A Magical Visitor Ch. 01



This story contains mainly foot fetish content. It’s also my very first story, so if you decide to read, I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1

It was a calm night outside Madeline’s window. She sat on her apartment’s couch alone, for her roommate Jessica was out for the night. Madeline was a petite redhead, only about five feet tall, with a very nice figure, one which she worked hard on, at the gym. Madeline was wearing a t-shirt, short pajama bottoms, and her favorite light brown tall ugg boots. She had always been quite jealous of her roommate, although they have been friends for years. The tall blonde had a very appealing bust, with an ass that would make any man drool. Madeline was jealous of her getting all the guys. Madeline was very beautiful, but just couldn’t quite measure up to her blonde goddess-like roommate.

It might have been that some of her jealousy sprouted from her lust for her roommate. She secretly had a crush on Jessica, who did not swing that way, but sometimes, you can’t help who you love. Jessica had no idea, and Madeline was not sure how she would react if told about her feelings. For this reason, she decided to keep them to herself.

Another secret that Madeline kept from her roommate, along with everyone else that she knew, was that she had a very big foot fetish. Madeline had no idea why, but she just found a cute pair of women’s feet very attractive, and arousing. She dreamt of smelling and kissing the feet of beautiful women she would see in public, saving the mental images of them for later, when she would release her sexual feelings in her bed at night. Of all the beautiful feet she has seen out in public, none have come close to being as perfect as the ones of her roommate. Jessica, being a classic blonde bombshell, would constantly take exquisite care of her feet, with at least weekly pedicures. Oh how Madeline wished she could just steal a whiff of Jessica’s feet.

On nights like these though, when Madeline was alone in her apartment, she didn’t feel sad or lonely, because she knew that even though Jessica was out, all of her shoes and socks were just feet away in her room, and Jessica had quite the shoe collection. Jessica not only had a vast assortment of heels for every occasion, but she also had quite the selection of boots, sandals, slippers, and of course sneakers. Jessica made well over six figures at her day job, and she loved to shop. The main thing that she loved to shop for was shoes, and as much as Jessica loved to buy shoes, Madeline loved it more, for it provided her with that much more material for her late night private time.

As Madeline sat on her couch, all she could think about was going into Jessica’s room to have fun with all of her shoes and socks. She wanted to wait for at least 20 minutes, as her roommate had just left, and Madeline didn’t know if she would need to come back all of a sudden because she forgot her wallet or apartment keys. The thought of being caught smelling all of Jessica’s shoes just mortified Madeline, so she always played it safe, and waited until she knew that Jessica was gone for the night.

As the 20 minutes were up, Madeline rushed into Jessica’s room, delighted to see that her gym sneakers and socks from earlier that day were just waiting for her on the floor. Jessica and Madeline went to the gym together frequently, mostly focusing on cardio, so when Madeline was watching Jessica on the treadmill earlier that day, her mouth was starting to water just thinking about how sweaty and smelly her socks were getting. Madeline picked the socks up first. They were a light shade of pink, but darker in some spots due to wear from their owner. The aroma had already filled Jessica’s room, which gave Madeline a taste, but smelling right at the source was an experience like no other. Madeline took a deep breath in through her nose, inhaling all the socks had to offer.

After a minute or two of pure bliss, Madeline dropped the sock, and proceeded to pick up Jessica’s gym sneaker. Jessica had had these for quite a while, for they were nice and broken in, and were very comfortable. Jessica mentioned every so often to Madeline that she needed to replace them with new ones, but Madeline was always able to talk her out of it. As she picked up the right sneaker, she could already start to smell the odor built up over the months of gym workouts. She brought the shoe up to her nose, and took it all in. This was what Madeline had looked forward to all day. This moment was enough to make her juices start to flow between her legs.

Jessica would ask Madeline if she wanted to accompany her out on the town, and occasionally Madeline would go along, but mostly, she would stay in at night, and enjoy an evening of pure ecstasy.

As Madeline continued to inhale the aroma of her roommate’s sneaker, she had no earthly idea, that she might not be alone…

Unknown to Madeline, Emilia had been watching her. She had seen everything that happened in Madeline’s apartment güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tonight, and every night for a while now. Emilia was a goddess, plain and simple. She was very powerful. So powerful, she was able to watch Madeline’s actions from anywhere on the Earth, all through a telepathic connection she made to Madeline. Being a goddess, Emilia was quite beautiful. She had long brown hair, perfect facial features, and a nice curvy body, all leading to her gorgeous size eight feet. Feet which were always perfectly manicured, because being a goddess has its advantages. Emilia was also wearing her workout gear from earlier that day, feeling no need to change, her skin tight yoga pants and sports bra were perfect for lounging, or rather floating, around her house.

Emilia lived in a large mansion. Big enough to match the fact that she was a goddess. Currently, Emilia was floating in her kitchen, feeding herself using her telekinesis. She decided she was going to have pizza for dinner, and used her powers to knead the dough, spread the sauce, and add all of the toppings that she enjoyed. Then she used her mind to raise the pizza off of her kitchen counter, and float it into the oven.

While she waited for the pizza to finish cooking, she telekinetically took her converse sneakers off, smelly from a long hard day of being a goddess, and placed them on the floor below her. She then magically took her socks off as well, and filled them out with imaginary feet, and used her mind to put them in her converse sneakers for now. She then summoned a pair of velvet gloves from her closet, and commanded them to massage her feet. Another advantage of being a goddess, foot massages whenever you feel like it.

After another quite incredible massage, the pizza was ready, so Emilia snapped her fingers, and the pizza floated out of the oven, and onto the table in front of her. Then, a pizza cutter floated from one of her drawers, and cut the pizza into eight slices. Emilia then used her magic to cool down the pizza just enough so it wouldn’t burn her mouth, then used her powers again to lift a slice up to her mouth so she could tame the hunger that was brewing in her stomach.

While she was enjoying her perfectly made pizza, Emilia commanded all of the dishes and utensils that were used in making dinner to go to the sink and clean themselves, and then afterwards put themselves away. Satisfied with dinner, she floated out of the kitchen, and into her bedroom, making her converse magically walk behind her as she floated. She knew that Madeline’s roommate was going to be going out soon, and she wanted to be in a comfortable place to watch what Madeline was up to.

Emilia always looked forward to watching Madeline. It gave her a sense of excitement, and helped her have much stronger orgasms. Emilia knew all about Madeline’s fetishes, and even started to develop a fetish for feet herself.

She had discovered Madeline one night, as she was just relaxing in her home. Madeline’s lust for her roommate Jessica was so strong, that Emilia could sense it. After making a telepathic link to her, She could see everything Madeline did, said, and thought. From then on, Emilia has enjoyed many nights just watching Madeline’s antics.

On this night, it was no different. Emilia was enjoying Madeline’s arousal, and could even feel it herself, through her powerful link to Madeline. As Madeline got more turned on, Emilia did as well. When Madeline brough Jessica’s sock up to her face to smell it, Emilia telekinetically took her own sock out of her converse, and brought it up to her face, and smelled it as well. Her attraction to feet, especially her own, grew more and more with each night she watched Madeline. She inhaled her own sweaty stench, moaning as the smell.

Then she saw that Madeline put down the sock, and picked up her roommate’s sneaker, and so Emilia did the same, by magically bringing her converse up to her nose to smell it. She sniffed her own sneaker in ecstacy, starting to rub her crotch, and feeling Madeline get more and more aroused.

Before she finished Emilia had a thought. After watching Madeline for so many nights, Emilia had a new idea. She had half a mind to visit Madeline in person, just to add to the fun they were both having. So she proceeded to telekinetically put her socks back on her feet, and then float her converse sneakers on as well, magically tying the laces so they were perfectly snug. Emilia focused on Madeline’s location, and disappeared in an instant. Madeline had no idea just how amazing this night was about to be.

Madeline was intoxicated with the stench of her roommate’s sneaker, enough to where she was completely oblivious to the world around her, until something very strange happened. Madeline heard a voice, a beautiful, melodic woman’s voice. She did not hear this voice in her ears however, but in her mind.

Hello Madeline, the mysterious female voice said in her head,I have been watching you tonight. Tonight, and for many nights.

“Wh- güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri who are you? How are you speaking in my head?!”, Madeline said with a start.

My name is Emilia, and I am a goddess. Being a goddess allows me to do very special things, things that most people consider to be impossible.

“A goddess? But why are you speaking to me?”

Like I said, I have been watching you for quite some time, and feeding off of your sexual arousal. I have quite enjoyed watching you at night, when your roommate is away.

“How did you know about that?! I thought I was alone!”

Oh my dear, you have no need to worry. You will only benefit from this encounter. I have nothing but good things to bring to you, and I can make your wildest fantasies come true!

At this moment, Madeline was beginning to really get turned on. If anything Emilia was saying was true, this was to be a night Madeline would remember forever. “Show me,” Madeline said, biting her bottom lip, opening herself up to this mysterious woman.

As you wish, came Emilia’s voice in her head. All of a sudden, a flash of white light appeared in Jessica’s bedroom, and Madeline looked in shock as an impossibly beautiful woman appeared from where the light was originating. Madeline was instantly in awe of just how gorgeous this woman was, and immediately lusted for her. Emilia was floating in the air, one leg crossed over the other. She was dressed in a simple way, but in a hot way as well, showing much of her perfect skin and cleavage. She especially loved the shoes that Emilia was wearing, a nice pair of black converse. If anyone could look sexy wearing these shoes, it was this goddess before her.

You like my sneakers hmm?, Emilia’s voice projected in her head again, I thought you might. Then Emilia winked at her.

“Were you just reading my mind?” Madeline said incredulously.

Why yes honey, that’s how I am able to give you exactly what you desire. That’s alright isn’t it?

Madeline nodded her head ecstatically. She was not about to deny this majestic goddess anything.

Mmm, exactly what I wanted to hear. So, let me show you how much we are going to enjoy tonight.

At the moment, Madeline was still holding Jessica’s sneaker, but noticed a tugging from it. Suddenly, the sneaker lifted out of her hand, and floated over to Emilia, who brought it up to her face to smell it. Mmmm, I always wondered how much Jessica’s sneakers smelled, and now I know why you like them so much. Emilia continued to enjoy the stench, but finally placed the sneaker back on the ground next to its counterpart using her magic powers.

Madeline was in awe. She was speechless at how powerful this woman was. All she knew was that she wanted to see more, much more.

Oh, I will show you so much more little one. Madeline was looking down at Emilia’s converse sneaker, which looked perfectly new, and noticed that it was slowly untying itself. The laces magically moving on their own, loosening the shoe so it could be removed from Emilia’s socked foot. The converse floated through the air to Madeline, and then circled her mouth with its toe, all on its own. Why don’t you give my sneakers a kiss, hmm?

So Madeline did just that, she didn’t need to be told twice. She gave more than just a kiss though. She kissed the toe, and started to move to the sides, the shoe magically obliging her, and moving to its side for her ease. Then she stuck out her tongue, and the shoe moved itself so that its sole was facing Madeline, just as she wanted, like the sneaker knew just what to do. Madeline gave a nice lick from the bottom all the way to the top of the sole, leaving a thin trail of her saliva on it.

That will be very useful as a lubricant.

The sneaker then moved a little lower, and hovered in front of Madeline’s covered breasts. Madeline felt her arms move up on their own, and felt her shirt take itself off. Emilia was wasting no time. After Madeline’s shirt was off, Emilia had it float in the air beside her, as she commanded her converse sneaker to gently rub the tip of Madeline’s nipples.

Madeline was thoroughly enjoying herself, but only wished that Emilia’s other sneaker would join it’s sister to help out. Well, Madeline got her wish, without even asking. The converse sneaker she had licked slowly moved down to her waist, waiting there, the other sneaker floated to Madeline’s face, but didn’t come close enough for her to touch it yet.

How about I give you a lift? Came the familiar voice in Madeline’s head, as she felt her body become lighter. So light, she eventually lifted off the ground, all due to the powerful magic Emilia possessed.

All at once, the sneaker at Madeline’s face turned around, positioning its opening right above her mouth and nose, allowing her to sniff it, her pajama shorts moved themselves out of the way of the other converse, followed by her panties, and her ugg boots took themselves off of her feet, slowly, and gently massaging güvenilir bahis şirketleri her feet as they were removed.

The smell of the converse sneaker was like no other. It was utterly perfect, and Madeline could never get enough. She just wondered, if Emilia’s shoes smelled this good, what did her socks and feet smell and taste like?

All in due time, my dear, all in due time. Good things come to those who wait.

The other converse sneaker was slowly rubbing Madeline’s clit, providing her with more pleasure than she ever would have imagined from a shoe, but she was sure that Emilia’s magic had something to do with that.

After a few minutes of smelling Emilia’s beautiful sneaker, and being pleasured by her other one, enough was enough. Madeline was nearing climax, and Emilia knew it. Emilia used her magic powers to give Madeline little caresses all over her body. This was enough, combined with the work of Emilia’s sneakers, to put Madeline over the edge. Madeline screamed out in pure bliss. She was having the best orgasm she had ever experienced, and she continued to ride the pleasure, for the orgasm just kept going and going. After a whole minute of cumming, the pleasure ceased, and Madeline fell back into the air, caught by Emilia’s magical hands. She lay there, floating on air, overcome with euphoria.

My turn, Emilia’s voice said into Madeline’s head, and when she looked over to Emilia, she had a devious smile on her face.

It might not have been apparent to Madeline, but Emilia had felt every bit of her pleasure, from the beginning, all the way until her erupting climax. What Emilia did not count on, was the fact that being so close to Madeline amplified every bit of pleasure she felt. Being a goddess though, she was able to conceal those feelings from Madeline. This was a good thing too, because if she had totally let go, and showed the pleasure she was experiencing, she would have lost control, and things might have taken a turn. Whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing, Emilia would want to find out, but not until later on that night.

As Madeline climaxed, and screamed in pleasure, Emilia did the same, just didn’t make it apparent, but she was thoroughly enjoying herself, and she would do anything for Madeline to make her cum just as hard, if not harder, again. So as Emilia said My turn into Madeline’s head, she was ready to take things up a notch

Emilia focused on Madeline’s ugg boots, and magically lifted them into the air, to Madeline’s delight. For all the nights Emilia looked in on Madeline, she was usually wearing these same ugg boots, so the anticipation she felt to finally see them in person was excruciating. Even though she was now very excited for this moment, it had not always been the case. Emilia had not always fantasized about another woman’s shoes, but after watching Madeline for so long, she started to wonder what all the fuss was about. So, being a goddess, Emilia experimented, and little by little, she grew more and more attracted to female feet, socks, and shoes. Emilia commanded one of the ugg boots to point their opening towards her, and slowly float her way. It was not long until Emilia could smell the gloriousness of Madeline’s ugg boot. It was everything she had imagined, and more. The stench that had built up over a long time of wear was utterly perfect, and it was starting to have an effect between her legs.

Deciding to be a little more forceful, Emilia restrained Madeline with her mind, as she was floating in mid air. Emilia floated the other ugg boot over to Madeline’s face, magically rubbing the soft material of the boot all over Madeline’s face, and then commanding the sole to rub up against her mouth, enough for her to kiss and worship.

Emilia had a feeling that what she was doing to Madeline was turning her on. Emilia was not only using her powers to restrain Madeline, but also using her powerful mind for mind control. Even though Madeline wanted to kiss and lick her own ugg boot, Emilia was forcing her to anyways, forcing her to worship the ugg boot the way Emilia wanted. Reading Madeline’s mind, Emilia learned that this was a very erotic experience for this young girl.

After Emilia felt satisfied, she decided to try something. She knew that Madeline had never worshipped another girl’s feet, let alone touch them. Now was her chance. Emilia snapped her fingers, and the ugg boot moved away from Madeline’s face, allowing her whole body to move toward Emilia’s feet. Emilia, in the meantime, magically raised a pillow from Jessica’s bed, using it as a floating footstool for her to rest her perfect feet on. Madeline moved closer and closer to Emilia’s socked feet, and she could sense in Madeline’s mind, that she was beside herself at the fact that she would be able to worship, let alone see, a pair of feet as perfect as these.

The moment that Madeline’s face finally met the soles of Emilia’s sweaty, smelly feet, she almost came, causing Emilia to almost cum as well. Madeline could not stop inhaling. The smell she was experiencing was divine, and she never wanted to move from this spot again. Allowing Madeline to have free will back above her neck, Emilia knew what Madeline would do next. Madeline opened her mouth, and started to lick the smelly, yet perfectly white, socks of this goddess before her.

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