A Marine’s Loving Family Ch. 4


Choosing his words carefully to try and minimize the shock his story would surely invoke in the older woman, Robbie first asked Zelda, “Grandma, how do you feel about sexual relations between blood relatives?”

“You mean incest?” she asked, obviously surprised at the question. “I guess I never thought too much about it. I don’t suppose there’s really any harm in it as long as everyone involved is doing it voluntarily and nobody’s forced or anything. Why do you ask?”

“Well, the story I’m about to tell you involves a lot of sexual activity between close family members, including my mother and I. And since incest is illegal and a moral outrage in most of the country, I wanted to be sure you weren’t going to run screaming for the authorities or toss me out on my ass “

“You’ve had sex with your mother?” exclaimed Zelda. “With my daughter? Are you serious?”

But before Robbie could respond, she went on, “I can certainly understand why she’d want to sleep with you, though. Don’t worry! I’m not about to call the cops – OR throw you on your ass. I wouldn’t want to bruise that cute little tush of yours,” she giggled. “I’ve never been much on religion and even though I never remarried, it certainly wasn’t because I’m a prude. And this is a story I really want to hear.”

“Well,” began Robbie, “I guess I’ve always kinda had the hots for Mom for as long as I can remember. But I never knew she felt the same way until her wedding day. Mom actually seduced me in the wedding chapel right after the ceremony.”

“You’re kidding,” gushed Zelda. “You mean she actually fucked you right there in the church while her new husband was waiting just outside? Oh, she’s my daughter, all right. I can see myself doing the same thing if I ever had the opportunity. ‘Course at my age, I doubt that’s ever gonna happen. Especially with a handsome, young hunk like you,” she grinned.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” murmured Chet.

“What’s that, Dear?” asked Zelda. “Did you say something?”

“Oh, no ma-am,” stammered Chet. “Just kinda thinking out loud for a minute. Don’t pay me no mind. Go on with your story, Rob.”

Robbie went on with the details of the first time he had made love to his gorgeous mother and told Zelda that before he actually fucked Sherrie, she had given him the best blowjob he’d ever had and he’d been equally as generous in eating her pussy.”

“Oh, my, Robbie,” stammered his grandmother. “I can’t believe this. You’re making your ol’ Gramma hot as hell. Christ! I haven’t been this turned on since my own wedding night. But wasn’t her husband upset with her spending all that time with you?”

“Yeah, go on Robbie,” grinned Chet. “Tell her what your new stepfather was doing while you were balling his bride.”

“Shut up, Chet,” groused Rob. “I’m telling this story. Just sit there and diddle yourself or something.”

“No, Grandma, Don wasn’t the least bit upset. He was being well entertained by Chet’s luscious sister at the time. Darla was Mom’s bridesmaid and, as I found out later, was in on the plot the whole time. She’d been lusting after Don from the first time she met him.”

“But that’s not the end of the story. Are you sure you want me to continue,” he asked.

“Oh, hell yes,” said his grandmother. “You mean there’s more? Shoot, I don’t think I can get any wetter than I already am.”

“Yeah, he’s getting me all turned on too,” laughed Chet. “And I already heard the story from Darla.”

“Hell man, you’re always turned on,” snorted Robbie. “Chet’s been fucking his sister since they were kids, so incest is no big deal for him. Now stop interrupting.”

“Yes, Sir!” chirped his young, black friend. “Whatever you say, Sir. Marines are kinda bossy, aren’t they?” he said to Zelda.

Robbie feigned a punch at Chet and then commenced to tell the older woman about Don and Sherrie inviting him to go on their honeymoon with them and of the wonderful time they had had on Incest Island.

Robbie concluded his tale with a recitation of the details of the Annual Orgy and the Islands tradition of the elder’s “first rights” to the virginity of the “Birthday Girl and Boy”. It was apparent that his grandmother was profoundly affected by the lewd eroticism of the story. And from the bulges developing in the pants of the two young men, it was equally obvious that they, too, were becoming as aroused as their older companion was.

“Robbie, are you going to tell her about the pictures we found?” asked Chet with a lascivious grin on his face.

“What pictures?” asked Zelda, eyeing her handsome grandson with curiosity.

“I’ll do better than tell you about them,” said Robbie, pulling the compromising photos out of his tunic pocket and spreading them out on the coffee table. “I’ll show them to you. Mom told me I could find these pictures in her attic so I brought them along in case you needed verification of what I wanted to tell you.”

“Oh, my lord,” gasped the fascinated woman. “Is that who I think güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it is? That has to be Sherrie fucking her father. Why, she looks just like me at that age. And that has to be Jerry getting his dick sucked by my husband. My god! These are incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been so horny in my life, if you’ll excuse me for being so blunt.”

“We also found these,” grinned Robbie as he laid out the ones of Zelda and Gerald in various sexual acts. “You were pretty hot yourself back then, weren’t you?”

“Oh, this is so embarrassing,” exclaimed the grandmother. “I can’t believe Gerald kept these and even shared them with our children. That’s really perverted in a wonderful sort of way. I’d forgotten all about these pictures and just assumed that Gerald had destroyed them after I left.”

“I’m afraid you’ve got another shock coming,” smiled Rob. “I just learned a short time ago that Grampa Gerald was also my father. I always thought that Uncle Jerry was my real Dad and didn’t know that he was my uncle too. Mom told me that she didn’t learn that she was pregnant by her father until a short time after he was killed. So she and Uncle Jerry moved to a new town after Grandpa died and lived together as husband and wife. She didn’t tell me the facts of my birth until after you called her.”

“I think I need another drink,” sighed Zelda. “A strong one! Can I get you boys a fresh one, too? This is just too much for an old woman to digest all at once.”

“Aw, you’re not that old,” said Chet with a lewd grin. “And, I must say, you’ve aged quite well from what I can see.”

“My, my. Aren’t you the sweet talker,” chuckled the woman. “I’ll bet you say that to all the old biddies.”

“Only the ones with looks as good as yours,” laughed the young man. “And there aren’t many of those that I’ve met. If your still anything like these pictures, you’ve got to be one hot number”

“And you’re a very naughty boy, making fun of a frustrated old lady that way,” she replied.

Looking pointedly at the “tents” that had formed in Robbie’s and Chet’s trousers, she said, “I don’t suppose you two handsome young men would be interested in relieving some of that frustration would you? This whole conversation has my pussy dripping, that’s for sure. I could really use a ‘mercy fuck’ about now… Or any kind of fuck for that matter. It’s been longer since I’ve been laid. than I care to think about and I’m as horny as I can ever remember being.”

“Well, Gramma, I can promise you one thing,” smiled Robbie as he took her in his arms and slipped a hand down the front of her blouse to fondle her still firm breasts and engorged nipples. “It certainly won’t be a ‘mercy fuck’ on my part. You’re still a very beautiful and sexy woman.”

“I’ll drink to that!” laughed Chet, moving over beside Robbie’s grandmother and running his hand under her skirt and up the inside of her thighs to caress her moist and swollen pussy lips.

“And I bet you taste as good as you feel,” he whispered as he gently licked and nibbled on the lobe of her ear. “Have you ever had your pussy eaten by a horny, black boy before?”

“Not that I can recall,” gasped the older woman as she responded to the intense sensations of Chet’s fingers probing her soaking pussy and her grandson’s groping hands on her, now exposed, tits. “But I guess there’s a first time for everything if you’re willing to oblige this ol’ gal.”

“With pleasure,” grinned Chet as he eased himself between her legs and slipping her drenched panties off of her long, shapely legs, he concentrated on licking the sweet juices flowing from her overheated pussy and sucking on her engorged clit.

While Chet was lavishing his grandmother’s eager pussy with his hot lips and probing tongue, Robbie unzipped his trousers and freed his rock hard cock from the confines of his pants as he continued to kiss and stroke the older woman’s bare breasts and lick her hard nipples. He took her hand and placed it on his exposed cock and swollen balls. “How does that feel, Gramma? What do you think of your grandson’s cock? Wouldn’t you like to suck it?”

“Oh yes, Darling,” she gasped. “Feed me your beautiful prick. Let Gramma suck your cock and lick your cum filled balls.”

As Robbie complied with his grandmother’s obscene request, Chet increased the intensity of his tongue attack on her pussy and it wasn’t long before the sex starved woman was exploding in the first of what promised to be many orgasms provided by the handsome young Marine and his equally gorgeous friend.

Coming up for air after the woman’s shuddering spasms began to subside, Chet, slipped out of his shirt and pants and began to stroke his stiff, black cock as he avidly watched the matronly woman sucking and licking his friend’s hard on. “Shall we share, Robbie,” he grinned as he rubbed the swollen head of his big dick across Zelda’s full, red lips. Without waiting for an answer, the lusty woman grasped his long ebony shaft güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and began to alternately suck first one young cock and then the other. It wasn’t long before both young men were spewing their steaming cum deep into her throat and onto her flushed face and exposed tits.

“Oh, god, that was wonderful,” sighed Zelda as they all tried to catch their breath again. “I’ve never sucked off two guys at the same time before – black or white! What would you say to getting out of the rest of these clothes and moving into the bedroom for some serious fucking? I’m still as horny as a nanny goat.”

“Sounds good to me,” laughed Robbie as he removed the rest of his uniform. “I can’t wait to stuff my cock into my new found grandma’s pussy for the first time.”

Lying naked together on Zelda’s big bed, the three sex crazed lovers explored every inch of each other’s exposed bodies with hands, lips and tongues.

“You know what, Robbie?” grinned Chet mischievously. “I’ll bet this sweet grandma of yours ain’t never been fucked by two guys at the same time either. “How ’bout it, Gramma B? Wanta see if you can take these two hard cocks at once?”

“Oh, damn,” replied Zelda worriedly . “I don’t know if I can handle that or not. You’re both so BIG and I haven’t had my little ol’ pussy stretched out in so long I don’t know if I can take two of you at the same time. But I’d sure like to try,” she giggled. Maybe if I start with this handsome, young grandson of mine, he might just get me loosened up enough that I can get you both into me.

Rolling over on top of Robbie, she pressed her steaming cunt against the head of his cock and slowly impaled herself on his stiff shaft. Chet moved behind her and started rubbing his ebony manhood over Robbie’s balls and the base of his cock and between the soft cheeks of the woman’s ass. Pressing the head of his big prick against her puckered anus, he slowly inched his way into her virgin rear end.

Groaning and gasping from the initial pain of this unexpected invasion, she tried momentarily to pull away from his penetrating member. But Chet was relentless in his attack and with one determined thrust, he was soon buried deeply into the older woman’s back door, his huge balls slapping obscenely against his friend’s cum swollen testicles. Simultaneously, Robbie thrust upwards into his grandmother’s tightly gripping love tunnel and gradually they fell into a rapidly increasing rhythm that soon had them all groaning and crying out their ecstasy as they came together in one climatic orgasm after another.

Later, as the satiated trio regained their normal breathing, Zelda began to cry softly as she lay exhausted between her two young lovers. “I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life,” she sobbed. “Oh God, Robbie, that was so wonderful. I just hate myself for all the years I’ve wasted in my stupid life. I’d give anything if I could have known your mother and my son when they were growing up. Gerald was such a lucky guy even if he did have to die at such a young age. I’ve missed so much, not the least of which was knowing about you and watching you grow into such a fine young man.”

“Don’t cry, Love,” crooned her grandson. “We’ve found you now and I think we’ll have a wonderful time making up for all those lost years. Why don’t you pack up a few things and let’s drive back down to Mom’s. You can meet Chet’s beautiful little sister and then maybe she can close up the shop for a few days and we can all fly out to the Island for a family reunion.”

“Oh, Robbie! Do you think we could?” she pleaded. “But don’t you have to get back to your base or something? And what if Sherri doesn’t want me in her life? Do you really think she’ll have me back after all this time? Oh, I would so love it if that could all come true.”

“Well,” smiled Robbie. “There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? But somehow I don’t think you have a thing to worry about. I’ve still got a couple of weeks before I have to report to Pensacola to start flight training and, frankly I’m kinda anxious to see Mom and Don again – not to mention Kallia and Josh and the rest of the ‘family’. Whata you think, Chet? Can you and Darla get away for a few days to visit the Island and meet all the folks there? I think I can safely promise you that it’ll be the wildest time you’ll ever have in this life,” he grinned.

“I can’t speak for Darla, of course,” replied Chet with a smile on his handsome face. “But I’d happily give my left nut to go with you. I’ve still got the hots for that gorgeous mother of yours and from what you’ve told me, I can’t wait to meet that ‘Birthday Girl’ and her twin brother you’re so fond of.”

“That’s settled then,” said Rob. “Come on, Grandma Z. Go throw some things in a bag and let’s get out of here. You won’t need to take much. You can check out Darla’s boutique if you need anything else. And besides, nobody wears much of anything on the island anyway,” he added with a grin.

“Well, güvenilir bahis şirketleri if you really think it’ll be okay,” replied his grandmother, still a bit hesitant. “I’d give anything to go with you. I’ve missed Sherri so much all these years.”

“Stop worrying, Gramma,” laughed Robbie. “There isn’t a doubt in my itty bitty mind that you’ll fit right in with all the folks on the island, and I just know you’re gonna love Grampa Jess and Gramma Sophie. So let’s get going shall we?”


Driving back to Sherri’s home town, Zelda was as excited as she had ever been in her entire life. She knew she must still be in a mild state of shock at the events that had unfolded so rapidly on this wonderful day. Riding between the two most handsome and viral young men she had ever had the pleasure of being around, she still could not believe the incredible changes that had occurred in her life so suddenly and dramatically. She had not only gained a gorgeous grandson that she had not known even existed, she was actually on her way to re-uniting with her beloved daughter and new son-in-law.

Robbie had called his mother on the island while Zelda was busy packing a few things and then put his grandmother on the phone. Her conversation with her daughter had been brief but tear filled as Sherri had assured her that not only would she be welcome, but that Sherri could hardly wait for her to get there.

Now, as they drove along, the three of them chattered excitedly about their coming adventure and Zelda could not resist stroking the semi hard cocks of the boys through their trousers. Still feeling like the most wicked and wanton woman in the world she giggled and squirmed as Chet and her adored grandson took turns running their hands between her stocking clad thighs and rubbing her naked and insatiable pussy. Despite the short distance they had to travel, Zelda happily experienced several very intense orgasms from the young men’s probing fingers.

Chet had called Darla before they started back and told her briefly of their plans. She had agreed immediately and said she’d throw some things into a bag for both of them and they could all pick her up at the shop and then head out to the airport from there.

When they pulled up to Darla’s boutique and went inside, Robbie introduced his grandmother to the lovely black woman and it was obvious that the two women took to each other immediately. Looking around at the merchandise on display while Darla completed a few things before closing the shop, Zelda mentioned that she hadn’t thought to bring a swim suit and she should probably buy some new lingerie as well.

“I think I’ve got just the things for you,” smiled Darla. “We’ve got some time before we have to leave to catch the plane, so why don’t you two guys go grab a bite to eat or something and I’ll help Zelda pick out a few things?”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll enjoy that,” said Chet with a lewd grin. “You get your jollies helping the pretty ladies try on their ‘unmentionables’ don’t ya?”

“Get outta here, you cretin,” groused Darla. “This is strictly girl stuff and you’ve got a dirty mind to boot. Go on, before I smack you one.”

Giving Zelda a wink and a grin, Chet smirked at his sexy sister and he and Rob walked out the door, laughing as they went.

After the door closed behind the grinning young men, Darla looked the older woman up and down; professionally gauging her various shapes, dimensions and skin tones. “Hmmm, you have a lovely body,” she told Zelda, appreciatively.

“‘For a woman my age’, you forgot to add,” blushed Zelda shyly.

“For a woman of any age,” said Darla seriously. Quickly she selected several wispy bras, diaphanous gowns, thong panties, garter belts, several pairs of nylons and various bikini and skimpy one and two piece bathing suits.

“Oh, my dear,” protested Zelda as Darla gathered up the beautiful garments. “I can’t buy anything like that. I’ve always managed on my tight budget, but I could never afford things as nice as these.”

“You haven’t bought anything yet,” said Darla with a smile. “You’re just trying these on for size. Come on, the changing rooms are back this way.”

Unlike the crowded and cramped cubicles of most stores of this kind, Darla’s dressing rooms were large and luxuriously furnished and decorated with full length mirrors everywhere. Standing behind the older woman and gazing at their reflections in the mirrors, she said, “Here, let me help you out of your things. I think you’re going to like the feel of these.”

Slowly removing Zelda’s blouse, and skirt, Darla ran her hands down and across the older woman’s shoulders and cupped her breasts in both hands and tweaked her nipples to make them stand out prominently in their darker circles. “You have very nice breasts,” she commented as she looked directly into the eyes of the woman’s reflection. “And I see you’re not much for wearing underwear either,” she chuckled.

“Well certainly not when I’m in the company of such gorgeous and horny hunks as those two boys,” laughed Zelda. They certainly seemed to like my tits.”

“I’ll just bet they did,” giggled the younger woman. “I’d also wager that they wouldn’t hesitate a second to fuck you silly if you gave them half a chance.”

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