A Little Overtime


Kendra checked the time. 6:30. Geez, she thought, her boss was really pissing her off, keeping her at work so late! He was in his office working on a document he wanted her to type up and send out, but she had been waiting over an hour, and his door was still closed. Everyone else was gone, and most of the lights on the floor had been turned off. Had he forgotten she was waiting for him? She impatiently drummed her fingernails on the desk, getting more and more irritated.

Alright, she had been waiting long enough, she thought. She pushed away from her desk and stood up, taking a deep breath. She was angry, but still nervous about interrupting her boss. After working for Mr. Jones for a little over a year, she knew he could be difficult. Sometimes he was the best boss in the world, like when he gave her a great spa package and day off for her birthday, but other times… Well, he could be really short and rude, especially when he was stressed. Lately he had been more like that, but she knew there were some big things happening from above him, and he was probably under a lot of pressure.

But in case he was lost in thought, she just wanted to give him a little reminder that she was here. She worked up her courage and walked over to his door, knocking quietly. No response. Sometimes when he really needed to focus, he put on his headphones to drown out everything, and that might be the case now. She waited a few seconds and then knocked again a little louder, opening the door. “Mr. Jones-“

That was all she got out, too shocked to say more. Her boss was sitting on his couch, jerking off. Kendra was so surprised; she just stood there for a couple of minutes. Her boss did have his headphones on; eyes closed, so hadn’t heard her, unaware he now had an audience watching him pleasure himself.

The couch was on the same wall as his door, so he wasn’t facing her. But she was unsure if she could back out without being seen, plus she was mesmerized by what she was looking at. His cock was huge! At least nine inches long, with a huge throbbing head. She couldn’t take her eyes off his hand, rubbing up and down on that incredible penis. She could see the veins throbbing and his hips pushing up. Kendra had never really thought of bakırköy escort her boss as a “person” before. She thought, in general, he was pretty good looking. She knew he was 42 and divorced. He had a nice build under his perfectly-tailored suits. But she had no idea THAT was waiting inside his pants!

Her breath quickened, and she felt wetness in her panties. Oh my god, she thought, that cock is so beautiful, I just want to touch it. To taste it. She reached down, pulling her skirt up, to rub her pussy through the material of her panties. She let a small moan escape her mouth, feeling how moist she was. Something snapped in her then, and she pushed everything else out of her mind with wrong and right at work, everything except needing that cock.

She opened the door a little further, enough to slip in, then shut and lock the door behind her. Mr. Jones still hadn’t noticed her wasn’t alone, and Kendra quickly and quietly moved in front of him and dropped to her knees. She just looked at the cock in front of her face, and then leaned in to take the head of it in her mouth.

Mr. Jones’ eyes flew open when he felt a mouth on his penis, and saw his assistant, Kendra, sucking on the tip. His hand pulled away, and immediately she put both hands around the base of his shaft, rubbing up and down, and took more of him in her mouth. He pulled his headphones off and tossed them on the floor. He didn’t know what to do, but he was so aroused, rational thought had pretty much flown out of his head. His assistant was pretty, with short brown hair and big brown eyes, a decent figure, but he hadn’t thought of her in a sexual way before. He had almost forgotten he asked her to stay late. He was working on some letters he had to get out, but he was feeling so stressed he couldn’t think. He thought he would just take a few minutes to relax, so to speak, when she had walked in on him. He felt frozen in place, Kendra’s soft mouth caressing his shaft, while her mouth was sucking on the head like a vacuum. Unconsciously he reached out with one hand, placing it on the back of her head.

Kendra felt the hand on her head, and smiled around the cock in her mouth. He obviously didn’t want her to stop. Still holding beşiktaş escort the base of his cock with one hand, she took the other hand and reached down between her legs, pushing the soggy panty material to the side, to rub her slick clit, pushing hard against her hand. It wasn’t enough. She needed that monster inside her, even though the thought of it frightened her a little.

He looked down when she took one of her hands off his cock, seeing her move her hand to rub her own pussy. “Oh god,” he moaned. Between her hands, mouth, and watching her get off, he was so close to coming.

Kendra heard him, and felt his balls tighten, close to orgasm. Not yet! She quickly pulled off him, and in a quick, fluid movement, stood up and pulled off her panties and skirt, and climbed on top of him on the couch. She spread her legs and lowered herself on his rigid cock, using her hand to guide him into her soaking wet pussy.

Mr. Jones couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to be inside her. It was like his cock was sinking into wet soft silk, so smooth and tight. His hands pulled her hips down, pushing himself deeper inside, and she moaned loudly. He was so deep, filling her completely, pressure building on her clit, until she was helplessly climaxing. She leaned forward on his, as the inside of her pussy started to spasm on his cock, wave after wave rolling over her.

He felt the tightening like a vise around his member, and almost started to spurt along with her, but managed to hold on. This felt so good, but now he just had to fuck her. Fuck her until she screamed. He lifted her off him, pushed her up to stand, and then he stood up and picked her up. He carried her over to his large desk, and set her down on unsteady legs, facing the desk, pushing her over by her back, while spreading her legs with one hand. He leaned over her, grabbing his cock, and thrusting it in her from behind. Oh yeah, he thought, that is it.

After her orgasm on the couch, Kendra’s body felt like jelly, and she didn’t make a sound when her boss picked her up and moved her into position in front of his desk, and bent her over. When he pushed inside her, she felt herself let out a deep breath. “Oh god yes,” she panted. beylikdüzü escort “Fuck me, please fuck me. I want all of you inside me.”

He heard her, and although it didn’t seem possible, he felt himself harden even more, it was almost painful. God, she was so sexy, why hadn’t he noticed it before? Well, she wanted it, and he was going to give it to her. He grabbed her firmly by the waist with both hands, and thrust in further, fucking her hard, deeper and deeper.

Kendra couldn’t even make a noise anymore, other than a few small grunts, he was filling her to bursting; she had never felt so complete. And when she felt like she couldn’t take an inch more, he pulled her up onto her tiptoes, and somehow thrust in even further, and she felt his pelvis pushing against her ass. He was all the way inside her.

Mr. Jones knew he was close, just on the edge. His cock was fully buried inside her tight pussy, and he pulled all the way out except for the tip, and slammed in again, holding himself tightly inside her, and he felt her pussy start to contract as another orgasm shook her entire body. Her juices squirted out around his cock, helping him continue to thrust faster in and out, and he groaned as he came, continuing to push as her clenching pussy milked every drop of cum out of him.

He collapsed over on top of her, and they stayed there, unmoving for a few minutes, both recovering from the pleasure beating their bodies had just taken, bodies covered in a fine sheen of perspiration. Then he stood, pulling out of her, causing a mix of his juices and hers to rush out of her pussy and down her inner thighs.

He gently rubbed her lower back until she slowly stood, and she leaned back against him. His arms went around her and he leaned down to kiss her neck. His hands moved up to cup her breasts through the fabric of her blouse and bra, and he felt her hard nipples poking out.

“Sorry I kept you so late tonight,” he said, continuing to knead her breasts. She could feel him start to harden again, cock pushing against the small of her back.

“It’s okay,” she moaned, turning around to face him, putting her arms up around his neck. “As long as you fuck me again like that, I’ll stay late any night you want, Mr. Jones.”

He smiled down at her, “I think when we are working after hours, just call me Jason.”

“Okay Jason,” she said climbing to sit on the desk with her legs open, “we have a lot to get done tonight, so we better get at it.” Work may just be a lot more fun from now on, she thought.

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