A Memorable Night of Spontaneity

Female Ejaculation

A Club, A Car and A Cock: A Memorable Evening of Sexual Spontaneity

The following is a true account of one of the many wonderful sexual encounters that I had when I was wild, young and single. No names have been changed, as no one was innocent.

The evening had begun rather innocently enough with me going out to one of the local clubs with a guy that had been calling and calling me to go out with him. He wasn’t that bad looking, in fact, thinking back on it, he was pretty hot. Craig was blonde and blue-eyed, standing almost 6 feet and with a strong muscular build. I don’t really know why I had hesitated in accepting a date with him in the first place, maybe just too many other guys to go out with I guess.

We had agreed to meet up at this local club, joining my girlfriend and a guy that she had been seeing for a while: a safe play on my part in case things didn’t work out between Craig and I.

The place featured good live music as well as a heavy-handed pour on the drinks – what more can one possibly want? We all met there about 8 pm, found a booth for the four of us and ordered several rounds of drinks and some finger food appetizers. We talked about a wide variety of things, hitting it off rather well.

As time went on, the conversation became tinged with suggestive sexual innuendos. Craig’s hands began to probe under the table, resting on my leg, first at the knee, and then climbing higher to my thigh. I was secretly wondering how far he’d go with this approach but about 9:30 the band took the stage and began playing some great dancing music that made conversation very difficult.

Craig and I hit the dance floor for several dances and I found that he was a better than average dancer, which was an added halkalı escort positive as I love to dance. We took a break to grab some more drinks. I was drinking my usual vodka and tonics and was getting pretty well buzzed by that time.

The band began some slower songs and Craig led me back to the dance floor. He began with the conservative “two hands on the shoulders ” grip, slowly pulling me close to him as he gradually worked his right hand down by back and over my ass. He would lightly brush my ass cheeks with his hand in time to the music, and as I was wearing a rather thin skirt, I could practically feel the ridges in his fingertips as he did this.

I found this very stimulating and moved my head off of his shoulder to look up into his face. Our lips gently met and we exchanged a wonderful, exciting kiss that sent small electric sensations into my nether regions. His other hand left my shoulder and deftly found my left breast over my blouse and bra, caressing my nipple with a glorious soft, sensual touch. I absolutely love a good kisser and simply can’t resist having my breasts and nipples played with, so I was pretty much his at this point, even if he didn’t know it quite yet.

I pushed my pelvis in tighter to his and felt that “special” bulge in his pants beginning to become more prominent. Dancing this way was really was getting both of us horny and I began to think about where this was going. It was dark and my car was outside in the parking lot- oh, why not?

I whispered in his ear if he wanted to go outside and he grinned and said, “Only if you walk closely in front of me on the way out”. I immediately understood and appreciated his request!

We taksim escort walked out of the bar (with him essentially glued to my back) and across the parking lot to my car, a nearly new American car with large bucket seats. I had parked fairly close to one of the light posts in the parking lot, but oh well. I walked to the driver’s side and unlocked the car, getting in the driver’s side and Craig let himself into the passenger’s side.

As soon as we were in the car, he reached over for me and we shared another wonderfully passionate kiss. My left hand wondered down to his groin and I cupped his hardness through his pants. It didn’t take long before I had his pants unbuckled and unzipped and his cock out in my hand. He was nice and hard already and I broke off our kissing to direct my mouth towards his cock.

His cock was of better than average length and thickness with drops of precum already forming on the head. I eagerly lapped these up and began licking his shaft up and down. He fumbled a bit in pulling his pants down to his ankles giving me unfettered access to him. I sucked him into my mouth and began giving him a great blowjob, using my tongue to lick his balls when his cock was fully down my throat.

I could tell that he wasn’t going to last long with this treatment and, as I really wanted his cock in other places other than my mouth, broke off my oral ministrations long enough to pull off my panties and hike my skirt over my waist.

I then climbed over on to his seat, facing away from him, my face almost on the dashboard near the windshield. He got the message and guided his glorious length into my, by now, dripping wetness. He slide into me easily and I slowly sat down şişli escort on his cock, taking it all in to me. I used my right hand to gently stroke his balls as our movements became synchronous with me moving back and forth on his cock and him raising and lowering his hips to meet me.

Several people walked by my car during this time, and I can’t but think that they MUST have known what was going on in my car. The steamy windows, my face against the passenger’s windshield back-lit by the parking lot light must have made some picture! This was yet an added turn-on for me, however.

I looked back at him, finding his eyes closed and a smile playing across his face in a perfect picture of bliss. At the same time I could feel his cock getting harder inside me and knew it wasn’t going to be long before he came in me. I was getting close to cumming myself too, so I ground myself down onto him, using the base of his cock to massage my engorged clit.

As I began to feel that particular “buzzing” sensation cocks make just before they come, and I found myself exploding with my orgasm as he spurted his cum deep inside of me. It felt like he had a lot of cum to give me and I greedily held myself on him until his cock stopped all of its spasms.

I climbed off and suggested we head back into the club. He pulled his pants up, zipped and buckled up and got out of my car. I brushed my skirt down, putting my panties in my purse, got out and locked the car. On the way back inside, I felt warm liquid running down my legs and realized that it was his cum. Once back inside the club, I ran to the ladies room and took a handful of paper towels to clean up all of his cum that had spilled out of me and down my legs.

I never did get around to putting my panties back on, hoping for some additional “action” back in the club that, unfortunately, never occurred. After a few more drinks, we went our separate ways in leaving the club and never did end up seeing each other again, although I was left with a wonderful memory of a very special and spontaneous sexy evening.

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