A Look in the Mirror


Phoenix summers feel as though they were meant to set the skin on fire, so it only made sense to drink one cold beer after another while we sat outside on our hotel patio. I was away on training for a two week stint, so my wife decided to come out for a visit over the weekend that divided my training weeks.

The banter in conversation was typical of colleagues in a less than professional environment. With the first drink came innocent conversation filled with marriages, kids, previous careers. The second drink brought on details of life experiences. The third pulled out those that needed attention, those that could not handle their drinks, and those that decided to get the conversation going in the route of risqué. All the drinks that followed weeded out those that were ready for bed and brought to light those that were really ready for bed.

By ten in the evening, we had been drinking for hours and we were well into being buzzed. My interests in talking to others were kept to music and the non-provable rhetoric of celebrity-based rumors. I was bored. At least, I was bored until I overheard my wife slur into much more interesting conversation with another young woman that had joined the party.

“I don’t know what it is about it, but I just love to eat pussy,” my wife whispered with a wink and a grin to the brunette that uncrossed her legs and leaned to my wife just as the words hit the air. Randi was not overly loud as she virtually hit on the sexy, young woman with her quiet announcement, but it was loud enough that I could hear what she said without having to ask for a repeat.

“That’s funny, because I love to have my pussy eaten,” the girl smiled back. They were clearly drunk and enjoying their conversation, so I thought that I would chime in.

“What’s even funnier is that I love having my dick sucked.” I meant to say it to my wife, but in my drunken fumble, I remember saying with the intent to land on both of their ears. I immediately fantasized about shoving my cock into their mouths alternately, but my fantasy was cut short.

“Not tonight, baby. Tonight, your cock is all mine,” Randi interjected hotly. She was to that point of drunk where she was gushing with horniness and I decided to capitalize.

“Let’s go then,” I stood and grabbed Randi by the hand. “Is she coming with us?” I asked in jest, but hoping for the affirmative. “No, you don’t want her in there with us tonight,” Randi answered with a smile and a kiss.

Randi grabbed me by the hand, said good night to her new friend, and led me away. We stepped from the patio into the well-lit lobby; then we walked quickly down the hall to the elevators. The elevator did not get to us fast enough and my wife could not wait. We stood in the hall, side-by-side, and she reached over to me with her right hand. She flattened the palm of her hand to the front of my jeans as if to simply check.

“Hard already?” she questioned as she started to lightly rub up and down over my zipper. I was, but her rubbing despite the fear of getting caught was making me even harder. I wasn’t all that sure I was going to be able to make it to the elevator until it chimed and she had to snap her hand away as the doors began to open.

With a stroke of luck, the elevator was empty. We stepped into the box of mirrors and smiled at each other as the doors closed behind us. Randi mashed her thumb into the number four button and quickly turned around to kiss me. I stumbled back into the wall of the elevator as our tongues danced back and forth. Then I put my hands to her shoulders and spun her to face the mirror. Her hands fell into place on the hand rail and I returned the early favor of heavy petting over her zipper area. Her jeans were hot to the touch and I knew that she was soaking through pendik escort her panties as I rubbed.

I could have kissed her neck or nibbled her ear while I stroked her crotch through her jeans, but I didn’t. I simply looked at her face in the reflection of the elevator wall as she looked back at me. Her mouth was slightly agape as if she wanted to whisper something sweet, but couldn’t for fear of not being able to catch her breath. Then, she broke the silence as she groaned out, “I want to fuck the shit out of you tonight.” It only made me hornier to hear her coo and yearn to be fucked, so I continued to rub her pussy through her pants until the elevator door chimed.

I was immediately happy that our room was not far away from the elevator. I wanted to get into the room, out of my clothes, and bury myself into my wife’s pussy. However, no excited moment goes without obstacle. I removed the electronic key from my pocket and was quickly rejected by the lock mechanism. The timing was horrible. I was going to come in my jeans if I didn’t get the chance to come in Randi soon and there I was being rejected by a door.

“I’ll wait here,” Randi inferred that she would stay in place while I went to switch the keys. Dejected, I returned to the elevator, went to the lobby, and exchanged my key. However, when I got back to the room, Randi was not standing in the hallway. A small part of me hoped that she had not bumped into the brunette and left me for the evening, but I remembered her proclamation that my cock was all hers for the night.

This time, I was able to open the door and walk into the room. The entire room was dimly lit by a single light at the corner of the bed. There was nothing unusual about the place. There was an entertainment center at the foot of the bed and a desk space topped with a phone. It was everything that one could expect from a hotel room.

“Babe?” I called out wondering where Randi had gone, and she answered from the bathroom. “Hey, turn on the TV.”

I didn’t know what Randi had in mind for the television until I turned it on and saw a thin blonde straddled over a hot brunette. The blonde ground her pussy into the other girl’s face just before she bent down and moved into a 69. Randi knew I love to watch women fucking each other, so she had ordered some in-room porn to keep me entertained for the time being.

I tore out of my clothes and peeled the bedding back from the mattress in the center of the room. I did what came naturally and lay down on the bed to watch the movie for a moment. In just as natural of a motion, I reached to my crotch and began to rub and stroke my cock. It was throbbing hard and actually hurt a little to be in such condition. I wanted to jerk until I came just for some relief, but Randi knew me all too well and peeked from the bathroom.

“You better not come before I get in there,” she ordered jokingly to which I replied for her to hurry up.

No sooner had I finished the command, she stepped from the doorway of the bathroom. I thought it impossible that I dick could have gotten harder, but it did and it hurt just that much more.

“Oh my god,” were the only words I could muster as I looked her over. She let her hair hang loose and it showed off her gorgeous, brown locks of curls. Ringlets danced over her face as she breathed. Her shoulders were bare and led down to her thin, smooth arms as they rested behind her back. Her wonderful breasts were wrapped tightly by a red bit of fabric that could barely count as a shirt. Her stomach was soft and tan and I wanted to run my fingers over it as it led to the long leather skirt that covered her beautiful legs. To top it all off, she was wearing the stiletto heels that I loved to see her in. She was a wonderful sight and I maltepe escort jolted a little as my cock spewed precum into my hand.

I had to stop stroking myself because I was not going to be able to hold back for much longer. I quivered and she could see how happy I was to be right there, right then.

“Excited?” she questioned as if not to know and I nodded. “Then put these on.”

She surprised me completely as she tossed a thin box at my stomach. I caught the small package and held it up so that I could see what Randi had in mind. I read it just as the young woman in the video started to squeal, “I’m coming! Oh, I’m coming,” and I thought about joining her.

“Thigh high with garter?” I questioned. “Put them on,” she said again. I opened the package and pulled out a tangled nylon garb. I did my best to put them on as I straightened them out. The incredibly soft material slid over my skin and made me feel more vulnerable that I had before. I pulled them straight and into place as Randi told me to stand up from my spot on the bed.

The garter belt circled my waist tightly and the straps led down to the nylons at my mid thigh. Randi stepped to me and reached down to let her hands glide over the fabric and find their way to my cock.

She stroked me lightly as she moved to her knees. I loved to look down and watch her jack me off just before she took me into her mouth, but there was something different about her that night. She rubbed slower. She kissed longer. She made love to me without touching me. Then she allowed her lips to part and she slid my shaft into her mouth.

The warmth of her tongue coated my cock and I wanted so bad to come. Randi reached up behind me and grabbed each of my ass cheeks. Then she began to coax me into pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. She was silently begging me to fuck her face, so I complied. I reached down to grab the back of her head and I began to fuck her mouth. My cock slid in and out of her face from the tip to the hilt. I pushed into her until I felt her throat tighten.

Suddenly, she pulled her mouth away and said, “I can taste your precum… and I don’t want you to come just yet.” Then she stood in front of me. I reached to her hips in an attempt to sling her to the bed, but she resisted. She had something else in mind.

I watched as she slowly ran her hands over the fronts of her thighs and down the length of her leather skirt. All I could do was stand there and watch as she grabbed the zipper on the front of her skirt. She pulled it upward until the slit of the skirt ran all the way up to her waist and came undone.

My heart skipped a beat as her true intentions were revealed to me. I saw her smile a wide and evil grin as she let the tight skirt fall to the floor. As the skirt piled up on the floor, a large and flesh colored cock sprung forward from the black, leather harness that she was wearing. She had her rubber cock tucked between her legs in order to hide it with the intent to surprise me into submission. She was successful in doing so.

“Come here,” she summoned. I responded by walking forward, but I could not keep from looking her up and down, over and over again. She was amazingly sexy and I wanted so badly for her to fuck me.

Randi took me by the hand and led me to the desk across the room. She pulled me to face the edge of the desk and I stood facing a massive mirror. I watched Randi’s reflection as she smiled and walked behind me. I felt her hands flat on my back as she pushed me forward.

The height of the desk was perfect. I bent over the edge of the desk comfortably as my elbows lay flat across the top of the hard wood. My cock lay flat to the desk as well, but without being pinched or crushed beneath me. At first I looked kartal escort straight down at the desk, but that was not what my wife wanted.

“I want you to watch me while I fuck you,” she said in the sexiest of voices. I looked up into the mirror and saw that she had grabbed a bottle of lube. I looked back over my shoulder to watch her coat her code with the slippery liquid, but she slapped me hard on the ass and told me to face the mirror. When I looked back to the mirror, I could no longer see the dildo as it was blocked by my reflection. I could only see Randi’s arm moving in and out as if she was jacking off. The expression on her face was pure pleasure, but I felt mine was a bit embarrassed.

“What do you want?” It was clear that she wanted me to beg for it, so I answered. “I want you to fuck me.”

“What do you want?” she questioned again. I clarified, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

She did not hesitate. She didn’t prepare me. She didn’t loosen me up with a finger or her tongue. She placed the well lubricated head of her cock at my rim and said, “Push back onto me when you are ready.”

My cock was still rock hard and spewing with precum. I wanted to come, so I was ready. A searing shock of pain ran up my spine as I pushed my hole against the tip of her rubber dick. I was unconcerned with the length, but the very girth of her cock was too much to take right away. Then, I took a deep breath and pushed back to her again.

This time, the head plopped into my ass with a bit more ease. It still hurt to the point where I moaned. I asked Randi to wait for a second as I relaxed. I had pushed far enough back from the edge of the desk to where my cock was no longer in contact with the wood, so I knew that I was well onto Randi’s dick. Still, I had to wait for a second longer.

Randi’s sweetness showed through as she ran her hands over my back to help me ease into getting fucked. Then her softer side disappeared as I said, “Okay.”

With the very word, she grabbed my hips and slid the entire length of the dildo home. Her hips slapped against my ass cheeks with a single push and I felt her cock bury into me completely.

I moaned and howled as she pulled back and thrust forward again. She started off with long and slow strokes, but the more I groaned the more the pushed into me. She began to get faster and harder with each stroke and my head sank. Then there was another hard slap across my ass as she barked, “Look up!”

I looked up and into the mirror to see her biting her bottom lip. She glared downward to watch her cock sliding in and out of me as she pounded me. I watched her fuck me as beads of sweat built up on her chest. She bucked and fucked me until the shuttered and let out a long and soft moan. At that very second, I realized that she had made herself come from the pounding against my ass.

She was in the habit of fucking harder and faster after she came and this time was no different. Her fingernails dug into my hips and ass as she pushed into me deeper than before. She pumped me over and over in search of a second orgasm until she moaned once more. I continued to watch in the mirror as she fucked me until I couldn’t hold back any more.

“May I come?” I plead for permission to finally seek relief and she was generous enough to grant my request.

“Yes, come for me.”

I reached down between my legs and began to jack myself in the same rhythm that Randi used to fuck me. Within a few strokes, I just held my hand in place and let the force of her pounding make me fuck my fist.

I let out a growl and looked down to see the first spurt of cum spray from my cock and hit the desk. Each following blast covered my fist until my orgasm subsided completely. I was out of breath and my knees nearly buckled as Randi pulled from me. She spread my ass apart to look at my gaping hole. “It looks like you want some more,” but I assured her I was done. She rendered one more hard slap on my ass and said, “I love my handy work,” as she walked away.

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