there. I want you as deep as you can go (remember Tubs). Baby, kiss me and cum. It is so fantastic. And then you lay quietly on me and we gently kiss, totally spent.

And then we must shower.

After the shower, we go back to bed and curl up together and get a little sleep. I have a couple of surprises for you for Saturday and I want you well rested.

We both wake up at the same and start kissing. First light is coming and your first surprise will be here shortly. We have a light breakfast and then I hustle you off to bed. I stay up and arrange things in the living room. I hear the knock on the door (you don’t because you are in the bedroom) and answer the door. You want to know what I am doing, but I tell a minor lie and say I am getting the paper. I do that and let the visitor in and finish setting up the play area in the living room.

I am ready and I go get you. I go to the bed and kiss you, my hand wandering down to your cock. You are already hard (no surprise). I take you by the hand and tell you that we will be playing on the sofa bed (that is what I have been setting up). In order for the surprise to be just that, I put a blindfold on you.

I carefully lead you from the bedroom to the living room and put you where I want you. I let go of your hand and tell you to wait and keep the blindfold on until I tell you otherwise. I crawl up on the sofa bed and arrange myself. You can now remove the blindfold.

You remove the blindfold and what greets you is my ass in the air as I am eating the pussy of a woman who is strapped down to the frame of the sofa bed. I met her through AFF (she was on my cupid list) and although she was just looking to play with another woman, she agreed to this surprise for you. You go to the head of the bed and kiss her and then you quickly go back to the foot and spread my ass cheeks and start feasting on my ass and pussy.

Because the whole scene is such a turn on, it doesn’t take long for her to cum or for me to do the same. But it is now time for one of my fantasies, to be restrained and have 2 tongues on my pussy.

I have you restrain me because I know that although you will be strapping me down, I know that you will do it in such a very sensuous way – massaging and kissing areas that will have the restraints. When the last leg is strapped down, you and the other woman start out by sucking on my nipples. Her hand drifts down and starts massaging my pussy. I writhe on the bed. You keep sucking on my tits and have her go down and start eating my pussy. I ask you to let me suck your cock as you share the pussy eating with the other woman.

Ummmmmmmm. Two tongues are on my pussy. Your cock is in my mouth (this will be hard to control as I don’t have my hands to use). I start bucking on the bed. Ohhhhhhhh. I cum so very hard. It is incredible.

Your cock is so very hard and it is your turn to be restrained. The other woman and I are both drooling over the sight of your very hard cock. We prepare to restrain you. Your restraint will be different.

We have you on your hands and knees. We want access to your ass as well as your cock. Can you guess what will be happening? Yes, you will be getting your ass fucked with the strap-on. The visiting woman will be wearing the strap-on and it will be my honor to be underneath you sucking your beautiful cock and giving you access to my pussy. And since the strap-on is crotchless, I will be able to also lick her pussy.

Your cock is so hard with the anticipation of being fucked and sucked. As I position myself underneath you, I open my mouth just in time to catch the pre-cum that is literally dripping from your cock. I swallow the first bit that falls. Then I share the next few drops with the woman before she fucks your ass with the strap-on. We take some of your pre-cum and smear it all over the dong, combining it taksim escort with the KY.

I take my position back under you. Your cock needs sucking and my pussy needs licking. Since this is only your 2nd time having the strap-on dong in your ass, I have her go slow (we have made sure the dong and your ass are thoroughly lubed). As she enters you, the change in your cock is amazing. You actually get harder. You are so turned on. You start to push back against her, wanting more of the dong in your ass. And what you do to my pussy….oh my. You take the thin vibe and insert into my ass. You and I are so turned on and hot. I take some time from your cock and lick her pussy and then I take a different vibe and use it on her.

Can it get any hotter? I moan against your cock, you moan against my pussy. And then we all cum and collapse. But your cock is still semi-hard, you are that turned on. We get you hard again and slip on a condom and you fuck our guest. While you do that, I finger my pussy and fuck myself with the vibrator. You have me move to the back of the couch and you now can eat my pussy. The intense pleasure. You cum and then have me slid down and the 2 of you eat my pussy until I cum so hard.

It is time for our guest to leave. We kiss her from head to toe and end by the 2 of us eating her pussy until she cums multiple times. She tells us that she would like to be with us again if we ever want a third.

We say good-bye to her and go and get in the shower. We need to rest. I have another surprise for you and we have the big evening out coming up.

Is the surprise and evening out a combination fun time?

We are so exhausted from the fun we have been having Friday night through Saturday morning. We need to rest. After we shower, I strip off the sheets and remake the bed. I leave the sofa bed undone and open the window by the sofa a bit and let it air out. And then we collapse into bed to sleep. Curled up together, we fall asleep.

When we get up, it is time to get ready for the evening’s fun. We shower together, but we don’t have time for much else. Besides, we have the whole evening and Sunday in front of us. Just as we finish up, there is a knock at the door. It’s your second surprise. This surprise will be with all evening and has come dressed accordingly (which will be the same as you, loose fitting slacks and going commando).

I am sure you have figured out by now that Bob is the second surprise. I am a very lucky woman to be going out with two handsome, very sexy and sensual men. In anticipation of the fun that will be had while you are in town, you made sure that you rented a larger sedan with a bench front seat. It is into this car that we settle ourselves in the front seat. I am, of course, in the middle.

As soon as we hit the freeway, there are two masculine hands making their way up my skirt (I have it unbuttoned about half way up so it does take much for your hands to find my wet pussy). This is so wonderful, one of you can work my clit while the other inserts fingers into my pussy and ass. Periodically you switch. While you two are pleasuring me, I unzip your pants and free your cocks and start stroking them. The two of you get clever and I soon have a finger from each of you in my pussy at the same time. The aroma of sex fills the car. Unfortunately or fortunately, the exit to the restaurant is fast approaching and we must straighten up.

We are dining at the Asteroid Cafe. Bob assures us that we will have all the privacy we will need for restaurant play.

Once we are seated and looking a menus, I explain the rules of the game we are going to play. Number 1, the person under the table has the control. Number 2, the people still in their seats will keep their hands on the table at all time. Number 3, the people still in their seats will carry on a normal conversation, no matter what is happening to them under that table, however, hand holding by the you and me or me and Bob will be allowed and will probably be important as we get close to cumming. Number 4, there has to be a time limit as I have other plans for the evening. Being the organized person that I am, I have brought baby wipes for clean up if necessary. And, while you were sleeping during the day I also packed a few things for the next stop (yes, toys are there) and put them in the trunk of the car.

I tell you what I want to order and then slide down, under the table. Let the fun begin.

And what do I see as I settle under the table? Tenting on either side of me. Could it be that you boys are anticipating what I am about to do. I start unzipping both your zippers at that same time and I unfasten the waistbands (I want to be able to ease your cocks and balls out carefully). My mouth waters at the sight of two such wonderfully hard cocks. They are both so magnificent. Since I have been playing with your cock since you got into town, Clay, I suck on Bob’s first and stroke yours at the same time. You guys seem to be having a problem keeping the conversation going. Why is that? şişli escort As I stroke your cock I feel something start to drip. Pre-cum. You know how much I love your pre-cum. I reluctantly leave Bob’s cock but I much lap up what is oozing out of yours, my wonderful young lover. I wish I could share this with you. But I know that this will happen later.

We don’t have much time and food is coming shortly and I stop and come back up to my chair. You, Clay, have become so excited by all this that you immediately take my place under the table. You spread my legs and start licking my pussy and asshole. At the same time you stroke Bob’s cock. He has pre-cum at the tip and you lick it off, but you don’t swallow. Instead, you move back over to my pussy and ass and lick, leaving a trail of Bob’s pre-cum on me. This is so sexy and hot. Good thing hand holding is allowed as Bob and I are squeezing each other’s hands so hard we could almost break them. You leave us wanting more, but the food is coming and we must eat. We finish quickly and order dessert and it is Bob’s turn to go under the table. How does he do, my sweet lover, as he licks your cock? It is his first time. I am sure he will find you as tasty as I do. As he is an excellent pussy eater, I am sure that you are quite satisfied with the way he sucks your cock.

But the evening wears on and we have another stop to make. We finish dessert and leave the restaurant and as we settle in the car, we have a group kiss and then it is off to the next stop. I tell you to get back on the free heading north. As I give you directions, you have figured out that we are returning to New Horizons, the swingers club in Lynnwood that we went to the first Saturday of your visit. They have a rule that you must take a tour of the facility before joining and we did that. While you were off looking at something that caught your eye, I made arrangements for use to come back with a guest. Which room should we visit? The Video Room where there are couches and videos playing continuously? The Mirror Room? The Leave it to Beaver room where we could play in ‘bunkbeds’? Should we find a frog chair to start out? Or maybe we should do to the Red Room? The possibilities are mind boggling. Bob knows nothing about this place, so we will take a short tour.

We cause a bit of a stir as we walk in. Whereas it isn’t that unusual for 3 people to walk in, it is usually 2 women and a man, not the reverse. Also, my skirt is unbuttoned to the waist and since I don’t have a slip on, my pussy is briefly visible as I walk. It is obvious from the bulges in your slacks that we have already been exploring each other (this is obvious as I brazenly rub both your cocks and you two slide hands to my pussy). We enter with the aroma of sex surrounding us, the best perfume there is.

After we check in, we walk around and see which room we will start in. The first room we come to is the Video Room. We seem to be the only ones there at the moment and between the action on the TVs what we started from the time we left my apartment, we immediately find a comfortable spot and settle in. I am in between you and Bob and I turn and kiss you, deeply and tenderly. I feel Bob’s mouth on my neck and so turn to him and kiss him, also deeply and tenderly. You naughty boys, both of you have a hand on my wet, swollen pussy. My hands aren’t idle, I have unfastened your slacks and have pulled both of your cocks and am stroking them. Some how my top and bra have been removed and both of you are sucking on my nipples. I am in heaven. Two mouths on my nipples, two hands on my pussy, a cock in each of my hands. One of my many fantasies come true.

We take just enough time to get completely undressed. Now I am lying naked between two very sexy, sensual men. Group kissing. Group fondling. But before things too far, I must have my fun and I make both of you lie on your backs. You both have sensitive nipples, although I know that your nipples, Clay, are probably the most sensitive. I take turns sucking on them. As I suck and gently bite you nipples, my hands are busy stroking your cocks. They are so very hard. I am amazed at how smoothly the three of us play together since this is the first time we have been together like this. Clay, you and I have fantasized about it, but now it is real.

I turn around and start sucking on your cocks, going back and forth between them. Bob slides under me and starts eating my pussy and you Clay, you get to do what you love to do and that is lick and tongue fuck my ass. This starts to drive me crazy and I try to grind my pussy against Bob’s face and my ass against yours. Your cocks are straining. It is time. Since you and I have had more experience with each other, you will fuck my ass and Bob will fuck my pussy. We sit on the edge of the couch we are on and I place myself over Bob’s cock but don’t lower myself down on it. You place your cock against my well-lubed asshole and start to enter. It is so familiar and my ass is used to your cock and so you slide in easily. Once you are in, I slide down on Bob’s waiting cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. The two of you are incredible. It is amazing. Without discussion, we just do a slow, easy, very sensual fuck. Each of us is enjoying the sensation of a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass. A very fine sheen of perspiration covers all three of us. Bob starts sucking on my nipples. You lean closer to me and I turn and we kiss.

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